Anonymous Declares War On Religion, Attacks Church Sites

By: Zach Walton - March 5, 2012

Anonymous attacks a lot of things that they find wrong with the world: corporations, governments and other groups that they feel threaten the freedom of the people. On Friday, they attacked what may be their most controversial target yet – religion.

The AnonymousIRC Twitter account announced on Friday three attacks so far on major church Web sites. These aren’t just regular attacks, however, as they have also defaced the Web sites with anti-religion rhetoric and even a video featuring Richard Dawkins set to auto-play so visitors are forced to see it. HACKED Reason:religious idiocy and foh dah lulz #Anonymous #AntiSec #OWS #ROOTED #DAWKINS 2 hours ago via LulzTweeter ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Three Web sites that have been attacked so far are Bethel Outreach International Church, the Charlotte International Church, and Crossfire Ministries. All three religious organizations are based in and around Charlotte, North Carolina.

What do you think about Anonymous now targeting churches? Let us know in the comments.

Why did Anonymous hack these particular Web sites? The tweets say, “HACKED Reason: religious idiocy and foh dah lulz.” Sounds like the usual Anonymous reason, but the Web sites defaced message reveal more behind what they’re getting at.

Greetings fellow pirates, hey there religionfags! Guess what? U dun goofed! We rm’d you and your gods and saints neither’t protected you nor casted some awesome thunderbolt onto us.

Let us be clear from the start: any kind of religion is a sickness to this world.
A sickness that creates hate and intollerance,
a sickness that brings people to wage war on their fellow people,
a sickness that has come to this world long time ago, when mankind wasn’t educated,
a sickness that brought false hope and surpression to those who believed
and often even more terror and surpression to those who dared not to believe.
Religions are authoritarian hierarchies, designed to dominate your free
will. Religions are mind control.They’re power structures that aim to convince you to give away your power for the benefit of those who enjoy dominating people. When you subscribe to a religion, you enroll in a mindless minion training program. Religions don’t market themselves as such, but this is essentially how they operate.In case you ever wondered why religious teachings are invariably mysterious, confusing, and incongruent? This is no accident — it’s intentional.

We see religion pretty much the same way as we see many governments. Fearmongering and making lots of money,so a small group of ppl will become insanely rich, while the believing masses can eat dirt.As long as they are afraid that “omgomg god will come and strike great vengeance upon me” all is good.

To quote Encyclopedia Dramatica (bringing you answers to life, the universe and everything since last Thursday) on this issue:

»Religion is a severe mental illness created over 9000 years ago, at the
same time as the Earth. Since then, religion has been one of the biggest sources of drama, faggotry, and unwarranted self-importance in the world today, secondary only to the internet. It is responsible for such insanity as Christfags believing that beating someone half to death with a 2,000 year old book will heal them and Muslims believing that if they blow themselves up they will get 72 virgins. Even atheists are not immune to the psychotomimetic effects of religion; the mere mention of religion is enough to send any atheist into hours of butthurt shitfits.«

So people of the world, don’t let religion control your life. Don’t fight against each other for contrary beliefs.This world and our life can be a wonderful adventure, where you have the unique chance to help mankind and your fellow citizens. Where we can all work together to make this earth a better place for ourselves,our children and all those generations who will come after us. ^(;,;)^

The Web site defacement also includes a video of a Richard Dawkins lecture called, “Richard Dawkins: An Atheist’s Call to Arms.” The video is a 31 minute speech in which Dawkins told atheists to make their beliefs public and combat the “incursion of religion into politics and education.”

It’s strange that Anonymous would denounce major religions, but only target Christian churches. There’s not a lot of info on the churches in question due to their Web sites being down, but we did fine a few things.

We looked through the Google cached versions of the Web sites. While they are a mess, the churches in question seem to have one thing in common – empowering people of all nations and races through Christianity. It’s odd then that Anonymous would attack churches that at least put on a good face instead of much more reviled organizations like the Westboro Baptist Church.

What’s even stranger is that Anonymous has attacked Westboro Baptist Church in the past. Computer World reported last year that Anonymous only took down the church’s Web site after they were issued a challenge. They even said “we don’t war” in response to the church issuing the challenge, but launched the attack because they had had enough.

The hashtags may be the most confusing part of the attacks. They include the #OWS hashtag which is used for the Occupy Wall Street movement. At the moment, once again due to the Web sites being down, I can’t confirm if these were megachurches or not. The churches themselves don’t really appear all that big as Google results only return each respective Web site and not much else.

It definitely seems like more of a case of attacking the for the “lulz” then anything else. Anonymous members and general internet users frequently attack religion with the term “christfag” and other derogatory names. This could just be the group trolling and they just happened to choose these churches as targets.

Why do you think Anonymous attacked the churches in question? Let us know in the comments.

Religion is one of those things, like politics, that you never really openly discuss in public as it leads to everybody just feeling uncomfortable. By taking the fight to the Internet, Anonymous may be opening up the debate for a more thorough discussion. Of course, they could also being doing it just “foh dah lulz.”

We asked if these attacks were part of the planned hacks that the group said would happen every Friday. We have yet to hear back, but we’ll update the story when and if we do.

What do you think? Is Anonymous overstepping its bounds by attacking an institution like religion? Do you agree with them? Let us know in the comments.

Zach Walton

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  • objectivity

    It is always funny to hear opponents to ANY religion…while they yell, pout, and scream about not wanting to have any religion they at the same time are pushing their beliefs on others. They say no religion is right…why you ask…b/c THEY know the truth. They are no different then anything else…

    People should think for themselves and not be pawns of a religious system…I assure you that Anonymous has their own sets of beliefs….b/c even if they say they don’t….that by definition IS A BELIEF…so quit with the “I wanna be a cool rebellious group and fight against anything and everything that I deem bad.”

    I actually appreciate what they have exposed concerning gov’t, corporations, and other groups…but Christianity doesn’t FORCE anything onto anybody, so get a clue. Now if you want to expose some of the false leaders do what you will…but to put forth the idea that b/c there are many people that take advantage of a system…therefore the system must be false…is just plain absurd.

    • Sally

      Ah, Christianity does not force anything onto anyone? How about a lack of a woman has on her own body? The equal rights a same sex couple does not have? A forced RE class in almost every single school? The threats, taunts and screams of, “You are going to HELL if you do not BELIEVE LIKE WE DO.”?

      You can close your eyes to the force Chrisitians impose on other people if you like, but it is there, and it is powerful. Thankfully it is also diminishing because people are starting to speak out against this terrible institution.

      • Jim

        Your feeling towards some of these “Christian” displays of behavior is valid. As a Christian, I would like to apologize for the threats, taunts, and screams that you are talking about. This is not how every Christian operates in the faith. We are called to love others just as Jesus loved others.

        • fha

          The first belief of most religion Demonizing the non-believer, Condemns non-believer to hell and eternal suffering. That is not rude and offensive to us?

          • tony

            it’s not religion — it’s the ignorant priests, reverends, etc…

          • celerykills

            Religion is the priests, reverands, mullahs, books, etc. You can not separate the belief from the interpretation.

        • fish

          The question is when is a woman’s body a woman’s body. I like to think of myself as pro-choice. As such, an abortion immediately takes away an individuals choice – for anything – as the mother has taken that individual’s choice to live.

          So if you call yourself pro choice, and since the unborn are unable to voice their choice, what do you suppose they would choose given the option of life or death?

          As for Anonymous. They are cowardly. To afraid to openly voice their opinions they hide in the shadows lick cockroaches.

          • Nisse

            You sir are a mass murderer, how many times have you jacked off and killed millions of unborn babies? You should cut your balls of to prevent further mass murder! OR Jesus will barbecue you in hell!!

          • objectivity

            @Nisse – I marvel at your intellect…Christians believe (or at least they should) that life begins at CONCEPTION this is post mere ejaculation. Seriously WOW at your ignorance.

          • TJ

            @objectivity: others believe life begins when the blood flows, around 17th day of pregancy

            @Nisse: seriously?

          • objectivity

            @TJ what would you call the fetus prior to the blood flowing?

            One other point to make is that doctors can get in trouble for administering certain medication to a woman that is pregnant b/c it harms the fetus.

          • Bob Sharpe

            And a baby’s body is a baby’s body. Doesn’t the baby have rights over his or her own body?

          • crazychrisr92

            @Bob Sharpe but a fetus is not a baby…

      • Marilyn

        Absolutely we will speak out, we will require Christianity to stop trying to force their religious views into our politics, our legal system, our schools, our throats & any other orifice they deem “reasonable”.
        What I & others of good character will not do, is bring ourselves down to the level of these cowardly uneducated little punks who give Christians another chance to wail & pour more fuel into the martyr machine.

        • Kris

          You sound like such a clone. Everything about your speech is almost an exact copy and paste of everything every one of the little anonymous kiddies always say.

          I’m not religious but you kids are too stupid to realize that you’re doing the exact thing you’re all so sick of. Forcing your way of belief onto others.

          You all need to grow up, but you can’t because you’re a bunch of “sheep”. Like that word? I bet you do, because you use it every other post.

          Seriously, you’re not cool. Consider suicide and don’t listen to what Ozzy say’s about it, it really is a solution.

          • celerykills

            If you do not fight for a right, like not having religion imposed on you, you will not get it. Women did not get to vote without a fight. Slaves were not freed without a fight. Ignorance and hate require an effective approach, not just lassiz-faire behavior.

            This opposition does not come from “kiddies”, but adults, may of whom would be asked to die by the same people running religion.

          • Nisse

            Yeah! And the slaves were forcing their belief to be free unto others! They shouldnt have done that! Yeah they shouldve been good slaves like Jesus says in the bible a slave should never disobey his master, yeah! And Ozzy is a great poet, yeah! And a great thinker yeah! And you are not a believer in invisible sky fairies yeah but you are not a sheep yeah, cause you are smart yeah?

        • http://757stayfit brklyn23

          Well they are right on one hand.Religon is man made,god did not create us to worship him like a robot.For instance prayer,you dont have to start a prayer with the common father son etc,reason being is you always have a open line to god,instead of saying a scripted prayer,talk to god,go to a place you love,maybe a hot bath,outside where you smoke,wherever you relax and feel safe and at ease,thats where you should go,and dont script,instead talk to god like he is a person,ask him lord im having a tough time lord,whats going on,help me understand etc.

          Why in the world would god want you to talk to him in script,its like those annoying customer service reps who talk to you on the phone like they are reading from a screen.God loves you and wants to talk to you,the person,not some fake acted script.

          Also people get caught up in church to much,sure church is a good thing,god is grateful a place is made to worship him and come together in love.However im sure he did not want their to be divisons,where people are scared what church they walk into due to the fact it might be a catholic church and they are something else,WRONG,a church is a church a house made for god,you should be able to go there anytime,mass or not,regardless of the origin of its religon.A church should be a safe house,one no different then the other,a big temple no different then a small country one.When you walk into gods house anyone of them you should feel him upon you,and you should be able to pray and talk to him anytime you need.We dont need thousand doller stained glass windows,we just need a place dedicated to love and peace and the love og god.

          I can go on and on but god is god,try to talk to him likes hes a person,treat him like one,love him like one,and dont be terrified if you make a mistake,god knows your human and doesent want you saying ten hail marys for a sin but rather simply say lord i messed up lord,im sorry please forgive me and give me the strentgh to avoid pitfallls and live the life you want me too.

          • John Palliser

            We live in very dark times and at some point in our lives most of us have asked is there a god. As an ex solder in the British Army what I do believe is that the devil is exesist and is well & thriving . Therefore it stands to reason that his minions of demons will be out there making misfit and there first lie will be to denounce the existence of god and Jesus Christ. Even though im not a practising Christine I live in a Christian Country in a Christine Culture we are constantly under attack from the misguided illiterate and miss informed. But when I look into the faces of my children there is no question in my heart the miracle of god is all around us to we just have to see and light will conquer darkness always

          • Spamexterminator

            And this wasn’t trying to pose you beliefs onto others was it? You sound like an effin preacher, SHUT UP, WE DON”T CARE ABOUT YOUR BELIEFS. The entire fight is over crap like this and there isn’t a person alive that isn’t aware of religion. Your sermons should begin with do you believe in GOD and if they say no SHUT UP. if they say yes then you can talk to them all you want about god and your beliefs. That seems to be a concept people like you can’t get a grasp on. Ever think they may not want to hear it? Trying to preach to them the error of their ways is a tool in which people are going to use against you.

            I’m seeing this allot in the comments here, telling people that don’t believe they are just ignorant or stupid but it is you that is effin retarded. When you here something you don’t like about your beliefs you get mad and try using derogatory comments and denouncing what they have to say without even listening. Science finds evidence that casts doubt on your beliefs you refuse to hear it because you just can’t grasp it.which is your way of choosing to remain ignorant. Last I heard 80% of the worlds populous believes in religion in one form or another just goes to show how many intelligent people that are left on the planet. DON”T FORGET TO DRINK YOUR PURPLE COOLAID.

        • Don Herbert

          So, if you knew the truth, and you found out there is a God, a devil, Heaven and Hell, you wouldn’t want to save the world from going to?

          Ok, think about this… we will all die someday. For me, I would rather believe in God and His Word the Bible and take my chances on being wrong when I die than Not believe in God and the Bible to live life my way and find out I was wrong.

          For being a Believer, I either will go to Heaven if we are right, or go no where when we die.

          As for a non Believer, you will either go to Hell if you are wrong, or no where when you die.

          I think I like my chances better of where I will go when we all die.

          It is up to you to where you want to go, nobody is making you live for God. Eternity wothout God is a long time. I hope you make the right choice soon before it is to late. Cheers, God Bless :)

          • John den Haan

            So someone who lives a good life of integrity without believing in the skydaddy cannot go to heaven just in case this mythical creature exists? Such great principles; you will go to heaven if you’re good, BUT ONLY IF YOU SUBMIT TO MY TEACHINGS AND WILL. Such a benevolent god…

            That’s a disgustingly narrow-minded belief system you got there.

            Anyways, I’ll take my chances. I’d rather live a full and independent life rather than limit myself on the remote 0.00001% chance that this mythical sky-fairy exists.

          • whiteglider

            Well said!!!

          • whiteglider

            I mean, well said to post: Don Herbert
            March 4, 2012 at 9:29 pm

          • objectivity

            @John den Haan It gets old when atheists/agnostics start pulling arbitrary statistics straight out of thin air…reminiscent of how our gov’t prints money.

            Anyways, why don’t you take your logic to a judge and see how that stands up…”hey judge I know I committed a crime, BUT I did all these good things” you think that would work…not at all, it is b/c a judge is a GOOD judge that they cannot let evil go unpunished even if someone performs good deeds.

            Now you make the comment about God making the rules….yeah he does NOT YOU He is God…so he sets the standard, but then of course your true intent is revealed which is you want to be your own judge…what you think is right should be right and what you think is wrong is wrong…problem is, to be frank, that is illogical and awful…b/c if everyone played by those rules there would be some pretty big issues…take Hitler for example…do you think Hitler thought what he was doing was evil? heck no in his head he was doing humanity a favor by killing off the “weak”. Anyways, i won’t say anymore unless you would like to continue the conversation…suffice it to say there is FAR MORE evidence that this world was created by God then there is to say that out of NOTHING came SOMETHING….and that the SOMETHING exploded and became what we see today over billions and billions of years hahahaha talk about a fairy tale….

          • Spamexterminator

            Here we are again trying to use fear to change the minds of others. IF YOU DON”T BELIEVE AND FOLLOW THE BOOK YOUR GOING TO HELL! SHUT UP! Quit trying to force your beliefs onto others even using a passive aggressive approach. Go preach to the people who want to listen because we don’t.

          • objectivity

            @Spamexterminator your problem is that what i said makes sense and you know it…but you don’t like it so you throw out your little tantrums and bark loudly so you can’t hear what you don’t want to. honestly i really don’t care about “winning” arguments, i am merely presenting the case…if you can’t deal with the truth then it is unto your own demise.

            but seriously, i aint preachin nothin’ i am putting my opinion on here JUST LIKE YOU ARE, the only difference is I am open to discussion whereas you would rather monologue your ignorance with no opposition. it would factually be best if all the monolguers such as yourself would simply shutup.

          • objectivity

            @ Spamexterminator also I just want to clarify “following the book” is not what gets you to Heaven, and in reality that is the antithesis to the message of the gospel. The gospel declares that “ALL have sinned and fallen short”, no body could “follow the book” enough to get to Heaven, and since God is just he must punish the wrongdoings of mankind…SOOO God’s Son CHOSE to come down and die for all that believe in Him (Jesus) as a substitute for men/women.

            After someone accepts that truth, they then go through a process of “following His book” (sanctification) but not b/c he threatens me, but b/c I want to be like my Savior. i know you think all the is rubbish (just like i think atheism is rubbish), but i just wanted to clarify the gospel message.

          • Spamexterminator

            @objectivity No my problem is people will not stop preaching, PERIOD. Also moron scan through my comments on here and I have given plenty of opposition and plenty of reasons why I don’t want believers telling me my way is wrong and your way is the only way that is right. and Jesus chose to come down and give his life so we may be saved! lol He was preaching his ways and he was forcibly executed for his persistence in trying to tell everyone that they was wrong. But your were right about one thing they was preaching to me the only way to heaven is through Jesus not the book, but it was only an example. Your problem is that you believe that all non believers are just ignorant or stupid, The problem with that I have actually studied the Religion, I went to Sunday School, and Church, I have also studied the Ancient Alien Theory, And Science. I am not ignorant to any of it, but because I say I don’t believe your automatically assume that your smarter than me. See your one of those people who will say respect my beliefs but when someone tells you to respect their beliefs you think its ok to tell them all about your beliefs to try and change their minds. And like I said that is what this whole dilemma is about. The reason I believe in what I believe in is because the bible is NOTHING but hear say, Ancient Alien Theory is more believable but seems to be just a geeks way of trying to explain the nonsense in the bible. Science on the other hand are 100% about discovering the truth without prejudice nothing more nothing less and the people that can’t seem to grasp the concepts of science turn to religion.

          • Nodari

            Nice sales point you have for yourself :) Good luck believing in God on those terms! Nuts…

        • awaking


          I am sorry that you feel this way. It is very important for those who stated that they are followers of Christ to love the world and people in the world. Now, we do not have control over humanity and its issues. I feel that you are taken your anger on those who have the ability to pray and fast for this world. We are not a follower of unmoral actions either. If you are anger with anyone, it should be toward the individuals that make decision for the world systems. It is very funny that people can be anger with a religion, but do not voice their concerns with the individuals that make the most important decisions. I can care less where anyone does in his or her personal lives, but, the God that I serve is not the issue, it is the lack of love, murders, haters, those who fail to help the needy, and other who hate due to either race, gender, and who an individual fall in love with. The last time I look at the news, it did not say, “A Christian” sexual assaulted a female, or hate crime due to race. These things are the real fight not a religion.

          • Spamexterminator

            I have no idea if your comment was pointed at me or not but let me clear one thing up. I am not angry with religion or the church I am angry with the people who take it upon themselves to become a preacher and corner me and say dude you know I’m worried about you you really need to get to church and beg Jesus for forgiveness this is the only way your going to get to heaven I don’t want to see you go to hell. It happens to me almost every day. And I’m sick of it. For instance here one I got today in another E-Mail on tagged. –>

            From:Billion B Spirit of GOD


            Date:March 8, 2012 at 4:16pm

            Subject:HELLO MY FRIEND? I AM …





            Now I can’t even tell if this is a scam or not since this guy has been on my tagged friends list for about 6 months. And this is the second one of these in the last week I got from him. But I get a similar one of these from real life friends and even family about 5 times a week. Wouldn’t you get sick and tired of me trying to convince you to stop believing because your just wasting what little life you have on something that doesn’t exist 5 TIMES A WEEK?

      • Collins

        I’m a woman and a Christian. My options of birth control have NEVER been brought up in church, ever.

        This isn’t about birth control, it’s about attacking religion, wake up and realize that.

        It’s also about personal responsibility. Common sense will tell you, if you can’t afford birth control, keep your clothes on.

        • CingRed

          “if you can’t afford birth control, keep your clothes on.”

          So, sexual freedom is only for people who can afford it?

          • Luther Blissett

            If you pay or work for heath insurance, you should get the health care you require.

          • Craig

            I think it is called ‘responsibility’.

            If one can’t afford to bring a child into the world and provide for them, it is simply irresponsible to do so.

            If one can’t figure out how to not get pregnant without any unnatural means, maybe one shouldn’t be reproducing in the first place as irresponsible behavior and willful ignorance are not necessarily traits that the human species needs to propogate.

            Sexual freedom is not about having access to birth control or not, it is about responsibility.

            There is no such thing as a freedom that doesn’t come without a responsibility.

            That may be why religion was created in the first place, to give people a reason to be responsible because they couldn’t do it on their own.

            If everyone knew how to act responsible and did so, which seems a dwindling knowledge now-a-days, maybe people wouldn’t need to be told that a higher power will zap them into oblivion if they don’t.

        • D.C.

          As a society I’d rather pay for the birth control for any woman who can’t afford it than to pay welfare for the child for the next 18 years. But paying for someone else’s medicine is socialism, can’t have that, “NOT IN AMERICA”! Collins, own up to your Christianity, at least have that decency, because it is about your religion condemning sex outside of marriage between a man and a woman, disguising as a money issue, “keep your clothes on if you can’t afford contraception?” what a great Christian woman you are. Oh no Chrisitiany doesn’t judge or condemn, least of all the homosexuals or the the “sluta” who dare to have sex outside of marriage … pfft!

        • Bill

          It seems that a lot of the posters have forgotten one important fact. This is a Christian nation. It was founded on Christian principals and in fact cannot and will not survive without them. If you do not believe me you better do some reading and look at the founding fathers, many of them were pastors so if you do not like Christianity that is your right, but it is not your right to object to the principals this great nation was built on. and so desperately needs to get back to.

          • Nodari

            IT IS NOT!!! I refuse to be part of any religion, yet I am US citizen.

        • Urk

          You were doing so well there, and then you had to go and say something outrageously stupid.

          This whole contraception debate is a tempest in a teapot being stirred up by neo-conservative politicians desperately grasping for issues to help them get a leg up on the next election. This is backfiring on them, as it should, by illustrating quite clearly to the country’s political moderates how completely out of touch the Republican party is.

          I’m a Christian, too. And Christianity teaches that premarital sex is wrong, but it doesn’t say anywhere in the bible that contraception is wrong. That’s strictly a Catholic belief, and most (about 95%) rank and file Catholics disagree with the lord high mucky mucks in the Vatican on that particular subject.

          I have been a supporter of Anonymous for a long time, and I still am. But Anon is not a formal organization. It’s a loosely affiliated group of people and like any other group, be it secular or religious, they have their share of pompous morons. That’s all this is.

        • Nisse

          OH SO now you are against “attacking religion”. But when christians killed and murdered for their god, wiping out “heretics” then it was all cool…

          Were you a virgin when you were married? I hope you were cause the bible says that if you were not you shouldve been stoned to death. Have you stoned any women to death lately? U should as a good christian!

          The gospel of Thomas also says thata woman cannot enter heaven unless she becomes a man. So good luck with burning in hell even Jesus doesnt want women in heaven!

          • J

            The “Gospel” of Thomas is not an accepted piece of Christian literature. It was written much later than the other gospels, and was not written by one of the twelve apostles. It was a Mani document, and considered heretical. If you’re going to attack the faith, learn enough to know what is even part of that faith first!

      • jay

        Don’t know what they did in your RE class at school, but we did Judaism and Islam, so the Christians that FORCED those RE lessons mucked up didn’t they??

      • Savanthar

        I agree with you Sally. Christianity has a horrible track record of forcing their crap down everyone’s throat. The Inquisition comes to mind immediately, as does the Crusades. With Christians it is either their way, or the highway. If you aren’t with them, they say you are against them. Either with Jesus or Satan, black or white, hot, or cold, no other way with the traditional dualitistic Christian.

