A Lot Of People Hate The New YouTube Comments

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A Lot Of People Hate The New YouTube Comments
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On Wednesday, Google announced that it is finally implementing the YouTube comment system change that users and video providers have been anticipating. They’ve moved to a Google+-powered commenting system, further tying YouTube to Google’s larger “social layer”.

Obviously the reaction is mixed. Do you think this is the right move for YouTube? Let us know what you think in the comments.

With the new system, Google says the comments “you care about” move to the top. Google knows what you care about. Got it?

In reality, users will see posts at the top of the list from the video’s creator, popular personalities, “engaged discussions” about the video, and of course, people from your Google+ Circles. You do still have the option to see the most recent comments by switching from “top comments” to “newest first”.

The system also enables you to adjust the privacy level of your own comments. You can comment publicly, or only to people in your Circles. Or even just to one person. Replies are threaded like they are in Gmail.

Video owners are provided with tools to review comments before they’re posted, and can block certain words. They can also auto-approve comments from certain fans.

“If you’re like the majority of people commenting on YouTube, you’ve already connected your account to a Google+ profile or page and can start commenting now,” says Google in a blog post.

If your haven’t connected your account, you can do so here.

“Remember, you’re in control of how you’re seen publicly on YouTube, whether that’s keeping your current YouTube channel name, using your own name, or creating a new one,” Google says.

While some, particularly Google+ users, will embrace the change (YouTube comments don’t have the greatest reputation as it is), there are clearly plenty of people, including those providing the videos that aren’t pleased with Google’s move. Here’s a small sampling of what people are saying about it on Twitter.

While if you look at the comments on Google’s own video about the changes (above), they don’t seem too bad under the default option, but if you switch over to “newest first,” you’re going to see a lot of anger and hate. I mean a lot. Warning: you might need to take a shower after reading them.

There are likely plenty of YouTube users that simply have no desire to use Google+, and simply don’t want to have another social network forced down their throat through a product that they’ve been using for years (including for years before Google+ even existed).

Even some frequent Google+ users have expressed disdain with Google’s forcing of Google+ into its other products, including YouTube, in the past. We had a conversation with Wil Wheaton last year about this, in fact. It wasn’t about comments, but Google had been testing a Google+ like button in place of the YouTube thumbs up button, which prompted him to post a rant to his Tumblr.

When we talked to him afterwards, he said, “The only reason that matters is because it’s part of how Google will decide who gets another season of the shows they’re sponsoring,” Wheaton tells WebProNews. “I want to be very clear about this: when I made my post on Tumblr, I wasn’t even thinking of that. I was thinking about how Google is forcing people who don’t want or need Google+ to sign up and use it.”

That’s the thing. The YouTube commenting system is certainly a new way to drive more engagement to Google+. It’s not as if Google has been shy about this strategy though. The company has long positioned Google+ as the “social layer” of the larger Google, as opposed to a separate product. The phrase “Google+ is Google,” has been used by the company more than a few times.

The fact is that YouTube is part of Google (and a pretty huge part at that), and users are simply going to have to accept Google+ as part of that. Either that or find a different video site to meet their needs.

Do you think Google+ is being forced on people who don’t want to use it? Is this the right move for YouTube, or do you think it will hurt the YouTube experience? Share your thoughts in the comments.

A Lot Of People Hate The New YouTube Comments
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  • Fuck Google, Fuck YouTube, REALLY Fuck Google+’s Real Names

    To Google/YouTube…

    From: http://youtube-global.blogspot.com/2013/11/youtube-new-comments.html

    “If you’re like the majority of people commenting on YouTube, you’ve already connected your account to a Google+ profile or page and can start commenting now.”

    …I ***can’t*** use Google+. Google+ REQUIRES REAL FUCKING NAMES. I ***do not want*** to use my real name. By forcing commenting thru G+, you are FORCING me to violate G+’s Terms & Conditions. You are forcing it, not me. Fuck you Google, Fuck you YouTube. Not everyone wants to BLAST THEIR REAL FUCKING NAME ONLINE.

    That should read “If you’re like the majority of sheeple that have already bowed to our whim, you will get fired tomorrow, since your boss can find what YOU said about HIM on YouTube, now that we’ve implemented our new commenting system using your REAL NAME.”

    • http://internet.underceej.co.uk The Ceej

      To their credit, they’ve since more clearly defined “real name.” And I’m not as opposed to it as I was when they were implying that they meant “slave name.”

      However, that’s too little too late. Realnamesgate already happened, and was defended, and Google is trying to get us to use Google Minus now by force. By FORCE!! Not by making it better, which is what a legitimate company would be doing.

    • melpenguin

      Real names? I’m not using my real name on Google+ or FB. Make one up 😉

      • Toto

        I have a lot of facebook accounts, LOTS, thousands for marketing, one for girlfriends and friends and one for family. Never used a real name. Those who use their real name on Facebook can’t begin to understand what a bad idea that is. They hide behind “I have nothing to hide” statement due to their ignorance. Words can be twisted anyway you want; especially in court. Then the future knocks on their door, they have kids, try to get employment, divorce sets in and child custody battle ensues, judge decides who gets alimony and HOW MUCH based on anything written or content viewed on Facebook (deleted content too) so he subpoenas your records (everything you viewed, wrote, liked), employers buy Facebook data through intermediaries (wayback type of sites and most likey FB themselves), etc. That’s when they scream on their knees, HOW COULD I BE SUCH A LIL T all these years!!! If you are using your real name on Facebook you need your head checked. The repercussions from that single action are things obviously above your head.

        Hey Chris, are you married to Amanda Crum or is she family?

