Ann Curry: Gray Hair Might Have Cost Her “Today” Job

    August 9, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Ann Curry was a beloved figure on the “Today” show for years, and when she was let go back in June, the news shocked America. NBC News president Steve Capus explained that the time had come when Curry’s heart just wasn’t in it, and that was the reason for her sudden departure; although, according to him, it was anything but sudden.

“I think it was not where her real passion was,” he said. “In her heart of hearts, I think she would admit that. I think her real passion is built around reporting on international stories. It’s tough to convey a sincere interest in something if you don’t possess it. We live in a HD world. Dan Rather used to say the camera never blinks. Well, this is an HD world now, and the camera picks up everything. And you could tell with her, you can tell with any anchor, whether they’re into it or not. And I think we’ve now come up with a role that will play to her strengths…We gave her a year to prove herself, and ultimately we came to the conclusion that she had played at the highest level she could… When you’re in the major leagues of our profession, you’ve got to continue to be at peak performance in order to stay there.”

But according to Ann, who did an interview with Ladies’ Home Journal for their August edition, the real reason may have been simply that she’s getting older.

The 55-year old news anchor said she liked to wear brightly-colored clothes on air, which often rankled the men upstairs for some reason.

“One day I wore a multicolored dress and someone asked if I was trying to be Toucan Sam. But I chose it because I thought, ‘This will perk up America’. I’m encouraged by my bosses to wear these ridiculously high-heeled shoes because women say, ‘I love your shoes!’ So if it makes women happy, I’ll wear them. But I’m still going to be me… I’ve tried to wear clogs and flats on TV and it hasn’t gone well with my bosses.”

She also refuses to dye her hair, because, as she says, aging ties her to her family. It hasn’t gone over well with her employers, Curry says, but it’s not something she’s ready to change.

“I’ve decided not to buy into the idea that I want to stop aging,” she said. “My wrinkles connect me to my family, to my ancestors and to my future. This is how my father looked when he was my age. I’ve got cellulite because it runs in my family. I’ve got gray hair because I won’t dye it. … But I don’t want to change the fundamental parts of me because it means changing who I am.”

When Curry tried wearing more age-appropriate shoes, such as flats and clogs, producers encouraged her to switch them out for heels, mostly because women of a certain age group–who made up a huge part of the show’s audience–would tune in just to see what she was wearing.

As for her appearance, Curry says she’s not sure how much longer it will be tolerated; she’s still employed by NBC.

Image credit: Mediaite

  • janet

    Only time will tell NBC if you were wrong in letting Ann go, or THIS show is old!

  • watertooputtoutfire


  • Kathy

    Ms Guthrie can’t hold a candle to Ann Curry!

    • Sandy

      I used to watch the Today Show regularly but haven’t watched at all since they fired Ann. I don’t plan on watching again as long as they have Savannah Guthrie there. I watch GMA now. I just don’t get why they did what they did. If this gray hair story is true, it’s okay for Matt to have gray hair but it wasn’t okay for Ann?!

  • J. Morrill

    I am so over The Today Show and NBC. Have been boycotting them since they had Sarah Palin on as guest host. The show is a big self-serving joke.

  • bev

    I feel she should not be replaced. What about MATT lAUER. YOU LET ATHE WRONG PERSON GO.

  • TomThus

    Well, I have watched little of Today since Ann was treated so shabbily. Lot like when Landry was dumped by the Cowboys. America’s Team went to crap at that point and has not been dominant since. I have watched some NBC lately to catch some of the olympics, but their coverage is more NBC personalities and less sports. Not surprising since that is what they have become — a full time entertainment venue with no real news, no real mission, nothing much more than TV Guide for NBC. Thus they have no interest for me. The sooner Ann gets away from them the better for her. She was the only reason to continue to watch and without the olympics NBC would be seeing a great decline in their viewers. Besides, they are becoming the new Fox and I really don’t like propaganda enough to watch either.

  • Sydney

    Ann Curry was an asset to the Today show. She was better when she was covering international stories and real news. I do hope to see Ann in more prime time roles reporting news for NBC. She is an asset to your organization.
    However, I do not think her replacement, Suzannah Guthrie, was the right choice for the Today show and I think time will tell in the ratings as well. I know I have not enjoyed the Today show since Ann’s departure. I do wish all at the Today show the very best as they continue to move forward.

  • http://yahoo Roy B

    I can show you gray hair!!!

  • Anne

    It’s news to me that she has gray hair. To be 55 and have so little gray that it doesn’t show is impressive. I think Matt simply didn’t care for her and apparently someone finds him important.

    • Charles

      If it was a hair issue with Ann then why doesn’t Matt get a hair transplant or use mens hair color on his gray. Additionally, regarding foot wear I hate to see Matt not wearing socks on TV. Thats ridiculous, it may be okay during his time off at home etc, but reprensenting the United States of America at the Olympics as Tom Brokaw just commented. Thanks Tom for noticing and making a comment about it.


  • Melva

    I will NOT watch the Today show anymore. There are other programs that are better and do not fault people for their age or sex.

  • Team

    I dont care what anyone says, she is hot and I miss her, maybe she will get into porn.

  • Team

    Check that, I hope she gets into porn.

  • http://yahoo Blu

    At least she has hair….and I think Matt has gray hair…what he has of it…you got rid of the wrong person..I really think NBC discriminates against women…and Matt is wearing what kind of shoes today..give me a break..haven’t watched morning show since Ann left….

  • Dody VerSluis

    Today was rotten to Barbara Walters, and even more rotten to Jane Pauley when they let her go. They have been rotten to every woman who has been on the Today show. ABC was just as rotten to the cute blonde that does the Claritin ads when they let her go. It is 100% because “they” (the bosses) want to look at young girls, not women. I have no trouble with men who want to date or marry super young girls, but to force us to work with inept people just so they can watch young stuff all day is wrong. They suck.

  • SallyB

    I’m in the demographic of women over 55 who don’t dye our hair and who wear clogs and other comfortable shoes. I’d like to be represented on shows like the Today Show. Ann Curry is absolutely a better anchor and reporter than some of the other people I see on the major networks in those roles.

  • maria krose

    I stopped watching all programming on NBC when they got rid of Ann on the today show. When they cannot be loyal to there people, who have done an exceptional job for them for the past 15 years, then I do not feel I have to be loyal to them. Simple as that!

  • vickie

    I admire Ann Curry and believe that the Today show lost substance to their show when they let her go. In Todays world it is refreshing to have the news reported with integrity. I always thought and still feel she made the Todays show look better because of who she is as a person.



