A Lot Of People Hate The New YouTube Comments

    November 11, 2013
    Chris Crum
    Comments are off for this post.

On Wednesday, Google announced that it is finally implementing the YouTube comment system change that users and video providers have been anticipating. They’ve moved to a Google+-powered commenting system, further tying YouTube to Google’s larger “social layer”.

Obviously the reaction is mixed. Do you think this is the right move for YouTube? Let us know what you think in the comments.

With the new system, Google says the comments “you care about” move to the top. Google knows what you care about. Got it?

In reality, users will see posts at the top of the list from the video’s creator, popular personalities, “engaged discussions” about the video, and of course, people from your Google+ Circles. You do still have the option to see the most recent comments by switching from “top comments” to “newest first”.

The system also enables you to adjust the privacy level of your own comments. You can comment publicly, or only to people in your Circles. Or even just to one person. Replies are threaded like they are in Gmail.

Video owners are provided with tools to review comments before they’re posted, and can block certain words. They can also auto-approve comments from certain fans.

“If you’re like the majority of people commenting on YouTube, you’ve already connected your account to a Google+ profile or page and can start commenting now,” says Google in a blog post.

If your haven’t connected your account, you can do so here.

“Remember, you’re in control of how you’re seen publicly on YouTube, whether that’s keeping your current YouTube channel name, using your own name, or creating a new one,” Google says.

While some, particularly Google+ users, will embrace the change (YouTube comments don’t have the greatest reputation as it is), there are clearly plenty of people, including those providing the videos that aren’t pleased with Google’s move. Here’s a small sampling of what people are saying about it on Twitter.

While if you look at the comments on Google’s own video about the changes (above), they don’t seem too bad under the default option, but if you switch over to “newest first,” you’re going to see a lot of anger and hate. I mean a lot. Warning: you might need to take a shower after reading them.

There are likely plenty of YouTube users that simply have no desire to use Google+, and simply don’t want to have another social network forced down their throat through a product that they’ve been using for years (including for years before Google+ even existed).

Even some frequent Google+ users have expressed disdain with Google’s forcing of Google+ into its other products, including YouTube, in the past. We had a conversation with Wil Wheaton last year about this, in fact. It wasn’t about comments, but Google had been testing a Google+ like button in place of the YouTube thumbs up button, which prompted him to post a rant to his Tumblr.

When we talked to him afterwards, he said, “The only reason that matters is because it’s part of how Google will decide who gets another season of the shows they’re sponsoring,” Wheaton tells WebProNews. “I want to be very clear about this: when I made my post on Tumblr, I wasn’t even thinking of that. I was thinking about how Google is forcing people who don’t want or need Google+ to sign up and use it.”

That’s the thing. The YouTube commenting system is certainly a new way to drive more engagement to Google+. It’s not as if Google has been shy about this strategy though. The company has long positioned Google+ as the “social layer” of the larger Google, as opposed to a separate product. The phrase “Google+ is Google,” has been used by the company more than a few times.

The fact is that YouTube is part of Google (and a pretty huge part at that), and users are simply going to have to accept Google+ as part of that. Either that or find a different video site to meet their needs.

Do you think Google+ is being forced on people who don’t want to use it? Is this the right move for YouTube, or do you think it will hurt the YouTube experience? Share your thoughts in the comments.

  • Fuck Google, Fuck YouTube, REALLY Fuck Google+’s Real Names

    To Google/YouTube…

    From: http://youtube-global.blogspot.com/2013/11/youtube-new-comments.html

    “If you’re like the majority of people commenting on YouTube, you’ve already connected your account to a Google+ profile or page and can start commenting now.”

    …I ***can’t*** use Google+. Google+ REQUIRES REAL FUCKING NAMES. I ***do not want*** to use my real name. By forcing commenting thru G+, you are FORCING me to violate G+’s Terms & Conditions. You are forcing it, not me. Fuck you Google, Fuck you YouTube. Not everyone wants to BLAST THEIR REAL FUCKING NAME ONLINE.

    That should read “If you’re like the majority of sheeple that have already bowed to our whim, you will get fired tomorrow, since your boss can find what YOU said about HIM on YouTube, now that we’ve implemented our new commenting system using your REAL NAME.”

    • http://internet.underceej.co.uk The Ceej

      To their credit, they’ve since more clearly defined “real name.” And I’m not as opposed to it as I was when they were implying that they meant “slave name.”

      However, that’s too little too late. Realnamesgate already happened, and was defended, and Google is trying to get us to use Google Minus now by force. By FORCE!! Not by making it better, which is what a legitimate company would be doing.

    • melpenguin

      Real names? I’m not using my real name on Google+ or FB. Make one up 😉

      • Toto

        I have a lot of facebook accounts, LOTS, thousands for marketing, one for girlfriends and friends and one for family. Never used a real name. Those who use their real name on Facebook can’t begin to understand what a bad idea that is. They hide behind “I have nothing to hide” statement due to their ignorance. Words can be twisted anyway you want; especially in court. Then the future knocks on their door, they have kids, try to get employment, divorce sets in and child custody battle ensues, judge decides who gets alimony and HOW MUCH based on anything written or content viewed on Facebook (deleted content too) so he subpoenas your records (everything you viewed, wrote, liked), employers buy Facebook data through intermediaries (wayback type of sites and most likey FB themselves), etc. That’s when they scream on their knees, HOW COULD I BE SUCH A LIL T all these years!!! If you are using your real name on Facebook you need your head checked. The repercussions from that single action are things obviously above your head.

        Hey Chris, are you married to Amanda Crum or is she family?

        • Deb

          Then don’t put your life on your wall. Simple 😛

          • randy

            it’s not that simple! when you’re forced to put your personal info into google plus people will click your profile and see everything youve viewed liked and commented on. everything! how is that even fair? what if i clicked a video that was titled incorrectly? at least with facebook a person can choose what they want to share to their entire friends list! if you dont like a video you dont have to share. thats simple. when everything is shared thats just crossing the line! and now everybody in the world can find you and see your history. its completely unecessary. its google being jealous and selfish. next thing you know there will be googlebed. where you broadcast your bedroom life to your googleplus account. where is the fucking privacy!? somethings arent meant to be shared.

        • Craig peck

          Everyone I know uses their real name on Facebook. Must be you that has got something to hide if you need so many accounts and false names

        • Brett Vanrick

          You sound like a stuck-up snob and an idiot Seeing that you’re not one of the ones complaining about the new comment system but bragging about how rich you are when no one gives a shit you dumbass.

          • Brett Vanrick

            And my reply is to Toto

      • Fuck Google, Fuck YouTube, REALLY Fuck Google+’s Real Names

        “Make one up”…yes, I do understand I can do this, but what about this situation: I make up a name, create a nice YouTube channel (videos, comments, subscribers), then in 6 months (or whenever), Google notices my name is not “real enough”, they lock my G+ account (which probably locks my YouTube channel too), asking me for “proof” my name is “John Doe”, I can’t send them that proof, so I can’t unlock my account. THAT is why I don’t wanna go down that road with Google, I don’t wanna give them a reason to lock my account. I use Gmail, I like Gmail, I DO NOT want my Gmail to get locked out, just cuz I chose to use an invalid name on G+. Of course, I can’t predict the future, so perhaps them locking my (theoretical) G+ account wouldn’t cause Gmail or YouTube to get locked, but I can’t take that chance.

        So, that leaves me with the choice of creating a NEW Google account, with a new YouTube channel & the obligatory G+ account with a fake name…then if they lock that new account, I wouldn’t care as much as if they locked my real/current Gmail account.

        Note: Yes, know I can use G+ “pages” (with a fake name), I’m not sure I like that option either…especially if I can’t “undo” it. Everything is so final with Google: picked a bad YouTube username: stuck with it. Convert YouTube channel to a G+ page & wanna undo: stuck? at Google’s mercy? The help pages don’t say if you can UNDO any of these new changes they are forcing. I’d like to see the end result & be able to undo it. Maybe G+ pages isn’t a bad solution to this problem? I dunno, I can’t test it (well, I could test it in a new account). YouTube just needs to go back to a separate login. When you could login/out of Gmail & NOT affect which YouTube account you were using.

        Google needs an undo button, you SHOULD BE ABLE to change your YouTube username, you should be able to MOVE your YouTube channel to ANY Google account you want. Created your YouTube channel on your Dad’s Google account? No biggie: just move it. You should be able to do both (change username, move account) as many times as you want. You should also be able to link/unlink/re-link your YouTube channel to a G+ account (if you want to)…not be locked in if you leave it linked for 14 days. 14-day undo is great, but why not unlimited undo?

        I’d hate to bring up another controversy, but recently “a girl” made a bad decision. She was also using her real name online, now her & her family are getting death threats. THAT is why NO ONE should EVER use their real name online. Not on Twitter, Not on Google+, Not on Facebook, not even in E-mail! NO real info: people can’t find you & kill you…or simply harass/embarrass you.

        • amity

          I totally agree. What is this crap? Nothing IRL is final, people forget shit , move on, but google…. Oh no , google and ass-facebook want you TO REMEMBER FOREVER!!! You made a rude comment on youtube while you were drunk online in 2005? Google+ wants to make sure that will follow you FOR THE REST OF YOUR INTERNET DAYS. Sorry for caps but i am literally screaming this at my screen.
          I wanna use the net as a relatively healthy way to vent without having to ruin friendships, work relationships ect..
          I realise that the anonymous nature of the net can result in obscene bullying and it would be nice to stop that but surely there’s a better way to punish the trolls without hurting the rest of the internet community?! Tech heads come out! find an algorithm that can solve that and you’ll be rich!

      • Brian

        It’s a felony to set up a social site with a bogus name.

        • Psi

          Under whose laws?

        • blaize

          Your stupidity should be the felony… Setting up a social network with a bogus name certainly isn’t…

        • ミッコ

          i use an alias as my forced google+ account name

        • sligo

          Maybe that’s the case in Dumbfuckingstan where you live.

    • Toiwat

      Under your overarching G+ profile you have the option to create multiple different separate identities, that they call “pages”. You can call these whatever you want, and link your YouTube profile to one of these instead of linking to your profile with your real name.

      • bigl187

        yea but your name is still going out there. google can sell your name and info to anyone hey want.

        • Frank

          No one is stopping you from using a fake name. It just should be something that could be a real name. That’s exactly like facebook where they also tell you to use your real name but unless someone reports you they rarely do anything if you’re not doing so.

          And forcing Google+ might not be the best thing but imo comments look better now as I actually so who is replying to what. Earlier it was just a mess.

      • StopS

        You are missing existing accounts on YouTube.

        I am one of the victims of Google changing YouTube to use G+ – even though I don’t understand the +.
        I am locked out of my own channel. I can’t make changes to comments, I can’t comment, I can’t reply – even on my own videos.
        Why all this?
        Because computers at Google don’t consider my brandname to be a name and have blocked all access.
        I don’t need Google to tell me who is allowed to comment what. I don’t need Google to decide what I get to see, calling this what I care most about. I want to decide that myself.
        This sucks bad!

      • amity

        And it’s all still connected so anyone with the slightest bit of tech savvy can figure that out and know that all those accounts are linked to the real you. Are you really that naive to think a different name on youtube that’s linked to your normal email can’t be traced back to you, the real person? Come on.

    • Meredith

      YES!! YES YES YES Everything you said!!!
      FUCK THEM!!! THIS SUCKS SO BADLY I Can’t even wrap my head around it!!

    • bigl187

      I could not have said it any better. I fucking hate all of this fuckin social media bull shit not everyone wants to be sheep. wtf is wrong with this world they are always trying to cram this social media shit up our ass. this is a good opportunity for someone to creat a new video site that is just as popular as youtube but without all the bullshit social shit.

      • Someone who agrees

        Yep! the almighty dollar strikes again. I put up with the nonstop ads but this has gone too far. I barely want to use Facebook let alone Google+ and now I can’t even reply, f this

        • hamstergirl4444

          AdBlock, my friend, use AdBlock – never see another ad on YT or anywhere else you don’t want…..

      • thebigeasy

        there already is. two in fact- dailymotion and vimeo

        delete all your videos, then your account and reupload them to one of the others. personally i find dailymotion to be closer to old youtube.

    • evzen

      Haha, guess how do you reply on this blogpost? Via G+.
      What kind of fuckery is this, damn this matrix.

    • trlkly

      While I blame Google for not getting this out there, in no way do you have to use your real name. I don’t mean you can lie about your real name. I mean that comments on YouTube are set up where you can use the Google+ page feature which will not list your real name, just using your YouTube name.

      If you already switched to using your real name, you can create a new page with you as the manager, and not display who the manager is. You can then use that page to comment on YouTube. I’m not sure of the specifics, as I didn’t have to do this, but I’m pretty dadblasted sure it’s doable.

      The main problems with Google+ are really in how poorly the integration was rolled out. They should have done it like every other Google update and rolled out the new comment system slowly, so people would have time to find problems.

      I mean, the “Feedback” button doesn’t even work right. The comment system does not show up in the screenshots. The one new thing that people might need to report problems with, and they can’t see the problems.

      • amity

        And as i said before… it can still be traced back to you! I just dearly wish the sites were separate…

    • Boycott

      Android twats make me laugh. YOU are the gullible sheep that paid for this to happen and are responsible for 99% of the idiotic comments in the first place.
      Think about it– A search company only needs an email service, a phone OS, a web browser and a social network for one reason… To track you.
      They can only do that if they keep you all penned in one place.
      I **guarantee** google will say in a month that this has been a wild success. There are too few of you with enough sense to make it a failure. The vast majority will happily sign away their souls.
      Well, it’s been real, but I’m outa here. Canceling my account.
      This move by google is indefensible. (Translation for fandroids: Cannot be justified.)

    • iajosijsoi

      Adding to your comment… there’s no more “top comments”! WTF! The top rated comments were freaking hilarious and made my life. And no video responses! I can’t get 1/2 the views I had before. The comment system was awesome, but now there’s no point of commenting at all. This sucks. It really sucks.

    • Bullshit

      This is bullshit. Google is preventing my account from thumbing up comments and replying to comments. Just watch this video that explains it all: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owDEY6AVik4

    • http://Google Graham Smith

      That was Long Winded !! But in Australia We say it a lot more CONDENSED ..Google and you/tube ARE stuffed .. Is there something Else ??? Please !! I cant even Sign into Google without a Stupid Pop up Telling Me I cant because there is something wrong with Cookies and I’ve tried every Bloody thing Know, But still the same
      Same on You/Tube no comment until signed in which leads You straight back to Google Sign in ???? THE MAGIC ROUNDABOUT is still alive and Kicking !! I’m now going to UNINSTALL THE LOT OF IT And GOOD RIDDANCE !!..OH!! and that saying here…GOOGLE and YOU/TUBE ARE STUFFED or(******)!!!…Thanks ….

    • 99ways2die

      I don’t use my real name, mines a song name I put some of the words together and broke it up into two formats. I won’t use my real name online either screw that, what do they want easier access to us so the can sell our names to more Mexicans?

    • Your an idiot.

      umm… my comments when i reply on youtube are labeled as my stage name Tea Baggins.. ummm u guys r idiots..

      Sincerely, Your an idiot.

      • grammarnazi


        As in “Sincerely, you’re an idiot.”

        Why aren’t they teaching kids grammar anymore?

    • Candoguy

      I’m not using YT as much as I was because of these changes. It feels like I’ve been restricted from taking more of an active part within the YT community and I’ve lost interest.

      This is a very bad move and I’ll just merely watch YT passively rather than become involved anymore.

      Thanks YT/Google. You’ve probably saved me a lot of time.

      • FunkGuitarSavedMySexLife

        Absof***inglutely. Could not agree more. I loved the top comments. But more so, I loved going onto old concert videos, bantering back and forth with friend and foe alike. Now I do the same as you. I watch videos passively. Every time I get the urge to comment or reply I am pissed off all over again! I want no part of it. I’m using my time to play guitar as I should. The decision makers are about as dumb as you can get.

    • http://aol. google sucks

      i got google+ and can’t comment. i can’t get anything done. can start commenting now. NO.

    • Bozobub

      While I also despise Google+, simply don’t use your real name. My name for both Google+ and Facebook is “Bozobub Clownlord”, and ALL information contained therien is entirely fictitious.

    • https://www.youtube.com/user/Kovitlac RudeOnion

      You don’t have to use your real name :/ I didn’t. My G+ name is the same as my Youtube name. But all that aside, I absolutely hate that Google has forced us into this shitty system that doesn’t even work at the best of times. It’s a load of crap.

  • V

    Google is pushing Google+ down people’s throat with Youtube. I rarely log in to youtube because of that. I logged in today to reply to a news video and all my comments now are now shown on that useless piece of crap and ghost town called Google+. Had to go there and deal with it. There are tons of privacy issues. You can’t force people to like a product they don’t like or want. Google + will never beat Facebook for that reason alone.

    I’m sure most of you know this but I’m sure you are in the minority. If you value your privacy, never use a google product, especially gmail. People I have sent emails to and that I have received emails from were contacted by gmail and asked if they knew me and placed a link in the email to my Youtube account which shows my comments on that account and my Google + account profile (which NOW includes youtube comments). This is a major violation of privacy. All people I have communicated through gmail for business, craigslist, family, etc. know all about my life because Gmail sent them a link. The ex-wife even found me and is creating trouble for me. Had to delete my gmail and one of my youtube accounts due to that.

    Never use gmail, chrome browser or any google product. Google is evil. Use startpage dot com to search Google. Use Firefox, Adblock “Edge” and “Ghostery” addons to block Google Analytics too.

    Irrelevant but shocking. Regarding Facebook, did you know that every time you comment on a page or use the Facebook logins some places, that comment you thought nobody had the chance to find or read is being displayed on all or some of your friends’ news feed? Commented on that Facebook page about hot girls and you thought your sister in law or wife would never have a clue about that page? She read what you wrote most likely. Told this to many people and they confirmed it. Some deleted their accounts and other scrambled to clean all comments they could. Not sure that helped.

    • L

      Google isn’t evil, you just have to manage your privacy. All corporations are making slip ups. But I agree: this commenting thing has gone too far. Google Plus was a social Media Failure, and Google should just accept it and pull out before they fudge up youtube even more. They should focus on Chrome, Gmail, and Android and fixing up Youtube. Just abandon Google Plus, google.

