666 Stamped W-2 Leads To Employee Quitting His Job

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666 Stamped W-2 Leads To Employee Quitting His Job
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A man in Clarksville, Tennessee has resigned from his job of two years because he received a W-2 form stamped with “666”, which is known in religious circles as the “mark of the beast”.

52-year old Walter Slonopas says he and the company have had issues with the number before, and this was his breaking point. On his first day on the job, he was to be given a time-clock number of 668; however, due to a mistake by the human resources department, the number he got was 666. After making a complaint, he was issued a new number. But when the company upgraded their time system, he was given the offending digits again. After that, he says, he quit, but the company rectified the situation and he accepted their offer to come back to work.

But the mark of the devil just keeps finding him, it seems, as he was recently mailed a W-2 that had the number stamped on it. The company says the number is simply a way for them to keep track of how many were mailed out, but Slonopas doesn’t care. He’s quit for a second time, and says he won’t go back.

“I am completely at a loss for words,” he said. He added that he can’t file his taxes until the company sends him a new form.

“If you accept that number, you sell your soul to the devil,” he said.

666 Stamped W-2 Leads To Employee Quitting His Job
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  • tammi

    I agree with him. I refused a car liscense plate with that number. Hope he finds a better job and soon!

  • SIvy

    People really need to understand and know that Satan is NOT going to be THAT OBVIOUS when he comes. He is a deceiver. He knows that people are expecting him to automatically have the numbers ‘666’ stamped plain as day on him, but it won’t be. From what I hear if you add up all of the Roman Numerals on the Popes’ head gear it is 666.

  • Heyzoos Creestow

    Maybe, just maybe, someone IN HR has a sense of humor. Maybe, just maybe, this guy is a moron.

  • http://nexdor.cum kim smith higashi

    he needs to confess his sins real bad

  • Lavina

    I don’t the number’s 666 is in my social security number. Should I complain or go do something stupid I think not.

  • Craig

    Millions out of work and he quits his job over religious brainwashing

    • d

      Agree, such stupidity. Sure there will be someone willing to work in his place. Hope he doesn’t try to collect unemployment.
      Like “religious brainwashing” cause it’s the truth. Most religious people are hypocrites.

  • http://nexdor.cum kim smith higashi

    i would check his criminal background.maybe jesus is ouing him as a sinner.

  • Robert

    You pathetic worms who think that a number is going to condemn you to hell need to go form your own community in some hole in the ground. Real people with real issues will continue to hold this world up while you whine about your useless mythology.

    • Joy

      Ignorance is bliss

  • Kim

    I had that happen to me. I also tried to get the situation rectified, but HR said they couldn’t change it. I was a single parent and very young. I couldn’t quit. I’ll never forget it, though. I also got a license plate with 666 on it. I took it back to the DMV. They said it was a series in that year and that many people refused the number. I hate that number and everything associated with it. Kudos to this man for quitting!

  • Me

    Nothing like getting the number of a fictional character to make you quit your job.

  • Josh

    If any of you would really be offended by this I think you are a pathetic idiot.

  • j

    it is just a number get over it

  • Alias

    LOL, the devil made him quit his job. Wonder if that excuse worked with the wife.

  • D J

    He is obese, from TN, superstitious, religious, and lacks education. No wonder the United States is in so much trouble!

    • Mar

      DJ, you just showed your sorry self as a self-centered, uneducated, bigoted, unfeeling NOBODY! Read 2nd Timothy, Chapter 3,versus 1-8, then go take a looooong look in the mirror!

  • Andy

    All you naysayers and unbelievers will regret your actions one day. The Lord will remember each and every one of you.

    • Pink Lilly

      That’s Right!! There is a scripture in THE BIBLE in which THE LORD warns that for all idle words that men shall speak, he shall give an account of them!!

  • Anthony Vicinanza

    He is ignorant and superstitious. The Bible is mythology(go look up the definition of mythology if you don’t believe me) and the book of revelation was refering to the Roman Emporor. It was not even written for our times.