  • Aaron Epstein

    The NBC bosses are the ones that should be fired, not Ann. To say her heart wasn’t in it is a complete falsehood. She was ALWAYS warm, compassionate, full of humor, and a professional interviewer who managed to get the true story out of the interviewee.

    Furthermore, she was treated quite shabbily when the news of her coming firing was revealed a week before she was fired while she was still on the air.

    Watching for years on the TODAY, she became part of our family.

    Dear NBC bosses, my wife and I are now tuning on GMA each morning.

  • Dawn Catlin-Strait

    The fact she was let go, fired really is painful enough. Whenever you set a goal, always giving 100% of yourself to do your very best, and this happens…it hurts. Her reward is not in this world,and it has not gone un-noticed, it may feel like the executives have control of her life, but God is the only one who really controls All things. He wouldn’t have allowed for this to happen unless it all just doesn’t line up with His plans for her.

  • Carol

    By Steve Capus saying “her heart wasn’t into it” just totally pissed me off. I am sure she gave 100% and you just didn’t like the fit, so quit make excuses like it was her fault. I wasn’t a Today Show fan and for that comment now never will be!!!

  • Ed

    No conditional statements needed: she looks GREAT for 55!

  • ron

    Bring Ann Curry back

  • Phillip Valdez

    I think Ann did a wonderful job. Executives at NBC (NoBody Cares), who change with each season are scrambling for ratings and don’t seem to care how much one gives till it hurts. The humiliation on air was uncalled for- Matt Lauer has lost his soul to the network and I really cannot stand him anymore- arrogance is not attractive on TV and esp. in the newsroom. I worked for NBC Universal- Age discrimination is a reality there- I know from personal experience- it’s not what you accomplish or the work you dedicate yourself to- it’s all about the numbers- which I get- it’s a business, but NBC has become very “heartless” on so many levels. Ann should go to another network where she is appreciated for being herself and not to a network scrambling for ratings – it’ all be a long time before NBC is number 1 again for this very reason.

  • Judy

    VEry SAd Ann was very good. Expactly what I was thinking. Why not Matt Lauer for the same reasons? I haven’t liked him for a long time. WE have a local new ancho here who is aging gracefully, but I don’t think the network would even consider retiring her. Curry was given terrible stories to report on, so she looked a little lackluster. Why not put he on the stories she is great at and she will shine again, without all the artifice. I believe that switching her to stories that are beneath her was part of a long planned design to be able to “let her go” legitimately.

  • Dena

    Intelligent female role model is why Ann was dismissed. The corporate losers are pandering to their audience. Audience: People without jobs and nothing better to do. If women are fantasizing over Matt…someone help us all!! All ego and little substance.

    • http://yahoo shocked

      I am no longer watching the Today show weekdays or weekends. I am now watching ABC and will continue. Ann Curry has big heart and that showed in everything did something Matt lacks. Matt is way over rated and way over PAID. What are they going to make him do about losing his hair? Big mistake NBS.

  • Big Brew

    She was the worst interviewer on TV. Good riddance.

  • Rene

    Ann Curry was my favorite and the only one who could be taken seriously on that show. It’s Matt Lauer and that stupid haircut that needs to be let go. He’ll never measure up to Bryant Gumble, who still looks amazing after all these years and is easier on the eyes.

  • Ellen

    Stay gray Ann! Age is nothing to be embarrassed about. I’m 41 and gray and I’m not planning any dye jobs.

  • Michael

    NBC News president Steve Capus sounds like an arrogant asshole. I have always been impressed with the professionalism of Ann Curry. Instead of firing Ann Curry I suggest that Capus and his cohorts hit the road!!!

  • AV

    I disagree totally with Ann’s comments; she was let go because she was awful!! So many times when she was interviewing victims of tradegy, she was soooo fake with the concern she tried to convey. I think Savannah will make a much better host.

    • Bebe


  • Carol

    Ann Currie is an exceptional woman who has graced my tv for the last year. She was a wonderful asset to the today show and the one they should of replaced was MATT! He is not a very nice person and only cares about himself, grey hair and all. Ann you are missed and loved.

  • gary

    Matt is getting older and so is Al..they are staying on the show..What did the Today show do to Ann? Discrimanation!!!!..Now the COVERUP, because you they lost viewers..We now watch CBS..Want to revamp your show. get rid of Matt

  • DG

    How come the men (such as Matt Lauer) who are losing their hair and aging don’t get canned? How come it’s always the woman. It’s about time these women sued for age and gender discrimination to teach those old boys a lesson or two.

  • Carol Quirl

    I loved Ann Curry on the Today show and feel that it is their loss. My husband and I were faithful viewers of the Today show. Since she left, no more. We have started watching the Good Morning America show. It is ridiculous that they canned her. She is a talented, beautiful lady who by my standards, did a much better job on the show than Matt Lauer. If u ask me, they should get rid of him. He is about the same age as Ann, or maybe older and he is going bald! What message do you think that is sending. I would much rather see her on the show than him. Maybe NBC should rethink what they have done.

  • Steven R

    No, Ann Curry lost her job because of Matt Lauer, and the Today show cost me as a viewer because of their treatment of Ann.

  • http://WebProNews Barbara Steele

    Firing Ann won’t improve your ratings. I am a republican and get quite sick of the way you promote that jackass president. As soon as the olympics are over so are you until mid November. When tv goes this far to persuade people in their vote, I change my opinion of them. You and balding Matt Lauer do not impress me. I could see this back climber Savannah working hard for that top spot. Meridith knew what you folks were, she and Ann have class.Because Ann did not fawn all over Matt like a dog in heat, she was dispensable. Start looking at him for your next replacement. By the way Natalie and All are my favorites.

  • Tracy

    I have watched the Today Show for years, despite the network’s sexist and ageist attitudes about female on-air talent. But when they pushed Ann Curry out, I stopped watching. Enough is enough. Not interested in take-offs of Regis and Kathie Lee in the a.m. Can’t believe Today is still part of the network’s news division. Those in control there need to have their heads examined.

  • http://rubylincoln@yahoo.com sharon

    Are you kidding!?did the “Guys” upstairs take a poll to see if American women wanted to see what Ann was wearing?Be real! Ann was WONDERFUL! I’m 48-and LOVED her for her delivery of the news! NOT for her Shoes! when could you see them anyway! and how about Matt Lower going gray! should Ann have shaved HER HEAD!I think that those “men” upstairs were discriminating towards her because t.v. is soo full of trash-and exploytation of women that Ann was’nt “sexy” enough, I for 1 loved that we had a “LADY” telling the news!