        I’m pluralistic and believe in polarity, not duality. I support organizations that fight religious fundamentalists. I think the fight can be taken to the Christian radicals by supporting the separation of church and state, just to keep them from using government to force their “pious” theological and “moral” dogma down every freedom loving American’s throat. Support the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), the Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, the Interfaith Allience, the ACLU and anyone else tha fights for freedom of religion.

        Because if its one thing that has always held true about the Christian Church throughout history, they have ALWAYS hated the idea of religious freedom, beause the Church cannot continue to oppress the people when the people can be free to actually choose their own religious beliefs. Also, the People for the American Way and their Religious Right Watch website are good to support in this fight too.

        • Don Herbert

          So, if you knew the truth, and you found out there is a God, a devil, Heaven and Hell, you wouldn’t want to save the world from going to?

          Ok, think about this… we will all die someday. For me, I would rather believe in God and His Word the Bible and take my chances on being wrong when I die than Not believe in God and the Bible to live life my way and find out I was wrong.

          For being a Believer, I either will go to Heaven if we are right, or go no where when we die.

          As for a non Believer, you will either go to Hell if you are wrong, or no where when you die.

          I think I like my chances better of where I will go when we all die.

          It is up to you to where you want to go, nobody is making you live for God. Eternity wothout God is a long time. I hope you make the right choice soon before it is to late. Cheers, God Bless

          • J

            Jesus himself contradicts this… He says if someone is not against him, then that person is for him. Not all Christians feel that non-believers are their enemies. My enemies are those that try to tear down my faith and remove my right to believe what I believe. My friends and those I love who do not see what I believe to be truth are people I deeply care about and wish only to help them see the truth.

            If you knew through careful calculations that an earthquake would happen and that your friend’s house was on the fault line, would you not tell them and repeatedly urge them to leave the area? What if there had never been an earthquake there, and your friend said “you’re crazy”? Would you just shrug your shoulders and say “it’s their choice to choose not to believe, and I should respect that choice” or would you say “I need to keep trying… I don’t want to see my friend hurt!”?

            Anything less than our hardest effort to save those we love from eternal pain would be against the very core of our belief that we should love others as deeply as we love our own life.

          • J

            Sorry, my response was supposed to reply to @Savanthar (GP of this post)

        • La

          The founders of this country wanted to be sure there was Freedom Of Religion. What I hear you saying is that you want Freedom From Religion. If you do not want religion, then do not participate but let those that do want religion alone.

      • Bill

        Christianity merely holds a woman accountable for her action. Today’s society uses abortion to allow for sexual promiscuity. Christianity holds both men and woman accountable for their actions. If you are going to have sex, be prepared for the consequences…. Murder is not an option. 53 million aborted babies in this country alone is not acceptable. Society has not considered the consequences of their actions. Would social security be in the shape that it is in now if those 53 million were here and had jobs and were paying into the system, I dare say probably not. If you choose not to believe that is your lose and there will be a day that you will regret that was the choice that you made, but it is yours to make. But to legalize murder, no society has that right!

        • Craig

          Social security is in the shape it is in now because Democrats in the House and Congress, under a Democrat president, raided the system paid into by those working to, in part, fund programs to give money to those who don’t.

          Look it up.

          • TJ

            Republicans want to get rid of SS

          • Craig

            Republicans want to get rid of Social Security?

            I can fly like Superman.

            I can do that because I said so and on the Internet so it must be so.

      • objectivity

        It’s kind of pathetic that you can say “Women have the right to choose” but the unborn doesn’t…I assure you that if any killed baby in the womb had the chance to choose they would say LIFE, even if they are adopted. Also at what point is it not a human fetus?

        The federal gov’t should stay out of marriage all together. I am married without a marriage license….marriage is between me, God, my wife, and the witnesses at our ceremony, the gov’t doesn’t need to give me permission to marry.

        Also enough with this ridiculous argument that b/c there are bad representatives of Christianity (*IE. the people that go around yelling about hell and the like) therefore Christianity is wrong. Every religion & way of believing has bad representatives. I don’t think an atheist would appreciate me saying that Mao Tse Tung killed 50-75 MILLION people or Stalin who killed almost 25 million and they were both atheists….then based on their belief in atheism say that all atheists are that way and are wrong b/c those 2 guys performed such tragedies?? no of course not, you would throw you’re little tolerance and understanding tantrum that I shouldn’t judge other based on what other people of similar belief do.

        About hell…everybody needs to stop with the whole, “but i did so much good stuff in my life” bull crap…why don’t you commit a crime then when you’re in front of the judge tell him that same argument, “but judge i know i did something bad, but you shouldn’t punish me b/c of the good i have done” he would slam that gavel down BECAUSE HE WAS A GOOD JUDGE…if he were to let your bad go unpunished he wouldn’t be a just judge. Anyways, I could go on concerning the logic behind “hell”, but just so you know the Bible clearly says, “It is the goodness of God that leads men to repentance” NOT the condemnation that some Christians throw at others. So I admonish you to take a personal look at Christianity and not just believe what others tell you or what some bad representatives say to you.

        so with that I conclude for no

        • Craig

          “Also enough with this ridiculous argument that b/c there are bad representatives of Christianity … therefore Christianity is wrong.”


          Put another way, should the US, or any other country on the face of the earth, be judged by the acts of a few who have done wrong and so entire nations be condemned to no longer exist?

          Is every single citizen of every single country that has ever done something wrong to be condemned from now to eternity?

          • John Wayne

            Uhh, @objectivity. I hate to be the one to point out the obvious here, But you do realize that atheism is not a belief system. Atheism is the lack of belief in a deity. There is no church or gathering place where atheist would gather to endorse or denounce one another. LOL. There are good folk and bad folk, it’s as simple as that.

            there is no such thing as you stated above as “belief in atheism”, I repeat, Atheism is a lack of belief in a deity. That’s all. Being an atheist is not indicative of ones morality or lack thereof.

            So your whole tirade in comparing Mao T’Sung and Hitler to other atheists belief is an entirely mute point.

            Your argument that an atheist might somehow be offended because some bad guy somewhere is an atheist is nonsensical.

          • Craig

            Incorrect about Atheism not being a belief system all in its own.

            I think you are thinking of agnosticism.

            Atheism has at its very core the rejection of belief, which in itself is a belief as nothing on either side can be proven to any level of certainty, i.e. a belief.

            Also, you don’t see agnostics going around telling people they shouldn’t believe in whatever they want to believe in, do you?

            Religion and atheism are just two opposite sides of the same coin.

        • John Wayne

          Uhh, @objectivity. I hate to be the one to point out the obvious here, But you do realize that atheism is not a belief system. Atheism is the lack of belief in a deity. There is no church or gathering place where atheist would gather to endorse or denounce one another. LOL. There are good folk and bad folk, it’s as simple as that.

          there is no such thing as you stated above as “belief in atheism”, I repeat, Atheism is a lack of belief in a deity. That’s all. Being an atheist is not indicative of ones morality or lack thereof.

          So your whole tirade in comparing Mao T’Sung and Hitler to other atheists belief is an entirely mute point.

          Your argument that an atheist might somehow be offended because some bad guy somewhere is an atheist is nonsensical.

          • objectivity

            @John Wayne I see your point…but I have never spoken with an atheist that doesn’t hold fast to the belief in Macro evolution, big bang, etc. So while you’re right atheism is by definition not a belief system, I would argue that they do all believe in “science” and by that they mean evolution and big bang and the like. Additionally it is pretty sad that you are saying that atheists should only denounce theism and yet not erect an argument in it’s place. By saying you don’t believe in ANY god you are in fact implying certain things you hold to be truth…like something can come from nothing, humanity has no purpose, there is no absolute morality, etc. so sure it may sound good to try and show me up by saying…”all i stand for it not theism” but in reality you do believe things…you must as an atheist by default have certain things you believe (*like i listed above).

            the funniest thing to me though is that you say there are “good” and “bad” folk…as an atheist you may say and make claims of moral judgment, but yet you have no standard or basis to make such claims. you may say them and believe that you are the source of what is good and bad, but of course this is illogical and wrong. I am not saying that atheists are incapable of performing good actions…I am saying that you have no way of objectively saying that they are good, or bad.

            you’re actually proving my point, I was indeed making the claim that IT IS ILLOGICAL to compare Mao & Staline to other atheists, just like it is wrong to take the crusades and say that all Christians believe that the Crusades was good and Biblical.

            And again on your final statement “an atheist might somehow be offended because some bad guy somewhere is an atheist is nonsensical.” proves my point exactly, it is ridiculous and non-sensical to claim that b/c there is a person that claims to be a Christian and does horrific things shouldn’t be an argument against Christianity or the Bible.

      • bt

        Sally – because Christians do not believe in killing babies, it does not force you to abide by their beliefs. Abortion is legal right now in this country so you shouldn’t hate on those that don’t agree with your stance. It’s elementary.

        Islam declares that a woman doesn’t have the right to show her face, I don’t hear you saying anything about that. It’s their belief as well, and it doesn’t FORCE you to do anything unless you are a believer.

    • JustSaying

      Seriously Christianity doesn’t force beliefs upon people is what was stated in some of the comments below. Maybe you just don’t notice it being forced upon you because it is as common in your life when growing up as many of the other things you just adapt to because of how frequently they come into play in your daily life. I mean I don’t notice how withdrawn cell phones have made from people and paying attention to the things I do but that is only thing I know because I’ve never not had a cell phone there in my daily life, so it’s become easy for me to except a life where I will never know what it is like to live without being completely connected to the people I know and care about without any limits. In the same way growing up in/with a family, school, friends, or community in general that is big on religion and it’s teachings allows people to easily overlook how much their chosen religions affect their daily lives, thoughts they have, things they appose, and people they allow to make their decisions; for what in some cases and most time a lot of cases is a no good and generally non-beneficial to the public and world as a whole.

    • Aaron

      ‘but Christianity doesn’t FORCE anything onto anybody’ are you serious? Do you know how many countless innocent human beings were given the option convert or die? Are you insane? More people have been slain in the name of Jesus than any other figure, by far. Human beings that have been fortunate enough to overcome or never be exposed to the delusion of religion are certainly more likely to be thinking freely and critically than their faithful counterparts and yourself. I believe the time has come to declare discrepancies in the ideas behind how to treat fellow human beings and how to conduct ourselves in an ecological and moral context (something organized religion cannot help but interfere with) can be no more tolerated than discrepancies in the ideas concerning medicine and how diseases spread, or how to design skyscrapers and bridges. Religious belief is a vestige, an artifact of humanity’s stupid and fearful adolescence and is nothing more than an impedance to the pursuit of what could be a peaceful and harmonious world. Idealistically Anonymous can’t conduct themselves in a just way, pragmatically they are one the most powerful tools in a changing society. They are here to stay, and I welcome them.

      • Jerry

        Aaron: Actually, more people have been slain in the name of Allah than any other figure, by far. Death-by-Jesus pales in comparison. Take a look at to see just how many have died at the hands of Islam since 9/11.

        • John Terrey

          Including all those killed in the name of christianity in the fight against the “axis of evil”!

          Religion was used to demonise the so called enemy” !

          • Urk

            That’s another load of crap I’m tired of listening to.

          • Spamexterminator

            @URK You are the load of crap posting a link to your very own website where you talk about crap is just another way of you trying to force your beliefs down everyone’s throats. But thank you for the link I will send it on over to anonymous. GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK HEAD WE ARE TIRED OF LISTENING TO YOU PREACH TO US AND YOUR THREATS OF WE ARE GOING TO HELL IF WE DON”T FOLLOW YOUR BELIEFS.

    • Steve Watson

      Religion doesn’t force anything onto anybody? I hope you’re not a Rick Santorum supporter.

      • Urk

        I can’t speak on behalf of ALL Christians, but I can speak for myself AS a Christian.

        No. I don’t support Rick Santorum.

    • Steven Brungard

      Religion businesses use governments to apply force.

    • Conran

      Sorry, but there are certain facts that you are neglecting. The fact is that organized religion has been a cancer throughout the Human race for centuries, and it is undeniably responsible for the pain, suffering and deaths of billions of people.
      The opinions of those against such organized religions are NOT responsible for the same.

      Anonymous doesn’t lobby government to tell me how my kids should be raised. Anonymous doesn’t lobby government to deny the rights of gay people. Anonymous doesn’t tell me that unless I agree with them I am less of a Human than they are. Anonymous doesn’t dictate to me how I should live my life… Organized religions, especially Christianity, do this EVERY SINGLE DAY!

      I couldn’t give a crap what Anon does in reality, especially when it comes to religion. But if religion keeps attacking me and my rights, keeps trying to control my democratically elected leadership, and continues to try to influence all of society to suit their crazy ideology, then this will be a war and I will support whoever is attacking them.

      It’s time the Bible thumping nut cases stepped away from meddling in the lives of billions of others. If they insist on trying to be dictators to the planet, they will see a fight, and they will not win.

      The same can go for any other cult too.

      People can believe whatever they want to believe, but when they try to force their beliefs on the rest of society they are no better than a dictator and they have to be stopped.

      • Ricardo

        How do you come up with the notion that organized religion is responsible for so many deaths? Humanism is responsible for far more deaths. Think Hitler, Stalin, and Mao Tse tung, Pol Pot, Kim Jong Il, etc. I guess if you include mohammad, yes, he is responsible for many deaths.

        Christians are responsible for Schools, Colleges, Universities, free hospitals, dental clinics, medical clinics, soup kitchens, night shelters, and food in numerous countries. Free aid during international emergencies, free water wells throughout the world, free clothing for the poor, free marital and family counseling, etc, etc,

        What do the atheists provide?

        • The first prophet of CRISPYANITY

          Priests rape children.

          The pope covers it up, but then what else would you expect from a Nazi.

          I have no problem with religion as an idea, some people are just too stupid to come to terms with the harsh reality of our existence, and religion can help them, but…

          Christianity (at least in any form I am aware of) is utter BULLS**T

          Islam (at least in any form I am aware of) is utter BULLS**T

          Judaism (at least in any form I am aware of) is utter BULLS**T

          Sikhism – Has definite potential as a modern religion but is unfortunately not fully understood by many of even its most devoted followers

          Hinduism –


          We just need to realise you can still be a good honest person without believing in fairies!

          • John Wayne

            Above said “Priests rape children”.

            That’s why they are against abortion. They want to keep a steady supply of victims.

        • Spamexterminator

          They are also responsible for the Crusades, Salem Witch Trials, and if you believe the bible Sodom and Gomorrah. Those are only the ones I can think of off the top of my head but I know there are plenty more. Here’s a few more wars due to religion–> As I said last night and for some reason was deleted, but organized religion was once considered a cult until they took a drastic step to force people into believing. They took the few believers they had tried peacefully talking people into joining but found most people told them to take a hike so they decided to step it up and take the few believers they had and start attacking small communities and said either they join there beliefs and cause or die. their armies grew bigger they attacker bigger communities until they dominated the world. And this is the religion Christians still believe today.

          • J

            How do you read that Christianity (which didn’t exist at the time) is responsible for Sodom and Gomorrah? Let’s get the facts straight on that one…

            Abraham is visited by three messengers (believed to be angels). He is told Sodom and Gomorrah are to be destroyed. He then begins bargaining with God to save the city. He says if 50 righteous men are found, would God save the city. God says yes. He then bargains further… 40, then 30, then 20, and finally 10. He is hoping that he can find 10 people who are righteous in all of those great cities (knowing that Lot, Lot’s wife, and Lot’s daughters are there, so that’s at least 4 that at the time were righteous from Abraham’s perspective, so he thought it would be easy to find another 6.

            He couldn’t. So then what does God do? He gets Lot and family out of the way to then destroy the city as planned. Further protecting Lot and his family, God tells them not to look at the destruction lest they be turned to a pile of salt (perhaps something in seeing the destruction caused immediate and complete loss of water? We don’t know if Lot’s wife peeked out around a boulder while Lot and daughters were hidden in a cave or something, but what we do know is looking = death for some reason). Lot and his daughters escape, Lot’s wife disobeys and dies as a result (again, not maliciousness on God’s part… just a consequence of whatever method of destruction was going on – God warned them of the side effects of watching).

            So, in this entire story… no Christ, no Christians, no terrible “let’s destroy them all because we can” attitude… just a God that says that enough is enough and that the cities must be destroyed.

            If anything, since Abraham was the direct ancestor of Joseph, Jesus’s step dad, then Abraham who attempted to save everyone from destruction was the closest thing to a Christian in this story.

            So… I think you need to rethink your statement.

            Yes, “Christians” have done horrible things due to fear (fear of witchcraft fueled by unscrupulous people who desired power… both in and out of the church), and “Christians” have done horrible things due to politics (the Crusades… read up on it… much of the Crusades had nothing to do with religion… it was just used as an excuse). But, if you really look at Christians who practice the teachings of Christ, love their neighbors as deeply as one would take care of and love ones self, and care for the widows, orphans, and the poor, what harm are they doing to you?

          • Spamexterminator

            @J –> See here you are preaching more BS out of the bible when you didn’t even listen to what I said. I said IF YOU BELIEVE THE BIBLE Sodom and Gomorrah. and Moron you CANNOT say that it isn’t in the bible. I have actually read the bible. Quite trying to be a preacher outside of the effin Church. I would say the other word but they would just delete it.

          • Ned

            Honestly all you atheists seem to so adamantly push how intelligent you are and how logical you are and yet fail to even understands the basics of the world and religion. I am a scientist and geology is my specialty i no many scientist who are true believers and this is because gods mark is evidently left on this entire universe. I am sorry you have so little understanding of God and have been misguided by those forcing him on you clearly are extremely biased but i will attempt to explain this to you. God is love he is happiness and creativity he is science he is math he is everything that is good in us but we are far from perfect. I only trust the bible and forgo the actions of men that have marred Gods creation. People will due wrong in the name of religion it is our way. There is so much more to God and religion than the petty issues you and the others opposing this belief provide i don’t believe you will go to hell God loves those most who suffer. Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the earth he loves all of us and doesn’t want to control you but guide you help you fill you cup till it overflows. I was lost years ago into drugs and going in a bad direction fast I was completely out of control one day desperate I begged god for help and he gave me strength to not only overcome my problems but to exceed my wildest dreams. Since then i have not Feared death i love life have no worries and welcome the day my time comes. I have very strong faith and have prayed many times and have had my prayers answered. This god you speak on the black and white doesn’t exist he feels the pain of those who suffer and especially those who so adamantly oppose him he is like loving parents. You may discount what i say but if you can have to complete faith in god i promise you you will not no how you went on living before without it remember all he asks of you is to ask for forgiveness and even hitler could have been let it he isn’t like you and I he brings out the best in us. Hopefully someday you can see god in the world as I due not because i and right but because it is so beautiful words cant describe it

    • tony

      absolutely right, objectivity — i’d add though that churches and other institutions are rife with ignorant people and therefore cannot, or don’t want to, pass on the true message… just remember what the people of the churches (priests, reverends, etc… all that ‘claptratrak’) did to the native people (including children) in both USA and Canada… it’s not religion we should attack but the people who use and abuse the powers we give them…
      but if man has one thing (should we call it quality or un-quality?) above all is cowardice… which he likes to pass as… smartness.

      • celerykills

        Religion, by it’s very nature is an abuse. It starts with a story (bible, koran, vedas, etc), written by a man with “claimed” spiritual inspiration. That’s the first manipulation, the first abuse. How can it get any better? It’s hard to find “truth” when it’s born of a lie, and any philosophical “truth” is at best self serving, as worse a lie in the fog.

        • objectivity

          @celery “That’s the first manipulation, the first abuse.” again your intellect is slaying…the mere fact that Jesus claimed spiritual inspiration and to be the Messiah does not make him wrong, just like you would do with ANY CLAIM, you investigate it to see if it is true. Of course you haven’t done any research on this topic, you would just rather make illogical, unbiased, nieve, and ignorant statements about something you know nothing about.

          I encourage you to actually do some research on the matter…look up the well over 300 prophecies concerning Jesus that he fulfilled. Jesus is far different than any other religion b/c He didn’t just come on the scene out of nowhere claiming divine inspiration and that he was the beginning of something new…He claimed that He fulfilled what had been prophesied in the Old Testament milleniums in advance.

    • johannes

      I agree, they believe and believe, in fact they are more into believing than religious groups. People who believe in something that is beyond more things are usually more stable and tolerant.
      You should study up on psychology, they use the the word believe more often that any other religious group. They believe such and such brain cell causes happiness. lol.
      Dawkins has his own agenda and is paid well for it. This rant wont harm his booksales, right!

      Anyway, experience has taught me one thing those who shout loudly have usually something to hide. What is it he doesn’t want us to find out, I wonder?
      Maybe as a guess, that he is spreading lies, sees that some people believe his lies and support him.
      What is the biggest crime, to lie to people because as long as you don’t know, you will lived your life as if it was true.
      Best to go by my motto: What is true for you is true for you because it is true for you.

    • Ken

      I don’t believe that anyone is forcing any beliefs on anyone else, except of course our parents, who forced us to go to church every Sunday before we were even old enough to understand if it was something that we wanted to believe in or not. And so throughout each generation, it has been pretty much the same.

      We should share what we know, because we are social creatures and this is how we learn and decide which beliefs we want to adopt. Beliefs are chosen by each of us and we should choose our beliefs wisely because they set the boundaries of the world that we have each created for ourselves.

    • FreedomOfSpeech

      Since the hacker groups are so into the freedom of speech, why do they target this group of people having their own speech here?

      I can understand some of the issues, but lets be honnest, imposing YOUR ideas onto anyone else is just the thing they are against.

      I think it is a bit to hypocrit!

      Its like defacing your own mother’s website because you disagree with what she have teached you when you where little; It was her belief that was the correct way, wheter you agree or not.
      At a later age you are suppose to be adult enough to TALK about it, not FIGHT about is and what Anonymous now does is just FIGHT some sort of WAR;

    • Erik

      Wow… Just wow.. Doesn’t force anything onto anyone? That’s about the most retarded thing I’ve heard the whole day, and I’ve been reading about how jews and muslims want’s to allow torturing animals without tranquilizers among other things.

    • anthony

      Did you even read the article they were saying for the people to think for themselves and to come together and yes that is a set of beliefs but at the same time they are not spreading fear and anxiety. Do you know what are the richest organizations and have the most power in the world? Churches and Governments and if they were so good, why with all of our technological advances is there still people dying from lack of clean water????

  • asdfasdfasdf


  • Anonymous

    We are anonymous,
    We are Legion,
    United as ONE,
    Divided by zero,
    We do not forgive,
    We do not forget,
    Expect us!

    • no mouse


    • paul

      But why ??????

    • Nathan P

      Get lost Anonymous and find a better target!

      I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve never been forced to go inside a church. It’s always been a choice.

      Still I prefer to live my life my way and by one simple rule: Do no harm to anyone in any way. Because of that rule, I have to condemn this attack by Anonymous!

      • Steven Brungard

        Please describe the harm?

      • celerykills

        So I assume this means you would not punish a murderer or child molester, because of couse that’s harming them. Don’t propose rules that are only self serving and ones you won’t live by anyway.

        • http://TALKTALK GLYN HILL


      • Spamexterminator

        We’re not talking about forcibly being pushed into a building. We are talking about when you approach us and decide to take it upon yourself to try and convince us that your beliefs are right and ours are wrong. It really is as simple as that. As for Anonymous I’m not sure what Scientology did to piss them off but I’m sure they deserved it. Sony went after them just recently and now they are going after them.I’ve never heard of Anonymous until S.O.P.A. but so far I’m a big fan.

    • jay

      Interesting that the solid advice ‘forgive and forget’ is rejected right there.. Interesting because those that cannot forgive are often insular, subject to self-torment and give way to hate. The central tenet of Christianity, the message of the Gospels is Forgiveness – Anon is welcome to the consequences of it’s own actions, as is everybody else who tries to belittle others because of their race or creed.

    • Jerry

      But will anonymous still be around in 2000 years time? 😛 Yeah, good luck with that one, boys.

