Anonymous Leaks Video Of Football Players Making Fun Of Rape Victim

    January 2, 2013
    Zach Walton
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2012 proved to be the year that Anonymous turned away from solely targeting governments and corporations, and became somewhat of an online vigilante force. The hacker collective now targets those that they feel the law isn’t punishing, and takes matters into their own hands. Their latest target may also be the most disturbing yet.

As you are probably aware of by now, the town of Steubenville, OH was rocked by the news that two of its high school star football players were arrested for kidnapping and raping a young girl at a party in August. The case has been largely covered up since then, but Anonymous is now taking justice into their own hands by releasing a video that clearly identifies those who took part in the crime.

According to The Daily Dot, the video was leaked by @KYAnonymous, a member who has also targeted revenge porn magnate Hunter Moore. It seems that this latest operation is continuing his or her vigilantism against those who perpetrate violence against women. You can check out the video below, but be warned, it’s very disturbing.

Anonymous obviously hopes that the video will further prosecution against the football players who allegedly committed the act. You can follow all the details of Anonymous’ latest operation at #OpRollRedRoll. It’s pretty disturbing stuff, but it’s even more disturbing that nothing has been done about it yet.

  • Mali Jonze

    Oh hell no. I believe due to the obvious corruption of the local sheriff, prosecutor, coach and staff, parents, local law enforcement, and any and all assholes in Steubenville, it’s time for the federal government to get involved. Obviously the state of Ohio doesn’t want to involve itself. Kudos to anonymous. Well done. Please continue to keep the heat on everyone of the people involved in this atrocity. Shame on every single one of the people involved in the vibrio of the rape (s) in this town. I hope every one of them goes to jail for their part in these crimes and each gets good Abe “sloppy”.

  • Fred

    The contraception culture promoted by our society and president and contraception’s natural evil spawn: abortion, WOULD NEVER LEAD TO TREATING WOMAN LIKE SEX OBJECTS, WOULD IT?

    Well, the proof is before us, whether we delude ourselves or not.

    (Barack O’bortion: Free birth control for everyone—don’t worry about cost, we’ll get Catholics to pay!)

    Wake Up America, before it’s too late. (Actually it may already be too late.)

    • Mike

      I think you’re on to something Fred…”WOULD NEVER LEAD TO TREATING WOMAN LIKE SEX OBJECTS, WOULD IT”…..I believe the Taliban hold the same beliefs as you do and from what I’ve seen they hold their women in the highest regard.

      Also, it’s not about getting the Catholics to “pay” for anything…It’s getting the Catholics to keep their MF religion to themselves and not force non- Catholics to fall in line…..

    • estaban

      You are a fool if this is what you really think. Lets blame small town problems on the president. Do you really think tennage boys are thinking to themselves hooray Obama has made it easier to access birthday control better go out and rape people l. You can disagree with the president every step of the way if you want but its you crazy ass yahoo state of mind that will destory this country. This kids are idiots I hope they get what they deserve.

      • Cathy

        Mike, sorry, but the Taliban would kill the woman.

        • Cathy

          Sorry Esteban, meant that to go to mike

    • Tish

      It’s idiots like YOU whom rather blame others besides taking responsibility for your own small brained actions. Women deserve repect and equilaty regardless of how you feel a politician is making new laws… Men- rather boys like you need to spend more time with your mommies so that you learn how to treat women. Grow a brain,heart & courage so you can pull away from that caveman mentality. Idiots!!

      2 thumbs up for KYAnonymous!!! Looking out for women

  • timeoutofmind

    ohio is the new florida. or maybe the old florida.

  • Cathy

    Thanks Zach, for putting this out there. However ugly, it’s the truth. And a living testament to bad parenting, and the failure of a community to raise a kid right. This makes me want to hate, but it’s hate that bred this. Hate won’t fix it, but only perpetuate this sadness.
    If I were appointed in charge of this? I’d pray this young girl gets herself a loud, bulldog bitch of a lawyer to make an example of this entire village, and sue the hell out of every parent and coach and teacher who knew anything about this and did nothing. Then, the girl can focus on her own healing under the sun on some tropical island, while all these poor jerks are working their asses off in restitution – for at least the next ten years I’d make every one of them pay a huge percent of their income, and give back in some way with volunteer service – well, ok, give em all a scarlet letter too – so they have something to think about every time they look in the mirror.

  • http://aol vickie

    Nand I also so think the federaliow is it still funny, how could u do something like that . And why ! Now what I want to know is your so called mother an father still saying u did nothing wrong. U make me sick ! I can only pray that u go to jail for a very long time . And u need help. U will never go any where in life now .I would like to see everyone there go to jail No ONE WOULD EVEN HELP THIS GIRL. And anyone who has steped down from this u r NO BETTER THAN THE ONES THAT DID THIS TO ThE GIRLI THINK yOUR ALL SICK IN THE HEAD .

  • Shocked parent

    I want to know why all the young men that are standing around, laughing and making jokes and did nothing to stop the rape were not prosecuted. In my opinion they are just as guilty!

  • KatFM

    All those involved are at fault. The girl should not have lied to her parents and gone off to a party, and should not have been drinking underage. The coaches that hosted the parties should NEVER have done so, and should be immediately fired for facilitating underage drinking. And last but not least, every single person at the parties that participated, or witnessed and did nothing. Despite what happens with legal proceedings, every person involved will have to live with what they did, or didn’t do. The young girl, the football players, the party goers, the coaches, the school faculty members and judicial system…. And you can only play flimsy justifications for so long, and you can only lie to yourself for so long, before your heart and mind will no longer be able to run away from or cover up the truth and reality of your actions or inactions. To all involved… I hope it was worth it…..

    Cuz you all screwed up royally.

    • KatFM

      And make no mistake, I’m not saying the girl brought it on herself, but young girls need to face the consequences of their actions just like everyone else. She did screw up, thats a fact. She by no means deserved to be raped, no one does. I am a rape victim myself. But parents, you need to teach your daughters that if they decide to go out drinking underage, bad things happen. And not just DUIs. Rapes, assaults, wrecks, accidents, alcohol poisoning, the list goes on. Kids nowadays are just allowed top run rampant, because its easier to let them do what they want than to set boundaries and actually enforce them, and to talk to your kids about difficult issues. This upcoming generation, their disrespect, lack of moderation and morals, is so sad. And parents, its all your doing… Remember that.

  • Jay

    These boys obviously know that it was rape – they should all be prosecuted.

    • John G

      I hear at lest 2 voices of reason, they do not appear to know and are trying to get the head douchebag under control. I think prosecuting all of them sounds unfounded.

  • Games

    Apparently these little fucks have never really had a good ass whooping.

  • D

    WHAT DO McDoNALD’S, JOE PESCI and CSI have in common?

    This video. Like it or not, they have now become part of this travesty.

    The producers of CSI, the owners of McDonalds and Joe Pesci’s lawyer should, AT MINIMUM, make a bold and clear public statement disassociating themselves from degenerates such as these.

    The education of men … administered by men.