  • David

    Then why isnt Matt fired, not only is he aweful but his heart hasnt been in it since Katie left…where in the world is Matt –

    • http://Yahoo.com Judith Kelly

      That’s only your opinion. The many, many others differ with yours.

  • Bebe

    Watching Ann Curry co-host the Today show was painful. She was horrible at interviewing and generally awkward on camera in any role that wasn’t scripted. Savannah is a much better fit and I’ve started to enjoy watching again.

  • KC

    They fired Ann for her gray hair, but didn’t fire Matt for his balding head?

  • Kay

    They need to get rid of them old a** men on the show what about the viewers. Im sick of seeing MAtt Lauer and his plain self. You were to Sexy for the show ann thats why they got rid of you. You know how old white men are, they want a ” Cute, plain Jane co host” Boring….. (and FyI im white and only 35 years old, and i stopped watching the Today Show because your gone). Look forward to seeing you on another show!

  • rsnelson

    Ann Curry was the best thing the Today show had going. I can’t believe they let her go. When Katie left, I had hoped they would replace the team with Ann and Lester. For me, the show is no longer worth watching.

  • Rene

    Ann would actually be a great replacement for Katie Couric (if she’s still on the air in the evenings)….I don’t know because I stopped watching. Ann is smart, natural and believable- a lot of things news anchors are not in today’s current climate.

  • Tam

    Ann Curry was and is a true journalist with skill, talent, and heart. She took the fall for the “Today” show’s declining ratings. Instead of looking at the old, tired format of the show and coming up with something fresh and new (that is what CBS did!), NBC simply blamed her and released her. This business of saying that they “gave her a year to prove herself” is just rot, said in response to the criticism that NBC is now rightly receiving for dismissing her. The “Today” show’s ratings are up right now because of the Olympics, but it I believe it will all become clear who and what the real problem is. Matt Lauer’s ego, maybe?

  • Pam

    I stopped watching when Ann Curry took one of the lead positions. She is annoying and has that breathy voice that conveys everything is so dramatic. I could barely stand to watch when she was at the news desk. They lost alot of viewers after Meredith left and Ann took over. Ann just does not have much of a personality on air.

  • Dennis Becker

    Ann Curry was and is great and she was treated poorly by the Today Show. She presents as a down to earth carring person. My guess is that her departure will not improve the Today Show ratings. My wife and I both think the quality of the program is worse now that Ann is gone.

  • http://yahoo phil

    nbc management is full of crap. the hell with gray hair. matt has a bald head,which is just as bad. ann held her own against all the so called big guns. i do not consider al roker a big gun, just an average fat weather man with not much to say. ann has compassion, which most do not really show, a beautiful humble smile, and a sparkling personality on tv. the whole thing is a barrel of hogwash

  • Patrick

    Holy cow, she’s 55! I’m a good number of years younger and I agree, she’s smart, charming and certainly beautiful. NBC blew it. Go on, lower the bar for America some more.

  • Duinbetter

    My wife and I have basically tuned out NBC. Their treatment of Ann Curry was only the latest in a series of insults to women and anyone over 30.. We gave up on our local affiliate long ago. The network epiotmizes ageism and sexism.

  • http://www.lnckitchenwaresblog.com lois

    It is totally wrong.

  • Ann Hatcher

    Don’t they know that the “over 50” people are the majority. We like
    Ann Curry. We don’t care if she dyes her hair or has wrinkles. We look just like her as far as those things go.
    I think that she got a bum deal but then I watch Good Morning America with Robin Roberts. She had cancer and now has a blood disease but ABC is not talking about getting ride of her for a “Young Blond Female”

  • Rene

    Note to the NBC execs….no one is watching The Today Show to see what kind of shoes they’re wearing. This just shows how out of touch you are with your viewers. The only person’s shoes I’ve even wandered about is Kelly Ripa, because she sits on a stool and does fluffy comedy entertainment. Get real, and stop underestimating your viewers.

  • http://www.murderbytype.wordpress.com Beth

    The superannuated Barbie dolls can’t be taken seriously. Younger people do not watch the news. Removing Ann is an insult to the women who do watch it. Brian Williams is the most important voice in network news. What is the age difference between Brian and Ann?

  • jwillaum

    ann is a newsperson and the today show hasn’t been a news program for a long long time it’s basically a shill for its parent company.news is delivered in sound bites but celebs cooking and fashion etc. are given ample time … sabre rattling in iran ? or making a better burger by some fat fk pushing his latest book ? which gets more airtime ? i’m in my sixties and i mourn the lost of serious news coverage even cnn has become a joke …we are supposedly a god-fearing/loving nation yet we prostrate ourselves before those we shunned when this country had morals … a side note could it be possible the show’s ratings declined when matt was crawling around in the dirt



  • http://Yahoo.com Judith Kelly

    Niced try, Mr. Capus. So you’re really going to try and tell us that YOU know what is in Ann Curry’s ‘heart of hearts,” as you put it – and that she is meant to work in another country? Really? Give me a break. We, the public, and her staunch fans, are not going to believe that for 100 years. What – have you lost viewers because WE lost Ann Curry? Guess what? I wouldn’t watch Today again EVER. Plain English – YOU done her wrong, and no excuse in the world will make up for it. You keep men around as anchors until they are ready for the rest home, but because Ann Curry has a little grey hair, you get rid of her.

  • Stanley Keith

    What about Matt that does not have any HAIR, should NBC fire him for this? I have NOT watched the today show since they fired ANN. They can’t blame all of this on Ann. NBC should start at the Top and fire the people there first. Matt is OVER PAID. Not bad for a tree trimer, hey Matt………Miss you Ann, hope everthing is well for you,…. GOD BLESS YOU.

  • http://WebProNews Barbara Steele

    I loved Ann Curry. The fourth hour of the “Today Show” should be banned from tv. I am sick of watching these two women drink, drink, drink. I lost my Dad to the aftereffects of alcoholism. Its not entertainment, just an ad and excuse to drink and gossip about people.
    NBC is in Obamas hip pocket, Ge is their owner. I have a GE money card and have, due to your insensitivity to Ann, started changing where and how I bank. Your decisions to hurt someone this way is just some more of the Obama style.

  • frank cates

    I sometimes wonder if NBC ever thought of replacing management? I know they are hurting in every area. That would tell me that you have a leadership problem. But what do I know about a lying, sniveling, backstabbing pack of weasels like that

  • Andrea

    Yes, I just go turn on the news to look at shoes. NBC execs—-you suck.