      • yag

        Maybe Google “is not evil” but the road to hell is surely paved with good intentions… I hate how they dumbed down all of their formerly great UIs since one year…

      • Dave N

        I have not had one person ask me to link to them on Google+. I wouldn’t do it if they asked.

      • hamstergirl4444

        Oh God, if I hear this one more time, I swear my head’s gonna pop off…”You just have to manage your privacy”….AAAAAARRRRRGGGHH!!!!

        Why does this upset me? First of all, not all of us are mental giants – and the privacy controls are either hidden, or couched in some alien language…they take time to figure out. And after you do finally get everything set to what you think is private – one day you wake up and find that FaceBook or Google, or whoever, has changed their system, and all your hard work means zippo, and your ass has been flying in the wind along with all your info. This happened to me countless times on FB, which is why I no longer use it, or any other social media. Google can go stuff itself, and it’s little circles along with ’em.

    • Dave N

      I have not had one person ask me to link to them on Google+. I wouldn’t do it if they asked.

    • Deb

      Fix the privacy settings..

      • Deb

        Can’t find a delete comment button, so please ignore this comment I made above. It’s on the wrong thread.

    • Alain

      I have never thought they wouldn’t be displayed: by definition, friends are precisely these people who are allowed – by you ! – to see your news feed, it’s that simple !

  • JLiRD808

    “While if you look at the comments on Google’s own video about the changes (above), they don’t seem too bad under the default option, but if you switch over to “newest first,” you’re going to see a lot of anger and hate. I mean a lot.”

    ACtually, under the default option…its BAD TOO NOW LOL.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/chris-crum Chris Crum

      They have been coming in pretty rapidly.

    • Devil

      YEAH, and especially troll and spammers. ALL i see now are dick, cock, nazi sympol, fuck google, troll face, cute dog, pedobear,and more dicks. It’s like they’re trying to promote troll and 4chanism than stopped LOL. Now, youtube will be more chaos, thanks to those that can’t even take critics.

      • 99ways2die

        You tube for the past few years has had openly paid trolls for it’s political videos but they go all over the place just looking for people to slip up so you can make a threat or some thing and if they recognize you from not agreeing with their political views they have you arrested. Fact I think that Pedobear you mentioned was one of them.

  • Kaylee

    Hate it, hate it, HATE IT.

    Google, I’ve been able to pretty much ignore all the awful changes you’ve made to Youtube,like forcing Google Plus on us, but you’ve gone too far with this. GO AWAY. We don’t want you messing up Youtube!

    • Protect_Against_Identity_Theft

      If you really hate it…then let them know it. Sign the petition at change.org…

      Crosspost url:


      • Protect_Against_Identity_Theft

        If you really hate it…then let them know it. Sign the petition at change.org…

        the petition is called:

        Petitioning Google
        Google: Change the Youtube comment section back to its original form.

        • MattOKC

          I started to…And then Change.org insisted that I provide my name, email, street address, and city to sign it! So here we are, signing a petition to complain about Google trying to force a breech of privacy on us, and the petition website does it too! So nope.

          • W. A.

            That’s my problem with petition sites too. They need to make money to keep the sites up, I’ll just bet there are hundreds of companies just foaming at the mouth with the though of knowing exactly what I like and don’t like.

        • 99ways2die

          I’m not signing my real name on some thing that the creator of the site won’t sign his own in. A man that wants your info but won’t give out his own can not be trusted. The last Election should have shown that already.

        • won’t help

          negotiations won’t change anything, unless measurable amount of users stop with google, gmail, g+ and youtube for good.
          They finally can collect and use your private information to their own dismay and under “legal” occurrenties, because we all agreed with them in exchange for using youtube.

          There are dozens of other mail and social sites, but only mostly youtube offer official videos and discusses /or not, any longer/.

      • thebigeasy


    • 5327indarkness

      so true I hate the stupid google plus accounts and I can’t reply at all on the youtube videos (but I like that though cause I’m sick of everyone being mean to me by video comments =.=) but everything I hate I want everything back to normal >:l

  • Mike

    Google + sucks. The only way for Google to keep it alive is by forcing it onto the Youtube community.

    • http://internet.underceej.co.uk The Ceej

      This is Google’s opinion. However, they’re wrong. They’re not going to get people to use Google Minus. They’re only going to kill YouTube (which won’t survive sunset today).

      The only way for Google to keep it alive is to make it something people want. But, they’re not going to do that. Google doesn’t know how to do that. The only products Google has that people want, they wanted BEFORE Google bought them.

    • 5327indarkness

      I hated when they forced it on me,I lost my most favorite profile icon,I’ve lost it forever since it’s no longer in my pictures *sighs* if they have to force things on everyone leave the profile pictures alone at least! why do we need google plus accounts anyway? it’s stupid I don’t like change

  • http://bathikmadrim.pun.bz/ Patih Bathik Madrim

    Nice Post Boss Thank You

  • CharlieF

    -No more community relevant top comment
    -Google decides what’s relevant to me
    -G+ integration
    -Default view is stupid (should be newest first)

    +’might’ have less spam

    There are other ways to fix up the comments section without pulling a facebook on us.

    • thebigeasy

      + has less users so of course it has less spam and the fact that google is using this as a selling point shows how feeble theyre arguments are.

  • http://www.mythicbells.com Molly Barr

    I have the “Mythicbells” YT Channel and I’m having a horrible time figuring out how this new system works. At the very least this needs to be explained clearly somewhere. I can reply to a few of the people who comment on my channel and the rest are a mystery. I know that at least a few of the rest are with Google + and I have them in one of my “circles” … do they need to do something? or do I? In order from me to be able to reply to their comments?

  • Dray

    Lets be honest,this new youtube is just another way to force google+ on people since nobody gives a damn about it anyway. Nobody can comment or do anything on youtube anymore without them trying to force people to make a google account. Sadly they will get away with this because they know they can,they know there isn’t another site like youtube that people will use as an alternative. Sites like dailymotion or vimeo are so under the radar that they can’t compete with youtube. So they know that no matter what they do,people will still frequent youtube. Even if a few people decide to stop using youtube,it will still be popular. So youtube along with google get away keep people by the balls while most likely stealing their personal info.

    • nick

      Google+ is Google’s social layer. It’s not a product. If you want to have social interactions on a Google product, you are a Google+ user.

      • Deb

        Thanks, but I will choose for myself, not have it forced on me. Corporations often own sdeveral brands but astute enough to keep them separate and leave what works well, alone; not force a generic layer over everything.

        A strong component of Youtube was its comments, and if Google now owns youtube an is overlaying Y/t with everything Google, then it’s time to leave.

  • RJ

    The problem I have is that I can no longer reply to comments under my Youtube videos! I have read that I can reply to comments made from Google+. But those are rare!

  • http://www.enviroequipment.com Enviro Equipment, Inc.

    We are in favor of anything that makes Google+ more important and/or relevant because we devote almost all of our social media marketing efforts towards our Google+ account.

    • youdontneedtoknowmyname

      ru being sarcastic?

      • http://www.enviroequipment.com Enviro Equipment, Inc.

        Actually, no.

        However, it’s a bit of an exaggeration to say we devote all of our social media marketing efforts to Google+; in fact, we devote just over half of it to Google+.

  • Anne Logston

    Honestly, I think the new YouTube comments system is a complete fail. I already had Google+, but if people don’t want it, they shouldn’t have to have it just to comment on a frigging YouTube video. The new system is complicated and horrible. One huge objection is that you now cannot reply to any comment over 8 hours old. Really???? The new “relevancy” system is really objectionable, too. I’m sorry, but Google has made a total, FUBAR fail of YouTube comments.

    • UE

      You know what really sucks… trying to help out viewers on hobby channels like this.

    • Oleg

      I don’t understand why they need an expiry date in replying to a comment? I got a reply to a comment I made on a video and couldn’t reply to the reply. As for the poohgle+ if I wanted to join a facebook style social network site or make tweets I would have a long time ago, I am just not interested. Between this, scrapping the customization of Y.T channel pages, and letting the copyright police go nuts over any inane thing, are the reasons why I will never post a video on you tube again. I think the best solution is for people to vote with their feet like they did with my space and any other site that made changes they didn’t like. I am going to contact many of the channel owners I subscribe to an encourage them to move, the majority are even more pissed about the poohgle+ gong show then I am since they had dozens of videos posted.

  • The_Knowing

    One day ago something new was implemented, and people complain like its been weeks. Typical really, but not unexpected. I know I kind of freaked when I heard this, but I also know that putting something new into a website creates bugs, and things and problems crop up, which happens. Besides, people were complaining about the changes to the format a year or so, yet now they seem to want it back, even though they cried out that it was ruining YT. :\ I’m probably going to get flamed for this, reading it over again. :(

    • UE

      You realize that people are complaining for valid reasons right?
      They now with the new layout hide subscriptions and videos that get released so people miss out on videos from creators they are subscribed to because youtube decides that said person would rather watch videos that 90% of the time they don’t want to watch or are 6month-2years old. This creates a problem for professional content creators AND the viewers.

      The channel pages are also much less customizable now and much much less noticeable, not as big an issue but it is a big issue when it comes to grabbing people and making them feel a part of the channel. Not just this having a left aligned skinny column with that much white already is a terrible design decision and is even worse on a 27″ 1440p monitor.

      These comment changes don’t allow you to reply to anything older than 8 hours which mean if you run a help channel or some sort of hobby channel or purely like discussing ideas with your viewers, too bad… You can’t now and it CAN gimp one of the main reasons people follow you.

      Add to this that people don’t WANT to put their personal details onto google+ and they should not have to, google’s privacy policies make facebook look like fort nox when it comes to keeping them safe. And often people plain don’t want to use the website as it just adds a layer of complication for no gain at all.

      This isn’t about people blindly hating what is new, this is about a company forcing a product through another product rather than incentivising the former product and making them want to use it.

      Also this isn’t a flame post, purely informational and hopefully educational so you an broaden your view a bit.

      • The_Knowing

        Oh, I agree. I’ve done some more looking around, and they really screwed up youtube with this whole thing. Admittedly, most of my youtube… experience (?), has been just one playlist, through the day, so I didn’t interact much on the comments section. But finding that I can’t even comment, or like or dislike comments, unless I make a G+ account, is possibly the worst move google could have made with this. :\
        So, yeah. My opinions have changed on this, and thank you for all of that additional information on the other issues. :) Sorry if this sort of rambles on, and is incoherent, I haven’t had my coffee yet. :(

      • Devil

        Talking LIKE A BOSS. thump up for you. ^^ !

  • Lorel

    I use Google+ for business purposes only and I use YouTube Mainly to follow other interests. I most certainly DON’T want those two connected or I won’t post on YouTube anymore!

  • Pizzaman7

    My new e-mail server is getting close to done. No more e-mail in the cloud. I will be closing my Google profile probably in 30 days. The founders are big time democrats. You can see how they operate. Close collusion with the government. They are total fascists like all democrats. They already know what is best for you and cramming it down your throats. I can hardly wait to get rid of them.

    • RumDumConundrum

      I’m sorry, but what does this have to do with Democrats?

      • SIN

        read his post again. They are democrats. Google’s founders. Liberal asswipes. It’s the same these days.

    • Oleg

      Join Pop Modal instead.

  • Hank T.

    I love everything Google except Google +…forcing G+ on me is a bad bad idea…now youtube too?

  • http://internet.underceej.co.uk The Ceej

    “A lot of people hate the new YouTube comments.”

    For example, everyone. Today will forever be known as The Day YouTube Died.

    Now, I’m off to read all that text under the headline that hooked me.

  • http://internet.underceej.co.uk The Ceej

    I have a question.

    How does anyone know about the alleged quality of these new comments? I can’t post comments. Every time I try, YouTube tries to force me to sign up for Google Minus and then tells me they’ll ask me again later when I dismiss the box. Later is immediately when I try to comment again. There is literally no way to comment on YouTube without a Google Minus account.

    Are you seriously claiming people are stupid and masochistic that they’ll cave to extortion just to comment on a YouTube video? I highly doubt it. I would be thoroughly surprised to learn two people have commented on YouTube since midnight. People aren’t THAT stupid.

    • Stupid_Person

      Sadly i was one of those people, but I had no idea that google plus would take over my account til I sighed in with my gmail account. Once I realized what happened I was shocked and devastated and wished I just didn’t attempt to regain my ability to comment. I wonder if some other people did the same and immediately regretted it afterwards. I know I do and I just wished I sucked it up and not actually signed in.

      • Dray

        If you go into system settings you can temporarily disconnect google+ from your youtube account,but like I said it’s temporary. It only lasts like 14 days,so you will have to keep checking your account if you don’t want it to be permanently linked to google+. Google has got people by the balls and will make people hate youtube.

    • Max

      I know it’s crazy but people are actually doing just that. Someone said the whole comment thing is to get rid of spam but I doubt. Since all you really need to comment is a G+ account.

  • Fredrik

    Google is forcing youtube into a social center. Youtube is for videos not for conversations! They just want out personal information and raise their value even more. I dint want to share my personal information on a site that i use with 100% strangers. I dont even lile the people that comment sometimes. From this moment on i will bycott all googles services. Google to me is a searchengine that is trying to take over the world, playing monopoly with our lives! Dailymotion, here i come!

  • Roy

    So, now I HAVE to create one (or more) fake Google identities in order to keep separate things that I want to be separate.

    Or just STFU. Opting out of Google-land altogether no longer seems as silly as it once might have…

    BTW Google, just how much is the NSA paying you to aggregate everything about your users into one easy-to-monitor profile for them? Just wondering…

  • Christoffer

    I have informed all of my subscribed channels that I will no longer comment on any of their videos with this horrible comment system.

    I apologized to them of course for this because it is not their fault.
    It is my way of fighting it.

    Youtube/Google, If you see this I have a question for you.
    Why do you want to have a worse reputation? I really want to swear loudly at you but that would almost be as immature as your change.

  • http://mattknowsthat.com Matt

    Like many others, I really hate the change as well. I have three channels right now and I keep them separate and don’t wish to have them all go to my cumbersome google+ account. Plus seems to run really slow and clunky too.

    Perhaps I’ll learn to live with it, or find a workaround. I’m thinking of adding an annotation link to my website where I’ll embed the video and people can make comments there, and just disable the comments on the video itself. I guess that would not only drive traffic my way, but would also weed out the worthless comments and get me more “real” engagement. Protection from spam via Captcha too.

  • Cap’n Tallon

    Oh my gosh I HATE THIS!!!!!! You can’t reply or like comments unless they are sent from Google+, you can’t actually see what comment someone replied to, and no matter how much ranting I do IT WON”T CHANGE!!!!!

  • RhonDOH

    Hell yes, they’re forcing us to use Google+. I hate it! If I want another obtrusive, unnecessary “social network” (more like marketing tool), I’ll pick it out myself, thanks. This pisses me off so badly, I think I’m just gonna boycott YouTube. FORCING people to use a product they don’t want…isn’t there any kind of law against that?

  • Grad

    This article says “Obviously the reaction is mixed.” No … no it’s not. 99.9% of the comments and feedback I have seen express nothing short of rage at the preposterous position into which Google is forcing users of YouTube: Sign-up for some fucking “social network” or lose the ability to interact on YouTube.

    Google is going to find out *exactly* what people think. I’ve already created an account at Dailymotion (though there are other options too, like Vimeo) and am in the process of removing everything from my YouTube account before I delete it (just in case the good-for-nothing S.O.B.s ever try to link it in some way to my gmail account – the only Google service I choose to use).

  • Erik W


    Let that be a household name. Along with Google Spy Glass. (If I see anyone wearing those glasses in town to take pictures of me and other people, I know exactly what I will do.)

  • alex

    This change completely killed youtube. Comments are the lifeline of this site, whether it’s sharing discussion with other users over common topics of interest, or debating viewpoints, engaging in intelligent conversation, you name it. But especially affected are the the channels with little to no traffic. It makes their day to see a comment/input about their videos, and allows for discussion between author and user. Now with this new system one will seldom find these comments, as Google plus has scared away any potential users from even glancing at the comment bar. Seriously, this is the single lowest point youtube has come to, and with no warning whatsoever, or at least, no warning that was made blatantly clear to the public. These changes “supposedly” target flamers and so called “trolls” but they will always exist. In fact, the trolls will be more determined than ever to keep wreacking havoc, while the regular users will be discouraged by this new system, and regular comments will die out, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but slowly they will cease to exist.

    • quaxk

      I think that’s the point though, to slowly but surely kill the comment section. Google+ is not a social site, it’s a content pushing site. And that’s all google wants youtube to be, not to be socially alive, but to force content on people, like a cable service. The trend of the youtube changes of the last 5 years prove this.

      • Deb

        Then Youtube will also, die out. As the poster says, comments are an integral part of Youtube. These idiots in their corporate ‘know-it-all’ miss the fundamental principle of succesful business.. find out why a business is doing so well and don’t tamper with it! -sigh-

        All it will take is a new site to start up similar to Youtube but without the ignorance, and Youtube will be gone.

    • Carlos

      Im an artist,I use to upload cover videos to youtube and a little fan base.
      Not only have they eliminated the vidoe response comment that i used to build my fanbase,but now since the new comment thing came I dont get any comment.
      People is not sure how it works,it asks to sign in all the time and I definately know this is the end of youtube as the leading network for independent artists.Plus tehre are more adds than before.
      I dont feel like comenting myself either,you cant reply or anything.
      To me youtube is really dead.
      And I really dont know the market value of youtube,does anybody really watch or listen to the commercials at teh begining?
      does anybody buy the songs in itunes using the buy link?
      I really dont think so.
      They are trying to make moeny off of something that was free from the begining and thats not going to work.
      You cna have 100.000 plays ina song in youtube and probably not a single person clicks to buy it.

  • darthfocus

    at least they didn’t promise that if you like the old system of comments/replies you could keep it.

    • HI

      sorry wasn’t talking fo you :)

    • i rule

      that is confusing! persoaly this is just a waste of everyone’s time. they should just make it so you can just do it the way you want.

    • 99ways2die

      Now I’m not here to take your comments away I know you hear this, “Oh don’t go to google they want to take your comments” well I’m not here to do that!


      Welcome to the New World Google.