        • Deb

          Then don’t put your life on your wall. Simple 😛

          • randy

            it’s not that simple! when you’re forced to put your personal info into google plus people will click your profile and see everything youve viewed liked and commented on. everything! how is that even fair? what if i clicked a video that was titled incorrectly? at least with facebook a person can choose what they want to share to their entire friends list! if you dont like a video you dont have to share. thats simple. when everything is shared thats just crossing the line! and now everybody in the world can find you and see your history. its completely unecessary. its google being jealous and selfish. next thing you know there will be googlebed. where you broadcast your bedroom life to your googleplus account. where is the fucking privacy!? somethings arent meant to be shared.

        • Craig peck

          Everyone I know uses their real name on Facebook. Must be you that has got something to hide if you need so many accounts and false names

        • Brett Vanrick

          You sound like a stuck-up snob and an idiot Seeing that you’re not one of the ones complaining about the new comment system but bragging about how rich you are when no one gives a shit you dumbass.

          • Brett Vanrick

            And my reply is to Toto

      • Fuck Google, Fuck YouTube, REALLY Fuck Google+’s Real Names

        “Make one up”…yes, I do understand I can do this, but what about this situation: I make up a name, create a nice YouTube channel (videos, comments, subscribers), then in 6 months (or whenever), Google notices my name is not “real enough”, they lock my G+ account (which probably locks my YouTube channel too), asking me for “proof” my name is “John Doe”, I can’t send them that proof, so I can’t unlock my account. THAT is why I don’t wanna go down that road with Google, I don’t wanna give them a reason to lock my account. I use Gmail, I like Gmail, I DO NOT want my Gmail to get locked out, just cuz I chose to use an invalid name on G+. Of course, I can’t predict the future, so perhaps them locking my (theoretical) G+ account wouldn’t cause Gmail or YouTube to get locked, but I can’t take that chance.

        So, that leaves me with the choice of creating a NEW Google account, with a new YouTube channel & the obligatory G+ account with a fake name…then if they lock that new account, I wouldn’t care as much as if they locked my real/current Gmail account.

        Note: Yes, know I can use G+ “pages” (with a fake name), I’m not sure I like that option either…especially if I can’t “undo” it. Everything is so final with Google: picked a bad YouTube username: stuck with it. Convert YouTube channel to a G+ page & wanna undo: stuck? at Google’s mercy? The help pages don’t say if you can UNDO any of these new changes they are forcing. I’d like to see the end result & be able to undo it. Maybe G+ pages isn’t a bad solution to this problem? I dunno, I can’t test it (well, I could test it in a new account). YouTube just needs to go back to a separate login. When you could login/out of Gmail & NOT affect which YouTube account you were using.

        Google needs an undo button, you SHOULD BE ABLE to change your YouTube username, you should be able to MOVE your YouTube channel to ANY Google account you want. Created your YouTube channel on your Dad’s Google account? No biggie: just move it. You should be able to do both (change username, move account) as many times as you want. You should also be able to link/unlink/re-link your YouTube channel to a G+ account (if you want to)…not be locked in if you leave it linked for 14 days. 14-day undo is great, but why not unlimited undo?

        I’d hate to bring up another controversy, but recently “a girl” made a bad decision. She was also using her real name online, now her & her family are getting death threats. THAT is why NO ONE should EVER use their real name online. Not on Twitter, Not on Google+, Not on Facebook, not even in E-mail! NO real info: people can’t find you & kill you…or simply harass/embarrass you.

        • amity

          I totally agree. What is this crap? Nothing IRL is final, people forget shit , move on, but google…. Oh no , google and ass-facebook want you TO REMEMBER FOREVER!!! You made a rude comment on youtube while you were drunk online in 2005? Google+ wants to make sure that will follow you FOR THE REST OF YOUR INTERNET DAYS. Sorry for caps but i am literally screaming this at my screen.
          I wanna use the net as a relatively healthy way to vent without having to ruin friendships, work relationships ect..
          I realise that the anonymous nature of the net can result in obscene bullying and it would be nice to stop that but surely there’s a better way to punish the trolls without hurting the rest of the internet community?! Tech heads come out! find an algorithm that can solve that and you’ll be rich!

      • Brian

        It’s a felony to set up a social site with a bogus name.

        • Psi

          Under whose laws?

        • blaize

          Your stupidity should be the felony… Setting up a social network with a bogus name certainly isn’t…

        • ミッコ

          i use an alias as my forced google+ account name

        • sligo

          Maybe that’s the case in Dumbfuckingstan where you live.

    • Toiwat

      Under your overarching G+ profile you have the option to create multiple different separate identities, that they call “pages”. You can call these whatever you want, and link your YouTube profile to one of these instead of linking to your profile with your real name.

      • bigl187

        yea but your name is still going out there. google can sell your name and info to anyone hey want.

        • Frank

          No one is stopping you from using a fake name. It just should be something that could be a real name. That’s exactly like facebook where they also tell you to use your real name but unless someone reports you they rarely do anything if you’re not doing so.

          And forcing Google+ might not be the best thing but imo comments look better now as I actually so who is replying to what. Earlier it was just a mess.

      • StopS

        You are missing existing accounts on YouTube.

        I am one of the victims of Google changing YouTube to use G+ – even though I don’t understand the +.
        I am locked out of my own channel. I can’t make changes to comments, I can’t comment, I can’t reply – even on my own videos.
        Why all this?
        Because computers at Google don’t consider my brandname to be a name and have blocked all access.
        I don’t need Google to tell me who is allowed to comment what. I don’t need Google to decide what I get to see, calling this what I care most about. I want to decide that myself.
        This sucks bad!

      • amity

        And it’s all still connected so anyone with the slightest bit of tech savvy can figure that out and know that all those accounts are linked to the real you. Are you really that naive to think a different name on youtube that’s linked to your normal email can’t be traced back to you, the real person? Come on.

    • Meredith

      YES!! YES YES YES Everything you said!!!
      FUCK THEM!!! THIS SUCKS SO BADLY I Can’t even wrap my head around it!!

