America’s Got Talent Winner Sings Sinatra, Impresses Twitter

Car wash employee turns Sinatra crooner

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America’s Got Talent Winner Sings Sinatra, Impresses Twitter
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In a primetime rags-to-riches story, 36-year-old Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. walked off the stage last night as the winner of this season of America’s Got Talent.

He beat out teen pop band PopLyfe, and two dance groups Team iLuminate and Silhouettes for the title. He’s now the proud owner of $1 million and a future in Vegas.

Murphy is a resident of West Virginia, and it was a running storyline on the show all season that he has worked as a car washer for the last 10 years. America’s Got Talent has always pushed the sentimentality factor, and it really couldn’t have worked out better than Murphy winning it all.

Murphy had two things going for him all season. First, the man’s a pretty good singer. Second, he had the element of surprise, as the judges put it. It’s just a fact of life – nobody expected a guy who looks like Murphy to sound like Frank Sinatra.

But here he is, singing “My Way” at the final performance show –

And here is his winning moment from last night –

To take it all back to the beginning, here’s his initial audition where he performs Sinatra’s “I’ve got you under my skin” Both the crowd and the judges seem completely wowed –

Twitter was buzzing about Murphy following his victory –

Congrats to Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. on being the America’s Got Talent Champion. Making West Virginia proud! #AGT #WV 12 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

I can’t even put into words how proud I am that #WV native Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. won #AGT tonight! I wanna hear him sing Country Roads! 10 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone · powered by @socialditto

Congrats Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. I hate reality contest tv shows but your rags to riches story & Sinatra voice belong in Vegas. Cheers. 8 hours ago via txt · powered by @socialditto

Did Landau deserve to win? Let us know what you think.

America’s Got Talent Winner Sings Sinatra, Impresses Twitter
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  • Richard

    Landau is a lounge act at best in Vegas. No one is going to pay the big act bucks to see him. His rags to riches story is good PR but will not bring the crowds into a large venue in Vegas. ILuminate is perfect for Vegas and should have won………..

    • michelle

      totally agree and that’s exactly what I said

    • michelle

      exactly….I wouldn’t pay big bucks to see him sing. He sang other people’s songs and the dancers were very original and entertaining

    • OMNI

      I am forced to agree that Team Illuminate will have the better chow and carreer than Landua, but right now…I’m just happy for him, and proud that he made it so far.

      I was totally Shocked that Silloette beat out Team Illuminate. I didn’t get that one. I’ll be honest…If Silloette had won the whole thing…I would have been the Maddest Jerk this side of Texas.

    • karey wilson

      you are totally wrong about people not paying big bucks to see Landau,I for one would and hope that I get the chance to see him..he was the best act so stop being a sore loser..

  • D Frank

    LANDAU EUGENE MURPHY, JR!! You rocked America last night and I am so happy for you. I picked you as the winner from the beginning. Good job and God Bless you and your family…….you so deserve it!!

    From the Mile High City!

    D. Frank

  • http://yahoo Tiffoney

    I am so happy for Landau winning the contest he deserves to win. God Bless you Landau for getting the chance to show the world you cannot judge a book by its cover. You will have sold out shows. I just wish I could come and see you. But Good Luck and God Bless you and your family.

    • OMNI

      100% Agree!!!

  • Marc

    Like last year, America voted for the wrong act (if it wasn’t rigged). I don’t want to sound like a whiner whose favorite lost, but really, there are hundreds if not thousands of singers who have great voices for the kind of conventional songs that won this year (and last). Evancho was special, and that’s why they brought HER back for the final rather than Grimm. Landau was a nice guy with a great voice, but iLuminate and (to a lesser degree) Silhouettes were incredibly creative. The amount of effort needed to create a new performance for these creative acts (and all non-singers) is vastly greater than merely singing another song. And PLEASE stop saying the winner gets $1 million. The 40 year annuity is worth only about $375,000 after taxes (not bad, but let’s be real).

    • OMNI

      My Apologies, but Grim proformed at the announcement of the Finalist the previous week. Yet, I do agree that Evancho was the better singer. However, you still don’t see why America voted for Grim over her, even though its right in front of you.

      Evancho was going to be a Star no matter what. That was Grim’s only chance in life to win anything. Evancho did exactly what everyone knew she was going to do…Massively Successful on her first album, and now her second album is coming out soon. Grim’s album will bearly make 100K sales, and soon he’ll be dismissed from Vegas. America voted correctly for Grim to win last year.

      • Marc

        This is humorous. You seem to be agreeing that Evancho was the bigger talent. I thought THAT was what this show was about, not who’s the biggest sob story (“America wants sob story” might be a more apt title for the future).

  • A Wild Arizona Snail

    Never before have I been so sure that this was actually a TALENT contest, not a popularity contest. Every one of the finalists were terrific, but there is much to be said for a man standing alone on the stage depending solely upon strangers to choose him as the best, above acts of huge groups with so many friends and family to cram the voting. Landau, YOU are what AMERICA is all about, proving the core of our principles is alive and well, and an unknown can rise above anything if he has a true heart. God bless you and yours. I’ll be coming to see you with bells on!!!!

    • OMNI

      100% AGREEEEE!!!!!

  • michelle

    No I do not think he deserved to win. Team I luminate did or even the silhouettes. Vegas shows are very expensive and I would not pay that to watch an ok singer sing for an hour. He is good but he is not worth a vegas show. Vegas shows are supposed to put you on the edge of your seat and be exhilarating and he is simply neither of those. I am honestly shocked but then again it is all about the votes and scores for the show and not really about who has talent in the end.

    • OMNI

      I don’t agree…but I see your point.

      Team Illuminate was my front-runner, but America failed to Vote for them, because they clearly thought they (Team Illuminate) were going to win just as I did.

      Landua E. Murphy Killed it in his final proformance, but Team Illuminate didn’t WOW the crowd, because we had all seen the act before, and though it was still great…it lacked the WOW factor.

      I felt bad for POPLYFE for their failure in their song selection. Too bad for them…but I hope a record lable signs them.

  • OMNI

    I have to admit, I was seriously worried because of Team Illuminate being listed in 3rd place. So I was worried that maybe the Silloette had beat him out as well.

    My heart stopped for a moment…and all I could think of is how much a Humble Hard Working Man deserved a Break in life, and would this be the moment I saw it happen…..and……IT DID! Landua Eugene Merphy Jr Won it ALL!

    I’m not Reality TV watching type of Guy, if its not Football I’m usually not watching, but this took the cake for me. I don’t care where he’s from WV, TX, or the Moon…He was proformed excellently, and deserved the win hands down.

    There’s going to be a ton of changes in this man’s life. I wish him the best in life from this point onward.

    Landau Eugene Murphy Jr….Congradulations!

  • http://www.google.com/ Cindy

    Which came first, the pbrloem or the solution? Luckily it doesn’t matter.

  • http://htidwmysusne.com/ yttyotbjll

    okFnEG jievugytfhch

  • Carol

    I’m with Omni….absolutely LOVED Eugene. His voice raised the hair on the back of my neck. He put all of himself into his signing and even I could feel it sitting in my living room. I, too, am very happy for this hard-working common man.

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