  • BB

    According to Steve Capus “Ann’s “heart just wasn’t in it”. Hmmm…then why was she a mess after the announcement, and, on the day of her departure? It’s just more excuses from above and a good CYA for NBC. I have a hard time even watching Today just because of Matt Lauer. He’s pompous, predictable, flat and BORING. A bigger question I have is WHY is Ann SO loyal to that network? She should have jetted and left them shaking in their boots as to what she would do to them. There’s just too many more opportunities out there for someone with a resume like her’s!

    • http://webpronews Jillian

      I agree, Matt is loosing his hair can be boring but let a woman start to show her age and she is CUT look at yourselves Hello we all get older, I think Ann talked to the complete viewing population so good bye

  • olivia

    The sudden space left by Ann Curry was the straw that broke the NBC news for me. I no longer watch it. The girl that replaced her is “corney” and not mature. Acting silly is something I don’t want to see in the early morning. I see that all day.
    I want to see Ann Curry with her calming, intelligernt mind and news reporting style. She was one class act~ Beautiful, calming, intelligent, knowledge worthy, believable and a huge heart! NBC shame on you and your tactics to do away with “older women” us “older” women don’t want to watch some long legged girl acting immature and crazy on the show, that is not funny to us it is pathetic.
    I hope Ann gets the evening news desk….she would roll with that like the legend

    • Karen

      Totally agree with you. We watched “Today” for years – no more. We really like CBS News. They are mature & no one is yelling over each other while interviewing. I wish they would hire Ann. She is the only one we miss.

  • Nancy

    I do not watch the show anymore. There is a double standard between men and women, which you would think would be eliminated in this day and age. Did not watch the show to see what the woman were wearing, watched it for the news. Have always like Ann Curry, GREAT reporter, who cares if her hair gets gray or she wears comfortable shoes???? I don’t color mine anymore, too much hassle.

    • http://yahoo wilma mcelroy

      I think Matt Laur is a womanizer he had a great Team withAnn and Katie. But he has to have all these young beauty around him, so he thinks he is a woman’s man. They need to get rid of him and go back to Katie and Ann.

    • d

      Fire Matt!

      • d

        That’s why I watch Robin Mead in the morning. She’s wonderful!

  • http://webpronews Catherine Shinn- Doughty

    My husband aand I have watched the Today Show for a number of years,laughed ,cried,and just felt almost like you all had become family. But oh my goodness, what you did to Ann Curry was a down right crime!!!! Shame on you all!!!!! If there were age related problems change it not the person. She is beautiful,loving,caring,funny,and always was on top of how she related to people. So sorry for whoever made this decision,you can’t say one man did it. So very sorry about all of this disaster. The back lash will get you and you will say Oh no, what have we done?

  • ajd

    NBC….I don’t watch you any more. You are old, grey, colorless, flat……

  • Sparky2

    Ann is a very nice woman, attractive, smart and polite. But she had no excitement or originality. She seemed just another left wing liberal who was too predictable and out of touch with middle America…certainly fitting the NBC mode..and boring.

    • Jinny u

      She was so boring! You hit the nail on the head.

      • http://Yahoo.com Judith Kelly

        Oh, please, Jinnyju. Your final comment did you in. You HAD to bring politics into an issue that had nothing to do with politics. Obviously your brain is wired differently than everyone elses. Only “simple-minded” people like Anny Curry? Does that mean you’re brilliant and everyone else who likes Ann Curry is “simple” and liberal?? Well that says it all about how you think.

  • Jinny u

    Please. For 10 years she bugged me. Not professional. Voicing opinions when non were needed or wanted.
    She was never a good fit. I jumped for joy and danced a jig when I heard the news. I can’t see how the American norm can relate to her, unless they are simple minded. Matt is good, but TV is about looks. He is getting old and America needs someone fresh and new as well. People don’t like change, but change is life….

  • Frank

    NBC execs have always been full of sexist bull crap, starting as long ago as Jane Pauley and Deborah Norville. The ladies always seem to take a lot of corporate abuse from whomever occupies the top.

  • Laurie Wilson

    Ann seems like a nice person, and not a bad human being. BUT her interview skills and social gaffes were often cringe worthy. She regularly got over friendly with male and sometimes female guests. I always ended up wondering how she thought this was acceptable on TV? She interviewed an exercise trainer and was feeling up the woman’s leg muscles on the mat and making really inappropriate comments. Oh dear. I think she needed some social skills training and was surprised she was there as long as she was.

  • Maggi

    Bye, Bye Today Show. You are now in my past. Ann Curry gave substance,credibility and class to the Today show. Now there is no balance of ages and styles. The remaining ladies, no matter how talented, look like a fluffy, giggley group of bimbos trying to be serious. What a shame. Al and Matt now become the “elders” who get to oogle the the lovely ladies. Today has lost all appeal to me. I really miss not seeing Al. Goodbye!

  • denise

    I liked watching the Today show because of Ann Curry. I was mad when they put Meredith Viera in first, then I thought they had finally come to their senses when she left and Ann took over. Now that Ann isn’t there, I won’t be watching the morning news on NBC at all!!! I hate that they put Savannah whats her name in Anns place. The only reason I know this is because of the Olympics. Ohterwise, I wouldn’t put NBC on again.

  • Stanley Keith

    I just wanted to add something, I have watched the today show since Dave Garroway first started with the chimp. This was the only show that I watched, now that you left Ann go, I don’t watch anymore. All the so-called family that Ann had on this show were back stabbers….What’s a little gray hair among friends. I’m 61 and LOVE ANN, Miss her and hope she goes to ABC or CBS, maybe there she will give nbc a run for there money……..GOOD LUCK ANN !

  • Carmen Miranda

    I have watched TODAY exclusively since I was a very young child when it began around 1954. I’ve seen them and go for 60 some yrs. – including a couple of chimps.
    I loved Ann, such class and grace and found her a terrific compliment to the morning crew. It is absolutly NOT the same w/o her. Now the 4th hour is is another story. Nothing against the others, but it’s just not as good and not the same any more.

    On another note, I love Hoda but keep hoping KLG GOS AWAY sooner than later!!!. She can’t keep her mouth shut for 2 seconds and keeps interupting Hoda as well as guest hosts just like she did w/Regis. I quit that show because of her. The only time I watch now is when Hoda has a guest co-host.


  • flb

    What utter garbage. Where do these stupid tune-in-for-the-shoes women live? In all my 50 years I must be very lucky not to have met any of these vapid types in person.