  • emma

    no that sucks… so do you

  • Anna

    I hate this layout so much I almost want to never go on youtube again. Can we go back to 2009? Please?

    • 99ways2die

      While we’re at it give us our old profiles back too.

  • Hi

    It sucks

  • Blessing

    Absolutely not. Youtube was fucked up enough, they didn’t need to go and ruin the COMMENTS section, too! And I can’t even post a comment because whenever I click “Share your thoughts” so I can comment, it doesn’t even do anything. So not has Youtube screwed up the comment section, I can’t even post a comment anymore. Definitely a noob move by Youtube and/or Google+

    • AngryCookies

      I don’t want Google+ having anything to do with Youtube. I dont want to have to connect to Google+ to do stuff, Screw Google+ for this, now I can’t post comments because I dont want to connect to you! Google+ and Youtube need to stay seperate, I dont give a flying fuck about Google+ and Youtube is just getting worse and worse…….
      Seriously what the hell is going through the heads of the people that made this dumbass decision?

      • Dave N

        Google is a typical arrogant company that is trying to leverage what they think is an unbeatable position into an unbreakable bond.

        What they don’t realize is the people they are leveraging are us – the end user. People don’t like to be “leveraged” like this.

        Do they actually think we’ve forgotten that they FORCED us to have a Google+ account.

        I will never forget that insult.

        I will hate google forever.

  • Stupid Shit

    Some billionaire able to pay for the servers oughta come out with NEWTUBE and have it mimic the commenting system that we’ve grown accustomed to. Why the hell would you do away with such simple and funtional items, such as: “Reply” and “Show Comment”??? Do you (Youtbe) have any effing idea how stupid it is to not be able to find the original comment after reading what seems to be an interesting response, wtf!

    • http://internet.underceej.co.uk The Ceej

      If they’re going to do that, they should do it right all the way. Build it off the YouTube before Google bought it. As it updates, they’ll improve THAT version. Every Google version is beyond repair.

    • John

      And free of NSA spying.

      • Devil

        Spying ??? WTF are you talking about, they doesn’t need to spy, the google just took all the privacy of google+ user and throw all out of the window so that EVERYONE CAN SEE IT. It’s like facebook but worst. Example of facebook, You have a house, your home content your funiture, your money ( your information ). The house is locked and the only way they can go in when they’re your friends and they have your permisions, But GoogTube make you have a house with no doors, no windows, no nothing so a freaking homeless or a pedobear can go right up to your house and stole everything ( your information.) and then even raped you which I mean trolled XD. This is a crime.

  • The Seeker

    4chan is already beginning to raid.

    • RumDumConundrum

      Wait, where?! I want to see this!
      Or is this where all the swastikas are coming from?

  • John Paul

    what the hell is going on?? youtube stated in their blurb that with this newer version it would make it better and easier to have conversations with people but how is that possible when i cant reply to comments (no reply icon) and to see what someone said in a reply it opens in a new page? youtube has gone backwards, why do people ALWAYS assume that changing things is progressive and beneficial? Im also suspicious about directly linking my youtube comments with my google account and will be immediately closing my gmail account.

  • NickT

    It does nothing but shove Google+ at people. Others claim it will stop spam and trolling comments, but it does absolutely nothing to stop either of those. I’ve already seen several spam comments on several different videos. I’ve seen the usual YouTube ugly comment as well. And now, because YouTube allows ASCII characters and unlimited characters, I’ve seen comments that go on for literally pages, as well as ASCII images that range from pedobear to a giant penis. So…yeah. Good job there, Google.

  • Rast

    Google are not getting me to sign up for this. They want your private data in one place, their place and they want to revive google+ which no one bloody care about or asked for. The strategy is! “If we can’t convince people to use our shitty service, lets force them”.

    This is a dick move from a fat bloated company who are acting like all fat bloated companies. Fucking the people they depend on over. And the most sickening is how polite they are about it. Hey click here, learn more. Shove it up your…. This only benefits google, not the users. The google+ transfer to Youtube crap did not work in Firefox. Only Chrome. A lesser browser which I will never use.

    I hope this will diminish Youtube and make way for alternative video sites where they actually listen to the people. I am going out for a smoke now and will spit in the honor of google and the pricks who works there.


  • http://www.burningfog.weebly.com Ted Gallegos

    Okay… YouTube is at this point simply trying to force Google+ down users’ throats. It’s ridiculous to not allow YouTube users to comment unless they have a Google+! It’s YOUTUBE, not GOOGLE+.

    Hey Google here’s 3 great words about your “WONDERFUL” social network (Google+) that apparently everyone must have!


    People go to YouTube for YouTube, not for stupid Google+ features.

  • ihatethenewyoutube

    I hate the new comments on youtube. I hate that google forces its yt users to create and connect yt to google+ pages. I never wanted a g+ page and never will. So far, there’s still the option to disconnect yt from g+ but without the possibility to comment on videos at all. That’s not right! Nobody can dictate how I want to organize my online accounts! The fact that I even had to connect yt to gmail permanently was annoying and very displeasing, but now this new change (g+) is absolutely awful. I’m seriously thinking about terminating my yt account altogether and looking for a different video service, one that allows its users freedom to decide what content they want to display and how, and also does not force one to connect unrelated media.

  • antithis

    i have created a crappy g+ account and linked it to my youtube channel yesterday not such a big deal, i didn’t use my real name on the g+ account, i used my youtube name as this was one of the options available. i cannot in any way reply to comments made to me. some vids, i can make comments but i cannot reply. no reply button. i have tried all the bug fixes and sent several messages to youtube feedback but nothing… this is silly.

  • Matt

    Personally I find this to be a horrible decision for Google to make. They’re beating a dead horse with this google + thing, and they need to realize that they can’t compete with Facebook.

  • Colin

    Google is quickly becoming my most hated word in cyber space. Really very close now to washing my hands of it. Is that even possible though? Is that why Google thinks it can treat its users this way? Google isn’t making Youtube better for the users, it’s making it better for the interests of Google. I’ve only read a handful of the new tone-raising Google Plus top comments, but they make you think, welcome obnoxious argumentitive trolls, all is forgiven. I mostly use youtube for the opinions on the things I watch/like. If this is the future, no thanks.

    • Deb

      I agree. Google is trying to take over everything, and is becoming far too invasive. I don’t want all my accounts linked up, and I have chosen to keep Google and F/b separate. I do’t like this new thing with Youtube at all!

  • Orodemniades

    I don’t want or need a Google+ account. I don’t need my name spread all over the web because of some behemoth corporation’s decision that That’s How It Will Be. Someday my real name will be in public online, but that’s my choice to make, not theirs. And I don’t have a damned thing to be ashamed of with my pseuds, I’ve been using them for 10 and 19 years, respectively. They’re the names I’m known by and that’s perfectly fine with me.

    I shall greatly miss being able to converse with strangers from around the world on YT, telling them their video was great, or that I learned how to do something, or that I appreciated the time and effort they put into their work. I’ll really miss that.

  • ian

    I can’t even comment a video unless I connect Youtube with a Google+ profile which I DON’T WANT!


    if you guys don’t like this new comment system or can’t comment because of it sign this petition here https://www.change.org/petitions/youtube-get-rid-of-google-comments and if i get enough signatures I’ll send it to google/youtube

  • you dont need to kniow

    congrats Google+ you have now destroyed youtube’s comment area

  • Beyond

    You can live without google. I just deleted the last google account I had, which was only for the now destroyed youtube. If you use Chrome, switch to Firefox. Use duckduckgo for your search engine. Use AdblockPlus and Ghostery, and keep both up to date. There are many free email services out there. I happen to like gmx(dot)com. Let google die, and be sure to sign the petition at change(dot)org. change(dot)org/petitions/google-change-the-youtube-comment-section-back-to-its-original-form?share_id=fbBQzdHknp&utm_campaign=signature_receipt&utm_medium=email&utm_source=share_petition

  • Beyond

    Great minds think alike, Protect_Against_Identity_Theft :)

    • Beyond

      This comment belongs under Protect_Against_Identity_Theft’s … sorry!

  • http://www.idonthaveone.com Josh McBlackson

    Honestly speaking, this new system is in a mess. The whole youtube comment section is bewildering to look at. I think with what everyone has already said, the old system should be brought back which was in my view, a million times better than this.


  • Joe

    I can’t stand these comments changes. I don’t want anything to do with any kind of social networking and now it seems I can’t comment at all without sharing somewhere other than where I want to leave the comments: WHERE I POST THEM; on the comment boards under the individual videos. Unless that privacy is returned to me, it looks like I won’t be posting on Youtube anymore, which is a huge shame, since I’ve used the system a lot.

    • Deb

      I agree Joe. I don’t want everything linked to everything else. Some spheres I want separate. Where has the open reply button gone?
      Forcing these changes is NOt going to endear people, just push them away. I too commented on youtube quite frequently, and the ‘new’ layout is ridiculous and annoying.

      Youtube may just find itself losing its fan base..

  • Dan

    I was linked to my G+ account already, I never used the bloody thing, but I was linked to it. Everything was under my name to.
    Does that matter at all?
    I can’t see any comments, or comment on anything. All I get is that idiotic post saying I need to link to my G+ account.
    I disconnected my account, reattached it.
    I made a NEW Gmail, G+ and Youtube account.
    This is a useless piece of garbage now.
    Congratulations Google, you’ve proven your incompetence.

  • Scot Penslar

    The new YouTube commenting system is so complicated, it’s impossible to figure out. I also don’t like the way they’ve linked commenting to Google+. I don’t want Google+ and I don’t need Google+.

    If the intent behind the changes was to eliminate or reduce the nasty, semi-literate rants about politics, race and religion that show up on YouTube comment threads, then the cure is worse than the disease.

  • Ace of Spades

    The new layout is one giant clusterfuck. There are comments from three years ago with no thumbs up at the top, top rated comments are in the middle of the page, the newest comments are spread out between old comments, it seriously makes no sense. I’m about to switch to a different website because of how hard it is to look through the comments now.

  • Gyre

    It’s awful. Not only is it trying to force into a system that I have no interest in, even when I try to make it work it still doesn’t. So please don’t tell us “don’t like, don’t use”.

  • Sandy

    There’s a petition that’s doing incredibly well, actually : https://www.change.org/petitions/google-change-the-youtube-comment-section-back-to-its-original-form

    It literally jumps by 100 every minutes.

  • David

    Aren’t they breaching the anti-trust legislation just like many other IT companies have in the past?

  • Jimmy

    All of my hate. I don’t want YouTube to become a damn facebook/twitter hybrid.

    I’m all for making people more responsible for what they post, but did they have to make the transition so jarring? And what the hell is with the new up-votes and hashtags? I look at the comment section now and I just see a big mess.

  • William Tulley Straub

    Terrible UX choice.

  • Danny

    For what it’s worth, even if this comment will never be read, I have to say it. The new Youtube commenting method is fucking terrible. It is just awful, and a major step backward for Youtube.

    And now there’s a weird fullscreen animation that’s ten times worse than the old one.

  • zack

    How do you reply to comments on youtube now. Some people you can reply to but there is no longer a reply section. Is this just a mistake on their part that they will eventually fix or it it going to be like this for ever or do you need to do something about it.

  • Blazeswordstudios

    Google Plus is a pathetic excuse of a social site. It’s pathetically unpopular by the general public, and is unwanted by almost every user which comes across it. It’s incredibly annoying when google pressure, spam, and automaticly make you join Google plus with your Youtube account. Google plus will be the downfall of youtube. This is a rather large thing, which they cannot see. It’s ignorantly annoying, spamlike, and unnecessary to constantly send links to youtube users. Which will cause the site to loose alot of it’s popularity in the near future. Which is google’s blindest mistake, which they seem to be unbelievably ignorant about.

  • Disappointed and annoyed.

    I hate this. I especially do not like the fact that they are forcing users into having a google plus. I signed into my youtube a few minutes ago expecting things to be pretty much the same, but no, they weren’t. I used to have a profile pic on my youtube account, I used to be able to reply and write comments under my youtube account. I tried posting a comment under my account. Turns out that they won’t let you unless you agree to their “terms and conditions” among other things, which means that you have to agree to letting a google plus be created for your channel. I never wanted this. I no longer have my profile pic. Now in order to have that I have to upload a pic on my channel’s google plus page. As if I wasn’t already annoyed by google’s constant pestering over account names, now I have to be annoyed over this. Youtube was fine the way it was. What’s the point of fixing something that isn’t broken? Because of this, I am all the more convinced that I should pack up my things and leave google and its products.

  • http://www.heymimi.com Hey Mimi

    I absolutely HATE Facebook, and as of today, I hate Google too. Why why why, would they want to emulate a dying model? Everyone I know has disdain for and mistrust of Facebook. People are leaving it in droves. And Google wants to jump on that bandwagon? How stupid.

    I should thank Google because I’ve been putting way too much energy into creating YouTube videos lately. It was fun. But it’s no fun, if nobody lets you know they enjoyed your video, or learned something from it. It’s already hard enough to get people to take a few seconds to thumbs up or comment. This idiotic comment system, put a nail in that coffin. If I get no positive encouragement from viewers; I’ll stop bothering to make videos.

    Or better yet, I’ll just upload my videos to Vimeo exclusively. They just started a “Tip Jar.” feature that allows viewers to thank content creators with actual cash. A pretty cool idea, I think!

    I spent several hours today, trying to take the required steps on YouTube so that I could simply answer a YouTube comment from yesterday. I still am not sure if I succeeded, or if I did, if that subscriber even knows the reply was from me! What a mess! YouTube should take a lesson from Netflix and Ebay and learn that you can’t jerk around your fans and assume they’ll stick with you no matter what.

  • Nobody

    Stuff like this is bound to happen with a site as monopolized on a popular service as Youtube. They know that Youtube is where people go to watch what they’d like, and they know that they would not be able to get the same experience on another site, making it so that as long as people want their entertainment they must come to youtube no matter how they feel of the changes.

    Now, if we were to stage a mass migration of viewers and entertainers alike from youtube to another site, I believe we could get our point across. However, with the current state of the mass’ deep held roots in youtube, such a thing would be next to impossible. So it is my advice to you all to deaden your opinions, for this is not the first or last time youtube will make an unpopular change and tell us to deal with it.

  • Nobody

    Stuff like this is bound to happen with a site as monopolized on a popular service as Youtube. They know that Youtube is where people go to watch what they’d like, and they know that they would not be able to get the same experience on another site, making it so that as long as people want their entertainment they must come to youtube no matter how they feel of the changes.

    Now, if we were to stage a mass migration of viewers and entertainers alike from youtube to another site, I believe we could get our point across. However, with the current state of the mass’ deep held roots in youtube, such a thing would be next to impossible. So it is my advice to you all to deaden your opinions, for this is not the first or last time youtube will make an unpopular change and tell us to deal with it.

  • googlesuckass

    i TRULY ABHOR G+ and am so damn pissed poogle are forcing G+ down my throat. I really really hate the G+ thing in youtube comments…bloody hell remove that crap…plus this G+ shit is really making me concern about my privacy, eg what i comment on utube…i have 2 gmail accounts and seriously considering closing one of them (the other because i NEED it, damn!), because of privacy issues, and i sooooosososo hate G+

  • Someone

    I hate it with a passion. If that’s how Google wants to have it, then I’ll simply BOYCOTT their services until I see some significant improvement.

  • googlesuckass

    i TRULY ABHOR G+ and am so damn pissed poogle are forcing G+ down my throat. I really really hate the G+ thing in youtube comments…bloody hell remove that crap…plus this G+ shit is really making me concern about my privacy, eg what i comment on utube…i have 2 gmail accounts and seriously considering closing one of them (the other because i NEED it, damn!), because of privacy issues, and i sooooosososo hate G+

  • http://www.smarttechcreations.com Ambika

    Why make a simple thing complicated?
    And I thought Google works hard to make things user friendly.

  • MattOKC

    I’m actually TRYING to comply with the system, rather than dodging it, and I can’t make heads or tails of the damned thing! I opted to keep my previous user name (which I’ve used for years), and now I can’t get out of a baffling maze of Google+ profile settings, dashboards, account settings (not the same as “profile settings”, mind you), and various other unfamiliar and inscrutable Google pages. My inbox has vanished (unless I follow a “Family Circus”-esque trail into my profile, then Video Manager, and THEN inbox), and I can’t reply to comments made in reply to me. It’s so maddening I am seriously considering using Youtube purely to watch videos, but never, ever again to upload them, comment on them, or use Youtube as a way to socially-share video content. Google’s mess of things is on par with the health care website fiasco. They took a simple, working, ergonomic syste, and went out of their way to make it incomprehensible.

    • MattOKC

      Addendum: And let’s not think for one minute that this is about solving any problems with lowlife pond-scum Youtube comment trolls. Since this chance, I’ve ALREADY been grotesquely flamed by misogynistic trolls using a Google+ account (and I can’t reply, so this silences ME–the rare civilized Youtube user–while the trolls get an unobstructed shooting gallery).

      Any serious intervention in the Youtube troll problem would be simple: they could actually start taking abuse reports seriously. (We ALL know that clicking to flag a comment as abusive does nothing and never has) It’s pretty clear from these comments that this is transparently about forcing a failed Google+ (the “Zune” of social sites) on a population that Google clearly regards as a herd.

  • James

    Total bullshit power grab. Google knows that we love YouTube, so they’re holding it hostage until we set up a bunch of shitty G+ accounts. I even personally have a YT channel with over 8,000 subs. I worked long and hard for that audience, and now it might be ruined because Google execs want to shove a shoddy product down our throats. Thanks, assholes.

  • http://diymotorizedbike.tk d laster

    yea it seems like google is putting a lot of Orwellian stuffs into action.
    basically almost forcing you to use your real name. changing youtube comments is going to make it harder for a organic ideas to reach the masses if everyone sees different information.
    trying to localize your searches so that you see local info instead of what everyone else sees i mean your like a superhero online you can go leave a message for the whole world to see and no one can stop it and now dr doom or something trying to take your power for themselves.
    give google and others a chance and they’ll put a filter on it . and probably call you a trouble maker if you persist to defy it.
    its not just google either facebook all the websites that make you log in with other url log ins such as face book myspace yahoo
    trying to link you to them.
    search engine should give you the best answer and that answer will be the same for most questions. everyone who uses a search engine deserves that answer and if you dont get it then whats the point of useing that search engine

  • Juliette Viktor Bissotwo Pantafive

    George Orwell would be smiling.

