AdBlock Plus Imagines Blocking Times Square Ads With Google Glass

    April 12, 2013
    Chris Crum
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AdBlock tweeted this on Thursday:

Don’t worry, it looks like they’re just joking:

A joke for now. One day soon this may not be so funny. Investors seem to think Google Glass is the future.

Of course, as redditors have pointed out, Glass only covers one eye (and really not even the whole eye). At least the current version. Don’t forget about the contact lens scenario.

[via reddit]

  • love

    i can not say how much its great. this moment changed my live. love adblock.

  • Andrew

    All that money people spend on ads to try to rip you off, and if they don’t succeed in that, they’ll just steal some personal information from you. The sad thing is, I would sooner pay Adblock for any and all services it can provide against the capitalization of the internet.

  • Mariusz

    I dream about getting such thing in the real! If it appears some day, I’ll be ready to pay for it!