  • http://Yahoo.com Judith Kelly

    The critics of Ann – maybe 3-4 – have the most lame reasons for not liking her: “breathy, fake, awkward?” Wow, did you mis-read her. Sorry, there’s hundreds who disagree with you.



  • Richard

    SHAME on nbc for what they did to ANNE CURRY.The cast that is there now is NOT watchable!!!! I no longer watch the today show (USING SMALL LETTERS ON PURPOSE) at all and most of the other programming too. lauer is worse than pitiful.Iam in revulsion if I ACCIDENTALLY see him.There are MANY other stations to watch.Hello Charlie Rose and Robin Roberts.Thanks ABC & CBS!!!!

  • Jan

    I stopped watching as well when Ann was let go and I watched the show for years. I think Matt also had something to do with it so I lost all respect for him as well.

  • cindi winstead

    I liked Ann Curry. I think she was a very real person and more than a piece of eye candy. Now I can’t even get the girls straight. They look alike. I am sure they are fine people, but Ann was exceptional and a wonderful reporter. American news has gone to fluff articles and a focus on celebrities. There is so much more we could be learning about. Ann was a veteran and had wisdom. Let’s get back some real reporters and not just talk show hosts when we are giving America the news.

  • Annamarie

    Ann Curry has class! She is intelligent and wonderful to listen to! She absolutely dressed professionally and always up to date. I don’t even want to entertain comments on hair color. I haven’t watched the Today Show since she left. Her farewell was heart wrenching, and I find it very difficult to believe that she lost interest in her position at NBC. Her replacement, Savannah, is not at all ready for this job. I now watch ABC each morning and will never go back to the Today Show!

  • http://att carole paige


    • Beth Callas


  • john bicknell

    Why is it that the women have to look young and pretty and the men can be bald, old and ugly like matt?He sure doesn’t look like he used to. Why isn’t it time for him to go?
    It’s probably because the men running the show are all ugly fat and bald and vision themselves desirable.
    Too bad it doesn’t have anything to do with talent. That’s why I watch ABC.

  • Rachel

    Since Ann Curry was un-fairly dumped I have stopped watching Today from 7:00-10AM! I can’t stand the pompous, pretentious and over-the-top Guthrie. I did not watch TV during the hour she was on when she started because she is terrible, she needs to go back to AZ or go back to teaching Law School, she is no Journalist that anyone should watch! For the 1st time I have not watched the Olympic on TV at all because all the results are on the Web so there is no motivation to watch when I know who wins.

    • Ruth

      Have to agree with this comment. I can’t believe Ann was replaced with Savannah. Ann was so professional, dignified and connected with the audience. Savannah is arrogant and never seems really interested in the people she is interviewing or the products they are showing. Ann had heart, now the show is all self serving. Matt is so full of himself and his image. I have stopped watching Today after being a faithful follower. So thankful we have CBS and ABC.

  • debra


  • Allie Braswell

    I have stopped watching Today all together since Anne’s firing. In addition
    I make every effort to boycott NBC altogether.

  • http://MSNBC Thomas Cabaniss

    Age and gray hair does not change a person. Look at Matt, he’s gray and going bald. If they fire someone on looks, it should be Matt.

    Thomas Cabaniss

  • MiMi Mino

    I can’t help but wonder why sexism is still alive and thriving at NBC.
    What a mistake you made getting rid of Ann Curry. Memories of Katie
    Couric and Brian Gumble? I no longer turn to NBC first thing in the
    am. I’m liking CBS news just fine. Maybe someday, NBC will learn
    that it’s time to come out of the ivory towers and see the real world.
    Maybe, Matt Lauer will see the light, but doubtful. Many of us regret
    your huge mistake.

  • Richard

    I would like to see nbc (AGAIN SMALL LETTERS) run a poll on the cast of the today show and lauer in particular. But wait ; I wouldn’t see it becuuse I no longer watch nbc. Kudos to ANN CURRY.

    • Jinny u

      Yea you still watch NBC…idiot

  • Rochelle

    I can’t believe this sexiest thought process NBC has. I am 51 years old, beautifull, intelligent, and have preferred your morning show for 30yrs; not after the treatment of Ann Curry. So you think I watch you to look at the shoes an Anchor is wearing,hmm. But there is no way I am watching you anymore. Its okay for your male anchors to stay til the age of 80 years old, and begin balding, and greying but not the women, your crazy! Good luck with your new target group. Remember this, my age group has money and I choose not to even buy your advertised products and services that support your show.

    • Jinny u

      Please…post your pic. You are a lonely old fat housewife..after the Today show you turn on your stories.
      America has a short memory ( kind of like your alzheimer’s) get over yourself…we don’t care about your opinion, like we never cared for Ann

    • http://yahoo.com ann

      I watch the show for the news. If you want someone to change it needs to be the man Al and Matt’s clothes are aweful. the colors are aweful. Sometime they look even worst than aweful. Ann is a very pretty woman. Gray hair is a blessing for anyone. She should not have to dye her hair for a job.

    • Ace C.

      Thank you Rochelle,we’er on the same page, along with thousand of others. I don’t watch anymore.

  • Jinny u

    Yahoo….now let’s get Al fat again, bring in Ryan and get a hot new girl and we are set. I don’t want to watch a 55 year old gray hair…flake. Her heart may be in a good lace, but it’s not right for this show. New life! New love, new fans! Nice job!

    • judy

      Bah on you Jinny, how callous are you?:( Diane you said it all and it sounds so right. The youth of today are only interested in their cell phones and should watch the news but they do not care. I bet most (not all)do not even know who Mitt Romney is or President Obama. Gosh surely they know…….maybe??? Ha, Ha, maybe not and if not well, that is a gosh darn shame….

    • Ace C.

      Well jinny u ,you are a little shallow, Ann can be let go but old,graying Matt Lauer and old bald Al Roker can hang around until they drop dead or until they decide to leave. When will the double standard ever stop.

    • http://webpronews louisa

      Learn to spell before you comment.

    • http://Yahoo Connie Pouncil

      Jimmy u You ought to be ashamed of yourself for talking the way you are talking. Did your mother raise you to be disrespectful. Or anyone else for that matter. One of these days you are going to start to go grey and you are going to wonder where did the time go. I am 56 years old and I cherish every grey hair I own. And to be honest I earned every last one of them. Oh by the way I have a daughter that will 30 years old this year and she had grey hair at the age of 14. I have medicial records to prove it. I am also a retired RN ( RN means Registered Nurse that is what RN means for stupid idiots like you that has brain like a newborn baby. )I have delivered Babies that was born with Grey hair. So I think you are this woman an apology. That is if you are man enough to do it and by the way you owe every person in amercia an apology that has already has grey hair or is turning grey. But if you don’t then you are a coward for not doing it.