    The worst thing is that THEY DON’T CARE. They knew this would happen they still did it, they are not stupid, this was all done with premeditation. Megalomaniacal attitude.

    Let them burn with their ego.

  • █████

    Before the new YouTube comments we had both the top voted comments AND the newest comments at the same time.

    Now we’ve only got the newest comments or the “Top” comments.

  • http://dataanxiety.tumblr.com/ Ellie Kesselman

    I visited Youtube a few hours ago, and thought I was hell-banned or in some other sort of trouble. The new comment system is awful.

    Even though I use Google+ somewhat actively (okay, maybe 5 or 10 times a month) Youtube comments don’t work right. I can’t up vote most of the comments, I can’t reply to them either. When I try to see the profile of someone who commented, it just opens up another browser tab with the same Youtube video! If I hover over the user profile on Youtube, I can see their Google+ URL, but clicking doesn’t take me to Google+!

    I don’t want any more Google changes. They took away Reader, then last week, they took away iGoogle. I have no home page, am back to Yahoo! again, and it is a lot easier to use Bing even though I prefer Google search. WHY, Google, why???

  • rijntjedevos1

    I hate Theo new comment system. They have got toe change back.

  • Mark Baraniecki

    The article said it, ” find a different video site”.

    It’s a good idea to post videos somewhere else.

  • Nola

    Please! Please! Youtube/Google: At least give us an “Option”….If you are clever enough to design something as complex as this new ‘Comment’ format seems to be, then you can certainly design something for us You~”Tubers” who ‘Really Like’ the Comments Section the way it was; enough to use it consistently day & night, “EVERYDAY”, & then check back & find our comments easily enough to see if anyone’s responded w/out truly replying to us (IOW-what we’d find in our in-box). Or revert to the old “f”-mat. Even though it’s only been days (which is probably not enough time to familiarize ourselves w/it) I’m desperately missing the familiar way…I like to have control over “Spamming”, “Reporting”, “Flagging for Image concerns” & “Replying”! I can’t keep track of comments back & forth & that’s why it was so popular ~ I just lost more control of something that once brought happiness to “My” day….There’s NO longer “YOU” in Youtube (@ least to me)!

  • anonymous

    This forced integration is so ridiculous. What’s more is you are largely penalized if you disconnect your two accounts after they are joined FOR you. There’s one newer petition against it here:


    and one that merely asks google to return the comments section to its previous form. That one already has over 33,000 signatures and is older than the one above and thought to be the only petition until now, so hopefully we’ll see many more signatures on the first one soon, but this second petition is good too. Here’s the link for the petition to get comments back:


  • jess

    GRRRR!!!! Worse than Facebook! I can’t believe what a 180 Google has pulled. I am enraged.

  • partisan72

    This is a total,damned bullshit and complete mess.l don’t see a reply function anymore,no thumb up&down symbols,no ratings of comments,nothing,blank text with no function,no possibilitiy to communicate and react to comments except reading them.Pure,unbelievable,useless crap,why these google shitfucks always strive to complicate things we are already familiar with???And fuck google +,l don’t need it to interfere whith you tube.

  • Sal

    I’ve been a member since 2007. I haven’t liked all of the previous changes, but begrudgingly rolled with it. I’ve had some fun, invested time into my channel and built up subscribers. But now forcing people to use Google+ in order to participate is way different ground. I don’t have a F’book account. I don’t want one. It’s just not where my interest is. So why would I want a subpar wannabe F’book account a’la Google? Google revamps the comments because they want to give us more control. Isn’t there a massive contradiction in the logic of that sales pitch? We’ll force you into use this product (control) and then try and spin it as “we’re giving you more control”. Well how can you give me what I already had? People say “well it’s free, if you don’t like it then leave”. Well it doesn’t cost me anything to join – I pay no cash up front – but for those of us who’ve invested our time and energy and our own resources into helping make Youtube what it is, or was, we have an investment that we stand to lose … it’s also the connections, the potential for future revenue through partnership and monetization for those who choose to go that route, and that after staying with it through the changes, which were in their interests and not the users, we’re being told to now shove off if we don’t like it. Try getting a cogent response from the help forum for a legitimate complaint. Try successfully arguing that you absolutely did not violate the TOS, and want your old account back, because an autobot spammed your account and they hold you responsible for proving that you were not in collusion in order to increase your viewership. I mean it’s gotten ludicrous. You just couldn’t make this shit up. This will not be the death of Youtube, but it will be the death of many small vidmaker \ vlogger’s.

  • R


  • FakeName

    My “real name” on Google+ was “Han Solo” Now it’s my gmail adress for a first name and “Idontwanttousegoogleplus” for a second name. I’d make it “fuck Off Goole+” if I could but they filter that aout.

  • Dr. Alan Weinstein

    Google is the hub like it or not and we all have to learn to play the game. Sometimes it is not exactly what I would want but certainly it has proven to be the best way to brand yourself and make money at the same time.

  • Foxx Breyers

    THEY BETTER CHANGE IT BACK! I liked it when comments showed up in my inbox and I could simply reply!
    Does anyone else just want to beat them up right now?

    • Joseph

      Yeah, they are a bunch of jerks and getting worse

      be sure to Opt-out of their endorsement BS* as well. Go to Privacy on Google+ and uncheck the box for Endorsement

  • Won’tSomeoneRidMeOfGPlus

    I’m getting the impression from reading suspiciously pro Google articles, and some comments from smug bastards who see themselves as being above video sites that youtube will be a better place when only well-educated pseudo-intellectuals and diplomats are allowed to comment on music vids and cats falling off sofas. Nice plan Google.

  • W. A.

    I know I’ll just be adding to the pile here, but I hate the new set-up. I can’t reply to comments, can’t like or dislike a comment, or report spam.

    I was already forced to take Google+ since I have a GMail e-mail account, I never use it, don’t even know how. I don’t need to be shown how great it is yet again.

    YouTube is similarly going to suffer from this. Google, stop screwing with what already works.

  • James

    How the fuck do you reply to people? This is bullshit, fuck youtube for always changing shit every 5 seconds…

  • http://www.officekitten.co.uk A Morris

    This is the first reaction post I’ve seen to the changes, and obviously we’re all getting used to it after so many years of (if chosen) anonymity. You have to remember the reason they brought in the change is due to the insanely chaotic nature of what it was before. Rampant lunacy, endless Flame Wars, unchecked bigotry, and endless other issues.

    Hopefully the changes will actually draft in a bit of civility, and ditch the online deindividuation we’ve seen so many of millions of people adopt. Personally, over the years it’s annoyed me to find I make an insightful and thoughtful comment, only for some idiot to write a load of obscenities as a response, or to just simply write “retard” or some such nonsense. The end of all that? I hope so.

    • http://www.rocainmovible.com Ellison Tavico

      I have already seen the comments get worse than how it was before. Seems the spammers and trollers have gained a new tool in their inventory, no character restrictions. Go onto Google’s own video, look at their comment, and you can read an entire book, literally, word by word.

  • http://www.rocainmovible.com Ellison Tavico

    “A Lot of People Hate the New Youtube Comments”

    At this very moment, more than 39,000 people have signed a petition on change.org regarding the new comment section and Google+.


  • Alex

    Why?! why take a simple concept which everyone is comfortable with, and twist it around into an unusable, over-complicated mess? This is exactly what Microsoft tried to do with the Xbox One – they took a simple concept, and integrated a trillion anti-user inconveniences into it which completely antagonized everyone involved, probably for their own profit. This cancer must be treated.

  • http://schpoingle.blogspot.com daniel

    I don’t like it at all and i don’t think that we ‘need to get used to it’ they can solve the problems people have while still doing whatever they want on the back end.
    i gotta say, it’s weird how many pieces of software I use that have done this. Yahoo, itunes, even the new adobe programs have all ‘over evolved’ in the wrong direction…if there was need to evolve any more in the first place. and that’s maybe where the problem lies. a functional product was evolved over many years and at some point we got addicted to a ‘newer’ ‘better’ version. Now, i must say, we are going off the rails on a crazy train. ….alright, everyone go listen to ozzy now….on vimeo:)

    • Terance

      If Vimeo becomes too popular, they’ll destroy that too. Seems to be the way things are now. Make a good product, then once it becomes extremely popular, destroy it by making changes that nobody wants.

      • http://www.heymimi.com Hey Mimi

        Oh No! Please tell me that Google doesn’t own Vimeo?

  • Joseph

    I utterly hate and I am getting sick of Google, period!!

  • Brock Hughes

    people like me who have had their accounts suspended for reasons unknown and we are shut out of even answering comments on our own channels

  • Name

    That’s it for me. Changed my default search provider, deleted my Google related accounts including youtube. Not sure what I’m going to do for a vid site because none of the others have anything like as much to offer as youtube, but I’m going to try to live without it. A petition to get things back is a nice idea, and in a demorcratic world it would be listened to, but Google don’t give a F about what users want. They’re too arrogant and self-interested to take a bit of notice of any campaign. The only way is to vote with your feet. Can you do it though?

  • Alexis

    I can’t comment because my laptop has a school GMail logged in so I can’t log out and do everything. Plus GMail is a really sucky email anyway. Youtube needs to change it back.

    • youtube sucks google sucks

      it’s simple really. google should separate youtube and google+. they are two different websites even tho they are owned by google. it’s like attaching your table to your phone because you own them both. or attaching your bicycle to your car. and that is just stupid and shitty.

  • James Roberts-Thomson

    Google+ really should be canned. YouTube are spoilsports now.

  • Terance

    Yahoo basically killed Flickr because of their “new and improved” changes, and now Google ruins YouTube’s comments section so they can get some more traffic on their worthless Google+. Obviously the main reason that people go on YT is to upload and watch videos but the comments section was also a big part. Getting to see what the world thinks of your videos, replying to other people and having a back and forth discussion. Google needs to get it through their thick skulls. NOBODY cares about Google+! I’m not getting a G+ account just to comment on YT videos and there are millions of people like me. Maybe it’s just me, but i’m noticing that a lot of the new commenters since the change are spambots.

  • alex

    I hate it. Go back youtube please!

  • http://saywowmarketing.com Vickie

    Any layer that you add to allowing someone to engage and comment on a YouTube video is going to detract from the organic community experience. I am not pro-Google always trying to step in – I wish they would leave well enough alone – The system was great before – now it is just in google’s interest to default comments to your g+ page. It’s not making it better for me at all.

    • Dave N

      Using “Google” and “great” in the same sentence should be against the law.

      They are the farthest thing from great I can think of.

  • SIN

    HERE HOPING THAT CHAD, founder of Youtube, fucking breaks another agreement and starts another fucking youtube! The Kardashians are pissed. LOL. What kind of a moron sign an agreement with a guy who had the balls to start a major copyright violation site? Chad is DA MAN. We got your back man. Fuck Google!

  • SIN

    Forcing Google + on me through youtube is like forcing me to work at Mcdonalds and without pay. Feel free to quote me, Chris Crum, on your next Google Plus article which I know you are writing now due to this comment debacle. :)

  • Rob B

    It pisses me off. I cant see any comments in any of my subscribed channels at all except one. I could understand if some setting was wrong in all but how come I see comments in once channel but not in any else. It sucks! They forced me to have a gmail account (normally only spammers and west africans use gmail to try and rip you off. They gave no instructions. As far as I can see I am linked with google plus. If I log out and look at vids I see all the comments. They took something simple and over the last 6 months complicated the shit out of it.

  • Atrandom

    I can’t comment on youtube pages at all. When I try to, it asks me for my real name and then on the next question, it just freezes. Really cute. Never, ever, ever, will I use my real name on any of these fucking spy services. Fuck you google.

  • StopS

    I loathe it!!!
    I am unable to log in
    I am unable to comment – even on my own videos
    I am unable to reply
    I have lost all possibilities of interacting with people
    I am unable to change settings
    Because Google decided that my name is not a name and has decided I can’t link my account to G+ and has thus choked any communication with my own channel.

  • Teeto

    Seems the more time we spend in the comments section, the less time we spend watching vids/ads. Maybe this is why Google is going out of its way to make it difficult for people to interact in the comments section. Looks like they don’t want people to reply to each other, and they want bland inoffensive non-contraversial comments up top. I mean, a load of bland comments means you move more quickly on to the next vid/ad right?

  • Lee wright

    How the hell do I reply to comments? The only option now is to ‘remove’ someone’s comment. No reply button. I can’t see it in g+ either. Poor, very poor.

    • Dave N

      Reply conversation is over. If google didn’t see this coming they are stupid. As soon as they gave us the capability to turn off replies to our individual comments, it was over.

      No one in their right mind would allow their comment to be the only one with replies turned on. Imagine all disagreement one video generates focused on you. So EVERYONE is turning replies off. Human nature.

      Typical for Google, they probably just didn’t think that one through. They really are a stupid company.

      They do one thing right. Search.

      They are literally killing youtube.

  • http://www.rocainmovible.com Ellison Tavico

    May I just add this article to the comments released today.


  • Deanda

    I like how everyone is whining but youtube is the only video site they know and are addicted to. So it doesn’t matter, 2 weeks from now they’ll be back on youtube doing the same thing.

    • Dave N

      That’s a dumb comment. We won’t be doing the same thing because replies to comments are forever lost in Google+ and I can assure you, I won’t be using Google+.

      Also, you may not have noticed but EVERYONE is turning off replies to their comments. You certainly wouldn’t want to be the only one on a video to leave your comments with replies turned on. Everyone will reply to you with their vile replies.

      So whether replies are on youtube or Google+ is moot. Commenting conversation is basically over.

  • Wasting Time

    The new system takes up three times as much time to answer comments. I’m protesting by disabling comments for all but my most recent uploads, and putting an annotation at the beginning of each vid explaining that it is a protest against using us as ads for Google+.

  • spaghetti

    9/11 of ideas

  • Alex

    Google is destroying YouTube. YouTube was better before Google tore it apart. I have thought about switching to a new video provider and staying off of youtube because of it. YouTube is becoming an IPhone, something that has unreasonable restrictions and is extremely stupid and poor in quality but everyone uses it.

    Unreasonable restrictions:

    Can’t like all comment (Pure BS)

    Can’t reply to all comments (Pure BS)

    And many more

    • Anti-google

      Erm, don’t compare iphone to google. My old iPhone 3gs is still great. Best phone I’ve ever had. Kicks ass out of the google android or any smartphones like Samsung etc.

  • Dave N

    re: New youtube commenting system

    Well it being that youtube forced us to create a google+ account to continue using youtube, the answer is “No. I hate that they are tightly coupling youtube and google+.

    IMO, they are killing youtube. The good news is these arrogant jerks are very vulnerable to someone who understands how people actually like to be treated.

    Google truly is clueless. We think they hate us. The feeling is mutual.

  • Dave N

    You want a comment? OK.

    We hate Google+.

    We hate the way Google FORCED us to have a Google+ account. Facebook never tried to stop me from using anything in order to manipulate me into using their service.

    Google is so incredibly stupid. If Google+ IS Googel then Google is DEAD.


    They had a golden goose with youtube but they destroyed it. Like they do with everything except search.

  • Really Hating Google’s Attitude

    The folks at Google wont rest until our time on youtube is spent strapped into a chair with our eyes sown open watching ad after ad and not doing anything else. Back around 2006-2007 when YT was at its height, people used to spend quite a bit of time chatting on each other’s channels, but Google didn’t like that so they depersonalised the channels and that was that. Every move they make seems to be aimed at getting people away from interacting with each other and just watching vid/ads. This is understanble I suppose, but there is a social element and the opinion side of youtube is a huge draw, and every time Google tries to restrict that area, the site gets less appealing. I enjoy the comments section as much as the vids, and I want comments that warm the cockles of my soul, ones that make my blood boil, and everything in between. I certainly don’t want fence-sitters and enforced positivity. Without the night, the day is meaningless.

  • KM

    This is just google’s way of artificially increasing the potential ad revenue so they can make their failed social media experiment somewhat worthwhile. If you think about it, you’re having to go through youtube, then google+ before back to youtube, instead of just looking at your youtube page, all of these pages likely plastered in ads and “popular” videos (which are essentially just longer adverts with a view count and rating) JUST to view new comments or reply to them.

    Unfortunately adblock and leaving the site in small numbers isn’t going to work. Adblock just encourages google to take more and more drastic measures to make invasive profits from the users, and ultimately only hurt the video makers since google can just promote the next biggest videos in order to keep the ad revenue flowing.

    Leaving is also a pretty weak protest (but better than most of the people complaining, who’ll likely whine at google’s HR damage control before begrudgingly taking it up the ass as usual, since there’s no viable alternative). It’s pretty much fact that for every person who leaves youtube, theres 10 more snot-nosed tweens who sign up so they can say that they laughed at the Swedish man saying “penis” on camera.

    Just you watch, in a year or two, youtube will be dissolved into Google+ Videos, if there was any youtube left to begin with.

  • Julian Hellaby

    The recent Google+ changes to Youtube are all defnitely for the worse and have made the whole experience far less user-friendly. Please restore video responses,reply options and comment-posting that does not necessitate having to sign in and go through Google+ evey time – the latter in particular is infuriating!

  • Kaitlyn

    I can’t see any comments anymore on youtube, except when a video says “Comments for this video have been disabled”, but 99% of the time, the area where the comments used to be is just a giant empty white field.

    I want the old comment system back, this change to the comment system sucks!

  • lake

    comments wont even load for me in any browser (i read that there was an issue in chrome) anyone else remember “BUZZ”

  • Eugene poznyak

    New comment system on youtube is ridiculous

  • Sgt. Fred

    There’s only one thing that will get Google to do a u-turn on this new comments feature, and that is if enough people stop using the service that it starts to seriously afect ad revenue. Anything else, they’ll ignore. Whether there’s enough strong feeling to make a difference… I wish it were so, but I don’t think it is.
    People have put up with every annoying change over the past few years, but there’s much stronger feeling about this one. The only people who seem to welcome it are people like Google, i.e, people with something to flog who don’t want cynics coming along and ruining things by saying, hang on, this is shit! When you’re selling stuf, it’s mindless optimism all the way thanks.