    • bigl187

      I could not have said it any better. I fucking hate all of this fuckin social media bull shit not everyone wants to be sheep. wtf is wrong with this world they are always trying to cram this social media shit up our ass. this is a good opportunity for someone to creat a new video site that is just as popular as youtube but without all the bullshit social shit.

      • Someone who agrees

        Yep! the almighty dollar strikes again. I put up with the nonstop ads but this has gone too far. I barely want to use Facebook let alone Google+ and now I can’t even reply, f this

        • hamstergirl4444

          AdBlock, my friend, use AdBlock – never see another ad on YT or anywhere else you don’t want…..

      • thebigeasy

        there already is. two in fact- dailymotion and vimeo

        delete all your videos, then your account and reupload them to one of the others. personally i find dailymotion to be closer to old youtube.

    • evzen

      Haha, guess how do you reply on this blogpost? Via G+.
      What kind of fuckery is this, damn this matrix.

    • trlkly

      While I blame Google for not getting this out there, in no way do you have to use your real name. I don’t mean you can lie about your real name. I mean that comments on YouTube are set up where you can use the Google+ page feature which will not list your real name, just using your YouTube name.

      If you already switched to using your real name, you can create a new page with you as the manager, and not display who the manager is. You can then use that page to comment on YouTube. I’m not sure of the specifics, as I didn’t have to do this, but I’m pretty dadblasted sure it’s doable.

      The main problems with Google+ are really in how poorly the integration was rolled out. They should have done it like every other Google update and rolled out the new comment system slowly, so people would have time to find problems.

      I mean, the “Feedback” button doesn’t even work right. The comment system does not show up in the screenshots. The one new thing that people might need to report problems with, and they can’t see the problems.

      • amity

        And as i said before… it can still be traced back to you! I just dearly wish the sites were separate…

    • Boycott

      Android twats make me laugh. YOU are the gullible sheep that paid for this to happen and are responsible for 99% of the idiotic comments in the first place.
      Think about it– A search company only needs an email service, a phone OS, a web browser and a social network for one reason… To track you.
      They can only do that if they keep you all penned in one place.
      I **guarantee** google will say in a month that this has been a wild success. There are too few of you with enough sense to make it a failure. The vast majority will happily sign away their souls.
      Well, it’s been real, but I’m outa here. Canceling my account.
      This move by google is indefensible. (Translation for fandroids: Cannot be justified.)

    • iajosijsoi

      Adding to your comment… there’s no more “top comments”! WTF! The top rated comments were freaking hilarious and made my life. And no video responses! I can’t get 1/2 the views I had before. The comment system was awesome, but now there’s no point of commenting at all. This sucks. It really sucks.

    • Bullshit

      This is bullshit. Google is preventing my account from thumbing up comments and replying to comments. Just watch this video that explains it all: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owDEY6AVik4

    • http://Google Graham Smith

      That was Long Winded !! But in Australia We say it a lot more CONDENSED ..Google and you/tube ARE stuffed .. Is there something Else ??? Please !! I cant even Sign into Google without a Stupid Pop up Telling Me I cant because there is something wrong with Cookies and I’ve tried every Bloody thing Know, But still the same
      Same on You/Tube no comment until signed in which leads You straight back to Google Sign in ???? THE MAGIC ROUNDABOUT is still alive and Kicking !! I’m now going to UNINSTALL THE LOT OF IT And GOOD RIDDANCE !!..OH!! and that saying here…GOOGLE and YOU/TUBE ARE STUFFED or(******)!!!…Thanks ….

    • 99ways2die

      I don’t use my real name, mines a song name I put some of the words together and broke it up into two formats. I won’t use my real name online either screw that, what do they want easier access to us so the can sell our names to more Mexicans?

    • Your an idiot.

      umm… my comments when i reply on youtube are labeled as my stage name Tea Baggins.. ummm u guys r idiots..

      Sincerely, Your an idiot.

      • grammarnazi


        As in “Sincerely, you’re an idiot.”

        Why aren’t they teaching kids grammar anymore?

    • Candoguy

      I’m not using YT as much as I was because of these changes. It feels like I’ve been restricted from taking more of an active part within the YT community and I’ve lost interest.

      This is a very bad move and I’ll just merely watch YT passively rather than become involved anymore.

      Thanks YT/Google. You’ve probably saved me a lot of time.

      • FunkGuitarSavedMySexLife

        Absof***inglutely. Could not agree more. I loved the top comments. But more so, I loved going onto old concert videos, bantering back and forth with friend and foe alike. Now I do the same as you. I watch videos passively. Every time I get the urge to comment or reply I am pissed off all over again! I want no part of it. I’m using my time to play guitar as I should. The decision makers are about as dumb as you can get.

    • http://aol. google sucks

      i got google+ and can’t comment. i can’t get anything done. can start commenting now. NO.

    • Bozobub

      While I also despise Google+, simply don’t use your real name. My name for both Google+ and Facebook is “Bozobub Clownlord”, and ALL information contained therien is entirely fictitious.

    • https://www.youtube.com/user/Kovitlac RudeOnion

      You don’t have to use your real name :/ I didn’t. My G+ name is the same as my Youtube name. But all that aside, I absolutely hate that Google has forced us into this shitty system that doesn’t even work at the best of times. It’s a load of crap.

  • V

    Google is pushing Google+ down people’s throat with Youtube. I rarely log in to youtube because of that. I logged in today to reply to a news video and all my comments now are now shown on that useless piece of crap and ghost town called Google+. Had to go there and deal with it. There are tons of privacy issues. You can’t force people to like a product they don’t like or want. Google + will never beat Facebook for that reason alone.