    • Brooks

      I believe in the Holy Bible and the Holy Ghost. I believe in God and Angels and I believe there is a devil and there are demons as well! It’s in the Bible… which happens to be the most-read, most popular book in the world! I believe if millions and millions of people believe in the Holy Bible, then there has to be plenty of truth to it!

      • Mar

        Brooks..EVERY word of God is pure and holy..stand firm on it!

      • Echo

        Millions and millions of people believe in the Koran according to your logic, you must think there is plenty of truth to it as well.

        Look up “Argumentum ad populum”.

  • Rob

    End the drama. Get it tattooed.

  • Danny Trevino

    My D.O.B. 6-16-66,

  • Sivart

    Stupid. The chance of getting 666 is exactly the same as getting 555, 123, 987, or whatever other combination of 3 numbers you can come up with. This is about as dumb as quitting because your work number has 13 at the end. I just hope this fool does not get any sort of unemployment benefits!

  • jamie

    Ronald Wilson Reagan: 666!

    • Mar

      jamie….REALLY!!!! that’s all you’ve got??

  • Gregory Highfill

    Actually 666 was the numeric number of Nero Caesar.

    • Gregory Highfill

      Sorry, I meant numeric value of…

  • http://yahoo.com Mike

    known in “religious circles”? do other religions than Christianity — Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism or Islam — have anything to say at all to say about 666? on the other hands, are Christians the only ones in religious circles?

    was the statement meant to be inclusive? kosher in religious circles? Valhalla in religious circles? jihad in religious circles?

    put on your thinking cap before you sit down in front of the keyboard in the future, please.

  • Alyx

    This man is a sincere, pathetic idiot.

    • Gregory Johnson

      Yeah, well if people cannot get past this, it also appears in dates, as well, every month, we have times when the time is 6 hours, 6 minutes, and the 6th day, twice a day.

    • Mar

      We’ll see about that! Id rather be a sincere,pathetic idot and be right than a sincere,pathetic idiot who closes my eyes in death and wakes up in Hell!!

      • Mar

        This post is for Alyx..

  • Jess

    Honestly it doesn’t matter if the Devil is that obivious or not. For religious reasons, anyone that believes in GOD does NOT like the numbers 666. I have had the numbers 666 in two of my account numbers, my confirmation numbers when paying bills, and even once had an address with the numbers 666 in them. I hated it. every time I saw the numbers I was reminded that it was the mark of the beast. I do NOT blame him for quitting. I do understand that people everywhere are out of work, have been laid off and so they criticize others who quit their job. but it just means now there is an opening for one of those who have been laid off, or for anyone looking for work. This guy just needs to pray, and ask for forgiveness, ask God into his heart and he will know that no matter how hard the Devil may try to weasel his way into his life. He is in God’s hands.

  • david

    As for the #666 the problem is It’s a rounded version of 2/3 aka an Irational No# the same as 22/7.NOT terminating in Math classroom.

  • Ruby Dillard

    I agree with him. If I were in his shoes I would quit too. I don’t think the “number 666″,warning in the Bible is to be taken lightly. We may not understand it fully or correctly but why take a chance!

  • http://yahoo ROD

    he is allowed to do as is right in his own mind and soul those of you who think different need to understand something about this numder it is going to start effecting more and more of us very soon and it is not to take lightly God knows your heart and soul you need to think about your eternity .Jay

    • Leslie May

      You are absolutely right!

  • http://yahoo.com Mike

    i didn’t notice that my wife’s license plate is PMS-666.

  • Mrs.Sherita

    Well good for him taking a stand,for whats right and whats Godly.

  • Wire

    Give him a break. The Bible says that the world will think Christians are fools, and he’s just doing his part to make sure that is exactly what happens.

    As a Christian myself, though, I do wish my fellow believers would stop working so hard on that point.

  • http://yahoo R.Torello

    He keeps getting that # that should tell ya something??? People have always been suspicious of certain # most buildings skip 13 on elevators so he is not the first…..

