ACTA: Polish Parliament Protests With Guy Fawkes Masks

    January 27, 2012
    Zach Walton
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ACTA blew through the European Union yesterday with Poland perhaps receiving the largest backlash.

Poland saw massive protests yesterday due to the government’s intention to sign ACTA. The government went ahead and signed it despite the protests from the public.

The people did have a few heroes in government yesterday, however, with officials from the Palikot’s Movement wearing Guy Fawkes masks in protest. As many are aware, Guy Fawkes is the official mascot for Anonymous.

It was presumably a call out to the Internet community who are vehemently against ACTA.

All is not lost in Poland though as a Redditor points out that while ACTA was signed in by the government yesterday, it still has to be approved by a majority of parliament and then the President who can veto it.

Before all that happens though, let’s just bask in the wonder of politicians making a huge shout out to the Internet community.


[Both pictures courtesy of Reddit]
  • zeekyboogydoog

    epic win for the mask wearing guys. I lol’d

  • Pawel

    Here’s Poland – we, young people do not stop our protest. The cities are occupied. Don’t believe to the media – we do protest all the time and we prepare an revolution, an revolution which began in our minds, will be now shown on the streets. Currently in the whole country there are over 700.000 of us on the streets and we won’t return our homes without vicotry, we will not stop!!! Let this be the beginning of the global Internet identity reloveution! No ACTA, No NWO, No 1984!!! We are not products, we are not things, we are people and we deserve our freedom and will of choice! We never step back, we never surrender!

  • Xorg

    It is well past time for legislators and governments to realize that the real problem is the horribly dated manner in which is media is distributed and controlled by elites and corporations – and not by the authors and creators themselves. It is well past time to stop trying to blame and somehow monitor or restrict the Internet and the free and open exchange it represents, in order to somehow “protect” intellectual property and “prevent piracy.” This is akin to the government listening and banning cell phone conversations because you might say something they do not like. This can not be tolerated anywhere.