    I’m sure most of you know this but I’m sure you are in the minority. If you value your privacy, never use a google product, especially gmail. People I have sent emails to and that I have received emails from were contacted by gmail and asked if they knew me and placed a link in the email to my Youtube account which shows my comments on that account and my Google + account profile (which NOW includes youtube comments). This is a major violation of privacy. All people I have communicated through gmail for business, craigslist, family, etc. know all about my life because Gmail sent them a link. The ex-wife even found me and is creating trouble for me. Had to delete my gmail and one of my youtube accounts due to that.

    Never use gmail, chrome browser or any google product. Google is evil. Use startpage dot com to search Google. Use Firefox, Adblock “Edge” and “Ghostery” addons to block Google Analytics too.

    Irrelevant but shocking. Regarding Facebook, did you know that every time you comment on a page or use the Facebook logins some places, that comment you thought nobody had the chance to find or read is being displayed on all or some of your friends’ news feed? Commented on that Facebook page about hot girls and you thought your sister in law or wife would never have a clue about that page? She read what you wrote most likely. Told this to many people and they confirmed it. Some deleted their accounts and other scrambled to clean all comments they could. Not sure that helped.

    • L

      Google isn’t evil, you just have to manage your privacy. All corporations are making slip ups. But I agree: this commenting thing has gone too far. Google Plus was a social Media Failure, and Google should just accept it and pull out before they fudge up youtube even more. They should focus on Chrome, Gmail, and Android and fixing up Youtube. Just abandon Google Plus, google.

      • yag

        Maybe Google “is not evil” but the road to hell is surely paved with good intentions… I hate how they dumbed down all of their formerly great UIs since one year…

      • Dave N

        I have not had one person ask me to link to them on Google+. I wouldn’t do it if they asked.

      • hamstergirl4444

        Oh God, if I hear this one more time, I swear my head’s gonna pop off…”You just have to manage your privacy”….AAAAAARRRRRGGGHH!!!!

        Why does this upset me? First of all, not all of us are mental giants – and the privacy controls are either hidden, or couched in some alien language…they take time to figure out. And after you do finally get everything set to what you think is private – one day you wake up and find that FaceBook or Google, or whoever, has changed their system, and all your hard work means zippo, and your ass has been flying in the wind along with all your info. This happened to me countless times on FB, which is why I no longer use it, or any other social media. Google can go stuff itself, and it’s little circles along with ’em.

    • Dave N

      I have not had one person ask me to link to them on Google+. I wouldn’t do it if they asked.

    • Deb

      Fix the privacy settings..

      • Deb

        Can’t find a delete comment button, so please ignore this comment I made above. It’s on the wrong thread.

    • Alain

      I have never thought they wouldn’t be displayed: by definition, friends are precisely these people who are allowed – by you ! – to see your news feed, it’s that simple !

  • JLiRD808

    “While if you look at the comments on Google’s own video about the changes (above), they don’t seem too bad under the default option, but if you switch over to “newest first,” you’re going to see a lot of anger and hate. I mean a lot.”

    ACtually, under the default option…its BAD TOO NOW LOL.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/chris-crum Chris Crum

      They have been coming in pretty rapidly.

    • Devil

      YEAH, and especially troll and spammers. ALL i see now are dick, cock, nazi sympol, fuck google, troll face, cute dog, pedobear,and more dicks. It’s like they’re trying to promote troll and 4chanism than stopped LOL. Now, youtube will be more chaos, thanks to those that can’t even take critics.

      • 99ways2die

        You tube for the past few years has had openly paid trolls for it’s political videos but they go all over the place just looking for people to slip up so you can make a threat or some thing and if they recognize you from not agreeing with their political views they have you arrested. Fact I think that Pedobear you mentioned was one of them.

  • Kaylee

    Hate it, hate it, HATE IT.

    Google, I’ve been able to pretty much ignore all the awful changes you’ve made to Youtube,like forcing Google Plus on us, but you’ve gone too far with this. GO AWAY. We don’t want you messing up Youtube!

    • Protect_Against_Identity_Theft

      If you really hate it…then let them know it. Sign the petition at change.org…

      Crosspost url:


      • Protect_Against_Identity_Theft

        If you really hate it…then let them know it. Sign the petition at change.org…

        the petition is called:

        Petitioning Google
        Google: Change the Youtube comment section back to its original form.

        • MattOKC

          I started to…And then Change.org insisted that I provide my name, email, street address, and city to sign it! So here we are, signing a petition to complain about Google trying to force a breech of privacy on us, and the petition website does it too! So nope.

          • W. A.

            That’s my problem with petition sites too. They need to make money to keep the sites up, I’ll just bet there are hundreds of companies just foaming at the mouth with the though of knowing exactly what I like and don’t like.

        • 99ways2die

          I’m not signing my real name on some thing that the creator of the site won’t sign his own in. A man that wants your info but won’t give out his own can not be trusted. The last Election should have shown that already.

        • won’t help

          negotiations won’t change anything, unless measurable amount of users stop with google, gmail, g+ and youtube for good.
          They finally can collect and use your private information to their own dismay and under “legal” occurrenties, because we all agreed with them in exchange for using youtube.

          There are dozens of other mail and social sites, but only mostly youtube offer official videos and discusses /or not, any longer/.

      • thebigeasy


    • 5327indarkness

      so true I hate the stupid google plus accounts and I can’t reply at all on the youtube videos (but I like that though cause I’m sick of everyone being mean to me by video comments =.=) but everything I hate I want everything back to normal >:l

  • Mike

    Google + sucks. The only way for Google to keep it alive is by forcing it onto the Youtube community.

    • http://internet.underceej.co.uk The Ceej

      This is Google’s opinion. However, they’re wrong. They’re not going to get people to use Google Minus. They’re only going to kill YouTube (which won’t survive sunset today).

      The only way for Google to keep it alive is to make it something people want. But, they’re not going to do that. Google doesn’t know how to do that. The only products Google has that people want, they wanted BEFORE Google bought them.

