Amazon Smartphone is Currently in the Works

    July 10, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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An Amazon smartphone is rumored to be in the works, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. If these hushed whispers and nameless tips are to be believed, the device in-question would be powered by Google’s Android operating system. The company is looking to give Apple and the iPhone a run for its money, though industry insiders seem to feel that, while a smartphone from the likes of Amazon is certainly intriguing, it will have a long, hard road ahead if it plans to compete directly with the almighty Apple.

Anonymous sources close to the project told the SFC that Foxconn International Holdings Ltd, a mobile phone manufacturer based out of China, will assist Amazon with the project. If the company’s name sounds vaguely familiar, you may recall the riot that took place at one of the factories back in June, an event which saw over 1,000 employees clash with security over poor working conditions. The manufacturer is also responsible for making iPhones.

The introduction of an Amazon smartphone would certainly give the company more avenues for its digital distribution system, which allows users to download an endless stream of movies, music, games, and books to a large number of mobile devices. Although Amazon has certainly enjoyed success with the Kindle Fire, adding an affordable smartphone to their stable of gadgets would allow it to compete in the ever-growing mobile market.

Currently, Amazon is acquiring a number of patents in order to protect itself from allegations of infringement, a matter that has caused some trouble for the Google Tab in the United Kingdom. Sources indicate that these patents cover a wide variety of wireless technology.

A release date for the Amazon smartphone has not yet been set.

  • Karin

    What happened to my comment. I was saying don’t combine a 4G LTe service like I have with AT&T to hook up so quickly to an online shopping page!!!!!

    • HayJay

      If I get what you’re saying, you overspend when you use AT&T’s 4GLTE to go shopping online because it’s so fast??? I’m a designer (San Francisco) and I agree. Don’t let the others get you down.

  • barbara smith

    Karin, your comment makes no sense; what are you saying? I’ve got AT&T’s 4G LTE; why can’t I “hook up so quickly” to an online shopping page? Huh? I’m a hairdresser and do a lot shopping for products online. Weird.

  • lynda

    You’re right; that doesn’t make any sense. I’ve got the same situation — 4G LTE w/AT&T, in Dallas — and I shop online for graphics design supplies. Not sure what she meant.