    • Karras Bommer

      The change must begin somewhere. Thank you, Anonymous.

    • Spamexterminator

      Now that’s a sermon worth listening too.

  • http://no Anonymoose

    Nail on the head as always.

    Thank fuck for sanity.

  • UserID

    Eh…I find it a little odd. But who knows if it’s the “whole” organization or just part of the splinter groups doing it. I think there are many “churches” etc that should be defaced like this, but as a whole…I don’t. The catholic church? Sure, they’ve done some screwy things.

    It’s hard to tell if they’re “attacking” religion as in ones belief in God, or the church, or certain churches. Heck, they may just be doing it for the controversy.

    I support about anyone’s beliefs as long as it isn’t harming someone else…don’t know why the amish get a free pass, that’s a cult I’m telling you. Anyway, who knows their motives. Maybe there is more to it than we currently know.

  • AnonymousFlorida

    religion is the reason for every war

    • boerp

      religion not the reason war. religion is just propaganda to convice those who do not profit from it – just like racism… religion is just a tool…

      even the crusades were primarily about new land for the french aristocracy.

      • celerykills

        And religion, as a tool, like the rack and the iron maiden, needs to be put away, destroyed and maybe only preserved in a museum.

  • james_bb

    wholeheartedly approve. perhaps anonymous could organise to include other organised religious organisations an’ all. just for shits and giggles, the inclusion of evangelical dawkinsets would be admirable.

  • Anonymous

    I support Anonymous. We are Athiest.
    Hate religions that act as a cancer to humanity.
    We are the Universe trying to understand itself.
    Reliogion is a cancer to the mind.

  • steve

    Don’t know why they did that. Religion is not a government. yes there is a lot of control when people work on the unknown that people feel weak to follow due to fear but this isnt a good thing to stop it. people will always fall for religion. its a choice of the person all the evidences and information about religion is out there. there is no secret.

    Some people need jesus…..some don’t but the essence of religion is good the people that move it towards there opinions.

    They busy promoting Atheism which is their opinion of the right idea same as other religions and theorys about existence but the facts still remain that no one truely knows whats beyond. So by promoting there own beliefs against others is pretty pointless. If they want to do something worthy is try expose the secrets of the Vatican. defacing websites will just be the work of the devil to the church people.

  • Kevin

    I support anon and many of their ideas. But just because I’m christian doesn’t make me coprrupt. I think ones spiritual journey is personal. If somebody is being an ass about their beliefs, I’ll tell them to eff off. And yes, some christian churches are crazy fanatics, but that doesn’t mean all of us are. Just as in any group, there’s aways one who has to sully the image and ruin it for everyone else.

    God loves fags. God loves everyone. That is the message of Jesus and many christians like to put themselvea above sinners, which is completely contrary to what Jesus tried to say.

    Any kind of fundamentalism needs to be shut down. This is anons .way of doing that.

    • Anonymous

      Kevin, the church which you claim to be a part is a haven for perverts and bigots that discriminate, rape, and that have incited violence all around the world for centuries, and will continue to do so. Why? Because God loves you and all his followers, and that as one of his sheep you are obligated to spread his message, and that indeed you have a divine warrant to do so. Don’t you see what is wrong with that? There will never be peace and understanding among humans as long as this idea persists. Have you considered the pain and suffering created from believing such lies? How many weeping mothers who believe their dead unbaptized babies are trapped in purgatory for eternity only for the pope to cruelly declare that its actually not real, how many helpless infants need to have their genitals needlessly mutilated and possibly infected, sometimes fatally by aging hysterical virgins, how many rapists and perverts need to be exposed and then protected by this church to convince you? God isn’t real buddy. I can say that with the confidence that I know unicorns or pixies aren’t real. If you take sometime I know you will realize this too. This is the only life you have, to believe nonsense like Christianity your whole life is to cheapen the experience. Do you know how wondrous humanity’s understanding of the natural world has become? I pity people like you Kevin. You unwittingly protect the most poisonous and destructive institution ever conceived only to be robbed by it.

      • Missy

        Christianity is not a church… you are showing ignorance.

        People are sinners, and lost… ALL people, even Christians. Christians still make mistakes. Many people who aren’t Christians will use Christianity for their own gain, and give other Christians a bad name. Just because someone claims to be a Christian, do not fall for it.

        If you want to know about Christianity, its about following Jesus, not some preacher or church… its about a personal relationship with Jesus, and not religion. Most of what people contribute to “Christianity” is actually religious tradition which in itself is not Christian belief.

        • Tasmanian

          I’m afraid to tell you but religion is not what causes wars. Are you suggesting that World War I and World War II Vietnam were all religious wars. I don’t think so. Usually it is because of people who like to be in control, money and greed. Don’t blame religion or Christianity. If there was no religion there would still be wars and still people fighting. Do you think Jeffrey Dahmer killed because of his religion? Are all serial killers because of religion? I don’t think so…

          • Nisse

            Hitler was a catholic and his actions were sanctioned by his friend the pope. The nazis even had a state religion called “positive christianity” (google it) that had the swaztika and the cross as a symbol. WW2 was not entirely motivated by religion BUT the killing of the jews certainly were. The antisemitic tradition of hating the “christkillers” was endorsed by the church. You can still see it rear its ugly head today in many churches and in Mel Gibsons brain.

          • TJ

            @Nisse: Hitler was also into the occult He used what he wanted for gain (power), not for the sake of religion.

          • Spamexterminator

            @Nisse Hitler was a Jew who hated Jews.

      • Craig

        People who go to church are just a sample set of society and if you take any sample set of a given society, you are going to find all manner of people committing all manner of crimes.

        Can you say with facts to back it up that there are more of the crimes you mention committed by people who are religious than are not?

        Why not just condemn all of society, every society and be done with it?

  • Tom Foolery

    I thought Anonymous was all about people’s freedoms. I have the freedom to believe whatever I want w/out Anonymous or the government teling me otherwise. Way to contradict yourselves. Enjoy lock-up, the FBI is coming fer ya.

  • me

    GOVERNMENTS cause war…..


      especially when they are ruled by those who are quite religious.
      examples: USA and IRAN.

    • The Finisher

      and they use religion to make it easier to pit people against other people

      Seneca the Younger – “Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.”

  • Ron

    No offense, but if you believe that a cosmic Jewish zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree…

    Then you’re a fucking idiot.

  • Anonlolfail

    Anonymous is a bunch of hypocrites.

    • Saphira

      Nope, we’re a bunch of different people who don’t always agree with each other.

  • Saphira

    I’m laughing at the author for asking us “Is Anonymous overstepping its bounds by…” Anonymous has no bounds!! We are a hivemind- we do whatever we want if enough people want to do their part in it. Also, remember, Anonymous consistently mocks the “church” of Scientology.

    At this moment, old white guys are attacking womens’ access to birth-control, citing religious/moral reasons. In history, wars and crusades have killed millions, and they were started by powerful men citing religious reasons. Religion is very convenient for powerful men who can wield it over believers.

    • Chuckk

      “At this moment, old white guys are attacking womens’ access to birth-control, citing religious/moral reasons.”

      Are you offended by the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice or not? They 1) are religious believers, and 2) petition for abortion rights. I suppose they’re to be held responsible for other religious people’s actions, since we have guilt by association.

      “In history, wars and crusades have killed millions, and they were started by powerful men citing religious reasons.”

      The Mongol invasions initiated by Genghis Khan were not inspired by religion- those emperors were actually extremely tolerant of different religions in their lands. They just slaughtered everyone they came across. Li Si saw to it that 460 scholars were buried alive for having the wrong books, and their books burned, without citing religious reasons. And, of course, Nikita Khrushchev aggressively attacked any and all forms of religious belief during his rule, without citing religious reasons.

      Look up the psychological concept of ‘introspection’. That means someone’s explanation of his or her own thoughts, like when people respond to the question, “Why did you do it?” It’s also utterly worthless and unreliable. I appreciate that you were at least specific in your wording, saying they were “citing religious reasons.” But if Leopold and Loeb cited Nietzsche, do we start going after philosophy too? If Bush cited Saddam’s WMDs, do we accept it at face-value that that was the reason for his war on Iraq???
      So people cite reasons. We’re good at that. It’s unforgivably naive to take them as truth.

      “We are a hivemind- we do whatever we want if enough people want to do their part in it.”

      But religion is a single entity that is “responsible” for things? The irony…

      • Spamexterminator

        You forgot to mention how some old white haired guy decided to go up to the top of a mountain and came back down with the 10 commandments claiming god spoke to him and told him to write that stuff down. Why do supposedly intelligent people take him at his word. I have seen so many loop holes in the bible it would make your head spin. Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus. Was virgin Mary really a virgin or did she fear being executed for having a child out of wedlock or being ridiculed for being a slut. Jesus died on the cross and he was buried in a cave and a boulder was placed in front of the door and 3 days later they came back to find him missing and his clothes neatly folded. Hmm no one could of came back and moved that boulder gave him what they considered a proper christian burial? Oh, no tracks, ok well in ancient times when they didn’t want to be tracked they brushed away their footsteps with a branch. How about Adam and Eve two people to populate the entire planet and yet the bible says incest is a sin. Oh but their blood was pure so they wouldn’t have the problem of birth defects you say. Well The bible says incest is a sin not incest is a sin unless your blood is pure. How about Noah’s Ark. One man to build an enormous ship big enough to carry two of every animal that would of taken him ten thousand years with the tools of the time and that’s just for the build let alone the gathering up two of every animal. Which by the way is humanly impossible even with todays technology one person would never be able to get some of these animals onto a ship by himself. I could go on but you get the idea virtually everything can be scientifically explained or discredited. But you just wont listen to your own intelligence and refuse to try and discover the truth. Since the only truth is yours right?

    • paul

      Saphira , why haven;t they attacked the Muslim religion yet ??? if the attack on religion covers all religions why start on christianity ,i am not convinced YOU are part of anon or just a wannabe . i think personally you are a wannabe as you are traceable and they are anonymous

      • Jerry

        Anonymous seem to be afraid of going after Islam. Maybe they’re worried that their anonymity will be blown, they’ll be targetted by some Muzzie fundie, and their own execution photos will be posted by their fellow ‘hivemind’ brethren on Encyclopedia Dramatica… who’ll then go on to torment their families with said photos via email.

    • Missy

      A common reason people are giving… we are not attacking women’s access to birth-control, we just don’t want to have to pay for it. Let women have all the access they want, we all have free will to do right or wrong, but don’t force people who think its wrong to actually have to pay for it… THAT is wrong.

  • Jacob

    If anonymous is TRULY supporting freedom, then they shouldn’t be attacking religions. Part of people’s freedom is to choose what to believe, and for anonymous to attack religious beliefs is for them to make themselves into oppressors.

    If they really fight for freedom, then they need to support ALL freedom, and not someone’s personal anti-religious agenda.

    Even though I agree with many of their actions, I can’t approve of this one.

    • Nisse

      Should they support burning of witches too? IF you support religion you support the stuff thats in the bible for example.

      This would mean you support the stoning to death of disobedient children, burning to death of “witches”, that you believe medicine cant cure people only prayer can, when you are at war you take no prisoner except the little female children which YOU RAPE, all women who are not virgins and marry should be stoned to death, you support slavery…

      The list could go on and on. Who in their right mind should support stuff like that??? Noone. Only “religious people”.

      They are doing the only decent thing they think they can. Although slightly misguided perhaps I have more respect for them following their conscience than “religious people” twisting the truth of what is clearly printed in their “holy books”.

      Science flies you to the moon, religion flies you into buildings.

      • TJ

        where in the bible is “burning of witches” and “stoning children” “only prayer can cure”???

        I may or may not be religious, but I do believe in something more than us. I did NOT come from a monkey (c:
        The ancients made drawings of “people” in and from the sky (heaven?) Nazca lines only seen from high up. Many of the great artists of the past have painted “ufos” in their art. This list can go on and on.

        • Spamexterminator

          To bad if you don’t like the idea that you came from monkeys but it is absolutely true. The fact you don’t like doesn’t make it not true. The truth of it is we are and always will be a direct relative to the ape. After their DNA is 98% identical to a humans and to determine paternity the childs DNA only has to be a 89% match. I don’t understand why people find that so offensive in the first place after all we evolved and became better than our counter parts the Homo eructus that’s when we stopped being “Monkeys and became Homo Sapiens modern day human somewhere between 1.5 and 2 million years ago. And who knows, with history of evolution we could still evolve into Homo Superior.

      • Spamexterminator

        “Science flies you to the moon, religion flies you into building.” OMG that is just too funny. Love it ^5.

  • Chuckk

    Forcibly ridding the world of religion has been tried on a huge scale before, starting from good intentions, and it was nastier than hell. And it failed miserably. Is blocking a website any different than burning a book?
    There was no religion for at least 3.5 billion years of life on Earth. Think it was peaceful? I think it royally sucked for the majority of any half-sentient beings that came into existence during that time.

    In denouncing all of religion like that, they have successfully insulted millions of people who were minding their own business and living their lives without bothering anyone.
    There’s no such thing as progress. We can’t overcome our base nature. This kind of shit will continue uninterrupted until our extinction. Prove me wrong.

    • Craig

      “Prove me wrong”

      I wish I could but, “until our extinction:” will make it kinda hard. :-(())

      I’m not sure I’ll be around that long.

      Or maybe I will? 😉

      • Spamexterminator

        OK try this tell your GOD it’s time to show himself because people are starting to believe he never did exist that it was some crazy dudes idea. Or ask Jesus to appear so he can prove without a doubt that he is for real not just for the fact to prove he is a real deity but that it’s time to let the new generations know his about his true word. Tell him not to do it for you or even himself but for the entire Planet to help them get back onto the wright track. If he is real don’t you think he would show for the sake of his people. After all GOD has never actually ever been seen and Jesus was just a man, he was red blooded and he perished on the cross. I see no proof that there has ever been an actual deity.

    • Spamexterminator

      Minding your own business? Seriously? How is it minding your own business when you meet a new friend and find out he isn’t a believer so you decide to take it upon yourself to try to get them to believe in your beliefs? As if they was stupid and didn’t know anything about religion. Huh? One church even tried recruiting me by telling me I looked like Jesus and they wanted me to play the leading part in the Sunday School Play. I have studied the bible I actually went to church when I was younger and I never understood how anybody could actually believe the nonsense that came out of that book let alone adults.

      One day I had a slip of the tongue and dissed religion in front of one of my friends he got a little upset and told me I need to respect his beliefs. So I apologized and went out of my way not to ever mention my beliefs or diss his religion. He kept trying to convince me to start believing so I told him to respect my beliefs and religion isn’t my beliefs. Did that stop him from trying NO in fact he stepped it up trying even Harder to convert me. I told him again please respect my beliefs and that still didn’t stop him so I stopped talking to him. My point is you say you mind your own business and you say you don’t force your beliefs onto others but your actions tell a whole different story since I get that kind of treatment every where I go. NOW IF THAT WASN”T CLEAR ENOUGH MAYBE YOU SHOULD GO BACK TO SCHOOL AND THIS TIME TRY LEARNING SOMETHING!

      • Spamexterminator

        Also I get this treatment from people I have never met before and who don’t know me from anyone else that’s walking down the street so why would they even think that I’m not already a believer? I mean I could understand if I was acting a fool but I am polite, courteous, and respectful of others and yet they pull this crap on me. I even still go to church once in awhile with friends and family if they ask me without preaching to me that I should join. Understand I can’t be indoctrinated by propaganda (fear and intimidation don’t work on me especially if it’s the threat of an imaginary monster) I know what I know and it can’t be changed by outside influence.

      • Spamexterminator

        Here is an example taken from my facebook e-mail:

        Names Hidden For Confidentiality Purposes

        Name Hidden(him)

        Name Hidden(Me) please hear you might not belive in God or Jesus have you ever heard of Jesus Jesus died on the cross for everyones sins God loves us all and if you want to find out how to get saved ask me
        February 26
        Name Hidden(Me)

        Name hidden(Him) I bet I know more about religion than you do. I told I studied religion and asked you to respect my beliefs. I know this will probably wont believe me and make you mad at me and I’m sorry but you didn’t respect my beliefs so have you ever heard about the Crusades? Did you know that Christianity was once a Cult? Look it up. See when Christianity was first forming they had a hard time getting anyone to believe with them so they got the few followers they had and tried convincing everyone else that he was real by spreading the work but it only partially worked and they wasn’t getting enough people to believe so they took the few hundred believers they had and decided to take a more drastic measure they went around attacking small villages and outposts of non believers killing all who wouldn’t repent and join their cult they recruited several thousand by fear of death. Then they stepped up their assaults and hit bigger and stronger cities and that was called the Crusades. They had an enormous army and they became very powerful and rather than risk dying they struck a peace treaty where freedom of belief was born at which time the cult became a religion. It’s all in the history books though scattered and limited you can find it if you know where to look and how to read the scattered fragments of how it all went down. I told you I knew to much and I just can’t believe in it and that you wouldn’t want to hear it. I’m not mad but your probably mad at me and I understand your just worried about me. But like I said I have studied religion I went to Sunday School and regular church my mom when I was younger was very religious. So yes I know all about Jesus’s Crucifixion and I know all about allot of the stories in the bible too. And now you know them too rather you choose to believe me or look up the facts is up to you and I wont keep trying to make you believe it either. Just remember that I already do know this stuff and to me religion is no more real than Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny.
        February 26
        Name Hidden(Him)

        then how was the earth formed

        tell me how the whole earth was formed and how all animals was formed and how i fell God in my heart and soul

        god formed the earth and the animals everything on earth before man was formed from the dust of the earth and God gave man air and made it come to life

        you got so much hate in your heart and God can deliver you give it to God

        i not mad i know that you can come back no matter what you do Jesus still loves you
        February 26
        Name Hidden(Me)

        lol ok The earth was formed by coalescing of meteor and asteroids it took millions of years and eventually there was enough to make an entire planet then another small planet collided with the medium sized dead rocky earth they both got smashed and the collision created enough heat that it melted the dead earth which also caused the planet to rotate and the debris from the small planet and earth re constituted in earth and the moon. Several more million years pass and the earth cooled cuasing the cold from space to interact with the heat from the cooling planet turning it into a misty world the gravity from the cooling but yet dead earth kept the mist from leaving into space and time passed the mist condensed and fell to earth as rain. several more million years pass and this water and dust particles containing the building blocks of life settled on the surface creating into pools of primordial soup. the heat from the planet the ultra violet rays from the sun interacted with those particles creating a more complex particle eons passed all the while the particle being bombarded with the destructive ultra violet ray and the volcanic eruptions baking these more complex particles into even more complex particles eventually turning these lifeless particles into single celled organisms. these single celled organisms interact with each other all the while being bombarded with that ultra violet radiation causing what we now call mutations and they evolved into more complex life forms eventually creating plants the plants evolved into fish fish evolved into reptiles reptiles evolved into several different types of mammals and and eventually evolved into humans. it really is that simple. But thats enough for the Science Education for now. This too is all available for people to find anywhere in books or the web.
        February 26
        Name Hidden(Me)

        1320: Section 15: The Crusades and Medieval Christianity

        Crusades High Middle Ages Byzantines Seljuk Turks Battle of Manzikert Catholic Church Eastern Orthodox Church Alexius Comnenus Pope Urban II Truce of God …
        February 26
        Name Hidden(Me)

        sorry about the double post the first time it said it failed wasn’t supposed to post twice
        February 26
        Name Hidden(Me)

        I wasn’t saying you should believe it I was just saying that’s what I believe and that is also why I can’t believe in religion
        February 26
        Name Hidden(Him)

        because catholic dont belive in Jesus they belive in mary

        you got hurt has a child and you still got hurt from your child hood satan is useing that to hold you back but Jesus can take it away

        no matter what we do jesus loves us

        Jesus loves you and so do i no matter what you say or do i still love you and so does God
        February 26
        Name Hidden(Me)-with my attempt at ending the debate

        I know and I wasn’t saying that stuff out of anger, I was just pointing out my beliefs. And from what I have read in the bible as long as I do my best to be a good person it doesn’t matter too much if I don’t openly worship god so even if I’m completely wrong if I don’t do my best to do my worst he will still love me and accept me. And I believe he knows that everyone makes mistakes we are only human after all and that if he is real than he will forgive just about anything as long as you repent and ask for forgiveness even at the pearly gates.
        February 26
        Name Hidden(Me)

        Like I said I’m not closed off to the idea of religion I have studied several different types of religion and they all have a similarity and they all have some supporting evidence but it is all circumstantial. I have also studied Science and the Ancient Alien Theories which tend to be far more believable but hasn’t completely prove that God doesn’t exist yet either. So I’m not ignorant to the facts but Science has much more of them than any other so I went with that path. I just can’t believe in something that has so many inconsistencies and holes that science can prove wrong. If he was to appear and tell the world he exists or there is irrefutable evidence that he did exist then I would be the first in line to change his beliefs.
        Febuary 26
        Name Hidden

        jesus loves you and so do i
        February 28
        Michael Hammond


        • Spamexterminator

          oops I missed 1 name thankfully there are a quite a few Michael Hammonds on facebook.

  • swede

    Love your work or ambition,and the flat leaderless org….and yes religion can be used by the bad…so can hacking…so can anything…some belive that there is something more behind life…some think there is nothing…atheism is also a belifesystem….if u go against organisations that actively opposes freedom..religious or not..its ok….if u choose to redicule a persons faith…i think you are kickin yourself in …yupp

  • john doe

    Religion is for people who cant get their heads around science. Man created god, not the other way round. The sooner religion gets consigned to the dustbin the better.

    • Spamexterminator

      This sadly is the truth.

  • stupid

    This is so stupid. Anonymous dun goofed. Hello I though you were all about protecting freedoms. Protecting the constitution of the united states. Which means the right to believe and practice any religion you want. Stepping all over that makes you no better than those you war against. Sure you can war against churches that can hardly be considered churches or those that blatantly abuse their believers. These do not represent what religion is about, and give it a bad name. To denounce all religions because of the bad apples shows your ignorance.

    • Replytostupid

      Dear stupid,
      You thought anon was, “all about protecting freedoms. Protecting the constitution of the united states”?
      R U F’N Trolling me? Oh lord u gotta be. Apparently you’ve got enough brain to breathe, so u gotta be trollin

  • Awesomeo

    so you say they dit it more for the lulz? Everything you said before that pretty much completely conrtadicts that sentence. Like did you even read what you said? They obviously have a strong message they are trying to get across. Its not like they are just hacking shit for the fuck of it. im drunk.

  • Sgt.

    Tools created by the ones with power to control the people. money, religion and government. all are bad. they are not needed. one by one there tools will fall. we have had the resources for over fifty years for every human on earth to live without need. It is time to step up. It is time for change.

  • djtower

    bravo! hopefully an awakening and an end to a plague.

  • Lisa

    Religion is man made. Its very simple here

    Those who want to follow, let them follow. Those who dont want to dont’ follow. Yes its true that religion, caste all this makes human beings divides which is useless. If you are a human think as a human.

    Humanity should survive!

  • Dom

    Expose the church for what it is. No more. No less.

  • Dom

    “Religion is one of those things, like politics, that you never really openly discuss in public”- why would you put something this boring and untrue in your bit? Have you ever heard of Rick Santorum and most of the GOP?

  • Bernadette

    I feel that going after the crimes against children and the money men at the Vatican is justified. There are many religions in this world and they are soon to find out the Truth of what life on Earth really and will be like in the very near future. Each follower will then be faced with decision’s all up to us to follow or stand up on our own with Love in our Hearts!

  • aunti

    I hope Anonymous will attack all the Dominionist cruds too. Vatican, Dominion, Quiverfull, and let’s not leave out all the other religious organizations too, which would include the Mormons, Jews, Muslims, and Scientologists.

  • FuckReligion

    I think religion is the only thing that has caused more deaths over the years than governments, keep it up anon

    • HopomiButtchex

      +1 to that.

      Religion is a political tool and seems to be the root of almost every war throughout history.