    • 5327indarkness

      I hated when they forced it on me,I lost my most favorite profile icon,I’ve lost it forever since it’s no longer in my pictures *sighs* if they have to force things on everyone leave the profile pictures alone at least! why do we need google plus accounts anyway? it’s stupid I don’t like change

  • http://bathikmadrim.pun.bz/ Patih Bathik Madrim

    Nice Post Boss Thank You

  • CharlieF

    -No more community relevant top comment
    -Google decides what’s relevant to me
    -G+ integration
    -Default view is stupid (should be newest first)

    +’might’ have less spam

    There are other ways to fix up the comments section without pulling a facebook on us.

    • thebigeasy

      + has less users so of course it has less spam and the fact that google is using this as a selling point shows how feeble theyre arguments are.

  • http://www.mythicbells.com Molly Barr

    I have the “Mythicbells” YT Channel and I’m having a horrible time figuring out how this new system works. At the very least this needs to be explained clearly somewhere. I can reply to a few of the people who comment on my channel and the rest are a mystery. I know that at least a few of the rest are with Google + and I have them in one of my “circles” … do they need to do something? or do I? In order from me to be able to reply to their comments?

  • Dray

    Lets be honest,this new youtube is just another way to force google+ on people since nobody gives a damn about it anyway. Nobody can comment or do anything on youtube anymore without them trying to force people to make a google account. Sadly they will get away with this because they know they can,they know there isn’t another site like youtube that people will use as an alternative. Sites like dailymotion or vimeo are so under the radar that they can’t compete with youtube. So they know that no matter what they do,people will still frequent youtube. Even if a few people decide to stop using youtube,it will still be popular. So youtube along with google get away keep people by the balls while most likely stealing their personal info.

    • nick

      Google+ is Google’s social layer. It’s not a product. If you want to have social interactions on a Google product, you are a Google+ user.

      • Deb

        Thanks, but I will choose for myself, not have it forced on me. Corporations often own sdeveral brands but astute enough to keep them separate and leave what works well, alone; not force a generic layer over everything.

        A strong component of Youtube was its comments, and if Google now owns youtube an is overlaying Y/t with everything Google, then it’s time to leave.

  • RJ

    The problem I have is that I can no longer reply to comments under my Youtube videos! I have read that I can reply to comments made from Google+. But those are rare!

  • http://www.enviroequipment.com Enviro Equipment, Inc.

    We are in favor of anything that makes Google+ more important and/or relevant because we devote almost all of our social media marketing efforts towards our Google+ account.

    • youdontneedtoknowmyname

      ru being sarcastic?

      • http://www.enviroequipment.com Enviro Equipment, Inc.

        Actually, no.

        However, it’s a bit of an exaggeration to say we devote all of our social media marketing efforts to Google+; in fact, we devote just over half of it to Google+.

  • Anne Logston

    Honestly, I think the new YouTube comments system is a complete fail. I already had Google+, but if people don’t want it, they shouldn’t have to have it just to comment on a frigging YouTube video. The new system is complicated and horrible. One huge objection is that you now cannot reply to any comment over 8 hours old. Really???? The new “relevancy” system is really objectionable, too. I’m sorry, but Google has made a total, FUBAR fail of YouTube comments.

    • UE

      You know what really sucks… trying to help out viewers on hobby channels like this.

    • Oleg

      I don’t understand why they need an expiry date in replying to a comment? I got a reply to a comment I made on a video and couldn’t reply to the reply. As for the poohgle+ if I wanted to join a facebook style social network site or make tweets I would have a long time ago, I am just not interested. Between this, scrapping the customization of Y.T channel pages, and letting the copyright police go nuts over any inane thing, are the reasons why I will never post a video on you tube again. I think the best solution is for people to vote with their feet like they did with my space and any other site that made changes they didn’t like. I am going to contact many of the channel owners I subscribe to an encourage them to move, the majority are even more pissed about the poohgle+ gong show then I am since they had dozens of videos posted.

  • The_Knowing

    One day ago something new was implemented, and people complain like its been weeks. Typical really, but not unexpected. I know I kind of freaked when I heard this, but I also know that putting something new into a website creates bugs, and things and problems crop up, which happens. Besides, people were complaining about the changes to the format a year or so, yet now they seem to want it back, even though they cried out that it was ruining YT. :\ I’m probably going to get flamed for this, reading it over again. :(

    • UE

      You realize that people are complaining for valid reasons right?
      They now with the new layout hide subscriptions and videos that get released so people miss out on videos from creators they are subscribed to because youtube decides that said person would rather watch videos that 90% of the time they don’t want to watch or are 6month-2years old. This creates a problem for professional content creators AND the viewers.

      The channel pages are also much less customizable now and much much less noticeable, not as big an issue but it is a big issue when it comes to grabbing people and making them feel a part of the channel. Not just this having a left aligned skinny column with that much white already is a terrible design decision and is even worse on a 27″ 1440p monitor.

      These comment changes don’t allow you to reply to anything older than 8 hours which mean if you run a help channel or some sort of hobby channel or purely like discussing ideas with your viewers, too bad… You can’t now and it CAN gimp one of the main reasons people follow you.

      Add to this that people don’t WANT to put their personal details onto google+ and they should not have to, google’s privacy policies make facebook look like fort nox when it comes to keeping them safe. And often people plain don’t want to use the website as it just adds a layer of complication for no gain at all.

      This isn’t about people blindly hating what is new, this is about a company forcing a product through another product rather than incentivising the former product and making them want to use it.

      Also this isn’t a flame post, purely informational and hopefully educational so you an broaden your view a bit.

      • The_Knowing

        Oh, I agree. I’ve done some more looking around, and they really screwed up youtube with this whole thing. Admittedly, most of my youtube… experience (?), has been just one playlist, through the day, so I didn’t interact much on the comments section. But finding that I can’t even comment, or like or dislike comments, unless I make a G+ account, is possibly the worst move google could have made with this. :\
        So, yeah. My opinions have changed on this, and thank you for all of that additional information on the other issues. :) Sorry if this sort of rambles on, and is incoherent, I haven’t had my coffee yet. :(

      • Devil

        Talking LIKE A BOSS. thump up for you. ^^ !