  • Trevor T

    I was enjoying that you bastards! Put it back!

  • sagar sinha

    Google are about to finish now! obviously Youtube first. its a Joke..

  • levinagre

    it just SUCKS!

  • Adama

    It’s terrible.

  • Clemo

    So I just deleted my Google account. Don’t see the point of having one if I can’t interact with youtube comments in the way I’d like – that’s all I use it for.
    If you want to do the same, and are having trouble finding the delete button in all that trash of Google settings, here’s the link. Just sign in and click close account etc.

  • Hugh G. Rection

    That’s it. YouTube is done. Google has killed it. It’s not going to be fun anymore. Some people are saying “Well everybody always hates the changes but then they forget about it.”

    Well, this is different. This isn’t some reshuffling of the layout, and making a few things harder to get to. They actually utterly broke the commenting system. It’s screwed, and NOBODY likes it!

    • Anthony

      Youtube needs to just go back to the way it was like a few years ago I like the new stuff on it like the custom thumbnails and editing things but google+ ruined it

    • Anti-google

      Someone needs to start a new version of youtube and then the people need to boycott google’s youtube. It needs to be like the layout of youtube a few years ago, and not like Vimeo.

  • Tom

    The new youtube comments look neater but it is horrible to comment you must have google+ connected and that means your account will have the whole new name thing and no more inbox on youtube it just sucks

    • Steve Joseph

      “will have the whole new name thing” – Tom if you’re referring to Google+ and the use of pseudonyms they actually reversed that stance back in 2012. You can in fact use a pseudonym on both YouTube and Google+. Were you referring to something else or maybe I misunderstood what you meant?

  • MrDublin

    It sucks

  • Michael

    Has anyone figured out how to give a comment a thumbs up? The button seems to have disappeared.

  • Danielle

    I think this whole thing is going to make youtube go under for good. For the past few months YT has been sinking , trying to swim and get air, but this is the final blow. Say goodbye to youtube everyone. Its been a great couple of years…..

    • Steve Joseph

      I wish you were right but what is the alternative? This debate has been had before and using your search engine you can find several answers to this question. Unfortunately none of those answers or solutions are even close to the visibility and audience found on YouTube. Don’t take my comment as a criticism or me being a negative Nancy so much as being the realist in the room. I’d actually love to hear you or anyone respond with another solution.

      I do UX(User Experience Design)amongst other things and to say YouTube has gone down hill would be an understatement. As a matter of fact I’ve done several personal exploratory papers on the failings and shortcomings on not just YouTube but several of Google’s products. I truly suspect that a very small amount of innovation happens at this company.

  • qweryman7132

    look, google+ displays my likes and comments now. I am on youtube 4 hours a day MINIMUM for a job. these likes/dislikes/comments are spamming the living crap out of my G+ (which i didn’t use for anything but Google talk) and it is INFURIATING!

  • Plistra

    The new comments section is horrible. I don’t know who is talking to who most of the damn time, because it’s a fucking piece of shit clusterfuck. You’d also think they wouldn’t resort to bots to get they’re sub count up in YouTube Spotlight.

  • Gail

    I couldn’t possibly dislike this new system of commenting on YouTube any more than I do. Well, actually I guess another way I could say it is: I @#HATE!!* THE NEW CHANGES, AND WANT IT BACK THE WAY IT WAS- SINCE IT WAS EVER SO MUCH BETTER BEFORE!!! Change it back now please!!

  • sszorin

    This new way of commenting on Youtube fora is utterly stupid and inconvenient. It kills the openness and transparency of public debates. Who was the idiot who came with this spoiljoy way of organizing and presenting comments on Youtube ?

  • Piggy

    Like pretty much everyone else, I HATE the new comment system.

  • Steve Joseph

    At first I was for it and willing to give it a try but now I fear the conspiracy theorists may be right. Where are the tools Google touted to allow one to have “better control” over comments and dialogue on their channel? Yes I see the NEW features now available in the drop down if you hover over a comment but I uploaded my first video since the change yesterday evening and there were no additional controls to be found in the upload area. Did I miss something?

    What I have found is a huge drop off in those commenting but likes and views are still there. There are also now several channels where I cannot respond to others and people have emailed or messaged saying the same. So in Google’s move to fix this problem they’ve actually seemingly punished innocent, mature users of YouTube in addition to the trolls. Gee thanks.

  • Me

    This was never about tackling trolls, bigots, and spam. If Google is so concerned about atmos, why has it never censored swear words? Just that one thing would tone stuff down right away. Also, since the switch, I’ve had zero interaction with other users, good or bad, but I have received spanking new spam from Google Plus. What a sham!

  • Runes

    If the change petition ever gathers enough steam to be worth mentioning in the media, anyone wishing to deride it has a bit of gift-wrapped irony in the form of the word petition being spelled wrong three times in a row, proving it isn’t a typo. “That’s just too good to be true” says the conspiracy theorist in me.

  • dave

    Why doesn’t Google just remove the comment feature from Youtube if they wish to destroy it so much?

  • Tim

    One of my pet peeves is that the comments don’t get posted in chronological order! Whats the point of putting comments that are 5 month old if you can’t even reply to it! IDIOTS I tell ya! I see comments about the election…how am I even gonna start a “discussion” about something so old and irrelevant?

    P.s. Put a limit on characters because I’m tired of seeing the entire Braceheart dialogue.

  • Anti-google

    I don’t want to use google+. I’m sick of being forced into shit I really really don’t want to do online. I don’t even use a personal facebook (only a business account which no friends and family are on, because I don’t want dickheads posting trivial shit on my wall) I had to make up an anagram name because they won’t let you use business names (google + are the same, so fuck them!!!!!!!!). I haven’t got a criminal record or anything but still don’t want all my info to be as easily accessible as Google and Facebook want it to be. Loads of people who said they were never going to go on Facebook, eventually ended up jumping on the bandwagon like sheep (like I said they would). This will happen with google+. I don’t need social networking. I don’t want all my accounts hooked up. They come up with the excuse that it’s much more convenient and user friendly. I don’t want it and neither do loads of people. It’s getting to the point where there’s eventually going to be a backlash. Facebook has already lost a load of users who realise that the negatives are starting to outweigh the positives. Fuck google plus.

    Youtube is getting ruined by google. Youtube was perfect and now google just think they can steal youtube users and force them over to their bullshit system against their will. I don’t want it! Fuck you google you pieces of shit. Get youtube back to how it was and leave it like that forever!!!!! We don’t ever want you. You’re not welcome!!!! All you’re good for is gmail. That’s it. Keep it at that.

  • http://www.youtube.com/nickmyer Nick Myer

    Youtube not only looked better 5 years ago it functioned better too.
    Any changes to youtube have been made purely for information grabbing ,tracking and monitoring purpose NOT for user friendly functionality or for aesthetic improvements.
    There will come a time soon when people wake up and abandon youtube and everything google in favour of equivalents that have not been infiltrated by control freaks. These will be run by good people who do not wish to mute or control fee expression and free speech. And by people who can not be bought out. It will happen. It will also happen for facebook, another good idea infiltrated and turned bad.

  • https://www.searchen.com John Colascione

    It’s all about forcing users to use Google+. + will continue to grow and grow as it becomes a part of everything you want to do online.

  • Firefly Lantern

    So… why exactly are the youtube comments being turned into a popularity pageant/contest and what makes the idiots at the top think we want to see that trash or it is somehow relevant to anyone and everyone on a personal level in any way?

    Some of the stupidest most annoying people I will ever see in my life somehow managed to catch fire and run with it on youtube and I’ll be damned if I have the suffer the corrosive waste falling from their fingertips shoved in my face at the drop of a hat in my comments because big brother would like to tell me how I like it. And clearly I must like them since someone somewhere decided for me they must be popular and thus important enough to be worth listening to over everyone else and people I rather read comments by or listen to despite the fact that normal people who almost never post are the only meaningful conversation I have ever gotten on youtube and the chance of that ever happening again unless I’m online right when they post to see it as a new comment has gone to the dogs.

    Google+ is a useless piece of shizzah I will never actually have a reason to use regardless of whatever convenient ultimatum Google tries to artificially create. Rather than netting one more for the Google+ team this pretty much just ensured I and many others will never bother leaving another comment on Youtube for as long as it survives the internet or at least until it’s changed back to normal. There isn’t enough love in the world, stars in the sky, or desperation born of Stockholm’s in this world to make me use a cheap knock off piece of shiz social networking site that has no real point, purpose, or use aside from annoying the living daylight out of me in various ways. Considering not even a REAL social networking site complete with a few okay to decent games like Facebook could keep me playing nice and sticking around Google is really overestimating their prowess to throw around weight that doesn’t exist…. that or they realized how unattractive and worthless Google+ is/was and finally came to grips with the fact no one will really use it unless they twist all available arms and curb stomp a few people until they’ve got everyone thinking it’s “necessary” like we all don’t just have the option walking off the lot entirely and moving on to another indefinitely better site at this point.

    Considering they just gift wrapped their consumer base before setting them atop a polished silver platter complete with gold embroidery for someone else to snatch up I doubt it will take long find someplace else.

  • Sam

    Google + has killed YouTube. The old comments system has be replaced with something that removes relevance and forces a badly made system claiming to be a social network upon us. A stand has to be made!

  • http://shelf3d.com Fred sanford

    U guys are still using youtube.com!?
    Geez. I switched to shelf3d.com for my youtube viewing last year because I like using my entire 1080p. Youtubes layout sucks. I can even comment totally anonymous and even on vids that don’t allow comments.


    SIGN THIS PETITION TO CHANGE THE YOUTUBE COMMENTS BACK TO THE ORIGINAL FORM https://www.change.org/petitions/google-change-the-youtube-comment-section-back-to-its-original-form

  • michael donavon

    Can’t figure out how to get a Reply link to come up – is it magic?

    • Sue

      My thoughts exactly!

    • Sue

      I found if I unclick the pre- checked box that says ” Also share on Google +, the reply and like/dislike applications appear.

  • Locke

    It’s terrible . They lost me as a user and many more will follow

  • Sue

    No reason to read comments anymore if I can’t reply.

    • dave

      no reason to be on you tube either. they lose

  • Alisha Ramon

    Honestly, YouTube became screwed up. What just happened? My friend and I want to start a petition to bring the old YouTube! I can’t even like comments, nor spam the people who write rude stuff. And I can’t even reply easier. What is Google+ really trying to accomplish? If society don’t like Google+ then why force it on them? We have our opinions. You can’t make us like something we don’t. -w- Sheesh……

  • Kidiu

    Google, please revert YouTube back as it was before. Having to sign up for Google+ is manipulation and very unfair to YouTube users. We don’t want YouTube comments and Google+ notifications intermixed; we don’t want comment notifications to go to Google+; we don’t want to give out personal information just to view or make comments on YouTube; and we certainly do not want to be forced to use Google+.

    Please stop trying to merge YouTube and Google+. None of your users want that, none of us care for it. Instead, it has become a huge hassle.

    Many people are talking about switching to other video sites, like Dailymotion or Vimeo. We don’t want to have to do it, but we will, as evidently, YouTube is being turned into a social networking site, and is therefore becoming virtually useless.

  • anon

    I loved the old YT comments free for all, ever since they’ve changed things nobody replies to my comments anymore, and commenting has gone way down. I don’t go on to YT to make friends, I go there to see what people are really thinking about the documentaries and news etc… that I am watching. I loved how it was a bit of a crazy free for all.

  • Shadowlulz

    Youtube has definitely made a grave mistake.

    There is so much spam now, whether its text ‘art’ copy pasted on multiple videos that display genitalia, pedobear, or a hand flipping the bird, there is no way to make them go away; there is no “mark as spam” button any more. What a bright idea to allow unlimited space to type! And those links, don’t even.. Who’s bright idea on the Youtube team was it to allow links to be clickable once again? Who? I’ve not clicked any link in the comments section because usually there is a comment already on it about how its a virus, or something really bad like the accursed meatspin. When I look down to the comments section I’m automatically on the “Top Comments” option and all I see is this repetitive spam, where before I had expected to see comments on how funny the video is, or if a user is making fun of the video, ect, there is nothing meaningful to this new layout and if you’re someone like me then you probably don’t use Google+ and its “circles” thing at all, or very often. So what is the point for us non-popular users?

    If I knew of another video hosting site that was just as good as Youtube once was, I’d probably have already switched over to that by now; Metacafe looks rather promising for a Youtube substitute.

  • Sam

    Most of the articles I’ve read on this subject are touting it as a good thing because it’ll get rid of negativity, but what’s so great about that anyway? I like the odd heart-warming comment that isn’t too gushy, but I don’t want to read a page full of comments that sound like they’ve been written by people who are optimistic to the point of docility.
    I’ve just been reading a lot of the objections posted on the change youtube comments back petition, and there’s only one that i’d say was idiotic and childish. They’re mostly from normal, intelligent people who are annoyed at having something they enjoy ruined. Lots have strong language to match the feelings, but I’m a grown up, I can take it. Rants peppered with colourful language can be quite entertaining, and certainly more engaging than dull positivity. If those posts had been all “hey, that’s the way the world is, and I like the new changes because I’m positive”, I’d have been bored out of my skull within seconds.
    p.s my Google Plus account and youtube channel are no more. Screw ’em. When someone treats you this badly, you have to show a bit of spine.

  • http://tnij.org/4l6b raspberry ketone

    I enjoy, cause I found exactly what I was looking for.

    You’ve ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man.
    Have a great day. Bye

  • http://www.mjduniverse.com Mjduniverse

    I hate the new commenting system. It forces people to use google+ to comment. Because of this, i had to create an another google account just for commenting!!! Now everyone needs to say their real name!!! NOT EVERYONE WANTS TO SAY THEIR REAL NAME ON THE INTERNET!!!!!!!!! WILL GOOGLE EVER REALIZE IT?????

  • Blah

    Youtube was so much better when google didn’t own it. I’m sick of this garbage they’re forcing on us.

  • Ganadoroso

    I do not like the newest version of YouTube, Google’s making it into another Facebook and it’s absolutely disgusting. It’s trying to do away with usernames and make your account your first and last name, like Facebook.

    Why do I have to go to another page just to get to my inbox now? Why do I have to reload the whole page just to look the comment someone else replied to? This is frustrating, to say the least.

    Google++ -= 1

  • Brian

    YouTube & other video sites make money off of selling advertisement spots to advertisers. The more people come to anyone’s video hosting sites, the more money they can charge advertisers, as you all already know.

    Anyone can tell me how to set up an account at Vemeo??

    Never mind, I’ll figure it out.

    Bye bye YouTube, …you SUCK!!!

    PS: I like the one comment someone posting accusing of Google of selling out to NSA to make it easier to document whose posting what kind of comments.

  • Jhonathan

    Google Plus is spreading like a virus and it’s destroying all good Google applications like Picasa, GTalk and now Youtube. Google is destroying itself. This make me sad because I love Android.


    It’s not Google Plus’s account people got frustrated about. (You can create pages’ account to use on youtube. Youtube even asked to create one for you in the first place.) But it’s the thing about “REPLY TO” and it makes it very difficult to follow the conversation!!! ANYONE PLEASE FIX THAT

  • Jasmine

    I hate the new YouTube comments! I would LOVE to go back to the old system. If anyone is interested, there is a petition to try to get us back. As of this comment there are just over 73,000 signatures. Maybe we could get enough to make them think twice about this?

    • tiigdrswa

      Google is infamous for not listening to petitions or feedback (remember Reader?).

  • simon

    when I try to reply to a comment I just opens up another tab of the same page… so basically the new comment system is completely fucked and it pisses me off.

  • yes

    The really sad thing is that youtube commenting hasn’t been ruined, but that it doesn’t really exist anymore. There are videos, and there’s discussion via the Google Plus social networking site; they’ve just bolted the two together in a Frankenstein’s monster of an attempt to deceive people.
    If you don’t want to be part of Google Plus social network, close your Google account, and just watch the vids. But if lots of people did that, they’d make it so you had to sign up for GPlus just to enter the site. Sometimes you just have to walk away.

  • TheGlitzieGirl1

    In my opinion, this terrible system is dictatorial, authoritarian and very nearly fascist. Forcing people to do what you want, into one system, is … well, we should know who else did this in history. It takes away our individuality, and our democratic freedom, which youtube enabled us to do before. google+ is intent in destroying facebook, by forcing everyone to join its so-called circle. And it is so difficult – why must I go to my emails to see who has commented?

  • Daniel


  • Thomas

    I have this horrible feeling that some day soon the only way to do anything on the net will be via a Google Plus style social profiling site, and the only way to get an account will be via a mobile phone, and the name on the account must match the name that the phone is registered to.
    The idea that the only people who want anonymity are trolls and criminals is a crock. Decent ordinary people are going to have their right to privacy completely stripped under the guise of making the web a safer happier place. Bull!

    • IMBack?

      You said it dude: “The idea that the only people who want anonymity are trolls and criminals is a crock” People came to the internet for freedom, choice, and anonymity. Google is taking all that away.

  • Not what google is making me be called
  • http://youtube.com Quinn Hanley

    I hate the new layout. Where the fuck is the reply button?

  • Darrin

    I look forward to seeing the inevitable new video upload site that WILL pop up to give the public back its Utube or what ever it will be called ( this is a huge case of fixing something that is not broken) until now I have loved all of googles products and ideas but this I hate ( this feels like censorship of common sense in favour of cheap popularity in order to spread a none needed social networking system in googles name ) this will see the end of you tube unless they backtrack at brake neck speed

  • dave

    you tube has been screwing us into thinking they would pay us ect for their crappy ad placement…haven’t received a penny yet, now this..time for everyone to pull all their vids and tell them to shove it.

  • dave


  • dave


  • tiigdrswa

    I loathe Google now. I loathe it so much that as soon as my contacts get my change of email address I’m blowing my account out of the water.

    Lets face it, Google is just a huge mound of bad management decisions, and they don’t listen to feedback ever. The only way to get them to hear you is to tell them to take a hike.

  • http://thunderballresults.org/results/ Thunderball Results

    Sadly I can see Google ruining the YouTube site and I bet this has great news written all over it for Vimeo or anyone who wants to start their own video sharing website.

