Affordable 4K TVs Are Coming Soon

    January 3, 2014
    Sean Patterson
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With TV manufacturers now giving up on mistake that was 3D, the entire industry is now looking for ultra HD to increase TV sales in the coming years.

So far the technology has shown promise, but real sales growth has been hindered both by exorbitant hardware prices and a severe lack of ultra HD content. However, these factors could change sooner than many think and 2014 could end up being the year that 4K TV becomes the next big TV product category.

The Wall Street Journal today reported that prices for ultra HD TVs are set to come sliding down in the coming months. While current models sell for the same prices as cars (Samsung’s 110-inch ultra HD TV costs a ridiculous $150,000), new models will soon hit levels that average consumers can afford.

According to the journal, the price erosion for ultra HD is being led by Chinese brands that are putting the technology in smaller screen sizes and selling sets for under $1000. Brand name electronics companies are expected to show off competing models next week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Already Polaroid is rumored to have a $999, 50-inch ultra HD TV that will be on display at CES.

Though a lack of 4K content is still a stumbling block for sales, that too could change come next week. It is rumored that Google will be displaying 4K YouTube content at CES in the booths of LG, Sony, and Panasonic. Other big content providers are also ramping up for 4K content, with Netflix debuting the second season of House of Cards in 4K in February, and Sony already releasing 4K movies through its 4K Video Unlimited service.

  • Tony

    Affordable 4k tvs are already here. Check amazon. There is a brand called Seiki or something of that nature that has a 60in 4k tv for under a $1000. Before you say the reason for that is that the tv is shit quality you are wrong. The tvs this company makes are some of the best the only difference is that they dont have a complex control and io nor are they smart tvs.

  • Nathan

    A television watching purist is not going to buy a 4k tv that has a 60 htz refresh rate. THATS LIKE PUTTING A 4 CYLINDER IN A LAMBOURGHINI. The seiki is not going to be on the quality or reliability level as sony, samsung, etc.