  • http://yahoo Kathy

    Walter is a wise/smart man to reject this number. Anyone who knows scripture Revelation 13: 16-18 would be wise to reject this number and anything that comes with it. Stand strong Walter. I’ll pray for you and when God closes a door He opens a window.

    • http://yahoo Edward Baker

      Do you hear taliking Snakes too ?

    • Steve

      Kathy, Revelation 13:16-18 speaks about the future. The tribulation period. We’re not in that period. I’ve had grocery bills total to 6.66 and I paid them… nothing happened to me. People like this man are, in my opinion, superstitious

      • jim conner

        this is as foolish as the people who claim too have went too heaven and came back..the mark of the beast or anti christ will before people during the tribulation 3 and 1half years man will know him for the anti christ ,,, the first three and half years people will be mislead and think he is christ ,, he will apear riding a black horse ,,, at the end of the 7 year tribulation, jesus will return too earth with his saints , i, e, his saved people and then there will be the white thrown judgement for lost sinners and then christ will rule and raign from jerusalem for thousand years,,there is a order hass too how it takes place ,, go study escatolgy ,, i did know ,but not exactly sure now ,, but revelations does explain the end times ,, it is in three parts ,, paul had a glimpse of what was too be

  • Steve

    666 has nothing to do with today. When the Anti-Christ takes over the world, THEN everyone will be required to have the number 666 on their forehead or on their hand. Those who accept the number on their body will indeed be condemned to hell but not today. This guy is a religious nut case who doesn’t know anything about the Bible.

    • Jess

      666 Has everything to do with today. You sir, nor the angels in Heaven know when the world is going to end. it may happen today, tomorrow or 100 years from now.

    • Dark B

      Actually Steve you do not know anything about the bible , you really think that you will be marked with a 666 on your hand or forehead?

      Wrong, the number 666 is a mark for the beast it is a symbol it is not physical it is the idea that is the problem once you Accept Satan as your savior you have accepted the “mark” in your forehead meaning your brain and that means you rejected God somehow or someway.

      The “mark” in your hand is if you care for material things more than God, like money, a house , a wife, credit cards.

      People think it will be an RFID chip it is possible but that RFID chip implanted anywhere will be the key to buy groceries, spend and earn money, by accepting the RFID chip you are denying god’s protection and therefore accepting the mark in your hand.

      Once everyone realizes this then you will be prepared for how to deal with it.

      • chris m

        wrong Dark B.
        “Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty-six,” (Rev. 13:18).

        666 is the number of the antichrist,,, the end times figure who will arise with the purpose of opposing God and God’s people. 666 is the gamatria of the name of the antichrist.

        In Greek and Hebrew there are no numeric characters. There are only alpha characters. For example, the letters a, b, c, d, e, f, etc. are alpha characters. The numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, etc., are numeric characters. They are different — except for the letter “o” and the number “0”. When the Greeks wanted to write a number, they used letters for numbers. The Greek letter “alpha” had the numeric equivalent of 1. The next letter “beta” has the numeric equivalent of 2, and so on. (CARM has a chart of the Hebrew and Greek numeric equivalents if you are interested in more information.)

        Therefore, whenever a word in Greek is written, because the letters are also numbers, every word has a numeric value. This numeric value is called a gematria. The Greek word for Jesus (iasous, Ἰησοῦς) has a mathematical equivalent of 888. Also, the Greek word for fish (ichthus, ἰχθύς) is 1224.

        The Bible is saying that the future antichrist will have a name that, when written in Greek, will have a numeric equivalent of 666.

    • jim conner

      right on ,,,

    • Jamey

      Those numbers will always be relevant because its a representation of Satan (and his following). People have been taking his mark willfully (selling their soul for temporal things) for a very long time. Revelation, the book you’re referring to in the bible discusses the time when man will have to choose between GOD (and death here on earth) or Satan (the mark-life on earth-condemned soul).

      Please dont refer to lovers of Jesus as nuts, believers who truley love Jesus will seem “nuts” to others who dont have that personal relationship with Jesus to understand why those believers say what they say and do what they do for Jesus (referring to non-violent actions).