  • Damremont

    Do not like the changes. Can’t see the problem with the old way of commenting and why google is being so arbitrary.
    YT has always had an unruly aspect and this is perhaps a way of taming those tendencies. However, everyone knows that if you want to have a civilized conversation there are numerous other methods of doing so. I am a big fan of YT and don’t appreciate the tinkering and the somewhat altruistic notion of making it ‘better’.

    • Offshore Organbuilder

      My main video (2,000,000 + views in 3 years) has thousands of comments. I look at and reply to every one. On the very rare occasion that I don’t like a comment, I delete it. (I object to the word, ‘fuc**ing’ even when used to say something is ‘so fuc**ing good’) This has happened on less than 6 occasions, so I must be lucky. Still, the option to block a comment was there if you really needed it.
      With the new system, my viewing figures have taken a hit, which speaks for itself.
      It’s all very sad, and its caused by the people at the top not understanding (or caring?) about its customers.

  • John

    If they can’t take the time to actually listen to the users that makes the product work.. then why should we continue using a product that doesn’t satisfy our needs…..

    Time to find a more stable and satisfying video site for us.

  • BidServices

    I think everyone still wants the old comment posting on YouTube.

  • DWhited

    I am upset that I can’t reply to any comments. I have a few fan videos and if someone asks a question about a scene, I can’t respond to them publicly and that’s extremely annoying.

  • Animedubs

    I ****ing hate Youtube in general, it’s so ****king complicated!!! How many ****ing times do I have to tell them I don’t want to use my real name!

    • Offshore Organbuilder

      Very true!

  • NoThanks

    Reading the way this is being covered by the media is an object lesson in how news is worthless as a source of info. The media is so owned by big business it’s frightneing. So many articles are toeing the Google line by regurgitating its blurb about how this is an improvement rather than an arrogant shafting of its users.
    They also seem to be dictating how people should react to this rather than reporting on what’s really happening. Lost count of how many contained the sentiment, “they’ll just have to get used to it”.
    One CNN article claimed that it’s a small minority of users who are objecting to the change,calling it a mini revolt. They base this on the misleading stat that 80% of users have already made the switch to Google Plus. So obviously 4/5 are happy with the change right? Not if they had no choice.
    If Google had asked users do you want to switch to a google plus account in order to comment, or just continue to keep youtube comments a separate entity, it would have been a landslide of opposition to the switch. Just like the comments on this article, and ironically the CNN one too.

  • edVard

    The new system won’t let me comment at all.

  • Bublie

    They fucking ruined it!

    I was happy to have the two best comments (which are usually funny) and then scroll back to the other comments, no matter if they were out of topic or not. And at least, the good thing is that they were ORDERED BY NEWER TO OLDER.

    Now what? I have Google+ comments that I don’t give a care about that are not even classified by chronology and it’s impossible to post a comment now.

    Who the hell had this idea… This person should be fired. Instead of forcing people to use Google+ you should make it more attractive. Google+ was a fail from its beginning and I think you should just give up the social network side of the Internet because you seriously don’t get it. Facebook was there before you. Admit it and get the bloody hell over it.

  • John Door

    Dont worry about it guys just go to google plus make a false name that follows naming conventions. the telephone book has heaps of them make a false gmail account with that name and use that. Thats what i do and im now even more anonymous a real false name ROFFLE.

  • TheMartinWarrior

    REVOKE THIS UPDATE NOW! Google Plus does not need to be associated with YouTube comments. We no longer can comment on YouTube, nor can we express how we feel about the comments. Also, we cant rate the comments, or reply to them. The youtube before this Update was much better. Continue with your “Socializing” mainstream crap and YouTube and Google will die. Please, be original. Don’t become another “Myspace” or “FaceBook”.

  • TheMartinWarrior

    Dear YouTube;
    Go back to the way you were before this update.
    If otherwise,
    Kill Yourself. You will kill yourself YouTube.
    If you fear for your existence YouTube… Then go back to what you were.
    Be Original;
    Don’t be another “FaceBook” or “MySpace” or any other Mainstream crap.
    Please, revoke the update.

  • Offshore Organbuilder

    I have one very successful video with over 2,000,00 and which gets regular comments. I respond to every one of them, so the comments form a conversation when viewed in order. Now the comments and my replies are all jumbled so they make no sense and over 3,500 comments (some of them *mine*) have been removed as ‘probably spam’ WHICH THEY ARE NOT! My view count has dropped, so my small income (and You Tube’s) has also dropped. This is a mess which needs to be fixed.

  • Michael

    What do I think? I think its total garbage. They tried to improve the comments to make the horrible nature of the comments change. And they made it worse then i ever could have imagined they were capable of making it. I will leave youtube the moment any competition appears that does things right if this is what youtube is going to be.

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com/blog/ Nick Stamoulis

    ” simply don’t want to have another social network forced down their throat through a product that they’ve been using for years (including for years before Google+ even existed). ”

    I think that hits the nail on the head. People don’t want to be forced into using a particular social channel to do something they have been doing for years. I don’t mind using my real name but I don’t want to use personal profiles for certain things.

  • skapanakruska

    googletube dies today for me, I just want to see some videos from time to time.
    I even never become FB slave and now I have to become +idiot???? Come on, you fucking NSA, suck my jojo for my real name and/of phone .!.

    Pls. someone, link to new YT avenue, russian or chinese I don’t care anymore!

  • Joe

    Google has hijacked the userbase from a successful site to bolster a failing one. We signed up for Youtube not GPlus.
    Youtube comments don’t exist anymore. People are talking about vids on Google Plus and it’s being streamed on the YT site. I closed my Google account and am finding other stuff to do with my evenings because being Google’s bitch isn’t an option.

  • Viktor Freiherr

    If this comment system would work without:
    -leaving show buttons that don’t work anymore
    -throwing all the great reputations by thumb ups away
    -making me invent some pseudo real name
    -making me go to ixquick so i don’t have to fear video advertisement
    it maybe could be useful for everybody but me, at least today.

    why should i use that g+ fart comment system?
    i just send the youtube link via mobile

  • Frank Bobson

    I honestly don’t understand why people don’t like the new comment section. Using your real name pfft what’s the big deal you use it on Facebook, or you could just make a fake name. And just don’t look at the newest comments, people complain about spam by spamming that stupid bob stickman thing that takes up 4/5 comments. I think people are just overreacting and making it worse, and even if you don’t have a G+ account why does it matter, just make one and you’re set

    • Chris

      All that stuff about anonymity and cleaning up the comments section is all just a red herring anyway. For most people it’s a case of the comments section being fine as it was, and not wanting a failed social networking site forced upon them just because it’s potentially very lucrative for Google.
      Google are just trying to transplant success from one site to another because there’s lots of ad revenue involved. They tack on all that “benefits to the user” cobblers to kid people, but you’d have to be extremely gullible to believe it.
      Given the way they’ve treated the YT userbase, I can only hope that instead of the success flowing from YT to GPlus, it’s the failure that flows in the other direction. Looks that way at the moment. But Google have so far been very good at making users put up with changes for the worse. When you have such a monopoly, you can go quite a long way before enough is enough.

  • sddsssd

    Horrible! Unusable! please change it back to the old system!

  • http://weirdkidinallstarshoes.tumblr.com/ Pedro Vital

    I hate Google+, make it stop!

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9acnb5dv0Q EFE

    You can comment publicly, or only to people in your Circles

  • palo

    i hate it. everything what google done last 2years is piece of shit. horrible!

  • IMBack?

    If Google were to read the comments of just one post on the entire internet, this should be it. Yea, I said that. Not for only the YouTube aspect but for the bigger point illustrated here in these comments. People come to the internet for freedom, choice and anonymity. Google is taking that away. It will not last forever.

  • Albatros

    Not only makes everything too difficult and frustrating but cuts off any desire to actually use youtube. There will be definitely no comments from me or trying to figure anything out. Takes too much of my time and Google + is still too cumbersome though I really wanted to move away from Facebook. And now this… whatever. Bad business.

  • Ripper

    ░░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ Bob is building an army.
    ▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂ ☻/ This tank & Bob are against Google+
    Il███████████████████]. /▌ Copy and Paste this all over
    ◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤.. / \ Youtube if you are with us

  • Zardex Myrtle

    Well I don’t like it because I have no intention of finding out what Google + is. I don’t know and don’t want to know and I certainly do not want to use it.

    I would like to comment on youtube but I never will unless I will be able to do so again without making any chances whatsoever in my YouTube account.

  • John

    I have been around since youtube was first put on the net, how long ago was that again?

    Sadly, the company has done things ‘for the users’ without even asking the users if they like that change or not.

    And I’ve noticed even if the users got together and told youtube they didn’t like the change, youtube kept it anyway, or changed it even worse.
    With the combining of social networks that there trying to do, isn’t what youtube is about, never has been.
    With the ‘Google+’ profile/page’ that you are forced to make to even comment on a youtube videos, there are even more comments/how-to instructions on how to make an account without Google+. That should mean something to youtube, what the users really want or don’t want.
    Sadly, youtube keeps finding these and disabling them, ignoring the fact as to why there out there.
    With Youtube now forces users to make a ‘Google+’ profile/page’ just to comment, they have lost a lot of users because of this.
    Youtube is just in it for the money/revenue, I guess the fans/uers don’t matter to them, because they lost this user for good long ago.

  • Monsterviolence

    I love the new comment options on youtube. I am not getting hundreds of hate mail anymore… Yeah!

  • Monsterviolence

    All youtube users did was violently trash talked to one another, threaten to kill each other, started flame war forums, insulted/trolled for no reason, spammed the hell out of someone hated through many created accounts, hide many people’s comments telling the truth, etc. It became a website for people to fight with all humanity youtube said “ENOUGH!” And introduced these new features…

    • Troa


  • http://itishifi.blogspot.com iain

    Google+ is Google BEING EVIL and STUPID!




  • Tim Smith

    I hate this new system. It doesn’t work and basically, who cares about it anyway? Why do companies like Google have to get everybody strung out on their products, expecting them to work a certain way, then turn the whole thing upside down and screw everybody over? I wish everyone would just bail Youtube, Gmail and the like, and use another service all together. That would be not only funny, but justice for arrogant, greedy, corporate assholes that pull crap like this and basically say “Fuck you if you don’t like it.”

    Go fuck yourselves Google!

  • weirdunclebob

    Dislike just about everything with the merger of YouTube and Google+. Disconnected everything I can and made everything as anonymous as possible. I don’t have time for another social circle (already use Failbook which has it’s own problems) and… just… gaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

  • weirdunclebob

    ░░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ Bob is building an army.
    ▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂ ☻/ This tank & Bob are against Google+
    Il███████████████████]. /▌ Copy and Paste this all over
    ◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤.. / \ Youtube if you are with us

    • Joem789

      Bob The Builder….can we fix it?

      Bob The Builder….no we can’t!

      Even if Obama says “Yes we can”, he’s a damn liar. Just like all the rest of those corporatized monkeys in suits.

  • Joem789

    To put it lightly and politely. I think the Youtube changes are a crock of shit. As if its going to improve anything. It is just another political scheme to sway the minds of the many into re-routing to another bypass to LackOfPrivacyVille. Youtube is on its way to becoming another porn website. It will be the first truly mainstream website that combines children’s programming with beastiality. Basically, if anyone is smart, they will download what Youtube videos they want to keep. Namely the rare movies that are posted. And then ditch Google. That company is part of the grand scheme that seeks to control the world. Too bad there are so many gadget loving fools out there that aren’t smart enough to recognize it for what it is.

  • dasd

    cant even fucking comment on youtube anymore. just has a popup then nothing….

  • Remo Ritzmann

    ░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄

  • sonja coryar

    Google is being dictatorial and purposefully manipulative, changing an entire comments section and herding people around to its own advantage.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3IwjyWrJRs&feature=youtu.be Flo Oo

    Hey guys please check out my channel for cool bmx edits and other nice stuff. Thumb up when you like it :) Thank you


    • Troa

      lol , yeah man with all wars and strifes, surpressions of free will, information and consciousness. Lets all hop on our bmx’s and do a few rounds man “radical” upgrades? and that tip on thumbing up when i like it shows me you understand my level. your welcome.

  • Oliver Chen

    I have absolutely no love for the new youtube comment system. Now all I see is a bunch of mindless spectators posting comments about “bob and his youtube army.” Although I completely understand and agree with their seemingly endless disdain for the new system, I think the “bob” method is a little too overboard. If you want a change, email google, send a formal letter, or contact them DIRECTLY. Use your brain, not “Bob”

  • Carol

    It’s totally preposterous!!! My subscribers are not commenting on anything anymore. THEY ARE NOT USING GOOGLE PLUS & THERE IS hardly any more conversations going on. This is undoubtedly the WORSE MOVE that I have seen on ANY social media and I’m on many. People want to see what you are commenting in the NEWSFEED, PERIOD!! My entire YT experience has dropped tremendously. WHAT A BAD IDEA!! I CAN HARDLY BELIEVE GOOGLE thought this would just be ‘SWELL’. I’M INCREDULOUS over this horrible change!!!

  • Lugia

    I only have a problem with Google+’s recent comment change to Youtube. I believe the Youtube creator doesn’t like this either (according to CNN anyway) But I would like to have some memento about the old Youtube through their comments <3
    I wish they would bring back at least PART of it. But I also doubt they will :c

  • NicholasWith+not-

    I dont’t want to sound ‘conspiracy like’ but I do thing there is something strange behind this whole YouTube affair. It remembers me of an old bussiness strategy where a company willingly discredits one of its products in order to gain much more money from another product. The way Google acts its plain stupid and anyone could tell them that. In my opinion, they either want to discredit a product in order to gain more benefits from another one or they have just gone EVIL (which is nothing new; Microsoft acted the same way). Oh, and there could also be another option, the one of the so called “economical assasination”, when they deliberately destroy their own company at the request of someone very powerful.

    P.S. It did sound ‘conspiracy like’ didn’t it? Oh well, if it’s true then you won’t hear from me again…

    • 99ways2die

      Yeah well sense Google has stated out in the open the CIA owns it and the NSA works it’s security and Facebooks Mark Zuckerburg has admitted FB was created as a CIA front as he gets away with creating an app born to fail while he buys up billions of dollars in his own stock as he tells Government officials people are stupid for even using his site, if you don’t see some conspiracies some where, then maybe it’s about time for a new prescript in your conspiracy glasses buddy. Still think 1 guy with a 22 gauge bolt action rifle blew Kennedy’s head clean off with a magic bullet? Even the Government had to back off that story once they realized people with half a brain aren’t stupid enough to believe that.

  • Ther

    For years i have read people’s rants about YouTube not doing something to improve the environment of the comments section on the site. Well, you got your wish. Can’t have it all your way. After all, Google owns YouTube – not you.

  • 99ways2die

    Yeah, well I thought it was because I still run Firefox 3.6.15 and refuse to get the newer versions, was going to try Opera see if that worked BUT I’ve been looking this up and came to the realization, I’m not the one screwing up, Google is! YAY!! I can be happy about that. What a bunch of crap, G+ is garbage, I don’t get the point of it, they made a page that looked kinda like Myspace with out any cool apps that aspires to be Facebook.No one I know even bothers to use the damn thing and now Google wants us to use a failed program so bad this is what they do. I was perfectly fine with my comments in public, the fact they did this just tells me they want to hide us from the view of the general public. Can’t vote, can’t like can’t comment. WELP I’m not bothering to load up G= just to comment or get comments from Youtube and I’m sure allot of other people will agree with me this is just ridiculous. Only reason I made an account was so I could get my 2 cents in. and occasionally chat with others while aggravating the Libtards (Like the ones that own Google). Guess it’s time for Youtube to close up shop.

    To say in simpleton, arrogant words Google can understand in a language they can deal with (Which means they assume everyone loves them no matter what they are told and 3 words or less).

    YEAH IT’S GREAT!! :)

    Now to say it in real words anyone can understand that don’t just assume everybody loves to smell crap when theirs a flower shop right up the street.

    It’s complete garbage and Google needs to learn how to respect it’s users.

  • sherry

    This is absolutely ridiculous. One more way of tracking our every move! I miss the good old days when you could just go to youtube & watch a video, enjoy a song or a laugh without anyone having to know your every move! SAD! It’s gonna hurt those who you could give a vote up for their video – this sucks!

  • Jon

    I cannot figure out how to approve comments on YouTube! Will someone fix this?!

  • culdy

    have not ben able to comment on anything since the change. deleting my youtube and google account now as they clearly do not listen to anybody but the clowns at their own circus.

  • starcrow541

    Well, so far the great change that I’ve seen is someone making penis pictures with letters. Guess YouTube wants creative people, huh.

  • Carruthers

    Well, so far the great change that I’ve seen is someone making penis pictures with letters and numbers. Guess YouTube and Google are looking for creative people, huh.

  • Carruthers

    These fuckers printed my email:( Be warned, there is NO PRIVACY if you say something online about them.

  • Troa

    This is typical problem reaction solution, theyv choked youtube (a free flow of information) now they will come out with a solution (a controlled not so free, filterd, metastasized , flow of information). Just watch and see.

  • Jack Beagle

    It’s totally wrong. The “muting” system does NOT work. It allows trolls to send hateful messages without fear of them being voted off or being deleted. I keep seeing negative comments that I thought disappeared return. The new system is a complete joke! Google failed in this attempt.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/RewindTheSoundz James Brewer

    I not so much annoyed of the changes it’s the fact it doesn’t work is my gripe. Not had any notifications about new subscribers, comments, etc for a week now. There your bloody products and services…..SORT THIS MESS OUT GOOGLE!

  • Dassie

    I am so fed up with (the new) Youtube.

    Does anyone know another site that is just as good, and that is like the “old” Youtube?

  • http://www.derekwilliams.net Derek Williams

    Both positive and negative. First positive:
    1. Longer comments
    2. Editable comments
    3. Can now include URL in the text
    4. Can edit in Google +

    1. ‘Send Feedback’ feature causes the comments to disappear under the drag cursor
    2. Comments are not visible to others, only to the person replied to, and to the poster making them, making them pointless

  • Myname Islegion

    YouTube has finally brought on their own demise. Somehow they have managed to make a BAD situation infinitely worse. I cannot imagine any reasonably “normal” person wanting to leave comments on YouTube now — if somehow they are even able.

