AdSense Text Ads Get Title Highlighting

Also a new way to view earnings

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Google announced that it has updated all text AdSense ads to allow for the title color of ads to be changed when the user moves their mouse over a link.

The company says after a period of testing, it found that this actually results in higher earnings for publishers, while also “increasing user and advertising value.”

“As you can imagine, there are numerous combinations of link and background color across the ad units on all publisher pages,” says Stephen Yuan with Google’s AdSense engineering team. “After extensive testing, we have found that the color of the change itself can make a big difference: the wrong shade can even be detrimental to clickthrough rate (CTR). To determine the color that the title link will change to when a user places their mouse cursor over it, we’ll take your chosen title color and find a nearly complementary color on the color wheel. For example, a blue title would change to red. These colors outperformed all the others we tested.”

“We’ll continue to keep studying the effects of color on CTR and ad performance to bring you more enhancements in the future,” adds Yuan.

Update to all text ads: the title color now changes when a user moves their mouse over the title link. http://t.co/52YV1Hj1 20 minutes ago via web · powered by @socialditto

This week, Google also announced that publishers have access to a new report that allow them to view earnings by ad network.

Ad Networks View

With the report, you can see a breakdown of impressions, clicks and earnings by Google-certified ad network.

AdSense Text Ads Get Title Highlighting
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  • http://www.PlacesToEatOkay.com Steven

    It’s about time they did something to jazz up the same old boring ads. Now if they only can fix Panda or get rid of it.

  • http://keithbrown.com/ Keith

    This is huge, seeing nice CTR rate boost since this rolled out. More money for adsense = more money for publishers. Win/win.

    • http://www.SeatteOkay.com Steven G

      They really were not thinking of 3rd party publishers, but I’m sure they realized that it would be an all around win/win. So I think we both agree on the overall win/win there to some degree. They were primarily thinking about their own advertising on their search engine to boost revenue. Combine that with sending less traffic to 3rd party websites, and their new idea to have search data held back when uses are logged into a Google service (Gmail anyone?), then you have a trifecta for Google, while not that much of an actual gain for most publishers.

      Also don’t forget that a boost in CTR can possibly trigger Google to ban you from Adsense for too many clicks that they could interpret as invalid clicks. So it’s hard to say if this will actually be a plus for most publishers. So far it is for you and me both, but it could also bite us later on, and I think the benefit to most publishers that can’t seem get any decent amount of traffic into their site it won’t do much to benefit them. Google rarely does things to benefit others if it doesn’t have significant benefit to them first.

  • http://www.speedy-joes.com joe kimbro

    Thanks for the changes. How color affects click through is very interesting.

    Joe from Speedy-Joes
    99.9% uptime
    Website in minutes

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