      Imagine how many thimes the 12 disciple heard the words, you’re nuts, or crazy, are we no different from those who love Jesus years ago (they left jobs and families to walk with Jesus-the best move they could’ve ever made) and do what he asked (personally or through HIS words-bible)?

      The word for today is FAITH, through this deed, he will be blessed and this story is being used for the GLORY of GOD.

  • Juli

    The reality is that this world is managed through computers and to a computer this is JUST a number and not a vendetta against a person. He might want to examine the issue with his pastor because supporting himself and his family is very important and unemployment is very high right now. Having been unemployed for a while myself, I would be very happy to receive a steady paycheck.

  • Tami

    God knows your heart so I dont believe that was an actual sign of the beast but I guess i do understand his paranoia.

    • http://yahoo bill

      Crap!! Grow up man. You are fortunate to have a job..

  • http://yahoo Edward Baker

    This poor man is a deluded fool .He quits a job over a winning hand in 3 card monte ….Its ashame in 2013 that people still “believe ” in Ancient myths ??? good luck getting another job ,or should I say Pray for a job …..LOL

  • Susan Herbert

    Good for you, Walter! The first responder, Slvy, must be a younger person. I happen to be a 68 year young woman who has grown up with the idea of 666 being associated with the devil. Slvy makes a good point, but if it had been a part of all his adult life like it apparently has been for myself and Walter, he might think differently. Who knows. I had to smile when I read the comment from Tammi. I, too, had the same experience when I went for my license plate. The clerk was a deadpan person and she refused to give me the next number. I turned around in the line and asked if anyone minded getting that particular plate. The fellow behind me said no, so I said I`d just switch places with him. As I was doing so, the biotch at the clerk`s office told I had to go al the way to the end of the line! Eventhough there were about 75 people in line, I marched my happy arse to the end. Thankfully, another clerk waited on me when it was my turn. By the way, she whispered to me that she would have done the same thing.
    Good luck with finding a new job, Walter. Be proud that you stand up for what you believe in, no matter what! 😉

    • Jess


  • Primo

    Don’t worry. It’s not the number that matters. It’s the RFID micro chip implant in the hand or forehead that you don’t want.

    • whatever

      EXACTLY…it’s the mark that you don’t want

  • Dark B

    I wonder if it is a sign, maybe he does not realize it yet but he could be the Anti Christ, and there is a reasont hose numbers keep finding him.

    • Jess

      they kept finding me for over 10 years, but I know in my Heart for a FACT that I am not the anti Christ. and I belong to GOD.

    • WinterSkyeScene

      LOL XD That’d be epic

  • Linda

    Seriously? This guy needs to get a grip. So what is he going to do when is unemployment is $666.00? If he is religious enough to quit his job over that number then he should be strong enough in his faith not to worry about it.

    • http://yahoo.com Blushin Russian

      Really dude?

      • Linda

        Yeah Really and im not a dude. You might ask your mom to give you that talk again…

    • http://yahoo schabarber

      you need to get seriously : you are the devil if you don’t know GOD

      • WinterSkyeScene

        And your an IDIOT if you actually believe that XD

  • Perry

    The Mark of the Beast will not be valid until during the Tribulation Period. He needs to study theology, and the Book of Revelation. The number 666 is just another 3 digit number. It follows 665 and preceeds 667. During the Tribulation, we do not know yet how the Mark of the Beast will be displayed. One of the common beliefs is that there will be a literal number stamped on the forehead or the right hand. Another view is that those persons who willingly accept the AntiChrist and the SYSTEM will be a part of 666 behavioral system. He is ignorant. Several years ago somewhere I think in Europe,not sure, the license plate prefix started with 666-xxxx. But to have the number 666 on a card is not the Mark of the Beast.