    Personally, I think they could have solved the “comments” problems with a bit of software… all they really needed was to eliminate the vicious and hateful comments that YouTube was inundated with. And that could have been done by using SOFTWARE that would turn four-letter words like
    FUCK and others into F*** or even just ****!

    By doing this, those retards who can’t speak without a mouthful of garbage would soon lose interest, and the rest of us reading their words wouldn’t see much to be offended about.

    This, of course, would not only apply to 4-letter words, but also to racist comments, gay-bashing comments, etc. Without these words appearing visibly among the comments, there really wouldn’t be anything to be offended about, would there? And those making such comments would soon tire of it all and go away.

    But could we ever count on YouTube to use such a simple plan? Of course not. It would upset their agenda of collecting personal and PRIVATE information.

    And of course we can’t have that.

  • http://wiceindia.com ibps

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  • Gibbson

    Who are you to tell me what is good or evil in a movie I am watching? You are abusing the position you have. I am not interested in your opinions being flashed at me while I am watching something. Next time it happens YouTube is off.

    T Gibbson

  • Mac C

    Fact of the matter is YouTube became popular because of it was simple to use. I do like that comments on youtube are no longer limited in character size but find it very irritating that I cannot reply back to certain comments. Why show me that someone has replied back to my comment if I can’t easily reply back to them? Plus this whole “displaying comments most relevant” is also irritating. Seems they are going the way of Facebook in over-complicating a system that used to be simple. How do you know what’s relevant for me? Let me decide that.

  • X

    YouTube’s just fucked up the comment system yet again. It’s no surprise. I knew google was eventually going to try to force everyone to join Google+. I have yet to agree to that bullshit,and I won’t. Who do they think they are? Obviously, they think everyone’s a bunch of idiots.
    If you look at YouTube’s history, you can tell they get a lot of their ideas from Facebook. YouTube sucks today.

  • gcummings

    Google is lying. This isn’t about cleaning up user comments. That is a ruse. It is all about gathering ever more information about its users for whatever purposes…profit, government tyranny, what have you.

    Google doesn’t care if you burn alive in a fire. Do you really think it is concerned about nasty comments?

  • chris

    Google have destroyed the youtube community with their “great ideas” just to prop a failing social media site they know was failing…mmmmmm how to make that different? they say…lets FORCE THEM to HAVE to use it….fuckers.

  • RM

    It’s not good. Watching all the comments whittle down to just a few players. Far less inclusive. Hmm…a funny thing happened on the way to the forum:/

    • Jon

      Yes but the current situation means that often a good thread is ruined by two infantile idiots who decide to have an off topic flame war with net result that those with a few brain cells stop contributing – thats not very inclusive either is it !

  • Jon

    If comments on Youtube were helpful friendly, non-racist non-red neck then this would not be necessary.

    Youtube, apart from entertainment value is a great instructional tool – learn just about anything – this is marred by infantile idiots who think we want to read their flame wars, negative comments and so on.

    Its the perhaps small percentage of brain dead morons that have forced this situation or given Google an excuse to act which ever way you see it there would be less justification if users always used comments in a positive and constructive way.

    Personally I would like to see comments removed altogether – got better things to do with my time than see these out pourings of drivel courtesy of teenager vandals.

    • Jon

      Just been reading the comments – comparing the style of those who offer a reasoned criticism vs those who think f**kers makes a good reasoned argument.

      Looks to me like Google have annoyed precisely the right people 😉 bomb appears to have been on target.

      I suspect those that actually want to contribute to a positive discussion will find their comments near the top and those who think its cool to diss someone, be abusive or plain off topic will find their comments rotting in the bottom of the lake where they belong.

  • Daniel

    To be frank I don’t quite understand this. Surely integrating YouTube comments with Google+ profiles happens on the backend, and didn’t require the other changes that have been implemented. There no longer is a reply button. You can no longer report spam. You can no longer click to see the comment a reply was written in response to; in other words, every comment now stands on its own, there is no way to follow, or have, a conversation anymore. Close but no cigar, Google. Try again.

  • http://www.shamontiel.com Shamontiel

    I LOVE the new way Google+ and YouTube merged the comment section. Now I can delete spam comments that are on my own comment posts. YouTube has entirely too many Internet thugs with keyboard courage who say anything they can think of behind a computer screen. That report abuse deal doesn’t always work. And the Google alert tab on Gmail just made me pay even more attention to people I would’ve normally just blocked the old way. Now I can remove them from the discussion altogether and avoid other Internet thugs egging them on. I also love that I can do a stop reply comment. The way YouTube was set up before you could leave a comment and six months later somebody would come back to reply to it. By that time I don’t care at all about some video I watched when I was bored. And sometimes debates last too long. I wouldn’t even care if the debate went on and on and I could just unsubscribe but by our Google accounts being linked to it, we keep getting the alerts and I’m way too nosey not to read them. Now I can better moderate comments. I wouldn’t even need to do it if I was talking to people who replied to you like they were standing in front of you. But I swear folks start drinking that Hulk Juice and think they can say ANYTHING to ANYBODY online.

  • denzil

    Lose that extra weight and maybe your wife might start having orgasms again. At the very least you will be able to shave off that disgusting chin hiding beard. In the meantime, I hope your daughter meets a bad man with candy, you knob chomping google jizz guzzler

  • Safiya

    Videos take forever to load. They stop.

  • Safiya

    Videos won’t load
    Videos won’t play

  • Giovanni Drogo

    Fascist behaviour that deserves legal suing, if possible. And a BIG BIG fine… Anyway, You Tube nowadays sucks, I’m going to boycott it from now on.

  • Dani

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  • B

    I hate that they would like to display my name on youtube. I have been a youtube user since 2007 and I love the fact that I never needed to reveal things like my personal information. Now I am being forced to. How I’ve gotten around it is by ‘lying’, since I do not want my name on youtube

  • hobb

    youtube is dull and lifeless now, they can’t undo the mistake they made. All I can say now is…someone needs to make something just like youtube and actually LISTEN to the users.

  • Rob

    On day one of the new YouTube I signed out and have not been back. I now use any video provider besides YouTube for my Internet video viewing. Yes, there were thousands of idiots making immature, nasty, and disgusting, hateful comments before. OH WELL!! Deal with it. If you haven’t got the intelligence to click on FLAG COMMENT when a particularly nasty comment pops up then you shouldn’t be permitted near a keyboard.
    This site belongs to Google and they can do what they like with it. I’m very disappointed that they chose to make the changes that they did, and I have chosen to stop using their services as a result. That’s MY choice.

  • Howard

    As I just discovered this pathetically stupid update. I am laughing to myself inside as I write this. How ridiculously ignorant and pathetic this comment change is. It is annoying, totally senseless and arguably the DUMBEST thing google has ever done. I believe that this time, they will definitely rue the day this change was made and indeed, live to see the mass destruction that they have done to the you tube sight . There is no turning back on this move.. Mark my words .THIS COULD be the beginning of the end for you tube!

  • Josh

    i can’t comment on youtube because my google + account was suspended. I want google plus remove.. i have facebook so why need +

  • http://youtube hayley

    Hi, i’m not too sure how all this works, but on my son’s wii u, which i’m on alot on youtube, something weird has recently happened and I cannot comment after watching something on there. It automatically says i’m logged out??? This software costs alot of money, along with broadband and freedom of speech e.t.c and now I just don’t know what’s going on. Also the youtube bookmark on the wii u has dissapeared.

  • Iz

    i cant comment now even though im signed in with my goggle+ account. this is bull. i click on the share your thought thing and i end up on a blank page which immediatly dissapeers .5 seconds after! wtf?!?!?!

  • Gardenia Strife

    why doesn’t someone who knows a thing or two about creating websites make a video sharing website like You-tube and design their own rules for their site send link’s to their new web site spread the info about it through the web to promote it and maybe just maybe if your set up is likable people will flock to your web site because the broken one has really become a hyped up piece of Shit.

    just don’t sell out your morals to other people like google at some point down the road

    then somebody else will have to create another website to combat the shallowness of what they liked in the old site.

    keep it your thing for generations down the road have a contingency plan for people to take over for you if ever are departed from this world and your mortal shell is left behind keep the dream alive entrust your vision to people you can trust for generations to come to maintain.

    it’s a pain but maybe every now and then you have to recreate something old that you liked to keep it going because if you do nothing you’ll be stuck with the new worsening same old, same old thing

    youtube started out as a small group in the beginning (i assume I don’t know that as a fact)And maybe it’s time for another small group to keep voices unhindered.)

    (youtube doesn’t have to be the only player in town,)

    and of coarse we all complain about the irrelevant troll comments and people saying whatever sure it may be annoying but maybe people that complain about it need a thicker skin and just ignore it regard this stuff as worthless banter.

    because if you limit what can be said and who should be able to talk then you’ve limited speech and no one should say anything which hey that’s what appears to be the case now i haven’t been able to say jack shit on youtube for at least a month now.

    I’m keeping my eyes pealed for another small video sharing website that has humanity’s voice in it unhindered were one is free to speak ones mind.

    if you want to be free you have to take the good with the bad trolls and all ^_^

  • Gia

    Share my thoughts in the comments? What a novel idea– one that is apparently lost on Google.

    The bottom line is, this change is pathetic. The restrictions on commenting piss me off… plus, there’s a reason nobody uses Google+. But YouTube is by far the most successful video sharing site, and not enough consumers care enough to move somewhere else. So Google wins. And they know it.

  • Renae

    It sucks, big time. I have refrained from commenting on many videos because I can’t reply from my phone anymore. I hope Google sinks.

  • WstrnStar

    one more nail in the lid. ramping up my until-now sleepy efforts to move away from google and identify an up-and-coming scrappy service that will offer those features that google originally did and no longer chooses to. How the mighty are falling, is disturbing to watch from afar a once-promising company sadly and slowly losing its edge.

    are you listening, apple?

  • Z.J. Salman

    If you ask me, the (kind of) good people at Google are NOT listening to the public and have no idea what people actually want. This is NEVER a good move for business.

    I also suspect that Google is jealous of Facebook and is forcing people to get Google+ accounts just so they can brag that they are more popular than Facebook.

    It seems to me that Google just recently hired a new team of garbage bags.

  • http://evelynr67lwuwzh.edublogs.org/ 律師

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    anticipate troubles just before these people occur.

  • tiff

    I hate that google is forcing everyone to try and use their social networking site. Youtube, part of why it is so fun is because people have a level of anonymity and are able to express themselves more. This is like Big Brother now with Google in the background secretly monitoring all the comments. You can’t even post a negative comment without them flagging you for not using Google +. Stupid Google ruining youtube!!!

  • Ryo

    The change is fine to me, EXCEPT that I want the ability of thumbing up and replying to old comments. (I’m not 100% sure but it seems Google has disabled the thumbs-up/-down buttons and reply button on no-Google-plus comments.)

  • Chris Taylor

    I really hate this new system they have for comments. I now can no longer comment at all on any computer, even when signed into google+.
    It is really infuriating, especially as I have been a computer technician by trade for 11 years now, and know that my account has somehow glitched for this to happen. But it is only on youtube that I have encountered problems.

    Every time I try to comment, on any computer, even when I am signed in to google+ AND youtube, I get a new window which tries to load:


    and then nothing … EVERYTIME WITHOUT FAIL …. so a big F**K YOU and please fix my account

    • diana miller

      You are SO RIGHT! Where ARE we? North Korea?! My acct began acting wierd a few months ago-what with the”&39&# 7&@39″ type of thing. THAT was my FIRST clue! THEN I learned I could no longer comment! WHAT’S THE POINT?! I FULLY AGREE with you! A GINORMOUS F*** Y** to them! They’re gonna lose a lot of $$$! Big Brother-here we are!!!

  • ronald

    we cant comment and i have a google+ account theres nothing can be done. this is a scam.

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  • Rush

    crappy and annoying.

    I don’t think ANYONE likes these changes.
    Perhaps at best, some can tolerate them, while others cant.

    I’m less likely to use YouTube so much now, and I doubt I’m the only one.

  • http://google steve

    We should have new facebook and new youtube websites.

  • diana miller

    ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! IT’S FORCED! I could go on & on but I’d probably be arrested for speaking out of term!(it’s comin soon)! It’s turning into something that’s pissing people off BIG TIME! They’re tryin to CONTROL us and we SEE it as such! NOBODY is FALLING for it! How SAD we CAN’T voice our opinion! FUCKIN BUG MY PHONE! DON’T CARE! But you r LOSING a
    LOT of people! I know this isn’t “twitter” -but “#NAZI’S”?

  • diana

    Are we in North Korea?!? You tube had a comment section for people to comment. NOW WE CAN’T? I FULLY AGREE with the writer who posted a “BIG FUCK YOU” to You Tube!!!BIG BROTHER IS HERE!

  • mike rayner

    i have nobody stupid comments stuck at the top of my comments, and i can do nothing about it, apart from removing the comment , and thats not nice is it.. thay are NOT comments that matter to me, so how is that smart.!!!!!!!!

  • J E Smith

    What an absolute mess.This change is disgusting!

  • Richard

    I think the Web was a better place before Google.

  • Patrick Dowhn

    “Fixing” the Youtube comments was always just a smokescreen for assimilating a large number of people into the undesirable g+ system. g+ had been limping along, neglected for years by folks who ALREADY had a social network, namely Facebook.

    The instant g+ numbers started to climb Google started beating its chest to proclaim g+ a success.

    Meanwhile, the Youtube comments were blowing up with ASCII porn pics, links to viruses and endless text replies of Mein Kampf, courtesy of the YT trolls and the new abilities given to them by the merger.

    Since then Google has refused to acknowledge user dissatisfaction to the changes- Choosing instead to “keep work8ng” on fixing the comments.

  • Kathy

    Google was loved by all for it's simplicity yet it/they are determined to make using google as complicated as possible. We can get bells and whistles on other sights. I'm looking for an easy to use search engine with no + or chrome etc. Any one found such a sight that I can transfer to?

    • Oquasinus

      I’ve used DuckDuckGo for quite some time now, and I really like it. And they say they wouldn’t collect data about you (and they seem serious about that).

      • Dewey Doody

        I switched to using DuckDuckGo too. Is there a free email service that filters spam like Gmail does? I’d love to get rid of my Gmail account too.

        • Ian Samuel

          if you would have typed that comment into google you would have an answer =] but i hate google+ to if only for the reason that i don’t want one but they force me regardless of how many times i opt out

          • Guest


    • Jon

      Anonymity was a big part of my Youtube participation. I don’t troll, or flame or anything, but that doesn’t mean that I want all my Youtube opinions put on a pedestal to be viewed by everyone I know. In this age of social networking, my Youtube account was for ME. When this Google+ system came in, I deleted that account immediately, and haven’t gone back (I still view videos and comments, but don’t participate).

      It’s funny that they did this under the guise of “cleaning up comment quality”. Having half the comments be “+Look what I found on Youtube” (i.e. awkward G+ status link) and the other half STILL be trolls and flames doesn’t do much to justify them.

      PS, kudos to webpronews for being one of the few sites that still lets you comment as “guest”. I don’t want to link everything I do online to my real identity, and I don’t want to have 1000 memberships across the web.

      • Retrogaming

        I only use YouTube to look at my old childhood PC games I grew up with. Recently someone uploaded a bunch of music and gameplay of the Magic School Bus games I used to play.

        The Human Body OST both enhanced audio and the Sound Blaster 16 formats!

        Too bad Magic School Bus games no work on 64 bit computers.

        It’s too humid to type anymore and I am sweating now!

    • misanthropia67

      Google now is a disgrace, and same for youtube. I now have to integrate my youtube account into google fucking plus just to add videos to a playlist? Seriously, Google better get their shit together. I’m already considering using DuckDuckGo. And probably using Vimeo to upload videos. Dailymotion deleted my GTA video but yet allows naked women? I dont know why…


    yea. its called YOURMOM.COM

  • booboo

    i fucking hate the new youtube 2014 layout because of this i havent been using it for the past few dayss, literally its suckss shit

  • Shin

    I strongly dislike the move. In some ways, the comments sections on youtube did need an update and the allowance of hyperlinks and an improved system of nested comments is definitely a plus. However, now comments in response to another are hidden from view unless someone clicks on them which I feel is a step backwards. The insistance of having to log into google also causes problems as I am constantly having to log out of google when I’m not using youtube. Surely there should be a way for me to be logged into only the one site if I wish, thus avoiding the logging of my movements to my “google+” account, which I did not require but was forced to create in order to have a youtube presence.

  • Novice

    It does not matter is they are hidden Shin click the bell it shows all recent replies.

    • Roder51

      The reply format should be like this site. Clicking reply on google brings your comment all the way to the bottom of the thread. No good when there’s 200 replies to a comment. I hate that!

  • anonymous
  • sdf

    What a pussy article.


    • bryoneill11

      Exactly! I hate these cowards who dont call things by their name.

      Mixed reaction??? in what planet this guy lives?

  • Katherine Jaconello

    I have put up some comments about CAMH, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto. My comments disappear. How come? CAMH is set to market psychiatric drugs to the entire population, has received millions to do this and you can never put down the truth about what is going on? Boring!

  • svfoxhotmail

    Its like if I started plugging http://www.wordunscrambler.com throughout all my posts. Then http://www.wordunscrambler.com would be so unbearable nobody could read posts. I promise I won’t ruin the comment experience with http://www.wordunscrambler.com because I’m a big corporation.
    God I hate google

  • Kk

    I’m glad people can’t respond to all my comments if I chose to turn them off. Prevents arguments or trolls from harassing other people. I wish Disqus did the same thing in terms of having the ability to disable replies……..so I wouldn’t have to write this comment as a guest vs. using my real account which is prone to reply alerts. -sigh-

    The thing I hate about the new YouTube comments is that your comment is marked as spam for stupid reasons. I never know when my comment is going to be viewable or not! And after uploading a series of popular videos this week I’m constantly having to review perfectly fine comments that the fucktard YouTube system labeled as Spam. -sigh-

    • Roder51

      Can you tell me how you can turn off comments so the number in red doesn’t show up? I turned off emails.