      • PeteBKay

        Wrong. Let’s just go through recent US history, shall we? With the exception of recent “wars on terror” which could be argued as being fanned by religious fanaticism (although don’t you dare tell anyone that religion has anything to do with it), every other war the US was part of has been about control of resources/land. That includes Bosnia, the Gulf War, Vietnam, Korea, the Cold War, WW2, WW1, Spanish-American War, American Civil War, Mexican-American War, War of 1812 and the Revolutionary War. Not to mention dozens of wars in between all those others.

        What’s wrong with American public schools, people really don’t understand basic history.

        • Spamexterminator

          Your only partially right since most American wars in the form of religion, American Civil war was fought over the beliefs of owning slaves, WWI was an attack on religion by an Anti-Jewish Jew, Vietnam wasn’t technically a war, and 911 was an attack by religious fanatics of the Muslim faith, But I think they was talking about since the beginning of religion in which case I think your are forgetting about the crusades –>
          and then you have all these wars –>

          Some more information on religious war –>

          Religion was direly needed in the dark ages it brought a stability to a world in turmoil but it has become outdated and is no longer relevant. Religion is also responsible for holding science back a couple millennium(this is a fact from the burning of books to outlawing certain inventions and creations because it cast shadows of doubt on their beliefs or they feared it would.) The planet wouldn’t be in as bad of a condition it is know if it wasn’t for religion. Science could of very easily helped prevent or repair the problem by now if they haven’t been held back for so long. Also just because a person doesn’t believe in religion doesn’t make them an atheist I’m believe in Scientology for instance.

          • Spamexterminator

            Sorry I guess I’m not a Scientoligist. I thought it described my beliefs since it had science in it but after reading a comment below I decided to look it up and it turns out it’s a church thing. So I have no idea what my beliefs actually are called but I believe in pure science, not nonsense mythical beings that claim to be real by a book.

    • objectivity

      i wish you could do just a tad bit of research, LITERALLY just 5 minute google search…combined…Mao Tse Tung & Stalin ALONE killed close to 100 Million people….they were both atheists.

      what is even more sad is that all these people on here touting the idea that the catholic church who killed “in the name of the Bible” was properly representing the Bibles teachings is insane. Based on this logic anybody could throw on a t shirt based on any religion and go out and commit a crime and then that religion would be responsible for that?! no moron…just b/c people use religion as a tool to enslave DOES NOT mean that the religion itself promotes what is done in its name. Quit being a humanistic pawn of dawkins, hitchens, and other illogical atheists who want to live however they want, making up arbitrary purposes for their existence, and feel great about it.

  • batarel

    I readed some article before, like Anonymous working with enlighted beings … For me looks it like Anonymous is a part of Illuminati and they working with demons and want present them as our saviors. They want us to belive they will come to save us, but attacks on church and attack on us are only for stop us from beliving in God.

    • Illuminati Demon

      You have just told one of the most absurd tales I have ever heard this year. Congratulations on your innocent imagination and lack of deep thinking.

      • Brenda

        Hahahaha!!!! “Illuminati Demon” I hope someone make a movie with such a character. Hilarious! There isn’t another subject I can think of that creates such an up roar as religion (or anti-religion), other than homosexuality of course. Religion serves it’s purpose I suppose, but in general it is the biggest scam of humanity. Homosexuals would have a far easier life if it weren’t for most religions imposing and oppressing them for no rational reason.

        • Freedom for all

          Definition of Religion: A MAN made invention for feeble minded people.

          • PC

            Definition of Atheism: A MAN made invention for feeble minded people.

            Professing to believe in nothing is a belief system .. a religion. Get over yourselves.

          • http://ericsdarkside1 mrshadyside1

            First,I am very dissapointed that anon turned out to be a bunch of punk kids. For all of you seriously uneducated mouth pieces spouting stupidity about religion being responcible for war and genocide,I hope one day you realize that you egotistical ranting is primarily fear based. As far as modern science and physics are concerned Dawkins,Hawking and the like are now yesterdays agenda driven dinosaurs,representing a stumble in man’s search for knowledge. Growth I’m afraid cannot be attained by men with minds that are closed to any possibility. For those arrogantly trying to cite historical fact in above comments corralling Christianity ,if you feel so strongly about your personal freedoms you should take some time and initiative to actually “learn” instead of emulating the papicy by bending statements made by others to fit the petty puzzles of your agendas.Turn your uneducated outrage toward the actual oppressors controlling the land in which you reside. No system of belief has ever been in measure with the thirst for power and taste of of gold. I would wager most of you do not even realize that on New Years Eve 2012 you lost the majority of your constitutional rights. This idiotic debate between Theists and Atheists aggravates me without end. While hidden entities laugh and count their insane riches in the shadows of every petty issue in which blinds you of the truth. I am embarrassed for you.

          • Spamexterminator

            Definition of feeble minded people: a group of people who believe what ever they are told or read because they claim to be on the level.

          • John Wayne

            You got that right.

    • John Wayne

      Oh, I Thought it was Sasquatch. Oh wait hat’s the christians, ha ha ha

  • Ro

    It’s about time the people started seeing religion for what it really is. Kudos, Anonymous!

  • Anonymous

    No this was not a part of FFF (fuckFBIFriady), those friday-attacks are all aimed at the FBI, this attack just happened to be on a friday.

  • sector 100

    Defacing websites, DoS, etc., is freedom of speech … no?

  • ammon

    Relious motivation has been behind more death and destruction than any other. Religious institutions are mostly very hypocritical, corrupt, and secretive. There are a few beautiful things in religion, but not many, and not within mainstream faith. I say bring them to their knees along with the banks, corporations, and government entities that are all doing harm to the world for the sake of more money, power, and control.

    • PeteBKay

      Horseshit. Learn some history. Greed and the attempt to take over natural resources is far and away the biggest reason for human-on-human death and destruction.

  • Atheist

    Humanity has suffered endlessly at the hands of religionists. Defacing a couple of websites isn’t even worth mentioning in the context of the horror religion has unleashed upon the world. So, no. I don’t think they overstepped anything.

  • Obi-Wan

    You were the Chosen One! It was said that you would destroy the forces of oppression, not join them! Bring balance to the world, not force it into darkness!

    • Kid.Clavo

      Nicely put

  • Kid.Clavo

    What about the non denominational churches?Why should all religion get blamed for some dumb assess abusing or misleading the word of god?Yes it’s true that more people have died and are still dying for religious beliefs thats just like everything else like wars in Iraq,Iran ,Vietnam,etc.Not all churches are the same and most of them are about caring for fellow mankind.Not all are trying to force god on anyone that’s a freedom of choice.Isnt that what Anonymous is about?freedom?….Anyhow I appreciate what anonymous is doing by exposing the truth but religion isn’t to blame for this world being like it is

  • Maganin Makaryaci

    Though the Anonymous attackers seem to be angry at all religions, the attacks reported here were targeted particularly at Christianity. The Anonymous has wrongly used pseudo practice as a yardstick for measuring the whole of Christianity; this is sad. He (they) ignorantly are referring to the same falsehood or extremism that Christians have always frowned at… I do not understand why the Anonymous is selling Atheism to us as a new religion while condemning religion; confused?

  • Magnus Thejester

    While most of us Atheists would agree that a slap at religion coming from “Anonymous” would be entertaining at best, we also would see that this “attack” reads like a fourteen year old nerd who just learned how to hack.
    Dear “Anonymous,” if you’re going to hack popular web sites or disrupt ones military and/or government use the maturity and social grace it would take for you to seem credible and do something significant with your skills instead of looking like a giggling teenager who just figured out how to get free porn.
    Go for the jugular and expose your targets short comings to the world instead of spray painting their door and running off into the night.
    Take up investigative reporting as a hobby, people actually get paid for that.

  • Rahul

    I think Anonymous must spare Church websites. You can hack corp and govt websites all you want to, but leave churches alone. My church regularly provides financial help to those in need and provides scholarships to poor students.

  • dirveb

    good. it’s 2012 not dark ages. religion is only a form of domination.

  • H

    Like George Carlin once asked audience. Do you want to know the biggest bull**** story of all time? “The Bible”

  • M

    Religion is something PERSONAL, it starts to be boring all this people that want to impose their beliefs to other. Whatever if they are christian, muslim or athiest… it’s the same in all cases.

    Anonymous start to enter battles that are far from its original goals, now they mostly want to be talked about, it’s sad.

  • phil

    Two things.

    One, from what I have seen, a lot of Christians seem to collectively have the biggest persecution complexes out of ANY religious followers on the planet, and they definitely try to influence education and politics.

    They are constantly complaining about “the ‘War’ on Christmas,” claiming that trying to acknowledge that there are more holidays during December than just Christmas is taking the ‘Christ’ out of their holiday.

    They try to influence public education to teach creation myths in science classrooms, and fight to get public prayer and the Ten Commandments into public schools. When they fail to realize that government, tax-funded institutions can’t promote specific religions (First Amendment and all that silliness) they cry that God is being taken out of schools. Students can stay pray privately and have prayer groups. They can still wear Christian t-shirts. The SCHOOL itself can’t sponsor or embrace the religion.

    They want to dictate female reproductive health care; some even believe pharmacists should have the right to refuse birth control prescriptions. Roe v. Wade is, to them, the government infringing on their rights (to tell women they can’t have abortions).

    They hate gays. These laws and measures they lobby for to ban gay marriage are entirely based on Bible thumping.

    So yeah, Christians can and do annoy me. But here’s my second point. I get what Anonymous is trying to, but it seems totally random. IMO it’s also really misguided – if they really want to go after the scumbags of Christianity, I think it would be better to attack Focus on the Family, the American Family Association, and the Traditional Values Coalition. THOSE are the organizations that cause real damage and stir up the most trouble. On the other hand, attacking them would almost guarantee a bigger outcry and bigger backlash from Christians. Do we really want that?

  • Alex

    They act like true teenagers now. It’s good they descovered what they are in this, early phase.
    And this got me think, when some group, organization, or any form of people were spreading the idea about freedom, fighting against injustice, they always had that atheist element behind them. Or better say, inside them. And every movement of that kind become brutal and dangerous in later phases.

  • http://n/a Joseph Harris

    Religion? or people? Anything can be distorted and misapplied. There is no doubt that religious understanding and belief have been misused and misapplied by some.

    It is fairly clearly that ‘Anonymous’ feels damaged by his own experiences of the harshness that bullies use religions for. This is clear from part of his explanation about defacing websites: ‘Religion is a severe mental illness created over 9000 years ago, at the
    same time as the Earth.’

    The idea of earth’s age being in thousands of years, rather than billions, is very fundamentalist and that has clearly stuck in his mind. Let me say that I consider Atheism almost the extreme of fundamentalist – it is the religion of ‘No’.

    Anonymous shows that same intolerance he deprecates. He is both right and wrong. He is right that there are some sects and groups that are extremely intolerant and rigid and frequently harmful.

    But there are, equally many sects and groups in all religions that are a long, long way from his own early experience, and as critical of those bullies and dictatorial groups as he is.

    If he will learn to focus his attacks where they are justified, and recognise and explain their difference from other religious groups, he will find a lot of support outside the kind of negative atheism Dawkins teaches.

  • chase

    If they need a list of some of the better sites to hit, I have a good sized one.

    People do have the right to believe what they want. Religion should not be mixed no allowed to gain a grasp on the Governing bodies. Nor for that matter, should corporate or special interest groups be allowed to gain a grasp on Governing Bodies.

    Unfortunatly, they have. It needs to end. Today, right now, before lunch.

  • anon1

    Reason is good. Reason at the point of a gun or any other thread of disempowerment is tyranny. Live the life you believe best embodies reason and order and you won’t have to intimidate people into agreeing with you.

  • iknowtruthismine

    Considering that religion is the greatest fraud that has ever been foisted on Humanity, it is about time that reason and logic exercised the option to expose what can only be classified as an infectious disease. The first sign that a species is approaching sentience is when they have evolved to the point where they can abstract enough to invent a god, the first sign they have achieved sentient maturity is when they abandon god concepts altogether. God is the end result of a failed search for truth by a very shallow mind, provided any search was ever undertaken in the first place rather than just accepting the rubbish shoveled into our minds, as children.

  • Obama

    Just read the epic of Gilgamesh, all religions evolved from there.

    Remove religion from the planet and peace would reign.

  • Frankie

    – Anonymous is absolutely correct. Religion and all its systems of beliefs have been an absolute scourge on humanity. From Christianity, Islam, Satanism…all of them. One espouses good and yet is often used for wars. Another espouses evil and uses another religion that espouses good. Even Buddhism which espouses looking into oneself to find the inner peace and good has been tainted to the point that giving money makes merit – Forget about hard work and initiative.

    Take a look at what a bunch of Christian Missionaries are doing to a group of indigenous people in my neck of the woods:

    These people in general are some of the kindest and attuned to the Earth around…they really are. Very kind and most very hard working providing food as farmers to the region. Why do people do these things to indigenous people under the name of religion? They have nothing to learn from so called ‘civilized’ people…except: greed, apathy, ignorance, etc.

    For us to evolve as species, we need to get rid of all these systems that hold all of us back. We need to help each other and love each other. Everyone knows what’s good and bad…one love is the ONLY solution.

  • Steve Kinney

    Big deal. Anonymous, like J. Random Hacker, does not actually exist. Since the targets were obviously selected for their geographic location rather than any notably offensive or criminal behavior, it is reasonable to assume that this was the work of a few /b/tards living the that same town. In another part of the world, the same teenagers would call themselves AlQaida and go throw rocks at tanks.

    Don’t feed the trolls.

  • Pat

    Well, who knew? Lots of passion, and lots of mistakes. Sounds like a brain dump. Actually, i think anonymous has the right to express themselves like everyone else, i don’t think they have the right to engage in cyber-terrorism. Period. So create your own website, guys, make your statements, entertain us, inform us, engage us, but don’t be terrorists. We are all looking for answers. If you don’t have answers, quit attacking other people’s. And if you do have answers, have the courage to take a stand on your own website and leave other people’s alone.

  • Dirty soap

    So Anonymous is going to bring down thousands of Not for profit institutions’ websites… I’m pretty sure that’s a task completed in 20 minutes as they more than likely don’t have the level of encryption and security a large banking institution would have. Sounds to me like Anonymous are just being a bunch of bitches. Here’s a fact. 80% of Americans are Christian in some form of denomination… Anonymous doesn’t seem to really care what the people want or need. They’re just a loose cannon.

  • Gertrud

    Aw, common. Don´t loose sight of the hypothetical FACT that ONE lone person, who, let´s say, lost a fight over a certain girl, to a christian guy from Charlotte, then goes bonkers and becomes stalkish and obsessed in front of his computer for years, making him very good at hacking and verbalizing – he ALONE can create the impression of some kind of organized attack “made by Anonymous”. Think about that. It´s a piece of cake to fake multiple sources of authors etc. And when he has DONE it, individuals who are into the anonymous spirit, they can hardly DISAGREE to what he has done, as they all agree to anything done as long as its in the spirit of anonymous, so their comments on it SEEMS to indicate it WAS an organized group thing, wheras it CAN be ONE person being frustrated over not being important enough out there, not getting the right repsonse from the right girl, or whatever. Denouncing or criticism of the church attack, would as well create an unwanted image of confusion and chaos in Anonymous, so they stay loyally in line, not being so free in mind and action they say they are.

  • Tim

    Religion is a wolf in sheep clothing waiting for their god to destroy this beautiful world.

  • FaTe

    Annom get my thumbs up, religion is nothing but an excuse for war and social differences as it has been for hundreds of years, the only thing that can REALLY change is for religion to finally f*ck off.

    • PeteBKay

      Name one major war in the last 100 years that was fought over religion.

  • Vincent J. Eagan, III

    Just so you know, Crossfire is not a church. It is a youth ministry, mostly online as a Social site. When they have events, they are at different church buildings.

  • Sean

    It is very clear that neither “anonymous” nor some of the posters here, who have a grudge, know much about Christianity and use a very broad brush to critisize all religion, They confuse Roman Catholic doctrines with Christianity, ignoring the fact that most of Christianity is Protestant and rejected their doctrines 100’s of years ago. If they have something useful to say, they should first of all get their facts straight. Perpetuating hatred and disrespect for others in any form will not lead to a better society; only chaos. They offer a poor outlet to address the injustices of false religion and even the target is unclear to them. Any thinking person is shocked at the history of condoned sexual, mental and physical abuse, the use of torture and inquisitions, the wealth extorted from people, over centuries in the name of God (although they don’t even speak his personal name), the millions of those who sacrifice their lives in war (even though Christ said to love our enemies), even the open practice of homosexulity of the priests of Rome and many other “detestable things” done “in the name of God”. People who do these things have NO idea what REAL Christianity is and neither does “anonymous”. Jesus had the courage of conviction to identify himself when he critisized the religious leaders of his time AND he had something better to offer.. the TRUTH.

    • Deb

      I am a Catholic Christian. Those of you who are Protestant Chridtians snouldn’t assume you are the only true Christians. The Church consists of sinners and saimts and because of this God has to clean out the Church by exposing dangerous people within thr Church posing as Chtistian relligious but have no love of God in their hearts I respect your views and remind you thsy thete’s a lot you don’t understand about the original Christian Cnurch. As for hate groups, they are religious about hate. Everbody is religious about something, for some it’s zGod and for others iy can be anything. In God’s Love, Send

  • sarah

    they are probably attacking Christian sites because the government sites have become too difficult. I’m disapointed in Anonymous. At least when they attacked gov’ment sites, it was because they were attacking our freedoms. Now, anonymous is just doing random violence.
    If they’re so bad and have such big balls, attack muslim sites and see what happens.

  • Kris

    I’m sorry but I can’t help but laugh at all the Anonymous sheep. The leaders are genius although a bit misguided in their targets but their ability to get sheep to follow them, and repeat their words is as good as any charismatic cult leader in history and all of that without a face.

    They give the outcasts and losers a feeling of something to belong to, give them scripts so that they can pretend to be hackers and give them a feeling of doing something that sets the world right.

    It’s amazing how truly stupid so many people can be when they need to belong to something.

    Anonymous, you’re all sheep and even though you know how to run a script, you’re still a loser with no life and no friends. LMAO @ you.

    Now, go ahead and retort. Call me a zionist or ignorant or a cog in the machine or anything else you heard somewhere and thought it sounded cool. When you’re done you can get back to rubbing your penis raw from masturbating 4 times a day. Most likely to gay porn.

  • tacitus

    I think, the basic problem with the 1 god religions is, that they think they are the only electeb by their god – and so it is clear, all other are damned to hell. They must be intolerant !
    The romans were brutal to all other contries, but not for their gods, when they were nice, they made a little temple to the other and okey. It is ridicoulos to say, the one god theology was a good thing for mankind.
    Religion brought so many fear to mankind, it is not unfair, when they get a little fear for their websites !
    Anonymous does well to attack institutions, which are so strong, that no normal person has a chance to impress.

  • GotSense

    My GOD, get a grip! This is the 21st Century…and people a still stupid enough to squabble about religion? If you believe there is a GOD, that’s your business. If you believe there isn’t a God, that’s your business. That is that some religions have tried to force people to believe there is a God, and some religions have NOT tried to force people to believe there is a God. The funny thing is that GOD the creator of this universe, have never forced anyone to believe in Him or that He exist. He give you FREE choice. It is only stupid men that has tried to force people to believe the way they do.

  • Damon Apostolopoulos

    Belief is a self castration of your thought. Betwen two belivers, greatest belief has the one who beleives the most unbelievable.
    In other ords the stupid.

  • Christian Seniors

    We We can confirm that there were attacks on some other Christian Sites too.

  • Killer Khan

    Oh attack the easy targets – go on Attack islam, attacks one of their main websites. Bunch of COWARDS!!

  • David Smith

    Yes defacement of a public website in any form is a violation of the owners freedom of speech, and also violates moral laws in the United States anyway. If some one were to deface my websites I would seek to file a law suit against the parties involved, NO MATTER WHO THEY WERE,
    and in my law suit I would seek damages, interest to include legal fees and interest. Since it does in the criminal realm also I would seek for some jail time and putt them away for a little while so they could think about their mischieveous key board action!

  • Damon Apostolopoulos

    The etsablishment, the church, and my parents baptised me without asking me.
    Once upon a time when Jupiter wanted to extrerminate the humanity he chabged his mind when he thought

    • Kris

      There are a lot of really stupid posts on this blog but yours may the dumbest of the dumb. I’m surprised you even have the intellectual capacity to breathe.

  • Damon Apostolopoulos

    what is going to happen o us gods without the humans

  • ster

    Sally…. You do not have to follow what a church says. That is the point. These anon fools want to FORCE you into things. Get it? Wake up.

    You can leave a church. Anon wants to change the laws. can’t get away from laws. Wake up, useful idiots. (Look it up.)

  • peter

    Good work! Organized religion is invading politics and has declared war on human freedom of thought and expression, about time someone fights back

  • ster

    Damon. Baptized? so sorry they ruined your life pouring water on your head. THE HORROR!

  • Anonymous

    Jesus of Nazareth is NOT a religion. He IS the world’s One and Only Loving Savior of all mankind. He is returning soon, at any moment. I look forward to living eternally with The One I know loves me unconditionally.

  • ster

    They will NEVER attack Islam. The one religion that has the death penalty for leaving it. Chdistianity? They might send u a letter. Islam might kill you.

    Anon will never attack Islamic sites.

  • Collins

    Comment about anonymous attacking churches/etc.

    Anonymous is insidious, malicious, sickening. I hope these “activists” are brought to their knees and end up in Federal prison for a long, long time.

  • Pete

    To turn the tables on any unwanted group such as Anonymous, just activate the government propaganda machine. The governments around the world cannot find this group so they turn people against them and by using without his knowledge Rikky D.
    Come on people why would a group of hackers attack religion, what will they get out of it nothing. Just as well I don’t have an religion, just as well I have a FAITH!!

  • Jake

    “There will be peace on earth when there is peace among the world religions.”

    – Hans Küng (Swiss Catholic priest, theologian, and prolific author).

  • Tony

    It is quite simple; if you live like if God exists and when you die He doesn’t exist, well, nothing happens. However, if you live like if God doesn’t exist, and when you die He exists, well, you have a problem.

  • Miss Revolution

    This is not a whole feeling by all Anons, Anonymous is for freedom of ALL , we do not define ourselves by gender, or race or religion, hence the mask that unites us all.

    This is not an op supported by all of anonymous


  • PlayButtonLover

    i just checked out the above mentioned church websites to confirm if they have been attacked but they are open and sound, so whats the fuss about? Anonymous, if you truly believe in one thing, you should allow others who obviously willingly submit themselves to other beliefs to continue. Redirect your fights to more forceful and oppressive causes.Like the tax american tax system etc.

  • rafalsk

    AS I often believed Anonymous attacks to be rightous, if any ‘attack’ can be called as such. They often tried to bring public attention to important matters.
    Now I do believe their actions to be VERY childish, and with a kind of fanatic behavior. Seems like they felt a bit of power and now feel at a postion to juge anything they feel and how they feel. NAH. FU anonymous you are not going the right way ,that was not the right move at least:)
    Feeling goddess as you know how to hack some noob sites. Yeah, those more advanced onses too, but we live in times where DNS poisoning is a peace of cake. Get over it, you are not at the postion to do such things.

  • rafalsk

    what is more, I believe you are not in a position to judge, estimate what the world would be like if a ‘religion’ would be non existant during those past 9k years.DO YOU KNOW what it would be like?

  • Greg

    As an athiest, I find this bs deplorable. I dont want ANYONE forcing their views on other folks! All religions have some good in them and something that some fanatical moron can twist into something bad. Its sad to see what these folks are starting to do.

  • matthew


  • SherBear

    Re-li’gion, 1. Belief in a divine being or beings. 2. Specific form of belief and practice.