  • Lorel

    I use Google+ for business purposes only and I use YouTube Mainly to follow other interests. I most certainly DON’T want those two connected or I won’t post on YouTube anymore!

  • Pizzaman7

    My new e-mail server is getting close to done. No more e-mail in the cloud. I will be closing my Google profile probably in 30 days. The founders are big time democrats. You can see how they operate. Close collusion with the government. They are total fascists like all democrats. They already know what is best for you and cramming it down your throats. I can hardly wait to get rid of them.

    • RumDumConundrum

      I’m sorry, but what does this have to do with Democrats?

      • SIN

        read his post again. They are democrats. Google’s founders. Liberal asswipes. It’s the same these days.

    • Oleg

      Join Pop Modal instead.

  • Hank T.

    I love everything Google except Google +…forcing G+ on me is a bad bad idea…now youtube too?

  • http://internet.underceej.co.uk The Ceej

    “A lot of people hate the new YouTube comments.”

    For example, everyone. Today will forever be known as The Day YouTube Died.

    Now, I’m off to read all that text under the headline that hooked me.

  • http://internet.underceej.co.uk The Ceej

    I have a question.

    How does anyone know about the alleged quality of these new comments? I can’t post comments. Every time I try, YouTube tries to force me to sign up for Google Minus and then tells me they’ll ask me again later when I dismiss the box. Later is immediately when I try to comment again. There is literally no way to comment on YouTube without a Google Minus account.

    Are you seriously claiming people are stupid and masochistic that they’ll cave to extortion just to comment on a YouTube video? I highly doubt it. I would be thoroughly surprised to learn two people have commented on YouTube since midnight. People aren’t THAT stupid.

    • Stupid_Person

      Sadly i was one of those people, but I had no idea that google plus would take over my account til I sighed in with my gmail account. Once I realized what happened I was shocked and devastated and wished I just didn’t attempt to regain my ability to comment. I wonder if some other people did the same and immediately regretted it afterwards. I know I do and I just wished I sucked it up and not actually signed in.

      • Dray

        If you go into system settings you can temporarily disconnect google+ from your youtube account,but like I said it’s temporary. It only lasts like 14 days,so you will have to keep checking your account if you don’t want it to be permanently linked to google+. Google has got people by the balls and will make people hate youtube.

    • Max

      I know it’s crazy but people are actually doing just that. Someone said the whole comment thing is to get rid of spam but I doubt. Since all you really need to comment is a G+ account.

  • Fredrik

    Google is forcing youtube into a social center. Youtube is for videos not for conversations! They just want out personal information and raise their value even more. I dint want to share my personal information on a site that i use with 100% strangers. I dont even lile the people that comment sometimes. From this moment on i will bycott all googles services. Google to me is a searchengine that is trying to take over the world, playing monopoly with our lives! Dailymotion, here i come!

  • Roy

    So, now I HAVE to create one (or more) fake Google identities in order to keep separate things that I want to be separate.

    Or just STFU. Opting out of Google-land altogether no longer seems as silly as it once might have…

    BTW Google, just how much is the NSA paying you to aggregate everything about your users into one easy-to-monitor profile for them? Just wondering…

  • Christoffer

    I have informed all of my subscribed channels that I will no longer comment on any of their videos with this horrible comment system.

    I apologized to them of course for this because it is not their fault.
    It is my way of fighting it.

    Youtube/Google, If you see this I have a question for you.
    Why do you want to have a worse reputation? I really want to swear loudly at you but that would almost be as immature as your change.

  • http://mattknowsthat.com Matt

    Like many others, I really hate the change as well. I have three channels right now and I keep them separate and don’t wish to have them all go to my cumbersome google+ account. Plus seems to run really slow and clunky too.

    Perhaps I’ll learn to live with it, or find a workaround. I’m thinking of adding an annotation link to my website where I’ll embed the video and people can make comments there, and just disable the comments on the video itself. I guess that would not only drive traffic my way, but would also weed out the worthless comments and get me more “real” engagement. Protection from spam via Captcha too.

  • Cap’n Tallon

    Oh my gosh I HATE THIS!!!!!! You can’t reply or like comments unless they are sent from Google+, you can’t actually see what comment someone replied to, and no matter how much ranting I do IT WON”T CHANGE!!!!!

  • RhonDOH

    Hell yes, they’re forcing us to use Google+. I hate it! If I want another obtrusive, unnecessary “social network” (more like marketing tool), I’ll pick it out myself, thanks. This pisses me off so badly, I think I’m just gonna boycott YouTube. FORCING people to use a product they don’t want…isn’t there any kind of law against that?

  • Grad

    This article says “Obviously the reaction is mixed.” No … no it’s not. 99.9% of the comments and feedback I have seen express nothing short of rage at the preposterous position into which Google is forcing users of YouTube: Sign-up for some fucking “social network” or lose the ability to interact on YouTube.

    Google is going to find out *exactly* what people think. I’ve already created an account at Dailymotion (though there are other options too, like Vimeo) and am in the process of removing everything from my YouTube account before I delete it (just in case the good-for-nothing S.O.B.s ever try to link it in some way to my gmail account – the only Google service I choose to use).

  • Erik W


    Let that be a household name. Along with Google Spy Glass. (If I see anyone wearing those glasses in town to take pictures of me and other people, I know exactly what I will do.)