  • Donotask

    Warning: They have a spamming program that marks your comments as spam, and hides them if you post links, post too much, use the same words or word phrases. Essentially, YouTube is now just an echo chamber of agreement. There is no real discussion or debate allowed. Because I have a writing style that tends to look the same, I am seen as spam and “ghosted” now. Which means I am the only one that can see my comments. They are invisible to everyone else. Very unethical not to let the person who spent time constructing a thoughtful reply, that the comment is not visible. In addition: if users don’t like what you say, and maliciously mark your comments as spam, Google will start to see you as spam and allow you only 1 comment per vid……. if you are lucky. It is arguably an infringement on free speech and discourse to silence someone who is not by definition a spammer. I am just about done with YouTube. Remember people- when it looks like the entire world is supporting a political issue on YouTube, it is an ILLUSION. Google has ruined YouTube, freedom of speech, and they don’t even have the decency to notify you that you have been silenced.

    • Pete

      Agreed. I just closed my G+ account, blocked their emails, and moved on. I’m not going to play their demented, money-grubbing data-mining game, they can all go fuck themselves.

      • Dewey Doody

        What email service do you recommend? Other than Gmail, I don’t use Google anymore for anything, and I’d like to wash my hands of them completely, but I can’t find a free email service that filters spam and protects me from BS phishing.

    • phantoma

      I just replied to someone on youtube who likes the same musical artist as me by including a single youtube playlist link to more great music from that artist and realized my post wasn’t made public but even when I removed that youtube link from my reply and told the person what to search for on youtube, it was too late and I saw that even my reply with no links has been ghosted.

      F U Youtube mofos!

    • goldensilence

      Almost like they are trying to hide something eh.

      • Roder51

        Not trying. They’re hiding something like all crooked business.

    • Gregg Leadbeater

      I’ve found out that google is set for election time deception, using their astroturf feature. Google’s astroturf is now a tool for politicians to manipulate public perception.

      • Donotask

        Interesting and highly disturbing.

      • Roder51


    • Krista Estrella

      Although I share your feelings about Google, this is not a case of infringement of free speech. Freedom of speech is much misunderstood. It guarantees your right to speak your mind without reprisal from the (and here’s the defining word) GOVERNMENT. It does not guarantee you can say what you want to say everywhere you want to say it, merely that government cannot punish you for that speech. Society can and will hear the people they want to and dismiss those they don’t. If it doesn’t involve the government, it’s not a question of infringement of free speech.


      • Angel

        There is no such a thing as freedom of speech…it is an utopia presented to people to believe in another utopia freedom and liberty.
        It all depends of who is gong to give you the definitions of what those things mean. Tomas Jefferson had 200+ slaves and the same time was talking about all man are created equal / declaration of independence /. So I guess in his eyes slaves and masters were equal and had the same freedom of speech…its a big mess

        • Roder51

          Totally true! Google has a huge fear of freedom of speech because it can probably take down a co-operation real fast if the truth be known. Jefferson was one of America’s shames!

      • Donotask

        I believe it’s logical to assume that with something as massive as Google, including that Google sets out to purchase and control nearly every large internet social outlet beside Facebook, that our government has got their little hands in there somehow. They do with Facebook. This came right off the link you posted : This clause prohibits the government from banning speech because it does not agree with the message. They can use all kinds of clever and alternative routes to accomplish this goal, so I beg to differ with you.

    • Roder51

      Google ruins everything. You Tube should never have been sold to Google.

  • degree7

    I’ll tell you what the problem with the comments are….

    1) I no longer get notifications for MY comments being replied to. Instead, i get emails from people replying to OTHER people on a thread that I merely clicked on. This is ridiculous. And if I do get a reply, for some reason Youtube no longer notifies me. I have to go back to the comments section myself and search through it to see if anyone replied to me. That’s just ridiculous.

    2) The only comments that get replies are ones that insight massive arguments or bait people into a fight. Then you get a huge thread with 40+ replies, all of which has 10 or 20 different people fighting, which no one would ever be bothered to read. There is no longer a “highest rated” comment system. Which sucks. Maybe Disqus should take over the Youtube comment system.

    • Roder51

      That is the greatest idea!

  • ozdawn

    Obviously they are doing exactly what they intended to do by making it more difficult to leave comments – it’s their form of CENSORSHIP as BIG BROTHER does not want people to openly and freely discuss issues like they were before!

    • TheBigOne

      This is exactly how the AntiChrist will have it. There are 3 groups of people wanting world power. The Communists. The Rich Bankers and the Muslims all trying to set up the Global ID system.

      There are many Conservatives fighting back which is why the plans have been delayed to bring the Amero dollar out as these 3 groups want to see the US dollar crash completely.

      • bryoneill11

        WHAT THE FUCK??? I bet you alreay put your tinfoil on

      • https://restore.solutions/ Numus Software

        100% accurate .. hence the end of the Russian and Chinese petrodollar

  • 1dogeez

    freedom of speech shouldnt be so hard and i also think they are crooks PUT IT BACK THE WAY IT WAS

  • toewad1

    Its all changed with the comments, I looked forward to the bad comments as well as the good 1 that I got (once), my views have gone down too since joining with g+ well it seems that way, is there anyway of changing back the settings.

  • toewad1

    Oh lets start our own channel bell tube, now that’s got a ring to it, sorry HEY sorry tube.

  • Ben

    Can no longer comment on youtube, cos I’m not being forced to make a google+ account well done youtube for killing the comment system for millions of users

  • Nippa DJ

    RECENTLY I CAN ONLY SEE MY OWN COMMENTS ON YOUTUBE. I cannot see anyone’s reply, except in the ‘red bell’ notice drop down menu. I’ve never had AdBlock, I’ve deleted all cookies, and still I can’t see anyone else’s comments, except my own. WTF is going on. It used to work fine, even after the Google+ change over.

  • DragoZeroOne

    Still, YouTube, you suck for letting Google in. YouTube should still use YouTube comments not Google+ comments. I will more likely to use my own YouTube account then being forced to change to Google+ account, fuck this shit.

  • Anonymous Name

    I simply created a new Google Account with a fake name so I can continue to use YT

    • annie smith

      Yep I did exactly the same!

    • Roder51

      Me too. Nothing wrong with 10 email accounts. LOL!

  • belinda

    I don’t even like youtube being synched with google.It’s like Big Brither watching every move. Preferred the old system. I don’t even bother to leave comments anymore.

  • Brunsi

    Fucking propellor heads fixing something that was not broke.

    • Anon

      I kno man!!!

  • Jon

    Anyone know how to change the iTunes buy link to a different iTunes url?

  • nameless

    just switch to some other video hosting website youtube sucks long time now

  • Eyzndasky

    It appears as if channel comments made by active Google+ users are rated as “Top Comments” by the chimps at Google Tube even though I don’t place extra value to them. If they want an honest rating – let the registered channel owner rate them. I’ve abandoned the forced Google+ page and have nearly quit using YouTube (and never comment of videos) because their new “social network” has destroyed the active and fun social exchanges we once had on YouTube!! It’s a freakin’ shame that Google corporate destroyed what worked great by forcing unwanted changes on YouTube users.

  • Ocean View

    Nice…I can ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ a video but cannot give someone a thumbs up or down. WHY? Metered allowances now? God forbid I give 10 thumbs up a week… Geez. It’s all in good fun anyhow.
    A bit repressive eh Google??

  • Ocean View

    Google does this and ‘click here first’, then directed to a G+ upgrade before you can post a thumbs up simply for tracking purposes. With all the regulatory in play now with tracking, data mining and phishing. This is a way for Google [and others…] to track your browsing, tastes, interests, etc… as well as gain a competitive edge to gain your business or information on yet another website or social media site.
    I do not subscribe to any of it. I do not Facebook, Twitter, Google Profile. Transparency is the wave of the future for corporate competition. Tread lightly folks, tread very lightly on the internet now.

  • Guest

    This has nothing to do with better comments. It’s simply Google’s way to force people to join their crappy social network and it stinks. Google used to be an amazing and innovative company. Now they are going down the sewer. I for one have stopped using all Google products. I still keep an gmail address, but it is the throwaway email that I give out so my other emails aren’t SPAMMED. I don’t see them around in ten years.

    • TheBigOne

      Google doesn’t even care about Street View or their map products anymore! Guess their priorities have changed from being user friendly to controlling the user!

  • TheMightyDrop

    I don’t mind it that much, but I hate when i can’t post my comment for no apparent reason…

  • googlesux

    Its tough. They are really making people feel uncomfortable here. I am constantly getting obnoxious issues where I need to sign off and sign on again to different accounts, and when I share a computer with my wife things get even worse. I had a different name for youtube but now if my gmail account is open google is constantly trying to have me post on youtube using my gmail credentials. Its aweful.

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    • jeff benson

      Die spammer

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  • Anon

    I went away for an entire week to come back to see the comments are in some kind of insane order I am so freaking confused!

    I WANT MY OLD CHANNEL BACK!!! D:<<<<<<<<

  • kryst1010

    2 words… YouTube = Google Plus. BTW youtube’s official name is now +YouTube.

  • moslim THE WARRIOR

    i had this problem before but i find the solution it is easy works for me,the steps is : login ;go to http://www.youtube.com/account_privacy ;and go to: Keep all my Liked Videos and Liked Playlists private(Erase the mark)and save;then go to https://plus.google.com/settings?hl=en; go dawn and tick (Show your Google+ communities posts on the Posts tab of your Google+ profile)and tick (Reviews);then post a comment on any video you like; then logout,now you can see the comment 😀

  • Kai


    • annie smith

      And you are an illiterate bogan with no internet etiquette.

    • bryoneill11

      Exactly the same thing that you are doing right now

  • Spitfire Supafly

    Only thing I like about it is you can mute ignorant comments so they are hidden from view from EVERYONE. Not everyone appreciates looking at intolerant people making asses of themselves. Otherwise, google+ is a sack of shit.

    • https://twitter.com/salomey5 salomey5

      Yeah, really awesome feature. I love the idea of having a complete stranger deciding for everyone which comments they should read, and which ones should be hidden from them because *you* find them “intolerant”. Yeay freedom of information!

  • MinniHowl

    Why isn’t there any way for me to reply to comments on my own videos all of a sudden? By the way, this is only an issue once in a while, because I can comment just fine on any other video!

  • WA Ryan

    Sometimes this affects me……

  • Mzuark

    I’m not sure if I’m the only one that’s noticed but Youtube keeps randomly deleting my comments. And on top of that, they’ve totally gotten rid of the dislike feature and keep you plugged in to ANY TIME someone ELSE responds to a comment not by you.

    I am very angry.

  • TheBigOne

    If people truly hated Google Plus WHICH I Do they’d been shut down by now for inactivity but guess what? They are having record number of users with more videos then ever before!

    I am convinced that 3/4ths of the users are blind sheep Americans as America is one of the countries that throws away most stuff. Materials in America are designed to be thrown away so people will buy *new* as part of the evil corporations so why would YouTube + Google be any different?

    They bank on stupid Americans which sadly in the 40s and 50s this kind of crap would never fly! But now we have a generation that doesn’t care that they are wasteful.

    Google Plus and Microsoft are now cheap fodder. Microsoft is no alternative either since they are a telephone company now after firing most of their computer techs replacing them with people who are into mobile telephones.

  • TheBigOne

    The only good thing that can come out of this is when NOT if Microsoft dies then Linux people will take over with the various versions of Linux and make it much more professional and user friendly.

    This will happen after people go “Ewwwww Windows 9 sucks!” like they did to Windows 8 trying to turn it into a glorified phone screwing desktop users!

    Microsoft won’t fold overnight but more likely start selling shares and divide their business up. They already have bought out a major cell phone company and transferred their employees to Microsoft firing more PC people.

  • Kraid

    Fuck YouTube lets start going somewhere else.

  • Anony

    And if you’re not in the good books of Google then your comments won’t even show unless you’re logged in?? Maybe they put your comments in a virtual machine. This is very annoying and wasting people’s time.

  • MyBigBlondeLife

    Google Plus is the most annoying thing in social media. Not one person I know uses it. They’ve completely mucked up YT, and now looks like if I don’t join their stupid useless POS site, I can’t approve my own channel comments? If anyone knows a way around that, please let me know. Google Plus is like an ugly guy who tries to force himself on you. BACK OFF, ASSHATS! grrrrr

  • Johnny Jim

    The new co-called youtube ‘comment system’ is utterly and totally useless. It is IMPOSSIBLE to figure out what comment responses are in response to and there is certainly no discussion going on whatsoever.

    Furthermore, since Google implemented it’s so-called ‘real name’ policy, free speech has been severely stifled and users who insist on freedom of speech need to forge fake identities in order to express their ideas.

    I’m not sure if its just plain stupidity (nothing surprises me anymore from anything Americans do these days) or whether it’s deliberate (those in power have always feared ideas and sought to attach names to them to better persecute those who profess them), but Google is slowly and relentlessly implementing a ‘final solution’ policy whereby society is slowly being turned into a conforming idiocracy.

  • PurpleHaze

    The problem really isn’t with Google but more with phones and Congress wanting to spy on everybody 24/7 which is easier with phones as you have very little control except to take the battery out when not being used.

    1. The big industry wants you to think that computers are yesterday’s news so everything is being dumbed down for phones. A lot of news sites have that *Windows 8* look to it where it’s designed for touch screens so if you don’t have one it’s going to be a suck fest.

    2. Since Google has decided Androids are better then computers they have killed function and form. In fact Google barely even touches street view anymore except in little updates here and there usually fairly quiet.

    Google seems to only care about making phone apps and making as much money from spying on you as possible.

    It’s funny how everyone thought *George Bush* would be doing all the internet spying things Congress has done since 2008 under Obama’s *executive orders* Boy were we fooled or what? :(

    I hate my life!

    Since the (D) people have taken over the internet has stagnated period so it’s not just Google is having problems.

  • ThatMadCat

    Below the comment box we see one of the main problems with the new layout. Some comments just lose their reply buttons which makes no sense. So many times I’ve gone to comment on someone’s comment just to be like well there’s no reply and I’m not sure they haven’t posted any other comments on this video so I’m not even going to bother with the whole +thing. It’s honestly really dumb.

  • paulschober

    What I find most infuriating is when someone replies to a comment I made on Youtube, and I get an e-mail notification of it, and then when I try to “reply” back, I can’t find his message, or ANY message that he’s made.
    Obviously he’s not allowed “all” when replying, but I’m almost certain he’s not aware of this. In his mind, I probably just look like I’m afraid or incapable of answering him.

    It’s infuriating.
    At the very least, Google should add a warning popup to posters who reply to people, and tell them that these people cannot reply back to them, unless they change their settings.

  • Hermia

    I don’t think it’s okay that Google is forcing YouTube users to link their accounts to a Google Plus account in order to comment or do anything. My YouTube account was something separate from my Facebook or Gmail or any other social network and I liked it that way. Now I can’t even comment on videos anymore because I refuse to create a Google Plus account. =(
    Jon said what I mean very well. My YouTube account was something private and I certainly do not want people I known in real life to be able to trace my activity on YouTube, see what kind of videos I comment on, etc. It just won’t work for me (and about every other person on YouTube). Sorry Google, but this was a really bad move.

  • Roder51

    Here are 3 things that bug me about the change over to Google+
    1. Takes too long to get to a reply where you commented.
    2. The comment system should be like this site whereby when you reply to a comment it goes under the comment and not all the way to the bottom of a thread.
    3. In Google+ you can’t see all the comments to a video just the reply to a comment in a thread.

  • https://restore.solutions/ Numus Software

    Yep another lashup by Google

  • Becky

    I hate how webpages are connected to other webpages, it makes no sense to connect them, why can’t youtube or google or facebook be independant to that site? When I try to comment on someones page on youtube it won’t let me. How do I fix this problem? Please email me and let me know how to fix it. dallasgirl51@yahoo.com Thank you Becky

  • nythawk

    I get notifications all the time that someone has commented on my comment but no one has. I hate that.

  • Guest

    While we’re having a whine about YouTube…. if you were already signed in to Gmail,
    when you went to the YouTube site you could easily access your personal
    uploads. They either came up straight away, or “VIDEO MANAGER” was
    one click away [I can’t believe I’ve forgotten already]. Then I dunno…. about
    a year ago SOME FREAKEN GENIUS at YouTube decided to HIDE your videos with an
    extra link click.

    Can anyone give my ONE SANE REASON why that happened? I know it’s only a super
    minor inconvenience, but WHY?!! It’s still a valid question.

    If you’re logged on, I notice the new main screen is their “What to
    Watch” page [that sounds kinda threatening now that I think about it,
    haha]. So my only guess is that Google want to foist some of their shiat on you
    before you get down to what 99% normal of YouTube users want to do when they go to the site.

    They didn’t even have the decency to have the “VIDEO MANAGER” link on
    their main page, it’s hidden behind another link. Is Google SO FREAKEN SLIMY
    that they’ve done this so you stay bogged down on their “What to
    Watch” page for a few seconds longer, just a bit of extra time for you to
    spot an interesting thumbnail to click on? Surely not?

    • Big Ramifications

      SORRY, That was me. Don’t know why it posted as “Guest” [first ever comment on WebProNews, not a good start, eh]. And I wrote my comment in Microsoft Word before I pasted it here. Got no idea why all those line breaks got borked.

      Another thing that STILL sticks in my craw regarding that change…. Like all changes to their websites suite, the changes are made with very little fanfare. So on my first visit post-change, I spent a confusing extra minute or two. “Am I going mad? Could I have FORGOTTEN how to see my uploads? Naaah, they’ve done something here….” Then I started madly clicking links like a rat in a maze until I found them [maybe not the best method, but hey]. And on the 2nd, 3rd and probably 4th visit I still had to stop and regroup and think “hmmm, what’s the new method?”

      I still recall those confusing and annoying 3-4 visits when I bring up “VIDEO MANAGER”…. and then I start FEELING SHIRTY for a few seconds!!

  • Big Ramifications

    One other related point to my ranty comment about website design changes…. When you visit the main Gmail page, yep you guessed it: An extra link for you to click, just in case you were visiting to “sign in”. Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ.

    And they don’t even put the cursor in the “Email” box on the sign in page. That’s some slack-assed stupid shiat right there.

    Also, the time Gmail changed the name of “Log in as a different user” AND all the links…. They truly plumbed the depths of stupidity there, and get this: They changed the term to “Add account”. It took me bloody ages to figure it out, over 10 minutes, because the “Add account” button looked so damn wrong, and I kept avoiding it.

    WHY? Can anyone tell me why?