    Anon has created their own religion, super gods and saints by forcing their beliefs on the world. Anon’s religion is a sickness and creates hatred and intollerance. Anon’s religion is mind control and an authoritarian hierarachy designed to create fear and dominate our free will. Anon’s religion wages war against its own people.

    I will not subscribe to Anon’s religion, nor will I subscribe to its mindless training program and fearmongering tacticts. People of the world don’t Anon’s religion control you. Don’t fight against each other for contrary beliefs. We can all work together…blah, blah, blah.

    Omgomg! The Anon gods are coming to strike great vengeance upon me! Perhaps I should leave my website so you can come after my small business and livelyhood, too. Not to worry. You’ll find it and wage war against me soon enough I’m sure. I’m so scared.

    • John Smith

      SherBear come one open your eyes, your live in a world where you have no control. Do you really think you control your Small business, I would say not and no more control than I have over mine, which our Govt takes a huge hung of my lively hood.

      What Anon is doing is merely pointing out that Religion is hiding behind power and money and using fear to get their way.

  • Luxburger

    Anonymous have just proved themselves to be the biggest bunch of hypocrites. If they believe religion forces beliefs on people, then that’s just what this brood of sanctimonious morons have done. Dawkins believes atheism is the way forward? Has he forgotten the greatest massacres in history, in the 20th century, we’re not cause by religious wars??? Stalin starved – depending on which history book you read – between 1 million and 10 million of his own people. Hitler – basing his fanaticism on eugenics (helping evolution along) … certainly when you read ‘Mein Kampf’ in the original German … terminated the lives of 20 million jews, homosexuals, political opponents and your average innocent citizen plus soldiers. Let’s also not forget the killing fields of Pol Pot, removing a third of his country’s population in the name of communism. My goodness, atheism isn’t looking that clean. Oh and last little thing – why hasn’t Anonymous attacked a single Muslin site? Why? Because they haven’t the guts to attack the Prophet. Cowards and creeps.

    • John Smith


      Please reread your history, Hitler was obsessed with religion and the Occult. He was anything but and Atheist.

      • PeteBKay

        Hitler was obsessed with running the world. He was not working to force religion on anybody.

        War has virtually never been about religion. It is 99% throughout history about control of resources (land, natural resources, people).

  • wild

    In a foxhole there are no Athiest! I did not see if the victims were of a cult religion? There are some that are wrong as so much in this world right now. Farmers are fighting to keep selling their organic produce as food and druggies admin haul them off to jail. While at the same time gm seed and the 0 food value they produce is allowed mainstream as all our food sources are puffed full of toxic chemicals.
    Natural is not there and when it is they are being slammed against the ground. It is no wonder we are all dead from the induced toxins that are the root of disease.
    America was built on separation of church and state and ever since the state has tried to intervene into church affairs until it is hard to tell what was 250 years ago in this country.
    I see many good church’s that are there to help our communities as now after tornado’s tear away counties and towns, no gov stepped in yet. They are the backbone feeding the hungry in many of our cities across America.
    I also see many good works in the missionary fields feeding the hungry and drilling water wells so clean water is available. Where before disease prevails because ditch water to wash their hands and children make mud cakes for something to eat.
    As for me i am Spiritual and have been for my whole life, as i want something better for my children, don’t YOU?

  • John Smith

    For a long time I have watched and I am sad as I have wanted to get back into church, not because of the people or the Church itself but rather to be close to my God.

    What I see today is a mere shadow of what I believe a church should be, to me a church is a building with no importance, it has people of no real importance, just people gathering for fellowship, not brow beating and pulpit pounding screaming you are going to hell, or holding out the offering plate demanding money or you will go to hell. But rather teaching me about who my God is and what is expected of me, as I go through my day

    My God does ask that you give a portion of my wealth, which is designed to help the people of the church.

    What I now see is exactly what Anonymous see’s and I have to say I agree with them, religion has become a front for money and power and worst of all “FEAR”.

    And the problem with our Country starts with “ME” I am the cause of the problems in our Country. Why do I say this, well if I took a stand and not only made my voice heard, but took action in my community and schools.

    The attack on the church is a wake up call for them, Hiding behind your Gods is what lead to this.

    The establishment we call The Church, is almost as influential as the Government, if not more. Wars have been started because of religious inflorescence’s.

    And the attacks of anyone is actually reading and paying attention is targeted at a few religions not all. It is our arrogance that makes us believe that they are attacking all religions.

    Please take head and take measures to protect yourself, religion is a privilege not a right.

    This is just the start folks.

  • t

    In the end ALL will all have to stand in judgement for your OWN SINS.
    No one can help you then. And Anonymous is also subjected to the same fate. So believe or not….choice is yours

  • Tasmania

    If anonymous had a face I would punch them right in their face.

  • Silentobserver

    It’s apparent that Anonymous is merely a tool of the communist party. Westboro Baptist was left relatively unscathed because its founders are close affiliates of Al Gore and other American Democrats who also espouse marxist views. The Christian churches that were attacked lean more toward conservative viewpoints, both religiously and politically. And remember Karl Marx’s view of religion, that it was “the opiate of the people” and prevented full-scale revolution. My guess is that Anonymous are PAID hacks, just like the OWS participants.

  • John Melchinger

    As an investigator, I would first anayze what you know about the attacks and determine whether or not this was done by Anonymous, disaffected Anonymous hackers, or someone posing as Anonymous. From what I read in your article, all three scenarios are possible.

    Finishing the first step will direct you to the next step in your investigation. Leaping to a conclusion is never good when time will help you find and resolve the truth.

    Religion is a world bugaboo now, and all the wars I have ever studied or been in has a degree, and sometimes a root and stimulus, in religion. The Muslims and Jews were cousins and started their eternal conflict by each claiming they were the people chosen by god. This is only one example, showing that god has a sense of humor and purpose to see how mankind can handle freedom of choice. So far, mankind’s record is horrible, often proven by the god-is-on-our-side syndrome.

    Nevertheless, this all reminds me of what Mom used to tell me: You can be as tough as you need to be, but there is never any excuse for not being polite. The religio/political world is headed in the wrong direction, and Muslim clerics, the Rick Santorum’s of the world and the loud-mouthed bigots are largely to blame, but the greatest shame is on those people who see a wrong yet will not raise their voices or muster their actions to object and press back. The Silent Majority will always try to take over unless everyone who can votes.

  • Northern Doug

    Well now, talk about intolerance! These people are of all people most intolerant by the sound of the immature ravings that I read here. Oh, to be sure there are some charlatans hiding in the church, even as they say that “not every person in church is a criminal but every criminal hides in church” This tells you that the low life people of this world simply like to hide where the people around them are credible, honest citizens.

    I draw a hard line between religion and Christianity. Religion is the “feel good club” that a lot of people attend on Sunday that they call church” Here they can hide amongst the real Christians, still feel like they run their own lives and not actually have to obey the teachings of God throughout the week. What they haven’t considered is that God knows who is who because He looks upon the heart and soul of man not only on the exterior.

    Then there are the Real Christians, these would be the ones that Jesus speaks of as being “The children of God” You know, the people who honestly searched for God and found Him just as God promised would happen if they search for Him with all their heart. These are the people who come to God with a bit of faith and invited Him to come in and direct their lives. These are the people who don’t have a violent, angry or malicious bone in their body and feel akin to the one who sacrificed His own life to save all those who would follow after Him.

    Jesus is spoken of as a person so passive he would not even extinguish a smoking reed. Yes, Jesus is the gentle, non-violent, extremely compassionate God who invented love and perpetuates love. The rest, the ones that have given Christianity a bad name are the ones who “practice” religion with out the benefit of having the Spirit of God onboard. There will always be a few of those around.

    Factually, Christianity is a family matter. What I mean by that is that those who believe in Jesus and know who He really is and come to God wanting to invite Him to direct their lives are the ones that God calls “His children” He says, “For as many as come to Him, tho those he gives the power to become the children of God”

    Would you give just anyone who comes to you a piece of your inheritance? NO, you give you inheritance to family. So this is why God gives us a chance to come to Him, repent of our old ways and actively join His family. This is the very essence of what Christianity is all about.

    Jesus says that by the fruits of a person’s life one can tell what spirit is guiding their life. The spirit of God is loving, compassionate, understanding and most of all loving. These attributes will be displayed in the life of one within whom the spirit of Christ lives.

    On the other hand, a hateful, critical person who displays hatred against anything that God has done, or God’s people or even what they understand as religion is one who may well be carrying the spirit of this world. This is the spirit who hates God and all that He does here on earth. This is what God calls the spirit of the antichrist. This spirit has been around for long time, as Dawkins says, for over 9,000 years. He was around when the earth was created and then rebelled against his maker and was driven out.

    Don’t be deceived friends, every sprit comes in by invitation, whether the spirit of the world who is satan or the Spirit of God. You must choose and you really can tell what spirit is in a person by what you see in their lives.



  • ron

    Religion is the cause of most if not all wars. This is the most interesting sanest thing I have seen for a long time.
    Anonymous has seen government and other information that has been withheld from the general public and many others.
    This attack will probably make a lot of sense in time to come when they tell us more. The only problem is that it will mentally destroy a lot of people all over the world who have believed from childhood all the rubbish they have been fed only to find out it was all untrue many even committing suicide . Then will come the denial from various groups, people running around waving their hands and shouting in the streets. After a while when enough proof is given turn on the various churches and religions for deceiving them for whatever reason for so many hundreds if not thousands of years. I think that I may know what is going to be announced or revealed but to say here at this time would be considered by many to be madness. so better to not give any opinions and wait for facts to be presented, the sooner the better.

    • PeteBKay

      “Religion is the cause of most if not all wars. ”

      WTF dude, read some history.

      Religion is the cause of almost NO wars.

  • CJW

    Free Will means Free Will. If one chooses to to have religious faith, then that is their right. Attacking any religious faith is wrong…..That’s called nazism. No one forces any religion on anyone here in the US. It’s a choice that’s why we live in a free country. Some idiot thinks he’s going to change everyone’s thinking in a Twitter account? Sorry, but to many, our bibles and religious beliefs have been around longer than twitter. This is just what punks do.

  • Life’s Perspective

    There are no gods, there is no supreme intelligent power. Religion is nonsense founded on simplistic superstition. There is nothing out there. Millions of ‘priests’ spend their time every day pontificating about something that just doesn’t exist. Bizzare, stupid, mad, devious or just in denial? If there was a supreme being I’d say he had a wicked sense of humour. It’s 2012 and we have come a long way in our understanding of the life forces and the laws of physics that hold our environment and the universe together. There’s no doubt that the so-called holy men use religion to their own advantage and it’s that, combined with the superstitious stupidity that encourages 99% of the population of this planet to keep the whole fiasco going. Unfortunately, without religion there would be far less compassion in this world, the concept inspires a lot of people to do good, to help the poor and the weak and religion is the glue that holds many beneficial organisations together. But the really sad thing is that with or without religion there are millions of evil men in this world who think nothing of starving and killing people on a daily basis. Many of them use extreme beliefs as their excuse but in general they take advantage of the lack of education combined with the entrenched midless stupidity of their footsoldiers to do their killing. Even if religion didn’t exist people like Hitler, Stalin, Mugabe, Saddam Hussein, Gadaffi and now Assad wouldn’t change their behaviour. However it’s good that organisations like Anonymous speak out – at least it imposes some kind of restraint on a mad bad world, however little. It’s better than nothing and confronting minor lunatics has to be better than letting them go entirely unrestrained. Well, it makes me feel better anyway.

  • Mick Walsh

    We live in “Democracy” so surely it must be allowed – I personally do not support democracy even though it is said to be best model available. It carries the same top-down pain as any other political model so to the masses it is not in reality of much use. The world itself does not need people – the planet creates its own balance with such as Tsunami, famine, melting of the poles, in time all becomes fractured no matter who or where. Nature does its own thing even in the western hemisphere. Ultimately religion should I think be a private matter, engaged with in silence with prayer of your choosing, the idea of consecration is corrupt – we do not need bricks and mortar to have faith, just ideas!

  • thelight

    Anonymous is not a group. They have no meetings and are individuals.
    You cannot join Anonymous because, as a group they don`t exist.
    Do the research people. Live life and enjoy. You only get one chance at it !

  • http://FalseFlagAttack Anonymous

    The included #OWS hashtag for the Occupy Wall Street movement is a give away that whomever did this fakes attacks as if coming from various groups at various times. This is likely a gov false flag attack meant to turn religious people against Anonymous and to change public opinion in favor of a gov-desired crack down on the internet.

  • Tom Truthteller

    These hackers are anarchists. As anarchists, they are intolerant of other people’s viewpoints. Since they already have no moral core, the hate people who have a moral core. In all respects, they are aligned with the Is1amic terrorists in their hatred of Christians and the fact that they are trying to destroy America. Every resource should be used to route them out and give them all live sentences. Their cause is not honorable and they have now reached a new low.

  • Kris

    I’m laughing at all the Anon idiots. Most of them don’t even have an original thought.

    Go back to your scripts and gay porn.

  • Mewael Yimesgen

    Christianity is a religion that teaches God’s salvation through Jesus Christ and all other association given to it may not be appropriate. To be honest, if you don’t accept God’s love and be disciplined in his way of salvation, nobody would tell you that you are right!!!

  • Mick Walsh

    I shall now be a little more free and open with you than I was before. I wish we were all true-hearted, and that we did all carry ourselves with integrity. If I did mistrust you I would not use such asseverations. I think it doth go on mistrust, and things are thought too readily matters of reflection, that were never intended. For my part, as I think, you forgot something that was in my speech, and you do not only yourselves believe that some men believe that the government is never correct, but you hate all men that believe that. And, sir, to say because a man pleads that every man hath a voice by right of nature, that therefore it destroys by the same argument all property — this is to forget the Law of God. That there’s a property, the Law of God says it; else why hath God made that law, Thou shalt not steal? I am a poor man, therefore I must be oppressed: if I have no interest in the kingdom, I must suffer by all their laws be they right or wrong. Nay thus: a gentleman lives in a country and hath three or four lordships, as some men have (God knows how they got them); and when a Parliament is called he must be a Parliament-man; and it may be he sees some poor men, they live near this man, he can crush them — I have known an invasion to make sure he hath turned the poor men out of doors; and I would fain know whether the potency of rich men do not this, and so keep them under the greatest tyranny that was ever thought of in the world. And therefore I think that to that it is fully answered: God hath set down that thing as to propriety with this law of his, Thou shalt not steal. And for my part I am against any such thought, and, as for yourselves, I wish you would not make the world believe that we are for anarchy.

  • Robert

    Anonymous are very competent coders but their claiming to know Religion is “a sickness that has come to this world long time ago, when mankind wasn’t educated” surely needs to be tested and is not even beta. To start, they can explain how DNA (the basis of life and Universally referred to as “the genetic code”) could come into existence without an intelligence … a Creator? There are absolutely no instances of any code ever randomly occurring.

  • Steven Brungard

    One belief, which cannot be falsified or verified, is equally as invalidated and inapplicable and non actionable as any other belief, which cannot be falsified or verified.

    Why would I buy a belief from a religion business when any belief I build for myself is equally invalid?

    Why would a religion business sell a belief which cannot be falsified or verified?

    At this point, in our study of this universe, we can state only one fact about its origin: this universe exists by nature or by decision.

    That dilemma will be debated until a decision making universe creator appears before us or until we tire of the debate.

  • BahamasB2B

    I think a lot of people are confusing religion with spirituality. Organised religion has descended into cult-like organizations that seek to control people, while giving power and wealth to a limited few, sort of like most modern day political parties. Spirituality is a deeply personal inner path that leads people to discover the essence of their being. Nobody needs religion, everybody can benefit from spirituality.

  • Mike

    Of course attacking religions will make it all better. We will all live in peace and happiness for all time, no one will go hungry or without a roof over their heads. If they are in need they will be able to go straight to the offices of ‘Anonymous’ and they will be OK because they have all the answers and everyone should bow down to them and live in the world they believe is the ‘Right World’.

    Anonymous, I hope you have the resources to help all of the peple who are currently being helped by religions when the corporations and the governments turn their backs on the needs of the customers and voters.

  • Craig

    I love this scripture. Even the wicked and non-believers will be accountalble unto the Lord. However, it is sad. I pray for them to see the truth before that day comes.

    Romans 14:11
    For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, to me every knee shall bow, And every tongue shall confess to God.

  • Todd

    Hmmm…. It seems this guy, these people have…

    “A sickness that creates hate and intollerance,
    a sickness that brings people to wage war on their fellow people,”

    • Craig

      Yes, I agree, It is too bad. If they only knew, Christ teaches “love”

      Matthew 5:44
      but I say unto you, love your enemies, and pray for them that persecute you

  • Truth Bringer

    We are already in hell, which is the reason any dichotomies exist. Religion, politics, the sexes, marriage, the human body…life itself (Bi-ology). All ‘bi’nary in nature. The institutions and opposing agendas of our world are simply outgrowths of the duplicitous nature of the material world and signs of its continued rebellion against the spiritual world. This is why the name of the woman (Mary) around whom the 2 most prominent religions (Christianity and Catholicism) revolves, means ‘The Rebellion’. As much as we like to think we’re free, we are slaves, all having come through the ‘Matrix’ which is a Hebrew word used in the Bible meaning, ‘the birth canal’. We are spiritual energy trapped in a material body (‘Mater’ means ‘mother in Greek) and as much as we argue, using ‘freedom’ as our platform, we cannot even become liberated from our own selves. When the world realizes these things of which I speak, then true freedom which comes from ‘knowing the truth’ can be found and then we can go home. This world, as spoken of by all ancient cultures, is only temporary.

  • Espen

    Its good to see that the old Carl Marx saying is comming up again. “Religion is opium (heroin) to the people” In the 18th century opium was seen as a healthy medicine that made you num and dizzy.

    I think one issue of the fact that communism seems to have been the cold wars antireligous side has made people in the west like UK and US and Europe has given people there the feeling that they at least must have a religion in order to not be seen as a communist!

  • denise

    Regardless of your feelings about religion, Anonymous engages in criminal behavior. Period. Stealing an individual/business/organization’s resources for amusement? Websites cost money. It’s time for Anonymous to step out from behind the cowardly shroud of secrecy. I agree with Sarah: losers.

  • BahamasB2B

    I think a lot of people are confusing religion with spirituality. Organised religion has descended into cult-like organizations that seek to control people, while giving power and wealth to a limited few, sort of like most modern day governments. Spirituality is a deeply personal inner path that leads people to discover the essence of their being. Nobody needs religion, everybody can benefit from spirituality.

  • JDD

    In one sentence they call people “religionfags” and in the next they complain about how religion spreads “hate and intollerance [sic]”! What a bunch of hypocrites.

  • igotnorights

    Pathetic. What a joke – now they attack these churches…yeah they are fighting the good fight aren’t they…so now everyone knows they’re disrespectful of everyone’s faith? They claim ‘religion’ is bad but – who are they to make these value judgments? These hackers are not champions of the people…Why did they attack Christians first? I have a theory…I think Islamists are behind “Anonymous”.

  • General Bobby Farrell

    FINALLY! The hallelujah halfwits get a taste of what THEY have been cramming since that Babylonian Harlot Simirimis declared herself “Mother of God” (Nimrod) before the earth was dry from the Great Deluge!

    TRUTH is TRUTH, and everything will eventually bottom line there. Two of the GREAT TRUTHS are the fact that (1) not one ‘religion’ deals in absolute TRUTH and (2) never has because the TRUTH is not in them!

    YES! You may quote me! And I’m ready for court any time the damned liars and/or their deluded ‘followers’ are …

    General Bobby Farrell

  • Doug Wilson

    “If” this is a real anonymous hack then, in my opinion, it’s misguided – Church/christian/Muslim etc. will see it as persecution (Satan). It will fortify them. Belief without question isn’t rational and I think it’s better to provide information than to harass. There is no way to badger or beat the insane back to sanity, it’s been tried.

    I see the positive coming from hackers in the form of a, “We can do this, so you’re not all powerful”, message.

    Besides churches, governments and so on are full of people. Misguided people, but still people. Misguided, confused, broken people need healing. The world doesn’t need another attack, another battle – the world needs to be healed.

  • Bill

    I don’t think it’s all bad to point out the weaknesses of religion, or any other organization for that matter. Any organization, has by it’s nature, has specific agendas with rules to follow.

    Personally, I separate faith from religion. For me, belonging to a particular Religious group is like being in an exclusive club. Each club has specific requirements that their members must adhere to, or they will suffer the consequences.

    Knowledge is power, and religious organizations along with any other organization tries to control their members by controlling their knowledge, or their understanding. Manipulating their beliefs, often through threats of being ostracized.

    We can see how mixing politics and religion has worked in the Middle East, and must strive to keep politics and religion separate. Our forefathers had a very good understanding of the perils of such a toxic blend.

    I’m Ok with Anonymous pointing out the flaws in religion. I would prefer they do it without the shock & awe, as there is plenty of logical, common sensical, scientific ways to point out the inconsistencies of religious dogma.

    Blindly following somebody simply because they are the leader of the group is very dangerous, and often not in the best interest of the individual.

    If Anonymous encourages critical thought and a more open discussion of religion, then it’s all good.

  • Robert Harrington

    Luckily in Canada we have freedom FROM religion while the poor old Americans have freedom FOR religion and that seems to also include the religion of Athiest.


  • Agnostic

    Could we PAY anonymous to take down that filthy evil Westboro site? They have put up all this horrible stuff about the tornado victims, Davy Jones, and even the military casualties as being “god-smacked”. This is the most despicable and vile website I’ve ever run across.

  • Howard Crane

    FACT: Up until the war on Scientology and our ranks were flooded with newfags (new people who don’t know what Anonymous are about), this wouldn’t have happened.
    Because you call a person who does things like this a White Knight or a Moralfag.

    Anonymous is NOT about this… these are pretenders.

  • Ron Coleman

    On one hand I believe in freedom of religion, so in that respect one must question attacks on religion. On the other hand, more evil has been caused by religion than secularism and today in particular you see religion mixing in politics as never before. I think, though, the best defense against religious overreach is simply education. Anybody who actually analyzes the stuff that is preached, sees the realities of science, archeology, and history, is apt to dismiss religious beliefs in the first place since the evidence doesn’t support them.

  • //n/ radford

    Ah! Religion’s giant stranglehold on “dumb sheeple” ( who aren’t known for their ability to think for themselves) is threatened. The din & clatter begins. The roar of the brainwashed shall arise.

    Damn! It is about time! Down with organised religion!!!

  • don muntean

    These people are so stupid! They don’t know God at all. Maybe they ought to read the Bhagavad Gita! They ought not tempt God like they’re doing…he has His ways just read Srimad Bhagavatam. Bad guys always lose.

  • Ash

    They are cowards. They are arrogant people who believe the right to free speech is only open to those they will “allow” to act out speech….

    They should go to prison for their illegal activity against other sites that don’t agree with their irrational ideas.

  • Susan

    Regardless of the right or wrong of it, and I’m not saying Anonymous is brilliant, but I am very pleased with the level of conversation this hack has brought about. In my upbringing, questioning your beliefs was not accepted by the leadership. You believed what they told you to. I always resented that, but I always loved the social benefits of belonging to a church group. When I got older, I realized that I enjoyed the benefits of belonging to A group, and people’s religious beliefs weren’t really the part that binds us together. What binds us together is the questioning, expressing our views, debating, and THINKING.

  • chase

    Its funny all those that oppose Anonymous’s attacks on religion.

    I think, though I can’t speak for Anonymous, that they may not have worded it perfectly to suit all, that they are more against the curtain or shroud of BS that people use in the name of religions.

    In the Christian faith even your Jesus openly fought against this.

    Personally, I’ve never needed a God or Higher Being to bow to.

    Regions are antiquated in many respects. Gods in general are antiquated. I’ve never spoke to anyone that spoke with beliefs in a God that didn’t show signs of some sort of psychosis. That aren’t of a co-dependant personality, or hidding behind the religious mask with ulterior motives.

    Though in history, those that strike out against religion usually don’t win. So I’d urge Anonymous to tread carefully on this path. To gather honey not bee stings.