    • http://Yahoo Connie Pouncil

      Jimmy u You ought to be ashamed of yourself for talking the way you are talking. Did your mother raise you to be disrespectful. Or anyone else for that matter. One of these days you are going to start to go grey and you are going to wonder where did the time go. I am 56 years old and I cherish every grey hair I own. And to be honest I earned every last one of them. Oh by the way I have a daughter that will 30 years old this year and she had grey hair at the age of 14. I have medicial records to prove it. I am also a retired RN ( RN means Registered Nurse that is what RN means for stupid idiots like you that has brain like a newborn baby. )I have delivered Babies that was born with Grey hair. So I think you are this woman an apology. That is if you are man enough to do it and by the way you owe every person in amercia an apology that has already has grey hair or is turning grey. But if you don’t then you are a coward for not doing it.

  • Diane

    Wake up NBC, if you are trying to pertain to the younger crowd, lets be clear they do not watch the Today Show, nor do they read the newspaper. Everything for the under 40 crowd is on their I-Phone, Smart phone or some other kind of device. The older crowd over 50 are the group with all the money, so the shows should be tailored to us! With that said, if Ann doesn’t want to color her hair who cares, but since you are so worried about gray hair take a look at Matt’s !!!!. Matt used to good when he was with Katie Couric, today he is a pompous — and I NEVER watch the Today show anymore, I have switched to GMA. I do have to say I miss Al Roker, but not enough to ever come back to NBC.

  • Jackie Edwards

    No… I did not watch the Today show to see what Ann was wearing, people who did are very shallow. Who cares what shoes they wear. The reason people watch the show is to find out the news. It is after all about what is going on in the world. I thought Ann Curry was a great host for the Today Show. I would have not have chaged anything. Good luck to Ann Curry, in whatever direction you go in.
    PS The Today show would still go on without Matt Lauer.

  • http://WPN Chris Hunter

    We stopped watching the moment she was let go. She was always dressed appropriately. Not like some of them with their thighs showing and low cut tops. Cannot take them seriously. Now we watch Robin Mead.

  • judy

    They are crazy at NBC. Ann was like a breath of fresh air. She is so professional, yet warm at the same time. She is a beautiful woman.
    She has beautiful hair. There is nothing fake about Ann. She dressed beautifully and she had so many fans. I am saddened that she was replaced by Samantha even though I know it is not Samantha’s fault. Matt can only stand a certain kind of woman. Meredith Vierra was certainly liked and herself and did not dress outrageously and she also looked her age which I liked and Matt seemed to like her ok and he still does as she is still getting to go back all the time but it was her choice to quit and I think it was just perfect timing. I think the real problem lies with Matt. Ann had it all, she was bright, professional, warm and compassionate and people loved that and if the ratings were low it was not due to Ann. I am glad that she is her lovely self because in this day and age that is very rare as people are so superficial with their face lifts, bust enlargements, hair extensions and all that is fine but Ann did not need any of that. She looked years younger and her face is beautiful, her complexion flawless. She always dressed appropriately. I think Matt was jealous of her as she was so popular. Matt is aging and I wonder if he is going to get hair transplants just to keep his job. He is arrogant and is obviously and seems like he is very attracted to Samantha. I bet he wanted to have her get that job all along. Men act like such fools when they get a certain age. Youth is everything to them. I think Samantha is a very bright young lady and if Matt steps over the line, she will let him know. I like Samantha and know she can do this job but she is lacking the warmth and beauty that Ann possessed. My entire family, kids and grandkids loved Ann and we will all miss her and I was hoping to see more of her at the Olympics. This is just a wierd thing and after the Olympics I will not be watching Matt anymore. He is just getting too arrogant and unstandable. I never liked him anyway and watched only because of Ann.

    • Tanya Morgan

      Firstly, NBC is full of it!!! Savannah Guthrie was hired ONLY for the 9a.m. slot and to FILL IN for either Matt or Ann. Then I noticed she was staying a lot longer filling in and Ann was looking none too happy and taking a lot of time off as was Matt (who I used to enjoy).

      Bottom line, Ann was not the cause of the ratings falling, you guys were just PLAIN BORING and so I as well as other Americans switched over to GMA because they have great chemistry. I have been watching the TODAY show since I was 15, and now I am 48; so, I think I know what I am writing about and my comments are more than justified.

    • http://Above. Virginia

      My niece just mentioned that Matt is too full of himself. I agree.
      I always admired Ann for her compassion, beauty and intelligence. We will miss her.

  • SteveAlso55

    An is a woman who made it to the top of her game, on at the time the top rated show. She was beaming everyday. She was happy to accomplish the ultimate position in broadcasting. Her heart was in it. She wasn’t well liked by the arrogant Matt Lauer. He’s not the contract that he was given. The Today Show has lost hundreds of thousands, including myself viewers because of his arrogance. He should have been given the boot. To bosses upstairs everywhere, let woman age gracefully and peacefully.

  • boyer simcox

    nbc is talking about her hair and her bright clothes. you want bright at 7am. this past week al roker had on pink pants. al roker must go.

  • http://yahoo Anne Theriault

    I too feel that Matt should have been let go a long time ago. He is such a ego tripper, a real pain to watch ! They should have definately never let Anne go ! I watched the show just because of her. She is such a caring and warm person, you can feel her pain & happiness when she interviews people. I MISS her and never watch the show anymore. We don’t need more high heeled young women running around the show.
    People don’t watch it for that !

  • Connie

    Ann Curry was and still is a classy lady. I think it was a mistake to let her go. I use to watch the Today show, but not anymore. They are losing in the ratings and it is really no surprise The show is more like the national inquirer and has no news substance. They can change the female seat all they want, it will never be the same.

  • Jennifer

    The Today Show is losing viewership because they are a propaganda machine for Obama and either flat out lie or they won’t report anything negative about him and the American people realize this. Loss of viewers is not because of Ann Curry and what kind of shoes she is wearing that day. Keep lying to yourselves Today Show!

  • Linda Doerr

    I too think that Ann was a much better anchor than Savanah. When I see the high heal shoes i cringe! Wait a few more years and they have foot problems. Maybe the male managers should spend a day in high heels, see how they feel!!