  • http://www.webpronews.com/666-stamped-w-2-leads-to-employee-quitting-his-job-2013-02 Mr. D

    Yeah, they are trying their abominations. The thing is they can stamp that on worthless pieces of paper however you are not giving up your soul just for it being on a piece of paper. Scripture clearly states that the people who willingly accept the mark on the right hand or forehead are the ones to be punished! Don’t fall for the lies. The bar code system that is found on almost all products use the 666 system. (First, middle & last double bars) are read by a computer program as 6######6######6.

    Don’t accept the mark on your right hand or forehead and you should be good to go. (According to scripture).

  • jim conner

    well mr man,, u can put 13 or the number 666 ,the word of God says during the 7 year tribulation period ,rule of the antichrist , a mark will be given so u can do business and so on,,, but i am here too tell u ,if u know jesus as ur savior ,u will be already passed or raptured up before this time,,, , so go get ur job back…

  • http://yahoo hale


    May The GOOD LORD continue to provide his people with the courage and strength to STAND on the promises of GODs word — KNOW THAT GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF HIS OWN (YOU)!

  • Daniel w.

    Those of you who are passing judgement on this man should be ashamed of yourselves. Remember, what goes around comes around !

    • Linda

      Well when my W2 comes around to me with the number 666 then I will send it straight where it belongs…to the IRS.

      • jo Ann


    • jo Ann

      Amen Daniel!!! You’ve said a mouth full.

  • Debra Felty

    A lot of people don’t know this the letter W means 6 in Hebrew …so think about it www I know means world wide web, tell me how many people do you hear say the computer is the “devil”…..?

  • rena

    that man is fuc@@@@ crazy. It is only true if you believe that and anyways in these economic times thats a bullsh@@ reason to give up a job

    • m m

      It is not a bs reason, you are just one of those Atheist who don’t believe in anything. So you have no reason to say that it is stupid to not quit your job.

  • Scarlett Angel

    I believe a person has to do a little more than receive a randomly generated number on a W2 form to sell his soul to the devil. Please!! Give me a break!! I agree with the person who suggested this man go speak to his pastor/minister. I just feel that OK, maybe it has some Biblical significance but in today’s world of computers, a number is just a number and sometimes stuff happens randomly. No reason to get wigged out. But, the company should remedy the problem if it bothers him THAT much and I think quitting his job is a little extreme. Just my two cents.

    • jo Ann

      Got news for you Dear, Jesus was/is the First man of the 12 apostles, cause he chose the rest of them. Judas was the last to be chosen, he was #13 & he betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver which was money to them. Then he hanged himself for it. Didn’t enjoy The silver. He threw it away.
      I pray for those who don’t believe or know the Bible.
      God Bless all.

  • http://yahoo James

    “Thirteen’s my lucky number,
    To you it means stay inside.
    Black cat done crossed my path,
    No reason to run and hide.”

    Mike Ness

    I am the guy that owns the black cat that you avoid, there’s nothing wrong with an extra doughnut in a bakers dozen and Jesus was the thirteenth man among his twelve apostles.

  • Toby

    What a stupid christian, there is no evidence for god, and no the bible is not evidence. To use the bible as justification for the proof of god is an appeal to authority fallacy (look it up). Religion has made us into irrational fools, and this guy should be embarrassed. Thanks for making Americans look stupid.

    • chris m

      I have to ask, how could there not be a God? Look around you. The heavens declare the glory of God (Psalm 19:1). Consider the vastness of the universe, the perfection of the balance of life, and the incredible complexity of the information structures in DNA. Are we to believe that the super-complex information structures in the DNA molecule are the result of chance? Is life an accident? What about beauty? Is it nothing more than a chemical reaction in the brain? What about morality? Are there any moral absolutes such as, “It is always wrong to torture a baby to death merely for one’s personal pleasure”? Or, is such a moral absolute nothing more than the result of chemical reactions in our brains? If so, how does one chemical reaction which leads to another chemical reaction produce moral absolutes or even logical absolutes? Is it easier to conclude that such truths are the result of chemical reactions and brain wiring, or that they are authored by God? Is morality merely the situational-based whims of people’s preferences? Is the beauty of a sunset and the wonder of a new born baby’s precious life a byproduct of the survival of the fittest?

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