  • alex

    This change completely killed youtube. Comments are the lifeline of this site, whether it’s sharing discussion with other users over common topics of interest, or debating viewpoints, engaging in intelligent conversation, you name it. But especially affected are the the channels with little to no traffic. It makes their day to see a comment/input about their videos, and allows for discussion between author and user. Now with this new system one will seldom find these comments, as Google plus has scared away any potential users from even glancing at the comment bar. Seriously, this is the single lowest point youtube has come to, and with no warning whatsoever, or at least, no warning that was made blatantly clear to the public. These changes “supposedly” target flamers and so called “trolls” but they will always exist. In fact, the trolls will be more determined than ever to keep wreacking havoc, while the regular users will be discouraged by this new system, and regular comments will die out, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but slowly they will cease to exist.

    • quaxk

      I think that’s the point though, to slowly but surely kill the comment section. Google+ is not a social site, it’s a content pushing site. And that’s all google wants youtube to be, not to be socially alive, but to force content on people, like a cable service. The trend of the youtube changes of the last 5 years prove this.

      • Deb

        Then Youtube will also, die out. As the poster says, comments are an integral part of Youtube. These idiots in their corporate ‘know-it-all’ miss the fundamental principle of succesful business.. find out why a business is doing so well and don’t tamper with it! -sigh-

        All it will take is a new site to start up similar to Youtube but without the ignorance, and Youtube will be gone.

    • Carlos

      Im an artist,I use to upload cover videos to youtube and a little fan base.
      Not only have they eliminated the vidoe response comment that i used to build my fanbase,but now since the new comment thing came I dont get any comment.
      People is not sure how it works,it asks to sign in all the time and I definately know this is the end of youtube as the leading network for independent artists.Plus tehre are more adds than before.
      I dont feel like comenting myself either,you cant reply or anything.
      To me youtube is really dead.
      And I really dont know the market value of youtube,does anybody really watch or listen to the commercials at teh begining?
      does anybody buy the songs in itunes using the buy link?
      I really dont think so.
      They are trying to make moeny off of something that was free from the begining and thats not going to work.
      You cna have 100.000 plays ina song in youtube and probably not a single person clicks to buy it.

  • darthfocus

    at least they didn’t promise that if you like the old system of comments/replies you could keep it.

    • HI

      sorry wasn’t talking fo you :)

    • i rule

      that is confusing! persoaly this is just a waste of everyone’s time. they should just make it so you can just do it the way you want.

    • 99ways2die

      Now I’m not here to take your comments away I know you hear this, “Oh don’t go to google they want to take your comments” well I’m not here to do that!


      Welcome to the New World Google.

  • emma

    no that sucks… so do you

  • Anna

    I hate this layout so much I almost want to never go on youtube again. Can we go back to 2009? Please?

    • 99ways2die

      While we’re at it give us our old profiles back too.

  • Hi

    It sucks

  • Blessing

    Absolutely not. Youtube was fucked up enough, they didn’t need to go and ruin the COMMENTS section, too! And I can’t even post a comment because whenever I click “Share your thoughts” so I can comment, it doesn’t even do anything. So not has Youtube screwed up the comment section, I can’t even post a comment anymore. Definitely a noob move by Youtube and/or Google+

    • AngryCookies

      I don’t want Google+ having anything to do with Youtube. I dont want to have to connect to Google+ to do stuff, Screw Google+ for this, now I can’t post comments because I dont want to connect to you! Google+ and Youtube need to stay seperate, I dont give a flying fuck about Google+ and Youtube is just getting worse and worse…….
      Seriously what the hell is going through the heads of the people that made this dumbass decision?

      • Dave N

        Google is a typical arrogant company that is trying to leverage what they think is an unbeatable position into an unbreakable bond.

        What they don’t realize is the people they are leveraging are us – the end user. People don’t like to be “leveraged” like this.

        Do they actually think we’ve forgotten that they FORCED us to have a Google+ account.

        I will never forget that insult.

        I will hate google forever.

  • Stupid Shit

    Some billionaire able to pay for the servers oughta come out with NEWTUBE and have it mimic the commenting system that we’ve grown accustomed to. Why the hell would you do away with such simple and funtional items, such as: “Reply” and “Show Comment”??? Do you (Youtbe) have any effing idea how stupid it is to not be able to find the original comment after reading what seems to be an interesting response, wtf!

    • http://internet.underceej.co.uk The Ceej

      If they’re going to do that, they should do it right all the way. Build it off the YouTube before Google bought it. As it updates, they’ll improve THAT version. Every Google version is beyond repair.

    • John

      And free of NSA spying.

      • Devil

        Spying ??? WTF are you talking about, they doesn’t need to spy, the google just took all the privacy of google+ user and throw all out of the window so that EVERYONE CAN SEE IT. It’s like facebook but worst. Example of facebook, You have a house, your home content your funiture, your money ( your information ). The house is locked and the only way they can go in when they’re your friends and they have your permisions, But GoogTube make you have a house with no doors, no windows, no nothing so a freaking homeless or a pedobear can go right up to your house and stole everything ( your information.) and then even raped you which I mean trolled XD. This is a crime.

  • The Seeker

    4chan is already beginning to raid.

    • RumDumConundrum

      Wait, where?! I want to see this!
      Or is this where all the swastikas are coming from?

  • John Paul

    what the hell is going on?? youtube stated in their blurb that with this newer version it would make it better and easier to have conversations with people but how is that possible when i cant reply to comments (no reply icon) and to see what someone said in a reply it opens in a new page? youtube has gone backwards, why do people ALWAYS assume that changing things is progressive and beneficial? Im also suspicious about directly linking my youtube comments with my google account and will be immediately closing my gmail account.

  • NickT

    It does nothing but shove Google+ at people. Others claim it will stop spam and trolling comments, but it does absolutely nothing to stop either of those. I’ve already seen several spam comments on several different videos. I’ve seen the usual YouTube ugly comment as well. And now, because YouTube allows ASCII characters and unlimited characters, I’ve seen comments that go on for literally pages, as well as ASCII images that range from pedobear to a giant penis. So…yeah. Good job there, Google.