    To me this is better left as a member stipulation, our what Anonimous stands for, and its members believe in. Gaining ground and giving respect to those that wish to believe in some form of higher power. While not allowing it to take grasp of Anonymous itself or its members. By doing so you gain the respect of others for your cause. And may gain others by allowing to make a personal choice to side with them or leave.

    Then you [Anonymous] can fight the fight for the people, be it against corruption, Governmental, Corporate, or Religious.

    Mosquito Coast has a great scene in it, when religion comes knocking and tries to force its way into the tribe/group. You may enjoy and even learn something from it tactically Anonymous, give it a look see.

    Also read The Art of War… Reform your cause so ask can understand what you want. Gain ground a you did with SOPA. Right now, you are losing gained ground. Read the posts, they don’t understand, and will dig their heels inif you persist in what many feel you are forcing upon them.

    Think it over… Go back to your roots of what Anonymous stood for, Then make a sound move.

  • Mike of Epworth

    I’m torn between two opposing positions. One the one hand, I strongly support the right of free speech, even for those I don’t agree with. Else what’s the point of free speech? On the other hand, I think that religionists of all kinds are dangerous, possibly insane and a growing threat to our civilisation. I don’t think they should have any right to influence the lives of those who don’t share their beliefs. Hmm, sitting on a fence just isn’t that comfortable.

  • don muntean

    “The Lord is very satisfied with His devotee when the devotee greets other people with tolerance, mercy, friendship and equality.” [Srimad Bhagavatam 4.11.13]

    Failing to conquer this irrepressible enemy, the mind, whose urges are intolerable and who torments the heart, many people are completely bewildered and create useless quarrel with others. Thus they conclude that other people are either the…ir friends, their enemies or parties indifferent to them. [SB 11.23.48]

    No other force besides his own mental confusion makes the soul experience happiness and distress. His perception of friends, neutral parties and enemies and the whole material life he builds around this perception are simply created out of ignorance. [SB 11.23.59]

    Mind and sense control, tolerance, discrimination, sticking to one’s prescribed duty, truthfulness, mercy, careful study of the past and future, satisfaction in any condition, generosity, renunciation of sense gratification, faith in the spiritual master, being embarrassed at improper action, charity, simplicity, humbleness and satisfaction within oneself are qualities of the mode of goodness.

    Material desire, great endeavor, audacity, dissatisfaction even in gain, false pride, praying for material advancement, considering oneself different and better than others, sense gratification, rash eagerness to fight, a fondness for hearing oneself praised, the tendency to ridicule others, advertising one’s own prowess and justifying one’s actions by one’s strength are qualities of the mode of passion.

    Intolerant anger, stinginess, speaking without scriptural authority, violent hatred, living as a parasite, hypocrisy, chronic fatigue, quarrel, lamentation, delusion, unhappiness, depression, sleeping too much, false expectations, fear and laziness constitute the major qualities of the mode of ignorance. Now please hear about the combination of these three modes. [Srimad Bhagavatam 11.25.2-5]

    I think that “Anonymous” are themselves ignorant when they say:

    “Let us be clear from the start: any kind of religion is a sickness to this world. A sickness that creates hate and intollerance,”

    Oddly, they can talk about “hate and intollerance” – from a perspective of “hate and intollerance”? Of course they didn’t even spell check their “intollerance”…

    Here is what God says:

    Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from all sinful reactions. Do not fear. [Bhagavad Gita 18.66]

    So before they toss it all down the tubes – maybe they ought to educate themselves a bit first…

  • Jay

    I have a suggestion for Anonymous and Richard Dawkins, if you really want to be effective with your war on religion, you should start with Islam. I mean, everyone knows that the Christians are not going to fight back, so is it really a war.

    Now if I were Dawkins, which I am not, I would instruct Anonymous to “really get into a war” by defacing three major Islamic Mosque, why I would even do a nude cartoon character of Mohammed in a comprising position. NO WE HAVE A WAR!

    Dawkins proves to be like every other loud mouth bigot, a coward.

  • 3Gs

    The post by anonymous is a very good revelation! The Christian institute is failing quickly and taking every one on its circle path with it. Infact to reality Religion is a disease that destroys this earth. Now so many countries in the world that that has sexual immorality and marriages are Christians. But the greatest weapon the Christian fold wields on its followers/believers is “salvation and hell fire doomed” and spiritualism by symbolizing the Christ. Here ans thereby enriching themselves by devouring the ignorance and helpless follower.

    The truth about this you shall find by visiting this website:

    • John

      You are so lost and deceived my friend. The Christians you claim that have fallen in sin are not really Christians. If one calls theme self a Christian it does not mean it is true. Many self-proclaimed Christians will be in hell and are in hell. Jesus will say “I never knew you and you never knew me.”

      You see, a Christian may briefly fall into sin or immaturity but if a work of God is truly at work in a person they cannot, by nature, stay in that sin.

      A good healthy tree cannot bear bad fruit. Just as a supernatural work of Christ in one cannot consistently bear bad works. It is an impossiblility by the definition of their nature.

  • 3Gs

    Religion has so turned brothers against brothers and race against each other. They curse the ones they called the “non-believers” to perish in hell fire. The worst crime the Christian community are committing each passing day and week. Is that they berates and condemn other religion, tell me the rest of the religious practitioners are all going to hell fire?

    They claim they are only the owner of God the almighty but they cause other to go devious! In revenge and retaliation of this the world became this way.

  • 3Gs

    As much as most religion are good,which respects the wish and help one another. In the real sense of it Islam and other religions practices their religion is a more mutual and brotherly form and they can die for one another. This also is good and so other religions, but the worst offender is the Christian fold whom cling and claim that they only owned God, by the divine preaching of the Christ.

  • Randy Penn

    Cults, large and small have not done much to advance any civilization and are in fact merely economic and political tools used to subvert the subjects. A great book on the subject is “Profits of Religion – A Study of Supernaturalim as a Source of Income and a Shield To Privilege ” which you can read at and shows how ignorance has marched on unimpeded right into today and surely into tomorrow.

  • Roger

    Any movement that stands up against the false teachings and indoctrinations of all religions has my full support!!

  • Jerry

    I do hope they are consistent in their attacks and attack the atheist religion as well. After all, atheism most certainly IS a religion; it is based on faith and employs the exact same logic as all churches employ.

    All churches fundamentally make the claim that this which is not disproven is therefore proven (that being the existence of a creator). Atheism makes the logical NOT of this claim: That which is not proven is therefore disproven. Both claims are logical fallacies.

    Atheism claims to base their opinion in science. But science has nothing whatsoever to say about a creator; certainly science has neither proven nor disproven the existence of a creator. If someone wants to claim “no faith”, and base this opinion on science, then they must be agnostic on the topic of a creator; any other position supposedly based on the two premises of “no faith” and “science” is an obviously false position.

    • Tom Truthteller

      Those who believe have a big advantage and the bulk of evidence on their side. A person with any degree of intelligence who looks around at the genious in the construction and architecture of the world, including the human being, can come to only one conclusion…………..there has to be a super-intelligence that designed everything. Anyone who ignore what is around them is not the intellect, but someone so arrogant that they cannot believe any intelligence is greater than their own.

      • Al Garnier

        What is around you came from nature and the creation of solar systems in the universe according to scientific theory based on know FACTS. So, let’s hear you proof of how a god came to earth as a human and walked on water, raised people from the dead. Clergy are performing miracles all over the world yet no one seems to be impessed by cheap religios magic tricks any more. Your theory and theology is based on fear, ignorance and emotion of the animal species from thousands of years ago when we were still practically swinging through trees.

  • bob7

    There are no atheists. Even those who say they dont believe in any kind of God, deep inside their darkest corner of their souls, there’s something they believe in.. call it sex, call it money, call it fame, call it music, call it whatever you like.. there’s something that the atheists believe in. When that belief is strong, it can even replace God inside their mind so a religion like Christianity who fights to bring into the light, those dark corners of the soul, becomes an enemy to them.

    In the name of religion many crimes have been commited. But in the name of Atheism the bodycount is beyond any imagination.
    In the end, the problem is in mankind. You use a knife to cut your bread, to clear a path in the jungle. Some might use the knife to slit throats. Should the knife be forbidden of use, for that reason?

    Society no matter how educated, failed to solve the problems of the people. USA has over 40m of unemployed people and the bonuses of the golden boys reached over 145billion dollars this year. That’s no justice. I see people dying of famine in Africa, Corporations poluting sea and air. I didnt see Anonymous attacking their websites. Maybe those corporations pay a lot of money securing their networks, that anonymous cannot harm them anymore. So what they can do in order to draw attention? attack religion and poor low cost christian sites. Yeah alright.. thats fair indeed. Kudos to Anonymous for bullying around the web.

  • Pastor Duke

    Well that explains the attempted hack and DDOS attack I had late Wednesday night. Regardless if you choose to exercise the right to believe or the right not to believe, hacking and DDOS attacks are criminal acts and should be dealt with accordingly not applauded.

    • Al Garnier

      Any effort to uncover the truth should be applauded by humanity. The lies of religion have claimed truth as their own but, the truth of scientific discovery and the promotion of this discovery by Anonymous has proven religions to be liars in the light of real truth. There is no crime in revealing the truth. Religious lies will shrivel and die in the light of truth.

  • Tom Truthteller

    You can see what hypocrites these people are……they say “Let us be clear from the start: any kind of religion is a sickness to this world.
    A sickness that creates hate and intollerance.” Who is being intolerant here?

  • don muntean

    Were my comments deleted? Why?

  • don muntean

    …oops they’re there!

  • John

    Jesus Christ is The Truth, The Way and The Life! His crucifixion and subsequent rise on the third day is documented proof for ALL to see, read or hear about, among other miracles performed at the time he walked the earth as man. No other faith has anything close to this measure of proof that the scriptures and His holy word are from our creator and the creator of everything..and so, all other religions are lies from darkness aimed at the lost.

    God became man through Jesus Christ. He lived a perfect life without sin then took all the punishment we deserve for our sins. He says all we have to do is repent from our sins, believe in Him and His word in scripture, serve Him and he will honor us with eternal life. That’s it! This is great news!

    God is love, BUT he is also perfectly just and in every other way. Which means, he cannot pardon then fellowship with the wicked for eternity. No! How can a perfectly just God do this? He cannot! The wicked, the unbelievers, with their hardened hearts, will be sent to an eternal hell fire because they made the conscious choice to reject God’s offer of salvation through repentance and believing Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins. They die in their sin and filth of the flesh and deserve a perfect wrath, that of which is the
    opposite of His infinite love.

    Hey anonymous! You want to talk about freedom? Let’s talk about freedom from the slavery of sin! Through Christ, I have nearly eliminated or conquered pride, stealing, lieing, pornography, masterbation, fornication, greed, idolatry and more. And it feels AWESOME! This is only possible by growing closer to Christ. As light expels darkness, Christ casts out the hearts of the wicked and, literally, makes you a new creature. To the point where you now hate the sin you once loved and love the God you once hated!

    “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” -2 Corinthians 5:17

    Come to Him.

  • Nutter?

    “A young man who wishes to remain a sound atheist cannot be too careful of his reading.”
    C. S. Lewis

    PS-The word ‘Gospel’ means good news!

  • seaman

    I do not know what’s right or wrong, but one thing I know. Religion has made more war than peace, and some of the most whelty people in the world has become rich using the bible.

    • PeteBKay

      Bullshit. Name one major war started by, and fought over, religion.

      • Al Garnier

        We know why you believe in religion. Your ignorance is obvious to all who follow this thread.

  • Peacemaybe?

    Religion is not responsible for anything. It is a concept. People commit atrocities and oppress other, and instead of taking responsibility for their own actions, they use a concept. I’m atheist, muslim, christian,non-believer, worshipper, whatever you call yourself, matters not. Hacking websites makes you a terrorist. Forcing your beliefs on people is not justified from any source, I don’t care what your beliefs are. If you have beliefs and shove them down others throats, you are no better than those you oppose. Every group of people who has given themselves a name has a history. That doesn’t mean all christians are that way, or that they are responsible for our societal woes. We have to make our own choices, people.No one is made to go to church! No one is forced to believe in God in this day and age! If you base everything on the way it used to be, then you should shoot all the men because they once were allowed to beat their wives. Kill all the white people because their ancestors had slaves. Supremely ridiculous, is what I call this. People have a right to make choices, and a right to their own opinion and lifestyle. If I want to believe in God, why do you care? An atheist never killed anyone? How about someone who follows Judaism? Muslims?So people who don’t believe in having a religion never raped anyone or beat their children?Humans do bad things, of their own choice. Religion is not responsible for anything, and gathering up your merry little band of terrorists won’t stop people from believing as they want. Atheists are not in control of how I think, nor is anyone. I am in control of that.This thinking is in itself, idiotic in nature. Your beliefs are no more valid than mine. Everyone knows what an atheist is, just as well as a christian. It’s not the Middle Ages. Get a grip people. This is just more social media driven societal lunacy. Get a grip Christians aren’t any more evil than atheists or muslims or any other belief system. Hijacking websites just make you look like what you are- hackers. Congratulations, you’re a criminal.Perhaps you should spend your time fighting a real dilemma-homelessness, abuse, hunger, poverty-something worth while. What I see is a bunch of brain washed criminals following a flawed concept and telling us what to believe. Way to be an example.

  • Norrin Radd

    I don’t see that attacks on religion will be fruitful. For instance, why should I spend half an hour listening to a blowhard like what’s-his-name attack strawmen? No, there are better targets. Unless you’re Don Quixote.
    I appreciate the motivation, however. Things aren’t right on this planet. I mean, just search “How much money do the Rothchilds have?” and you begin to see the scope.
    Anyhow, as an aside, you’d have to go a long way to prove that religion killed billions. it would be more valid to say that atheism in totalitarian Russia, China and other countries such as Cambodia, killed over 100,000,000 million people in 45 years.

    Religion itself isn’t the problem. Religion should provide three functions:
    (1) Repository for morality. The Golden Rule says, treat others like you want to be treated. Governments make billions of laws (but billions of dollars) in failed attempts to legislate morality.
    (2) Repository for spiritual truths. Some shaman, seer, or visionary discovers some spiritual truth like, “Thought can’t be measured so it’s not a part of the physical universe. But thought can control anything physical.”
    (3) Repository for the existentialist questions: Who am I? What should I be doing? What is the nature of the universe? What created all I observe?

  • Babs

    Maybe no morw work for him to do so he wants to hack more churches sites. Well, God knows the best and will pronounce instant judgement on any one who wants to fight him direct or indirect.

  • Michael Heavener

    I do not believe in a God who depends on zealots to tell me what to believe in. I believe in the God who talks to me personally, continually, and tells me He loves me no matter what I believe in. If you haven’t heard God or don’t believe in him — don’t be the zealot who denies me the opportunity to believe in the God I described above.

  • David

    Anonymous are a type of Anti-Christ and like the Anti-Christ will see a wretched end. The book of Revelation clearly demonstrates that such attacks on faith will be prevalent in the end times. They think they are so cleaver breaking into websites and defacing the content, but actually it was prophesised long ago that they would do such things. Looks like the laugh is on Anonymous, they think they are so original in what they are doing, when actually they are simply being played like puppets and ushering in the age to come.

    • Al Garnier

      Yeah, I suppose your idiot prophets are always right, LMAO.
      The end of the world was last May 21st 2011 according to your idiot prophets. You must be in hell fool, you never got sucked up into the rapture with all the good folk. The rest of us just never got sucked in period. Why are you still here fool?

  • FU

    It’s ok to ridicule Christians, cause they won’t cut your head off if they catch you. Christ said to love enemies, so wanna be loved — become a Christian’s enemy.

    But no one wants to be stoned to death, right? So let’s disrupt a few good farmers from visiting their parish website: no effort, lotsa publicity. And NO RISK.

    This is so low-slow-weak, especially after Visa/MC and other incidents, that I am greatly disappointed. If you’d help bring Taliban down, that’d be fckng power. But those dudes have AKs and other deadly stuff, like fanatics. That’s real danger, don’t go there. Go bring down a local church website instead.

    • Al Garnier

      Why do you religious people create gods and demons out of things your limited minds determined to be good or bad, friend or enemy?  It’s probably just your suspicious survival instinct kicking-in.   Why can’t you use terms like peace and tolerance or love and understanding? Or, do you reserve these beliefs strictly for the like-minded individuals in the world. We are all of the same family evolved as homo sapian.

      We have since evolved and migrated to branch out and inhabit the entire globe, 7 billion of us. As a family we all have our differences of opinion and as a family we will strike out in some fashion toward a family member for those differences of opinion, especially if they are distant relatives we don’t know much about.

      There is not a real problem with this line of thought. It is an exercise of the human instinct and psyche to maintain a competitive edge and improve ones future survival. It only becomes a problem when this competitive edge becomes violent and human lives are lost; and when personal greed or ones own meager survival becomes more important than the lives of their suffering family members. So much for moral values! What the hell, we’re all good people and we’re all going to heaven anyway!

      As members of the human race, we have to get beyond those petty differences. Our population is becoming larger but, the present day food resources are depleting. We need to put aside emotional differences, strong though they may be, and combine our reason and intelligence toward solving this global problem that will effect the entire human race.

      We should use our differences to solve the problem. Someone, somewhere is, or should be working on a universal translator, for text at least.
      We could then truly communicate with the entire world Borg to Borg. We could truly share global ideas on a real time bases and as always, if you don’t like what you hear just tune it out.

      I have great faith in humanity despite my lack of faith in religion and I believe that the vast majority of the human race have a natural moral responsibility to help and protect a family member in trouble, regardless of their difference in religion or politics. It is a pity that religious and political regimes never hold these values when it comes to the dignity of a human life.

      It’s not all about perceived right or wrong, it’s about the present and future survival of the human race. Let’s communicate and resolve our global problems despite the narrow minded values of present day religious and political regimes. They all serve the same god, “wealth and power” and ignore the growing inequality in the world. As long as we are thinking, listening and communicating we are learning and when any one of those three break down; sanity, tolerance and understanding tend to wane within the human psyche. 

    • Al Garnier

      Lynn, atheism is not a belief or rejection of belief. It is simply an exercise in accepting proven natural truths. The following argument may be useful in shaping your future decisions toward helping others.

      There is no argument that the Bible, Koran, Torah,  etc. offer very valid values reflecting human societies. They were written by very intelligent, though uninformed minds. Religions were created from a source of ignorance concerning the evolution of the universe itself. Humanity, even today, is still vastly ignorant of natures laws but, we have come a long way from religious belief. 

      The basic human values of these tenets, and similar mindsets in all animals, are necessary for any sentient species to survive and evolve in the universe. Without these necessary moral constraints chaos and disorder would severely limit survival of that species. The largest detraction of religious tenets is the inward view of self preservation rather than natures law supporting survival of the species.  In large part, except in Hindu religions, they all but ignore nature in favor of cleansing the soul.

      There is no reality in good and evil. They are simply,  words to describe day to day threats and advantages in vying for ones survival. In our rapid assent to superiority humanity has become the largest “evil” facing nature today. On our present course of raping the environment to meet our need for greed, we will eventually render ourselves extinct. This would be the epitome of sin against nature, or god if he existed. We are already guilty of destroying other species on earth. I find this impossible to accept from any species feigning belief in intelligent design.

      Religion is constantly used by greedy industrialists and governments to sway public opinion toward this unsustainable path. Meanwhile, keeping the unsuspecting masses in relative ignorance and constant fear. Moral values are defined by nature, not gods. If you feel it necessary to believe in god, choose nature as your god.

    • Al Garnier

      Any enemy of yours is a friend to mankind. You people, along with Muslims and Jews, are a bane on humanity. Why don’t you all go to hell where you belong. If it ever existed, you idiots would already be there. Instead your left behind making hell on earth for everyone else.

  • SEO For Small Businesses

    One of my favorite quotes of all time was made by Robert Oxton Bolt: “A belief is not merely an idea the mind possesses. It is an idea that possesses the mind.”

    In my opinion, religion dulls the senses and is complete mind control. If Anonymous is truly fighting back against religious mind control, then target the behemoths, not minnows.

    I was writing an article one day and had the television on in the background. I had not heard of Joel Osteen prior to that day and didn’t want to stop writing to change the channel. In his presentation, Osteen said that because men have xy chromosomes, and women only have x chromosomes, men determine the sex of a child.

    Comical as that is – many in his flock will take that as true and logical.

    If Anonymous is targeting this kind of inanity then I applauded the effort. Anything less is hypocrisy because fanatical atheism is a religion and two wrongs don’t make a right.

    • Tom Truthteller

      I’m not sure Robert Oxton Bolt was referring to Christianity because you could say the same for environmentalism, global-warming or any number of left-wing belief systems. You could say the same for the gay-movement and it’s minion of advocates teaching in our public schools……isn’t that mind control? So what you are espousing is applicable to any of these liberal worldview beliefs. Why pick on a good person like Joel Osteen or single out something that he “might” have said. Such intolerance.

      • Al Garnier

        You my, good fellow, are not sure of anything. You are not even aware of the BS you spew from a book written by people 2000 years ago. It would be interesting for those writers to come back today and chuckle over the stupidity of humanity to follow a lie for so long. His brain was definitely more advanced than yours but, most of humanity has evolved beyond the obvious stupid fear tactics toward controlling the simple minds of the time. Religion is less valid today than the monarchy in India or Canada. Grow up for your Christ’s sake and the sake of your species.

  • Cap’n Cyberzone

    Like whack-a-mole the Communists raise their rodent heads again.
    At least now we know who “Anonymous” really is.

    Hey Anonymous! … Communism is against life’s Prime Directive … is why it always fails and always will.
    Soon the other mole, “Occupy” will show itself … Comrade.

    • Al Garnier

      Communism is a term that you religious fanatics throw at every daemon you view as a threat. Anyone with a brain who can see clearly without emotional baggage is a communist to you. So, I guess they and the communists are in good company till the ashole Christians show up and claim hell as their own. You Christfags are a bane on humanity. Why don’t you idiots expedite your trip to hell or heaven or wherever it is your going and leave the rest of us sane people to vie for our survival here on earth?

  • nctimmay

    So why is it that no one has mentioned that the three websites were all running the same version of Joomla AND were all developed by the same company mPowerConsulting Was this really an attack on ‘churches’ or an attack on ‘easy targets’?

    • Al Garnier

      Take your choice. Who cares, it’s only a church web page. Just another sin for you to add to your commandments. If it were of any importance to Anonymous they would have closed down all the church sites. They did this just to prove a point. Your silly religion is unimportant except for the influence it may have on political decisions. That is ithe biggest threat of your inane beliefs.

  • David

    What would Jesus say to this? If they take out one of your websites – let them take out another too. Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you.

    • Al Garnier

      The only haters in this world belong to some inane religion.

  • Janie

    I have read many of the comments on here. It seems to me that everyone believes something. I believe that there are non-Christians who are just as pushy as some Christians. I do not like it when a non-Christian tries to force the schools to teach that same sex marriage is ok. However, if two people of the same sex wants to get married, that is their business. At the same time, I feel that some Christians are over zealous in their attempt to get everyone to believe the same as them. I don’t like have any point of view pushed down my throat. As to these people hacking into and messing up a church’s website, that is just wrong. You have the option of visiting the site or staying away from the site. If you don’t like Christian sites just don’t visit them.

    • Al Garnier

      Well if you don’t like stupid things pushed down your throat, why are you religious? Now you know how the rest of the non-religious world feels Christfag. Do you feel that if you were made aware of homosexuality in school that you would now be gay? You must be really clinging to your manhood, and in more ways than one.

  • danno

    All anonymous is doing is establishing its own hegemony. Instead of allowing anyone the opportunity to decide for himself, or attacking those institutions which are actively harming others, a.non is now going after general institutions which espouse beliefs it doesn’t like. So now, instead of being a voice for freedom, a.non has turned into a power monger, trying to silence those who stand for what it doesn’t like. How ego-driven is that? it just confirms my feeling that a.non is a bunch of kids who don’t have a coherent message or ethos and who get off on the power which corrupts them absolutely.