  • http://Yahoo Genee Kay

    Shame on NBC and their discrimination of a beautiful, intelligent 55 year old. Samantha Guthrie? Please! She’ll never be as classy as Ann Curry. Have you noticed a drop in ratings yet? Shame, shame, shame on the execs for not realizing there are older women who DON’T care to see all of the younger, inexperienced ladies. Get with the REAL world, folks! Beautiful, smart, experienced news anchors age….duhhh! That’s what happens in life.

  • Linda Alexander

    This is bull. Ann is not “old” she is a class act. Look at Robin Roberts on ABC, another class act. They haven`t dumbed her because they know class and intellect. To bad Ann was on the wrong channel.

  • Ken

    I had watched the Today Show for years. I enjoyed watching Ann Curry when she was doing the news, and i thought it was great when she became co-anchor. I am greatly dismayed by the NBC decision to replace her. I am now watching GMA on ABC, goodby Today Show.

  • molly

    Well, if that is the case, then why the heck hasn’t nbc gotten rid of “botox-ed, fake hair, phoney, on-air drinking” Kathie Lee Gifford who is pompous and annoys everyone? She talks about other people and she acts like a crazy knat you just can’t swap away. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.At least Anne was real and intelligent, unlike all the other fluffy airheads they had on, and not afraid to show it. How Kathie Lee has lasted all these years (denying her jewish faith) is beyond comprehension. NBC next step is to get rid of Al Roker and Matt Lauer – funny how they keep those “old” fogeys…but they let the women go. Do you think it’s pleasant listening to arrogant Matt everyday with all his affairs that people are whispering about? Or monitoring Al Roker’s weight – you need different energetic blood in there and not two old washer women like Matt and Al. Change is coming – hopefully!

  • phyllis

    I watched NBC for years. Ann was always such a lady and loved seeing what she would wear next. Miss Meredeth too. Now I dont watch the program at all. We need more respect for one another and I feel that is what Anne brought to the program. And yes America has short term memory and that is what most of the problem with this country is. Plus down right rudeness.

  • J Cole

    I believe what they did to Ann Curry is just not right. In this modern world, a person should be able to wear what they want and leave herself natural if that is what pleases them. I believe it
    had a lot to do with her age which can be shown by who replaced her.
    Ann Curry should charge NBC with Age Descrimination, because that is
    what it was. Disgusting.

  • Kelly

    Immediately switched to Good Morning America. Can’t believe they did that to Ann.

  • walter baker

    I also thought Ann never had the passion for the job. Her interviews we always boring to me.

  • phyllis

    Sounds like Debra Norvel and Jane Pauley all over again. Won’t the big wigs in their ivory towers ever get it right? No wonder I quit watching TODAY and went with GMA.Sounds like a lot of viewers did the same. GET A CLUE PEOPLE.

  • Judy Jackson

    It seems this is the way of the world anymore. Many bosses (men and women) have the attitude that if you are a woman over 40 you are too old to do the job. Gray hair is okay for men. It supposedly makes them look distinguished, but if a woman has any gray hair she is too old. I also agree with Diane that the younger crowd just uses their cell phone, i phone or pads to get snippets of stuff. They don’t stay tuned long enough to find much out about the people who are broadcasting.

  • Joan

    I think Ann Curry was a very compassionate person. Her feelings really showed when interviewing persons having a rough time in life. Getting rid of her was a HUGE mistake. I do not watch the show anymore.

    Also, I think looking at her for the way she dressed was simply ridiculous. Not wearing the high heels and certain clothes does not make one a bad reporter. She was down to earth person with real feelings for the public. The hosts on now do not show that type of feeling,for them it is just a job.

    What about Matt Lauer dressing? No socks. Brown shoes all the time??

    Love Al Roker.

    I hope NBC realizes what is important in broadcasting. It is nto the clothes…..

    Thank you

  • http://yahoo sheryl


    • Kamala

      Sherykm I think it is a shame that they fired Ann Curry when Matt Lauer is almost bald and I agree with you that he is boring.

  • mark

    Anne Curry is a strong and beautiful lady. I stopped watching the show after she was let go and even after she was reinstated, I refused to watch the show because of what she was put through. Sometimes people don’t care about the physical looks of someone, just that they sense a downright good person.
    NBC’s competence seems to be spiralling out of control lately, especially with the many goofs during the olympics.

  • PB

    Men can really be jerks. I watched Lauer interviewing the two volleyball ladies who won the gold. He acted so stupid. He was like a giggly kid. He does horrible interviews. He should have been the one to leave. That Samantha Gutherie is a joke. Her voice is very irritating. Lauer had his legs crossed through the whole interview. Most of us watching thought it was because he was sexually aroused during the interview.

  • Sue

    I have stopped watching the TODAY show since they gave Ann the boot. For Capus to say that her heart wasn’t in it, that essentially leaving was her choice – I don’t buy it. Her farewell was proof of that. He can’t change the obvious in HD – as he so aptly quoted, the camera never blinks. We KNOW she was crushed. And she would not have been if she truly were happy to go, as he implies. And then to have her replacement fill her seat right after commercial? Have they no human heart? Do they really think we were cool with that just because they told us we should be cool with it? At least Anne had a human heart. No – the TODAY show is out for me as it is for many, many others. Even with Anne coming back for a segment. I still can’t and won’t watch it. It is like watching a valiant gladiator at the Coliseum gasping for one last merciful breath of air. The truth is, Capus has been put to the test by the viewers, and has been found wanting. And for me, not watching the TODAY show has opened up a whole new way of living – actually living in real time, doing things, creating things – why would I ever go back? Thanks for the liberation, Capus. It is deeply appreciated.

  • elizabeth thompson

    What a put down for the American woman to say that we watch the Today Show to see what the hostess wears!! How about “not watching it at all due to the removal of Ann Curry and the put down of our intelligence?” It is beneath us and the last hour of the show is a joke, bad joke.

  • becky

    i loved watching the today show every day idont watch it any more still cant believe they replaced ann cury if this is what NBC IS GOING TO TEACH MY CHILDREN AND GRANDKIDS TO JUST REPLACE A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN BECAUSE A MAN MATT SAYS SO I HOPE THEY HAVE LEARNED FROM THIS IM REALY GOING TO MISS AL AND HODA NBC MADE MY MOTHER INLAW CRY

  • barbara wade

    Rochelle & Diane comment’s nail it.. I am 77 years young. Had been a daily viewer of the Today’s Show. Not any more. We must stop the madness of age, beauty and simply respect the talent, sprit and joy that any person brings to our viewing daily. We are not ready yet to be honest. Ann, you are beautiful as you are.. Let you hair, face and selection of clothing tell your story.. YOU ARE OUR HERO.. Stay in the faith. Al and Matt need a make over if possible.. but that will not happen in my time zone.