  • Rast

    Google are not getting me to sign up for this. They want your private data in one place, their place and they want to revive google+ which no one bloody care about or asked for. The strategy is! “If we can’t convince people to use our shitty service, lets force them”.

    This is a dick move from a fat bloated company who are acting like all fat bloated companies. Fucking the people they depend on over. And the most sickening is how polite they are about it. Hey click here, learn more. Shove it up your…. This only benefits google, not the users. The google+ transfer to Youtube crap did not work in Firefox. Only Chrome. A lesser browser which I will never use.

    I hope this will diminish Youtube and make way for alternative video sites where they actually listen to the people. I am going out for a smoke now and will spit in the honor of google and the pricks who works there.


  • http://www.burningfog.weebly.com Ted Gallegos

    Okay… YouTube is at this point simply trying to force Google+ down users’ throats. It’s ridiculous to not allow YouTube users to comment unless they have a Google+! It’s YOUTUBE, not GOOGLE+.

    Hey Google here’s 3 great words about your “WONDERFUL” social network (Google+) that apparently everyone must have!


    People go to YouTube for YouTube, not for stupid Google+ features.

  • ihatethenewyoutube

    I hate the new comments on youtube. I hate that google forces its yt users to create and connect yt to google+ pages. I never wanted a g+ page and never will. So far, there’s still the option to disconnect yt from g+ but without the possibility to comment on videos at all. That’s not right! Nobody can dictate how I want to organize my online accounts! The fact that I even had to connect yt to gmail permanently was annoying and very displeasing, but now this new change (g+) is absolutely awful. I’m seriously thinking about terminating my yt account altogether and looking for a different video service, one that allows its users freedom to decide what content they want to display and how, and also does not force one to connect unrelated media.

  • antithis

    i have created a crappy g+ account and linked it to my youtube channel yesterday not such a big deal, i didn’t use my real name on the g+ account, i used my youtube name as this was one of the options available. i cannot in any way reply to comments made to me. some vids, i can make comments but i cannot reply. no reply button. i have tried all the bug fixes and sent several messages to youtube feedback but nothing… this is silly.

  • Matt

    Personally I find this to be a horrible decision for Google to make. They’re beating a dead horse with this google + thing, and they need to realize that they can’t compete with Facebook.

  • Colin

    Google is quickly becoming my most hated word in cyber space. Really very close now to washing my hands of it. Is that even possible though? Is that why Google thinks it can treat its users this way? Google isn’t making Youtube better for the users, it’s making it better for the interests of Google. I’ve only read a handful of the new tone-raising Google Plus top comments, but they make you think, welcome obnoxious argumentitive trolls, all is forgiven. I mostly use youtube for the opinions on the things I watch/like. If this is the future, no thanks.

    • Deb

      I agree. Google is trying to take over everything, and is becoming far too invasive. I don’t want all my accounts linked up, and I have chosen to keep Google and F/b separate. I do’t like this new thing with Youtube at all!

  • Orodemniades

    I don’t want or need a Google+ account. I don’t need my name spread all over the web because of some behemoth corporation’s decision that That’s How It Will Be. Someday my real name will be in public online, but that’s my choice to make, not theirs. And I don’t have a damned thing to be ashamed of with my pseuds, I’ve been using them for 10 and 19 years, respectively. They’re the names I’m known by and that’s perfectly fine with me.

    I shall greatly miss being able to converse with strangers from around the world on YT, telling them their video was great, or that I learned how to do something, or that I appreciated the time and effort they put into their work. I’ll really miss that.

  • ian

    I can’t even comment a video unless I connect Youtube with a Google+ profile which I DON’T WANT!


    if you guys don’t like this new comment system or can’t comment because of it sign this petition here https://www.change.org/petitions/youtube-get-rid-of-google-comments and if i get enough signatures I’ll send it to google/youtube

  • you dont need to kniow

    congrats Google+ you have now destroyed youtube’s comment area

  • Beyond

    You can live without google. I just deleted the last google account I had, which was only for the now destroyed youtube. If you use Chrome, switch to Firefox. Use duckduckgo for your search engine. Use AdblockPlus and Ghostery, and keep both up to date. There are many free email services out there. I happen to like gmx(dot)com. Let google die, and be sure to sign the petition at change(dot)org. change(dot)org/petitions/google-change-the-youtube-comment-section-back-to-its-original-form?share_id=fbBQzdHknp&utm_campaign=signature_receipt&utm_medium=email&utm_source=share_petition

    • savetheworld214

      you know what sucks for me is that i can’t even link to google plus even if i wanted to so i can’t comment won’t ever be able to until they take away its stupid google plus comments. If you agree with me sign my petition http://www.change.org/petitions/youtube-get-rid-of-google-comments

  • Beyond

    Great minds think alike, Protect_Against_Identity_Theft :)

    • Beyond

      This comment belongs under Protect_Against_Identity_Theft’s … sorry!

  • http://www.idonthaveone.com Josh McBlackson

    Honestly speaking, this new system is in a mess. The whole youtube comment section is bewildering to look at. I think with what everyone has already said, the old system should be brought back which was in my view, a million times better than this.


  • Joe

    I can’t stand these comments changes. I don’t want anything to do with any kind of social networking and now it seems I can’t comment at all without sharing somewhere other than where I want to leave the comments: WHERE I POST THEM; on the comment boards under the individual videos. Unless that privacy is returned to me, it looks like I won’t be posting on Youtube anymore, which is a huge shame, since I’ve used the system a lot.

    • Deb

      I agree Joe. I don’t want everything linked to everything else. Some spheres I want separate. Where has the open reply button gone?
      Forcing these changes is NOt going to endear people, just push them away. I too commented on youtube quite frequently, and the ‘new’ layout is ridiculous and annoying.

      Youtube may just find itself losing its fan base..

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