    • Al Garnier

      The message is: dummy up and stop scam artists in fancy robes from bedeviling your weak mind and stealing your life and freedom. There is no equality for mankind in religion except when your dead. I have to admit that all the dead are equal despite their belief. And guess what, it’s too late to make a life for yourself.and your species when your dead. You stick your head in the sand and let the church, corporate and political leaders stick it to you big time. A big price to pay for the promise of a lie you can never collect on in any universe. Immortality is now possible for our human progeny and it is here in the universe, in reality. We just need to cooperate as a species to accomplish it. I don’t see religion ever uniting mankind and it has failed miserably for thousands of years. We need human cooperation to secure our survival in the iniverse. Time for change.

  • Jim

    Jesus said wars are caused by greed. human governments are represented in the Bible as savage bloodthirsty beasts. Government propagandists play on people’s religious convictions to demonize their ‘enemy of the day’ and convince citizens to sacrifice their lives in warfare.

    Read what Jesus said in the Bible. You might also want to reread George Orwell’s ‘1984’. Don’t be sacrificial sheep for anybody. “Know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” (Bible)

    • Al Garnier

      Jesus said nothing because he never existed. He is a fictional character in a well written fairy tale, almost as good as Harry Potter, unless you fantacise him to be real also?

  • Ricardo

    The Christian church is EVIL! It is responsible for feeding the hungry around the world. For free no less!?!? It is responsible for free medical care around the world as well. How dare they? Not to mention the free dental care that they provide, free clothing, free water wells, free food, etc. They are almost always the first ones on the ground when a national or international emergency happens, offering free assistance. They set up free schools around the world to help with literacy. They never force anyone to attend their churches, and never kill people if they don’t convert. Now they are even offering free sonograms at abortion clinics to those who choose to have one. They frequently offer free marital and family counseling. They help inmates become productive citizens after release.

    They have the audacity to follow the Bible’s safe sex program that prevents most cases of AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases and out of wedlock pregnancy. Many follow the Bible in moral conduct that virtually eliminates the presence of lung cancer, cervical cancer, liver issues, DWI deaths, illegal drug over doses, etc.

    They teach that murder, stealing, rape, incest, and defrauding someone is wrong. They teach people to forgive, rather than to seek retaliation. They try to love and bless those who hate them.
    Those evil wretched Christians!

    • Tom Truthteller

      Thank you Ricardo……..I know the people in my church spend their time and resources trying to help out people in need. They do it selflessly. You are right, the Christian church has helped millions of people in need. What has anonymous or any other anarchists groups done to help others? Nothing.

      • chase

        Perhaps its your church that consists entirely of Angels and Saints…?

        Aa general rule, your statement reeks of lies. But then, to most Theologians, and Humans in general for that matter, a lie isn’t a lie if you believe it to be true.

        Far too many know the truth of what lurkes behind Theologian and Church walls to sell that Hollier than tho we help the community bs.

        Say it as it is, You help so long as…?
        (Fill in the blank with your favorite..,.donation)

      • Al Garnier

        Again, you slap all your hard working friends in the face and give credit to your silly religion. The church did nothing except take your money for the glory and wealth of the church and you still have to do all the work for the poor and needy with little help from the rich coffers of your greedy churches. If you cut out the middle man (religion) there would be more for the poor and needy. This is the beauty of mind control. It’s no wonder Hitler was jealous of his Catholic faith. He could have ruled the world with that kind of blind trust from his mindless followers.

  • Roger L. Owen

    The Worse and Bloodiest Wars with the most Savage acts of Barbarism in the history of mankind has been fought in the name of Religion. A civilized individual does not have time for such foolishness…

    • Tom Truthteller

      Let’s see……… you want to explain that statement? I know liberals always talk about the Crusades, but they never look at the purpose statement the Christians had at the time…….you know, the one that said they would fight for the poor and repressed people………I thought liberals cared about the same people? Now, if you are talking about modern history and about the murder of thousands of innocents by radical Is1am, that’s another story, but don’t call that religion. The victims of anonymous’s attacks weren’t these ki11ers, but just some Christian churches that help people in need every day.

      • Al Garnier

        We all know about the silly crusades and the Nights Templar. That was your silly war to destroy Islam and you failed miserably. Here you are, along with the Jews and Muslims, all believing in the same glorious all knowing and all powerful god and yet your own greed and stupidity cannot prevent you from trying to kill each other in the name of your silly god. You tell me; how fn crazy is that?

  • gretchen

    If they really want to wage war on religion they should be looking at the United Nations plan to have a world religion based on the teachings of mdm, Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Robert Muller.I don’t know who the “Christ” consciousness is…but it isn’t the one you think!Some channelled guy named Maitreya?? Just Google the great invocation, and then trail back to Lucifer publishing and Lucis Trust. Anonymous is chopped liver compared to what is going on behind our veils of preoccupation and ignorance. Anonymous is probably another arm of the deadly octopus with the big illuminous eye…Better wake up and get informed..history repeats itself over and over like a big fractal, and it’s not ALL GOOD!

    • Al Garnier

      Are you reading your own bull? You religious types see gods and daemons on every street corner. You sound like a Christian fundamentalist from the deepest south. “Whoopie, we’re all gonna die.” I don’t mind you spewing your nonsense, it’s amusing to a point. But, you dont have to deamonize everyone who disagrees with your mindless, emotional belief system.

  • andrew

    They have just shown themselves to be tyrants. The first church mentioned has a mandate of service to the community. Pretty gutless choice of target, anony-mouse. Like many atheists they have allowed their religious zealotry cloud their minds to reasonable thinking and shown themselves to be high order hypocrites.

    • Al Garnier

      Gutless is a term best left for cowards who cannot accept the fact of their own mortality.

  • Golddust

    A fool has said in his heart “There is no God.”

  • dave

    Wow, so much here is soo wrong.
    First thing. God made us with free will and to worship him out of love.
    Do you want your child to be forced into loving you? No..he does it because he genuinely wants to. It sais in the Bible That God’s true people will be identified by the love they have for one onother. Ask yourself this. What religion refuses to be a part of this perverted world system by refusing to go to war? That narrows things down a bit doesn’t it. Catholics, jewish and most churches will go to fight wars and they are fighting other catholics, jews etc..etc.. That is not having love among yourselves and being a part of gods true followers will make you refuse to go and fight a war where you will kill other people of the same religion. It is a commandment..You shall not kill. It is simple… I laugh when The U.S president or any world leader goes around fighting wars and bombing this and that and then has the gall to say “God bless america” please…do you really think that god is up there cheering america on? Also, Jesus is god’s son..not the same person..he said this in the bible soo many times. “The father is greater than I” When jesus was baptised god said ” This is my SON whom I have approved”. Also the churches have preached Hell and hellfire for so long that it has blown up in there face. People do not want to worship God because they may go to hell if they don’t. Well there is no hell… it said in the bible “The dead are consious of NOTHING” God wants us to worship him as the one true god, His name is mentioned in the bible hundreds of times ” Jehovah”… How does it make you feel when your child does something for you out of love? It is the same with God. It makes his heart rejoice.
    He gave us the bible, which by the way is the only book that has survived even though people and governments have tried to destroy it.. which they will not do because God will not let that happen.
    The churches are false religion and it mentions in the bible that God only has a chosen people or a One true religion. They are the ones who have nothing to do with this wicked world and do not fight wars etc…
    God made us for a purpose. The earth was meant to be filled with humans who were perfect like Jesus when he was on earth. But because satan challenged god and told him that humans can rule themselves and make there own choices, God has allowed Satan free reign to influence us. However as told in the bible, Gods day is now near..he will get rid of the wickedness and the people who do not want to follow him and his ways. He has given us 6000 years to sort ourselves out and look what we have become. A sesspool of hate, wickedness, pride, self indulging, greedy and self rightous humans who can never EVER rule ourselves. God knows what is best for us..we do not. 6000 years has proved that.

    • Tom Truthteller

      I wish you really knew the Bible like you claim. There was no one in the Bible who talked about hell more than Jesus. I assume you think He is lying because you claim the Bible says there is no hell (interpretation of one passage vs. many verses quoting Jesus) Some of what you say is true……….we have proven that we are all sinners………….that’s why Jesus came to this earth to bring us closer to God…… bring us closer to Holiness. The Bible doesn’t admonish Christians to avoid military service and wars………..there are thousands of Christians who serve today. Those in the U.S. military don’t make war on others……our military doesn’t go out to help us make land grabs or take over the rule of another country.
      God in three persons, blessed Trinity.

      • dave

        Are you serious?
        So you think that being a catholic and going to war and killing other catholics is ok with God?
        Or jews fighting jews etc..etc…
        Please! Jesus clearly stated “BE NO part of the world, just as I am no part of the world”
        It is simple, “Thou shalt not kill”
        God hates violence…but as I said..he has allowed satan a certain amount of time to prove to god that we can rule ourselves and guess what, we have failed miserabely. All you athiests who think we as a world are fine and can rule ourselves..then I would hate to see the world in 30 years time., God always wins in the end.
        He even told us when the end of this SYSTEM of things is near, Floods, earthquakes,war,famine,increases in crime,inflation…etc.. all of these things will start to happen all at the same time and here is an eye opener for you people..
        When the Governments turn on religion and the Churches, get ready because it won’t be long after that when God steps in as told in Revelation. The ones left standing going into Gods new earth and peaceful world will be his chosen people. The ones who have LOVE among themselves.

        P.S Hell is a myth created by the church.
        The bible clearly states, “the dead are consious of NOTHING”
        The bible mentions Hell and hades and gehenna, but they are not a literal firey place. They are symbolic.

    • Al Garnier

      What 6000 years is this now? Why don’t you inform the world of you great religious revelation? I usually try to support the mentally challenged but, there are more qualified therapists who should be handling your withdrawal from reality. Good luck fellow traveler!

  • mimi8

    This is awake up call, all that is happening the bible had predicted, God is True love and no one I said no one will be save but by Him, either you like it or it will happen, there is hell and there is heaven that’s why God gives us free will and as the anonymous I feel so sorry for them all I can do is pray for their souls for it will happen, search the truth by reading your bible it is so simple if you just want to open yours eyes but like I said hell or heaven are choices you can choose either one. Then regarding of what ever whom ever said it will happen He the Lord Jesus will come back and their will be hell to pay so choose wisely. For those that can hear hear or reject him your choice.

    • Tom Truthteller

      I have prayed for these people also and will do so again. My guess is that they will exercise their free will and turn their backs on God. Very sad because eternity is a long time.

      • Al Garnier

        How can you turn you back on god if he is everywhere fool?

    • Al Garnier

      It’s not a wake up call you crazies need, it’s an awakening from emotional fear and ignorance that’s required in this mindless world.

  • Raymond Dale

    The power of the prince of the power of the air now reigning supremo in the hearts and minds of the sheeple.

    • Ken Wood

      Calling people names like sheeple was how they handled debate 100 years ago. Now with modern world views we debate the actual issue rather than belittle the opposing point of view. Having said that I always thought us Atheists would rise above the Abrahamic religious hate wars.

      • Al Garnier

        Take it easy Ken. After all, it takes a lot out of humanity and frustrates even a reasonably intelligent person to instruct slow minded sheeple. It beats “christfags” doesn’t it?

  • Dave

    Cant believe some people are stupid enough they are religious

    • Tom Truthteller

      so what do you have at your core?

      • Al Garnier

        Humanity. What’s a core for you? Fantasy?

  • Raymond Dale

    We have successfully raised our moral standards by lowering the floor but God will not be mocked

  • Jack

    Sounds like people who have to much time on their hands. Look, everyone has pain and everyone has a different view of the source of that pain. Christianity is for guidance and if you don’t want to follow the same beliefs well,… that is your God given right but please, please, please stop being to simple minded. Christianity has helped so many people cope with problems in their lives, find hope and has even fed people who didn’t know where their next meal was coming from.

    So what did these people do? They interfered with those churches ability to feed people, help a suffering family of even helping someone gain reason to why their loved one past. If you ask me… I think that was selfish and immature of them.

    If they were to use it wisely they would….. expose the corrupted, the greedy and the ones who who plan out hurt others NOT be one of those people too.

    Its okay tho… they will be caught soon enough

    • Tom Truthteller

      Thank you………….well said and all true


    I get my information from the Holy Spirit who allows you to objectively respond to his observations. Dawkins is a prisoner of Satan, who writes exactly what Satan puts into his mind, but thinks that he is thinking his own thoughts. The Devil takes such people prisoner at his will. The Devil cannot take me prisoner because I belong to Christ. Because of this I have authority over Dawkins and anything that he tries to do against me. The devil cannot do anything to me without God’s permission.

  • Ken Wood

    In Australia we can’t even go to a public school without having our kids subjected to christianity. Yes, I said public school. We can opt out but our kids then get picked on because they are the odd ones out. I say go anonymous bomb a church today!

  • Tom Truthteller

    You will notice that they say they are attacking “religion,” but the only victims are Christians. They don’t dare attack Mus1ims and they don’t consider attacking Hindus or Buddhists. They conveniently attack the faith that was part of the founding of our country. That reminds us that these anarchist idiots are against the U.S. since they have attacked most of our other institutions. They are after all domestic terrorists. The church does good for people in need, people in pain, children and victims of abuse. The Christian church goes to poor, underserved countries and builds irrigation systems and medical clinics. What does anonymous do by wreck havoc on those who help others and employ others? These people are a menace and serve no good to humanity. They are far-left wing anarchists who need to be locked away for a lifetime.

    • Ken Wood

      I agree. The church does abuse it’s victims.

    • Al Garnier

      Think of nature as your God. A God whose purpose and intelligence is far beyond our comprehension. A God without favor or prejudice. A God who just keeps on creating & destroying life and is oblivious to our individual or species survival. A God who throughout an eternity has and will create life through constant rebirth and death. Not a God of human creation yet, one we all know well. A strange paradox where madness reigns and purpose is fleeting. A universe teeming with life all vying for survival.

      Such a universe must be totally void of morals, purpose or reward? But, for the species lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, a species with the intelligence to unlock the secrets of God himself; this species may be able to survive in the universe through future eternity. If humanity is to survive we first have to save our planet, then explore the universe while spreading the seed of mankind to insure our survival from natures eventual destruction.

      This view of God  comforts me greatly when I realize that I could be a part off, or maybe a contributor to the immortality of such a species.

  • JustMe

    lol – anyone actually buying this crap?

    Nice try CIA.

    • John

      I agree, anonymous is CIA.

  • Ricardo

    Sounds like a hate crime to me.

  • Spamexterminator

    I’m not sure what to say without being to derogatory but Religion only became a religion by force. See back when religion started they considered it a Cult then the believers gathered there fellow followers and waged war on small villages killing all who refused to believe and join there cause. They made there army bigger and bigger and attacked larger and larger civilizations till the religious believers dominated the world. Religion was born from violence and it had a name it was called the Crusades. I refuse to belong to any “CULT” I will believe in what ever I feel like AND I”M SO ABSOFRICKENLUTELY SICK TIRED OF THESE RELIGIONS SAYING YOU YOU DON”T REPENT AND ASK JESUS FOR FORGIVENESS THAT YOU WILL GO TO HELL!!! ALL I HAVE TO SAY TO THAT IS THEY CAN ALL GO TO HELL!!! I’m no ignoramice I studied the bible I went to church I also studied ancient aliens and science and what I’ve come to find out “RELIGION” is nothing but here say, “ANCIENT ALIENS” is a geeks way of trying to explain things that they believe impossible by human standards(which by the way they weren’t since many thousands of slaves worked together to make those impossible things happen), and “SCIENCE” only looks for the truth (and every fricken time they discover something that puts a shadow of doubt on religion the religious community start calling names). If your religious don’t try speaking to me I’ve heard enough of your bullshit. I will put all my faith into science that is the only thing that will save humanity in the end, if they can just get a break from these religious cults saying that’s a sin and against gods will.

  • Ken Wood

    I’m with AC/DC – Hell ain’t a bad place to be!

  • Ken Wood

    Where exactly is this hell place anyway? Exactly. What are the co-ordinates?

  • Hamid

    “A sickness that creates hate and intollerance,”

    An ironic statement – considering how much tolerance this cretin is showing in defacing other people’s property.

    “a sickness that brings people to wage war on their fellow people,”
    And what sickness allows a proxy cyber war against people who have not harmed him personally?

    “a sickness that has come to this world long time ago, when mankind wasn’t educated,”

    Right – and our cretinous friend has come to set the world aright – demonstrating how well educated he himself is with such classics as ‘surpression’ and ‘intollerance’!

    People who are disturbed and affronted by other people’s beliefs when those beliefs cause them no harm – are fascists and would really have been a lot happier had they been born in the 1920’s Russia or 1930’s Germany.

    have any of these ‘anonymous’ got the balls to vandalise a muslim site and come out publicly and admit it?

  • Tom Aikins

    When are these religious fruitcakes going to go away and leave the rest of us alone? Their beliefs are so idiotic I can’t even fathom how they do this.

  • Aaron

    Anonymous is not attacking religion but attacking Christianity it appears. So their fight might be relevant if it wasn’t blanketed under false guise. In addition the true nature of Christianity is to love they neighbor. Can’t really argue with that. and then how do they know God is not real? because they haven’t been struck by lightening? what children’s book have they been reading? We have free will to act and choose freely with God’s direct intervention. therefore they will not be struck down by lightening for choosing their path. lastly, ironically enough, the Bible speaks of organizations and such like these in the end times that will try to destroy people’s believe in God.

    • Aaron

      *…WITHOUT God’s direct intervention..

      • dave

        Yes, we have free will.
        But he created us like that when we were perfect (adam/eve).
        However they were decieved by Satan.
        Ask yourself, why didn’t god just wipe satan and his demons out and wipe Adam and Eve out and start again??
        Because, the question was raised “Can man rule himself”
        The answer “NO WAY”
        But people take free will to mean that they can do whatever they like without any consequence.
        Take smoking for instance.
        That is an act of free will, however it harms our body and the bible states not to do anything to harm your body.
        This comes from god. So do you think he wants us to all just go around doing whatever the hell we like. I don’t think so.
        We should do what is right and we should live how HE wants us to live.
        God has a purpose for this planet and his TRUE followers in the very near future.
        P.S Just keep an eye out for the governments turning on religion, won’t be too long after that when people will get a huge wake up call from Heaven.

    • chase

      How do you know God isn’t real…?

      Use your head man, THINK!

      The Bible is a conglomerate of stories taken from many religious beliefs from surrounding areas and tribes – etc.

      They couldn’t keep Aesopes fables straight, as a matter of fact, they have a hard time figuring out the actual story he told. Think the stories on the Bible are any different? Get real..

      • dave

        Sorry but that is incorrect.
        Please state your references and where you got this info from.
        The bible has stories yes, but the prophecy that has been fulfilled is absolutely amazing when you actually go right into it and study the bible.
        Take for instance the fall of babylon.
        The bible predicted a few hundred years before that this would happen and it even named, BY NAME, King Cyrus who would divert the river around babylon and sneak into the city and take it over. It predicted the coming of Jesus and soo many other thiings that if you study the bible you would be amazed at how accurate it is. They have found ancient stone tablets with the bible writings on it.
        Also, do you think that MAN, could write such a perfect moral way. Most of our laws come from the bible.
        No killing, stealing etc…

        • Al Garnier

          The Bible, Koran and Thora are not reference books, they are story books.

    • Al Garnier

      Christianity, Islam, Judaism have no true nature. They are not even closely related to nature as Buddhaism. There is no immortality in nature except for the species. Your religions have no basis in reality and therefore do not exist in reality. You believe in the end of humanity and offer no hope to anyone except the dead. We all know dead men tell no tales and it would be a sin even against your mindless god if humanity does not achieve continued existance in the real universe. Nature intended life to continue and to be recorded by those living. As I said dead men tell no tales.

  • BHoon

    Older atheists were usually content to live and let live. The modern militant atheist, is a different animal. Like Dawkins and their atheologians, they are more anti-theist, but especially Anti-Christian bigots. Freedom of conscience and religion to them is anathema to their new dogmas. They are fascists with computers.

    • chase

      You’re referring to an anarchist more than an atheist.

      An atheist becomes an anarchist when pushed to far, no matter the age. Some of your more formidable anarchist are or have come of age.

      Atheism is simply an easy way of saying one is not holding to theologian beliefs, be them mono-theologian beliefs or other wise. People that can see things for what they are, that “Santa” isn’t really a person, more of a concept I would presume to be more inclined to athirst holdings anda belief in ones self rather than the mystical.

      A simplified take on it imo.

  • Mr. K

    There are always those individuals who are locked in there own ignorance who wish to tear down something which they see as a threat.

    • Al Garnier

      Ignorance is a way of life for religious people. You are no threat except when waging wars and jihads for your ignorant belief.

  • Raymond Moser

    Anonymous has just entered unchartered territory where his actions are either done by his enemies to Dis-Credit anyone remotely in his universe or by himself out of ignorance or a false sense of emotional “genius”. He has made himself dangerous enough to thus be a literal physical target of many, many sources of power. If the government does not arrest him and protect him from himself, he faces a nightmare of search and destroy from truly dangerous people. If he has any friends who really Love him or her, they will turn him in as quickly as possible. There is a long history of anarchists who attack religions. It never turns out well. The way to counter the arguments of the religious is thru reasoned information and actual stories of how the religious principles are applied. Anonymous has gone outside the battleground of ideas and has lost any legitimate claim to speak for anything other than his narcissistic (overgrown ego) self. He thus has limited counsel and audience. Such is the life of ALL anarchists.

    • Al Garnier

      There is no “genius” in emotion. Emotion is a natural instinct programmed into our DNA for the purpose of survival. There is no HE in Anonymous. It is a major mass of humanity who have stripped emotional belief from reason and rationality and have awakened to reality. It is a growing idea that recognizes the greed and destruction of religions and politics and has decided to change the world toward respect and equality of all mankind not just the greedy few.

  • admin

    These people are going a great thing for humanity by attacking religion. Payback Time!!!

  • Robert

    Well religion aside… because this is really more about the target and event than the acutal details.

    This doesn’t really seem to make much sense. Why go after a few small (in my case unheard of) churches? This wasn’t so much an attack on religion than an attack on a few small targets. Why not pick an Islamic site? Why not the church of Scientology? Heck, why not shut down the Vatican? All of which would surely have made more of a point?

    More really a case of “foh dah lulz.” than anything else if you ask me. What’s next, organic free range livestock on the PETA website?

    • Al Garnier

      The true target is human ignorance and stupidity.

  • Anne

    oh, goodie, I so love it when Atheists and anti-Churchers open doors, never found people who so avidly believe in God! all these wonderful non-sensical items and arguments and boy, do they know God and the Church! :)

    Let me lovingly insult you by telling you a truth you cannot escape and while I am at it, let me also lovingly force this on you:

    God loves you, He knows you. No amount of argument or denial on your part will change God’s destiny for mankind – His Son, Jesus Christ, Saviour and Eternal Life.

    And they know this too!

    • Al Garnier

      Yes, we are all too aware of the density of god and the “density” of those who believe in him. I feel comforted that your god loves me. I guess the rest of humanities gods don’t. I would feel even more comforted if I did not have to give up my mental health and my entire life to a hand full of greedy clergy who control feeble minds and governments.
      Thanks but, no thanks.

  • scubajeff

    Wait folks, religion is a voluntary effort in democratic societies, which are often also home to the major groups of christianity, other countries in such areas as the middle east are arguably somewhat forced religion. regardless, people even in those areas cannot be forced into thinking into a particular belief, many go through the motions of religion without having a mental conviction. you cannot control what i think. ever. so i take anonymous to task on this mind control bit. no question about it- so much harm is done in the name of religion, proven recorded fact. but to suggest that people cannot walk away from it, im sorry that just isnt factual.
    it appears this was a personal vendetta from someone within anon. why not take down some of the larger targets like the 700 club? why not hit muslim or other religions?

