Adobe Talks Future Innovation with Both Flash and HTML5

Adobe: Flash a Blueprint for What You Can't Do with HTML

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There were a lot of announcements to take in during Google I/O last week, but among them were some HTML5 efforts from Adobe, illustrating the company’s dedication to utilizing the technologies it sees playing significant roles in the future of the web.

Of course a widely publicized tiff between Adobe and Apple over HTML5 and Flash came about from Apple CEO Steve Jobs dismissing Flash, and painting HTML5 as the way of the future, and resulted in Adobe carrying out an ad campaign in response. Adobe made it abundantly clear at Google I/O that HTML5 is very much a part of its plans, and that Flash is as well.

After the keynote in which Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch talked about the company’s HTML5 offerings, WebProNews spoke with Adobe Sr. Director of Engineering Paul Gubbay about them, as well as he co-existence of HTML5 and Flash:

"It’s important for folks to remember that Flash and HTML have always coincided together," says Gubbay. "They’ve always lived together. And now with HTML5, we’re starting to see new features and other things that certainly start moving towards some of the territory that we’ve typically seen Flash do. And that’s great. That’s innovation. I mean gosh, it’s been quite a while since the browsers have really started to innovate at the level we’re seeing now. It creates fantastic opportunities to build great tooling for HTMl5 and services on top of that, which is what we’re doing."

"We’ll also see Flash innovate and continue to innovate. There’s a bunch of things you just can’t do in HTML5 today consistently across browsers. People will continue to use Flash for those. They’ll continue to use Flash for the other types of innovations we’ll see there. I personally have always seen HTML as fantastic. There’s a lot of things you can do with it. And Flash has always sort of been a blueprint for the things you can’t do, but probably will be able to do in the future. And it’s going to continue to build that way. So I absolutely see a world where both play in, and I think it’s Adobe’s job to show how that works, and to bring value to folks wherever we need to."

Do you agree that Flash will continue to innovate and act as a blueprint for things you can’t do with HTML? Share your thoughts.

Adobe Talks Future Innovation with Both Flash and HTML5
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  • http://www.superfloorcoat.com Epoxy Paint

    Hooray! We’re glad to see how html5 will be making it easy for us to implement flash on cross the board web browser, For us marketers in the seattle loan modification/ carpet woodinville, and boat paint its a blessing.

  • http://www.hghpills.org/ HGH

    I think Adobe’s job to show how that works, and to bring value to folks wherever we need to

  • http://setroll.info S.E. Troll

    Epoxy Paint,

    What the HELL are you talking about? You put all that effort into a nofollowed link. Good job.

    I think you have been sniffing too many of your own products.

    As for Adobe, I hope they stay true to that word “innovation” that they threw around so many times.

  • http://ronnydepp.blogspot.com/ Ronnie Depp

    I agree that It’s up to Adobe, to make sure Flash stay on the seen forever. They must keep

    Flash surely a thing must-be-employed-to-get-something-done, even with HTML5 compliant


    And I think Flash cannot be substituted easily with few Techniques in HTML5 to move things up.

    Actionscript cannot be beaten up.

    I will also favour the use of HTML5 in conjunction with CSS3 for simple animations but Flash is

    still a matter of awe-inspiring factor as it’s based on a strong actionscript engine/framework.

    With Flash, you’re in control. It’s data-driven and can be dynamic in all the senses. Flash is

    a Platform now. : )

    IMPORTANT: I dont want Flash to be thrown out of the way. I just say, we should use FLash where

    it really needs to be used. Simple tasks must be carried out with HTML5/CSS3. But it depends on

    how easier it is to do certain things using HTML5/CCS3 and how soon one can learn it.

    IF FLASH HAS TO BE VANISHED FROM THE WEB-SCENE IN FUTURE: I will be half dead to know if it is

    the END OF FLASH DAYS. Because it’s Flash that inspired me to choose my career as a Web

    Design/Developer, after the GOOD-OLD

    post-method, and ASP 3.0 classic, PHP that i

    learned the hard way to send receive Data to-and-fro from Server side, which i started to learn

    back in year 2000.

    Flash was one of the major reasons, i was convinced that web is the platform for future

    business, with whole new bunch of capabilities the web has to offer, when i started out my


    I just love Flash more than just loving it. As my flash-based client base is large enough.

    Apple seem to dismissing Flash, as Macromedia innovate the web with the possibilities web can

    offer with a tagline: “what the web can be” (good old days). And then Adobe acquired Macromedia

    after realising the Flash-trend shooting up, as a cross platform media reach to web population.

    Flash made a major client base. Adobe took Flash to the next Level by introducing Flex

    Framework and now Flex Framework 4 with Flash Builder 4 Premium. Also adding Adobe AIR as a

    media delivery platform for Desktop based RIAs (Rich Internet Applications) and Adobe Media

    Player based on the same AIR platform.

    Flash is now irresistable. And i cant resist, even the temptations to do more with Flash.

    Apple, Microsoft, RealNetworks, and more such companies, tend to dislike Flash as it left

    behind the WindowsMediaPlayer plugin, RealPlayer plugin, QuickTime plugin, as not cross

    platform plugins for browsers and as penetrated as much is Flash Player.

    These companies are worried about Flash Player’s penetration to user base, as their own

    player-plugins are not as much used as the Flash Player, due to it’s cross-browser,

    cross-platform penetration.

    Well that’s it, i think. : )

    thank you all readers

    Ronnie Depp – Lahore, Pakistan

    personal web presence: http://ronniedepp.co.cc/

    personal blog: http://ronnydepp.blogspot.com/

    tech blog: http://techbytes-from-ronnie.blogspot.com/

    Follow me on Twitter: facebook.com/ronny.depp’ title=’Befriend Me on FaceBook : Ronny.Depp’ rel=’follow’ target=’ronnie-on-fb’>http://facebook.com/ronny.depp

    My e-MailInbox: mr.salman.ahmad@gmail.com

    My Skype: othenticmedia

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