  • Kaleo

    I think NBC wants wants plastic looking people with no real genuine qualities or sincere concerns, Ann gave that sense of sincerity and concern which can now see is absent on NBC’s Today Show. Matt is a suck up and could give a damn about anyone but himself and Al Roker is the next best thing they have going for them. Savannah’s a great smile but she’s no Ann, and lacks any real sense of sincerity, but like I said, NBC doesn’t seem to care much about that. I think NBC News president Steve Capus, is tired and should step aside for some more descent.

  • Pat

    I am 75 years old and have earned every wrinkle and grey hair. I get a laugh out of the women on the news shows wobbling on 5 to 6 inch heels. I doubt very much if anyone gives a hoot about their shoes. It’s a news show for gosh sake. I was getting tired of th stupid stories NBC was showing, I.e. Women who gave birth in a taxi, dogs calling 911, I could go on and on but I think I will just change the channel and watch George and Robin.

  • Robyn

    Ann Curry usually wore longer skirts and dresses, which incidentally are in style now. Those alta cockers (old guys) at Today wanted her to show much more thigh and maybe even more than that. I can’t help it but it has always looked to me that minis and those stupidly high heels are what hookers are supposed to wear, not professional women who are proud of themselves. Guthrie is very boring to listen to and she may be heading for trouble as her skirts approach the knee or (horrors!) even cover it. She’s got an annoying screechy voice and seems to be ignorant of the world. She and Natalie Morales look like twins and maybe this cookie-cutter fake blonde is the type those sexist producers want. There are always more like that waiting in the wings. BTW, can we see Matt Lauer’s legs someday, preferably in very high heels? And I know where he can get a long blonde wig.

  • Mary

    First NBC canceled “Harry’s Law” because it didn’t appeal to the under 40 set. That was the only scripted show on NBC that was worth watching.(I don’t want to think about reality tv). Then you treat Ann Curry the way you did, just because she would die her hair and would wear dull cloting. Get real. Look at ABC’s morning show. They are not spring chickens and people have made them #1. I have been a NBC news fan since Huntley and Brinkley–So that means I am pretty old. I conclude thatI don’t matter any more. Guess I will start watching Scott Pelley on CBS.

  • Norma

    I think the bosses or men should try walking around on those very high heels. As for me I can’t wear very high heels due to my doctors, and they told me I couldn’t since I have broken my ankles and they are uncomfortable. Wearing a smaller pump is fine . As for covering the gray in hair should be up to the person as you age not anyone else,and I think it makes you look distinguished. Bosses don’t know everything about fashon and aging. They will be in the same boat as they age.The bosses should think about what a person brings to the show and their accomplishments in life, not so much on how high their heels or color of their hair.

  • christine

    I think NBC is full of shit…NBC News president Steve Capus explained that the time had come when Curry’s heart just wasn’t in it, and that was the reason for her sudden departure;

    I think Ann’s heart was in it….

  • rosemary

    Ann Curry is class and nbc made a big mistake … she was genuine and very knowledgeable … and by the way, i liked her attire. Another thing, she was voted the most beautiful a few years back….did they forget that. Savannah is ok, but will never be as good as Ann. Why Ann is still working for them is beyond me.

  • Noemi Alvarado

    Bravo for Ann to have the courage to stand for what she believes. How is that a man can aged gracefully and keep his position,a woman has to change who she is or be put to the pasture. We have set of standards that the media controllers have set on our entire society for the only purpose of making news. Shame, shame, shame on America! We all lose on this.

  • jwillaum

    funny i posted defending ms. curry wrote the today show not a news show but a marketing tool for its parent company and pondered if matt’s behaviour had anything to do with the decline in ratings went about my business returned only to find out my posting had been deleted [as this one probably will be]who’s connected to this site i wonder

  • Helen Milunec

    Unfortunate for NBC, since the babyboomers identified with’Ann Curry and her ability to be real- not fake!
    Kudos to her and I hope she realizes that aging isn’t the problem, that her spirit and passion was never in question, that her professionalism was compromised by an arrognant male chauvinistic pig ! Keep smiling and live life and be strong for all of us baby boomers who are cheering you on! Don’t let the turkeys keep you down!!

  • http://AnnCurry'sgairhair bren

    What is a stupid move you have maded! The way you handle this shows alot about yourself head of the Today show. I will never watch this show again! You need to take a look at people such as Matt, Guthie for the ratings slump. Matt is definetly not into the interview most of the time? You need to let people be themselves? Curry is a true and caring person, cann’t say that for Matt or Guthie.


      Matt. Good grief, he is as bald as a cue ball. He should be the last person to talk about someones hair. Ann, looks pretty damn good from where i sit.

  • http://yahoo paul

    I believe Ann is alot more real than Matt the moran , or katie the smile that never goes away, I just wish Ann would join George and Robin , NOW THAT would pull in the ratings! wheres matty, who gives a F*** were he is whole show has turn to CRAP! shes lucky to leave there with no damage to her own GOOD Name. Oh by the way anyone remember matty crying I’ll leave unless i get a raise ? too bad they could have save a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$ and got some one good, too much talant out there to put up with his crap GET A LIFE little matty

  • Jennifer

    NBC= National Barack Channel.

  • Nan

    Ann is a warm, caring, compassionate human being. I was absolutely shocked at her announcement that she was leaving the Today show. How could you do that to her? I have been literally depressed since that day, have hardly watched the Olympics and really have no interest in watching the Today show anymore.

    If Ann is on, I will watch her. Sorry Samanatha. You just don’t measure up, even with your 6″ heels.

  • DD

    Mr. Lauer is the problem. All of the ladies with chutzpah have left the show because of him. He’s pompous, self-serving & sexist. I refuse to watch the show not only because I cannot take him sitting there with his legs crossed condescendingly talking down to women, but also due to the lib bias of NBC. Give me the news straight without leaning left. Granted, the “Today Show” is not a news show; it’s 4 hours of fluff. Ann Curry is so much better off delivering fact based news stories than having to deal with that nonsense. Now Mr. Lauer can talk ad nauseam on some inane subject while the ratings continue to drop. If a woman was running NBC she would have nixed Mr. Lauer & brought someone in like Seacrest.

  • K

    Matt Lauer sucks.