    • Al Garnier

      Religion, as mind numbing as I may be, is not a target. It is the influence of those religions, (war, greed and human carnage) on political decisions that Anonymous are truely concerned with. All religions eventually resort to violence in defending their insanity. Check the history books then, check the story books (Bible, Koran, Thora). They thrive on wars, slavery and human carnage. Anonymous knows that we cannot completely change the psyche of the religious fanatic. It would be like trying to medically change the effects of inbreeding. It is the freedom of the intelligence and psyche of their children that deserves the efforts of Anonymous. They also know that all religions have no problems with killing their own offspring in defense of their fanaticism. They will remain Anonymous and protect the lives of the mentally awakened. “Peace on earth and good will to all men” should be more important than any prayer offered to your greedy gods.

  • Amazed

    I’d like to see anonymous use their (overly self-hyped) genius to publicly solve some problems rather than anonymously cause them for others. Where is the glory in that?

    BTW, I don’t think I’ve ever read so many intolerant comments in a comment stream before. INTOLERANCE, it seems, is relative to your belief system. Atheists — judging by these comments as well as Anonymous’ actions– are some of the most intolerant groups out there.

    • Al Garnier

      It is the intolerance of religions that have spawned all wars and human carnage in human history.

  • Me

    I’m not religious. The only thing Anonymous’s message appears to prove is that they can hate and use the language of hate as hatefully as any religious zealot.
    Unfortunate that.

    • Al Garnier

      Anonymous uncovers truth. They deal in proof and fact rather than emotion and lies. There is no hatred, just genuine fear and concern for the future of humanity in the universe. Humanity has to learn to cooperate and improve the human condition in support of human immortality as a species. This cannot be accomplished through the mindset of present day religions. Global systems require major change to accomplish this goal.

  • Elling

    Religious fanatism is the course of terror, murders and discrimination of all kinds! This short life of ours would be much better if religion were not a part of it. How can anyone believe that he or she are the only ones with the right belief!

  • http://Facebook DL

    Anonymous is now saying we have to believe as they do. They mentioned religions teaching intolerance? They need to practice what they preach. Also, are they going to attack the most intolerant of all religions, islam? Or, are they just attacking Christians because they are easy prey and turn the other cheek?

    Personally, I think they are a bunch of loons and losers without jobs who have nothing better to do than set around and think up ways to piss people off while they masturbate to internet porn. Kind of like the occupy crowd………

    • Matthew 10:32-33


    • Al Garnier

      All religions, (Islam(Muslim) Jewish or Christian, there are more), are political factions that deal primarily in mind control. They offer mindless promises that cannot be fulfilled in any rational universe and offer eternal damnation and suffering to anyone who may question their insanity. Intelligent people are now believing in the immortality of humanity in the universe instead of Santa Clause the Easter Bunny and personal immortality. If most believers were to discover that religion was a lie and a scam to control their minds, they would first be angry for being used and then feel a strong sense of relief that they will not spend the rest of eternity in everlasting damnation.

  • David T. McKee

    What I find particularly humorous about these “Anonymous” Idiots is how cowardly and scare they are. If they ever had to face a real issue outside of their little mobs or from behind their little computer screens, they would poop their pants because they are little scared rats, and they know they are rats. They demonstrate their low IQ as well as lack of courage by going after Christian web sites, but lets see them go in person to a Mosque and try that? No, they wont go after false religions of hate because hate is all they themselves know – hate is all they have. I feel sorry for such human debris.

    • Matthew 10:32-33


    • Al Garnier

      Religions created cowardice. They promises individual immortality and promote the freedom to ignore and destroy the human race in the name of their gods. As you have read in these comments, they even promote the end time through prophecy, as if some religious, fenatical lunitic would not try to make the prophecy self-fulfilling. To nonbelievers, this is total madness and cowardice. Believers cling to the lie of their own immortality and ignore the survival of their progeny in the universe. This is the epitome of cowardice. Anonymous are not cowards. Otherwise, they would simply crash the entire network and throw the entire world into chaos. They would not have the support of most good decent people who believe in humanity throughout the world and are tired of the insanity that pretends to support freedom for all. It is time for reason to rule.

  • SomeRandomSupporter


  • tr3m0r

    More or less in response to the selection of the churches that were attacked, is that they had some easily exploitable vulnerability that made for a juicy target. Megachurches and the like invest more in security and would likely be harder to deface. As far as religion goes, my opinion is “let people believe what they will”. I don’t care much for ‘pushers’ from any sect of religion or atheism… this is why wars are fought and people die.

  • Robin Calamaio

    Sounds like this is coming from a real healthy bunch wouldn’t you say? Hiding behind anonymous, passive aggressive traits, censors … let’s all become like them and get real healthy, too.

  • Robin Calamaio

    So, … we are to become healthy like these people? Passive aggressive, censors, judges and jury with cliche understandings and charges – and do this under the courageous name “Anonymous.” Let’s all become healthy defacers like these jewels of humanity.

  • Chris Lawton

    There are a lot of beliefs in this discussion, maybe we should put them on a website, see which one Anonymous attacks, then we would know the truth!

    • Al Garnier

      If you follow religion you will never know the truth. Truth is in the here and now not in the hereafter. Wake up and save humanity before you force it into extinction.

  • Matthew 10:32-33

    “Whoever acknowledges me before men I will also acknowledge before my father who is in Heaven. But whoever disowns me before men, I will also disown before my Father who is in Heaven.” — JESUS, recorded in the Gospel of Matthew 10:32-33

    • Al Garnier

      Lets do it then. Little chance of losing anything that does not exist and cannot be proven in the universe by any real science. Why wait until you are dead to enjoy life and improve humanity.

  • Chris

    Poor Richard Dawkins, a man who is wise in his own eyes. I can say he is poor, because I was just like him. If there is anyone else out there that believes that “something can come from nothing” like I used to believe and poor Richard still believes I challenge you or better yet dare you to watch “Expelled, no intelligence allowed” a documentary by Ben Stein. Poor Richard himself is interviewed by Ben Stein in this documentary. Then if you think you are still as “open minded” as you say you are, you should read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. For those that don’t know Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, are four different I witness accounts from four different men on the life of one man. Seek and you shall find.

    • Al Garnier

      All mindless religions are written in the language and period ignorance of the intelligent minds of human beings, not by gods. If one were to come forward in today’s advanced societies with a more valid belief in human existence, they would be ridiculed and killed by the mindless fanaticism of long existing religions. Just as religions have always handled disputes with other warring religions throughout human history. Anonymous is the proof of my hypothesis.

    • Al Garnier

      The difference between you and Richard Dawkins is that he promotes truth, science and reason as a means to human survival in the universe, while you promote your own immortality through fear, ignorance and unproven theology and religion. These fairy tales were written during a time of ignorance and lack of knowledge. The universe has evolved, the human psyche not. Like any human function the psyche needs to be exercised or it will atrophy and die. Religion has all but killed the human spirit and psyche toward human survival. It is time for free thinking, it is time for change.

  • chase

    Arguing or even talking to theologians no matter their beliefs in most cases is like talking or arguing with a drunk.

    Something you just don’t do, because you get no where quick…

    • Craig

      Oh, and you have had numerous discussions with theologians I suppose.

      Theology is the systematic and rational study of religion, NOT a religion itself.

      Let’s hope you aren’t an entomologist.

      • Al Garnier

        Entomologists are highly trained in understanding the evolution of nature. They are totaly involved in understanding the purpose and evolution of less intelligent species. Theology is a study into the emotional fear and ignorance of the human psyche and how religion best controls the psyche of the less intelligent.

  • good deal

    Considering the constant amount of information fed to the world via churches, TV, radio and more this is hardly a blip on the religious radar.

  • Blob

    Jesus was a man,that is all

    • Al Garnier

      Jesus was a lie fabricated by a cruel Emperor. Constantine had conquered the known world in the 4th century and created Christ from his wife’s belief in her Hebrew religion and his own belief in a Sun God. There were too many “atheist” (a term coined by Constantine for anyone who didn’t believe his lies) creating discourse in his slaves and he wanted to get his great city built. He created his own religion and destroyed all reference to any other religions, except that of his wife’s belief as a Hebrew. It was common place for emperors to set themselves up as gods and destroy all idols and tenets of previous emperors (gods). Constantine was highly successful because he did not promote himself as a god. He promoted immortality for everyone, not just gods and succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. (he had many) Jesus is a fictional character from a 1700 year old fairy tale. The Bible is accepted as a book in the anals of history like the Koran, Thora and the Epic of Gilgamesh. But their content can hardly be accepted as historical fact.

  • Connie Kirkpatrick

    So who appointed him God? He is attacking the basic rights that he shares with these churches. Free speech, freedom of religion and he broke a commandment: Though shalt not judge. :) Well, maybe not a commandment but still. Judge as ye shall be judged.

    Hacking? Breaking the law, interfering with another person’s right to religious choice. He could have just as easily tweeted.

    Well, Anonymous got his 15 minutes of fame. Look at all the attention we have given him. ick.

    • Al Garnier

      When teaching truth, your attention is all that is required. Anonymous presents the truth of the tyranny of religious and political regimes. It is up to the individual to believe or disbelieve as they choose. There is not a threat to life or everlasting damnation in Anonymous teaching. Just truth and factual information. Anonymous is an awakening of the human psyche and will not be destroyed by lies and deception or mindless emotional rants. Anonymous is in full support of human freedom, equality and dignity, unlike global religions and politics of today.

  • Dell D.

    Her is a stupid question “Is Anonymous overstepping its bounds by attacking an institution like religion?” Would you think that they “Overstepped” if they keyed someones car, or threw a brick through a window. It’s property damage period.

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    • Al Garnier

      Wow, you people must be a very successful gambling syndicate. You certainly recognize the need, greed and desperation of the religious mind. Bet you make a fortune here though, I do not support any organization taking advantage of the mentally challenged.

  • Peter

    I love how anonymous claims that they fight for freedom. Last time I checked freedom of religion fell under that category. I don’t understand how defacing religious websites helps that cause.

  • Bill

    Anonymous pretends to stand for ‘freedom’ yet they themselves seek to destroy the very freedom of faith and peace that millions have in this world. To believe in nothing is not real freedom but merely escapism. Hitler sought to release people from the ‘tyranny’ of religion and in the end led people into a much worse form of ‘tyranny’ that was an enslavement to brutality, narrowmindedness, bigotry, destruction, hatred, genocide and pure evil. Anonymous and the likes thereof have nothing to offer mankind that is positive, encouraging, uplifting, pure or intelligent but merely wanton destruction, stupidity, hatred and their own religion of emptiness. Not all those in this world who have faith are religious zealots bent on murder, death and destruction in the name of their ‘god’. Anonymous accomplishes nothing but chaos and chaos brings about nothing.

    • Revive

      Chaos has brought you here Bill or you would have never taken the time to post. Anonymous are simply a product of the chaos, like any other group that think outside of the box, whether it is praised, ridiculed or simply ignored. You can’t think for a second that the world in which you and I live in is not in dire straits.

    • Al Garnier

      Hitler was a mindless Christian and like Constantine, tried to create his own religion void of Jewish influence and laced with Natzie supremacy.

    • Al Garnier

      Anonymous offers equality, self respect and dignity for all mankind, not just the chosen few. We are all in this universe together and if we cannot learn to live together, we will surely perish. Like many other species we have destroyed. Common sense concerning a growing human population, global food shortages and human disasters created by climate change are what Anonymous are championing. Religions make false promises of individual eternal life, which destroys the ambition of nature to promote survival of the human species. We are at a time in our evolution where we have the capability of space travel and instant communication with almost all of humanity. We are idiots as individuals but, as a species working together toward our survival, we are invincible. We may now have the capability to promote the true immortality of the human race. This is the goal of Anonymous, to promote human survival in the universe. They realize that we cannot accomplish this without total human cooperation. Religions and governments have promoted wars, human carnage and despair for thousands of years and will not change as long as emotion rules the human psyche. It is time for a change toward balance, reason and humanities’ achievable immortality.

  • Revive

    Most here and as well as the rest of humanity that perform religious practices; are not self taught to do so, but are influenced by family, friends, and general society. No one here including me had anything to do with what was written millenniums ago. So it goes without saying that what you pray to or about is of another peoples believes and practices, and not your own, even though you may confide with the teachings of yesterdays.

    Religion regardless of the name or title that it bares has changed allot, since the beginning of the industrial age and maybe longer and when I think the phrase ‘industrial age’ I think of money. Where agricultural importance was over shadowed by the control of industry and manufacturing along with foreign trade interest groups. And since really money is the core of all that we all must earn to make a living or to expand your business, then possibly SOME religious groups are simply a product of that evil (money). With some 5 billion people worldwide involved in religion. That in a metaphorical Internet marketing medium… they are great numbers to work with.

    I’m not sure any large regious groups, like Christianity, Islam, etc. are void of such an enticing seed, besides you cannot expand your believes to the masses without it. Mainly because we do not live in a idealistic world, where giving ends at one precise moment without expecting something back in return. I’m not saying anyone here as well as the majority of followers of any religion are involved in the bigger picture.

    What I am saying though is that the peoples or groups that control the money… basically control everything that we may believe in, buy as consumers, and periodically like clockwork dictates what is right or wrong, and what family or the values of social relationships among human are truly important for the majority. Which bring me back to my first sentence that we are influenced and not self taught about what we should as people religiously believe?

  • Revive

    @ CasioTeam – Proves my point … haha change my life.

  • Graeme Hunter

    Religion comes is derived from its Latin terms:–re, meaning back and ligare, to bind. Religion means that which binds one back to the origins or the fountain-head which that source has many names. When religions are created by man, what follows are rules and regulations, then comes the creeds and dogmas, then comes the closed minds and ignorance rules. When ignorance rules, the darkness of ignorance. In other words stop thinking and just believe usually. When that happens they see no further than their own noses and they then justify
    themselves in what they believe by either saying your wrong and we are right then what happens is they suppress any belief that is foreign to theirs. You see it in every country in the world. Yet the so called founders of these religions sought brotherhood, love, peace, tolerance so that they could understand and love all and serve all. When ignorance rules then darkness and ignorance is worshiped. Everyone has a right to their opinion it is what they do with it that we either act on or reject and that if what is called freedom of speech.

    • Craig

      So, instead of them thinking they are right and you are wrong, you think you are right and they are wrong.

      I’m so with you on that one!

      Wait, which side of the mirror are you on?

      • Al Garnier

        Don’t deal with smoke and mirrors Craig, try thinking from reason and proven scientific fact. Reason and technology are our only hope for survival in the universe.

  • Craig

    This isn’t really about whether or not religion is good, bad or indifferent.

    Let’s look at what was done and why.

    To attack religion and for the lulz.

    Every record throughout history that man has left of his life have involved mention of religion of one form or another going back to and beyond when the Sphinx in Egypt was carved, some would say 12,000 years ago or 100’s of thousands of years as evident in cave paintings.

    Members of various religions have been persecuted almost to extinction but yet, religion, in its various forms and belief systems still exist. Mankind has shown a need to believe in something outside of and higher than himself for whatever reason all throughout recorded history. I don’t know but I think 100’s of thousands of years is a pretty good indicator of what kind of change is possible and what is not.

    Anonymous can’t seriously think they are actually going to change human history or some might even say, human nature.

    So an attack on religion, no one can be that naive. On the other hand, religions have been trying to wipe out and or assimilate other religions for almost as long as there have been religions so could that be it? Anonymous has found a new religion and wants to convert everyone, especially the ‘opposition’?

    L.Ron Hubbard would likely applaud.

    It must be for the lulz then. But can that really be it?

    They defaced church sites that were probably created by a Junior Choir member who thinks that the tag is the greatest thing to hit the Interweb, until Cow Clicker came along.

    That would be really funny if the sites were defaced by another Junior Choir member from another church, who thinks that is the perfect layout tool.

    But in this case we have a few 1337 ha><ors flexing their muscles against Junior Choir members' web skillz, or lack thereof.

    Now that IS funny!

    I vote, 'Lulz'!

    • Craig

      That should have read, “…Junior Choir member who thinks that the marquee tag is…” and “another Junior Choir member from another church, who thinks that the table tag is the perfect layout tool”

    • Al Garnier

      The one thing that brilliant minds did not have access to in the thousands of years you speak off is knowledge. Knowledge has evolved beyond a belief in humanity being the centre of the universe. Religious people have not, and will not accept the facts of evolution and science. Science will postulate theories from known facts while religion promotes theology based on miracles and lies. Big difference don’t you think?

    • Al Garnier

      Here you go again! Trying to make a religion out of baseless, unproven emotional ideas from inside your empty head. The nonexistent junior choir child who you credit for this website was coached, cajoled and lied too for his or her entire life to produce this great religious tribute. I know that it is your religious indoctrination that forces you to think within the narrow walls of emotion, fear and ignorance. You need to meditate and purge your thoughts of emotional fanticy and view the universe through the clarifying lense of reality.

  • Adam Fuchs

    It was only a matter of time for this headline to occur and, specifically, for a “call to arms.”

    The Bible foretold it–and those like it–would occur during the Last Days, and here we are.

    2 Timothy 4:2-4

    Sad humanity is going this way.

    But again, it was written that it’d be so in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 that many would walk away from Christianity as history comes to a close. This is now fulfilled.

    • Al Garnier

      We should all burn palm leaves and anoint ourselves with oils to be easily slipped up into the rapture. The only history coming to an end is the history of the reign of ignorance, and the commencement of truth and enlightenment in the world.

  • Larry Lubell

    I respect others, and expect others to respect me.

    Richard Dawkins had every right to make the video and express his views. Ideally we live in a country where each of us can follow the religous views, or lack there of, as we see fit.
    I do have a major problem with people attacking other’s faith; as I do those who would try to force their faith on me.

  • Absolute Webworks

    Regardless of their reason to invade and destroy others works, that behavior is unethical. I would rather side towards doing the right thing rather than being unethical.

    • Al Garnier

      There are no ethics in religion, only in truth and nature. If there were ethics in religion or politics, the world would be at peace. War and human carnage would end. Sanity would return to humanity.

  • Rahul

    One of their leaders – Sabu – is arrested within two days after they began their “war” against Christanity. Wars fought against the Lord Jesus Christ are always lost.

    • Al Garnier

      Gees you sound like a Muslim. Ars you declaring jihad?

  • John Wayne

    Well. Its certainly a dirty and thankless job, But someone has got to do it.

    Rock on Anonymous

  • Craig


    Shine light on what was once was hidden and anonymous and self preservation takes over where there once were supposedly high ideals.

    What is the problem with ‘Security through obscurity’? Remove the obscurity and the house crumbles.

    It’s not so easy to do whatever you want with impunity when it can be known who you are and where you can be found, is it?

    Welcome to the real Internet.

  • real talk

    so they say theres no god…why dont u have your butt hole on your forehead? EXACTLY WE ARE PERFECTLY MADE look at yourself it wasn’t a fluke not to talk about earth,stars,sun ect what bunch of fools

    • Al Garnier

      I guess you don’t believe in evolution then? Let me explain. If nature intended us to have a butt hole in our foreheads through evolution, then there would be only one religion and we’d all be Christians.

  • dario90

    This is a new group of Neonazis? please stop this, there is too many people disappointed with these attacks. You are generalizing all religions and because mistakes past more than 2 centuries ago.

    • Al Garnier

      I guess its fair for you to call us names like Neonatzis, we constantly refer to you as old mindless fools believing in fairy tales. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and yours is as crappy as mine.

  • Lee Hirt

    The view is very different on persecution depending on whether or not you are a Christian. If you are being persecuted you know it, but the persecutor may be totally unaware of their impact.

    NonChristians I know could care less what Christians believe or don’t believe. That’s your business just as what we believe is our business.

    And for goodness sake if relgions don’t want to pay taxes then keep religion out of politics!

  • Bob Sharpe

    Let’s see some of the evils created by Christianity:

    The elimination of slavery
    The proliferation of hospitals
    Relief organizations that have aided millions of people
    Countless schools and universities
    The elevation of women from property to personhood
    High regard for human life
    etc. etc. etc.

    Wow! That’s a lot of evil!

    • Al Garnier

      Yes Bob we know! All paid for by the charity of the unfortunate sheep in your flock, not to mention all of the opulence and obscene wealth of the church, all from the blood, sweat and generosity of the mislead sheep.

    • Al Garnier

      Religion is no better but, more devious than slavery. It sucks the money from the pocket and offers a post mortum reward for your slavery to a lie. So, forget your first thought!

  • TwoSockPuppets

    I am a Christian. I don’t make excuses for other Christians actions or inaction. Faith vs atheism is a fruitless debate.

    Anonymous is fantastic. Their intentions behind their attacks have been good in every single attach that they have made. I hope that in the future they will really research the religious sites they attack. Look at what they actually do. As a decent human being, I would be throwing a party if Fred Phelps site were taken out by Anonymous.

    I know that it is easy to throw an entire group of people under the bus, but take a look at what is going on within that group at a smaller scale before your attack. I HATE it when I here someone talking about “those atheists”. Each person is different. Some violent, some propped up by groupthink, others walking their path as best as they can.

    Anyway, in this conversation their doesn’t seem to be anyway to be decent to one another. So, flame on if you wish.

  • Al Garnier

    Who the hell cares why they do what they do or what nonsense they insult? They are doing a great job of spreading real thruth in the world. All they are doing is telling the world facts that people should know to make an informed decision about what these idiots are up too. Kudos Anonymous!!

  • Al Garnier

    We will eradicate ‘God’s absolutes and country  borders.’ Surely not by a utilitarian jihad but, by installing representatives sympathetic to our cause, gradual education of the public through political debate, mass media and peaceful demonstration. 

    We require regulation of world finance for more equal distribution of global wealth and resources toward human sustainability. Redirection of industrial  government contracts toward support for renewable fuels, research into food production , science and space exploration as opposed to weapons, oil and war. Meanwhile appealing to human sanity, corporations, religions and governments for global cooperation in securing sufficient food and shelter for all humanity, not  just the privileged. 

    We can push for a more active, veto free United Nations with teeth to gradually bite into government & religious tyranny, regional disparity and human inequality. We can also appeal to religious leaders to adopt a more human survival friendly approach to deity. A God who has mercy on those poor souls left here in religious hell on earth. It has to happen or the bloodshed will continue as humanity’s true immortality wanes.

    Our government will be global. We will unite all people across the world. We will unite us all under an altruistic banner and all genders, all races, all faiths will see the justice in our call. Our government will be by the people for the people. Wealth and resources will be shared “equally” or if not equally then fairly. Because we have “eradicated Gods absolutes  and “eradicated the borders of country” there will be peace on earth. Our government of true thinking altruists will not be corrupted (like the bondage of those deceptive religions). There will be problems with disputes but, they will be handled with “reason”, forgiveness and understanding. And who could fail to see the much needed humanity in our reason? We can start with an absolute separation between church and state. One should not influence the other.

    There will be no abomination of war in a free thinking world when we shed the shackles of religious mental tyranny. All citizens of the world will be well cared for and supported toward their personal self determination. The self serving attitudes and corruption of world governments will be focused under the same spotlight of accountability and truth. No free thinker would fight or die for a mindless, greedy cause while there remains a remote chance of peace and conciliation. Instead of Big Brother watching us, we will be awatching Big Brother.

  • SadExAnonOp

    Anonymous did many things that the Government would not or could not do (like taking child pornography websites down). But, this is so disappointing. Isn’t this an EXTREME anomaly? Anonymous is playing God by trying to take away people’s rights to believe what they please. It is people that harm each other. Not religion.

    • greg

      your right! and why don’t they also allow religion to be 100% in charge of America! not like anyone’s going to die or anything…. I hope you understand how disappointing your comment was

  • Zackary Frack

    I have a brilliant notion for it

  • someguy

    the religious holy books are the most lethal weapons of mass destruction, if anonymous declares war on them, they wont have a chance! I support them in everyway possible and hope they succeed!