Anonymous Announces Operation Defense Phase II In Response To CISPA

    April 27, 2012
    Zach Walton
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I told a friend last night that it wouldn’t be long before Anonymous reacted to the news of CISPA passing the House. I was right with Anonymous uploading a new video today that announces Operation Defense Phase II.

If you weren’t around for the first phase of Operation Defense, it was a coordinated effort to protest CISPA with various cyberattacks and other usual Anonymous tactics. The speaker in the video admits that DDoS attacks aren’t as effective anymore with many corporations upgrading their network to handle the influx of hits.

To that end, Anonymous is proposing a joint coalition between the Occupy movement, themselves and other factions to physically protest against the corporations and politicians who support CISPA. Anonymous says to expect similar protests that were made against the church of Scientology a few years ago.

This means that they are looking for people to protest at various locations owned by these corporations, not just at a corporate office or in a general area. In essence, they are taking the fight to places that normal people visit.

The targets of the two month long protest will be AT&T, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Verizon, Bank of America, Chase Bank, McGraw-Hill, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Target, Wal-Mart, CVS, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. Each protest will be set between certain dates. Consult the video for the dates of each protest. For more information, check out the official Anonymous Twitter feed for this particular movement.

What do you think of Anonymous reinitiating its physical protests movement? Will it be effective? Let us know in the comments.

  • Spamexterminator

    That was awesome! Feel like I’m living in a real life Hackers Movie. All I have to say destroy them all.

  • mouseanon

    Anon are haxors, taking the fight offline will not only expose their identities, but is fool-hardy when their skills are digital in nature.
    They want to do something – that’s great, but stop trying to be all things – just the best at what you’re good at.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/zach-walton Zach Walton

      Anonymous has pulled off many similar real life operations before and it didn’t expose any of them. Their plan usually involves pulling many people from the community together to protest at local venues to send a message to the top. As they said, DDoS attacks don’t really work anymore. If they have people show up at a majority of, say Verizon, stores nationwide and impact their business, then Verizon will have to listen.

    • Sean Cowan

      a small group of anon are hackers, everyone else is just people who want to change what they view as a corrupt government. this gives a different chance for those who can’t hack or use their computer to host a DDoS bot to show their support. A resistance comes about and is made up of people of all kinds, and just because the group is infamous for having a select few extremely talented hackers does not make all of them hackers.

  • Pat

    Anonymous to CISPA

  • Pat