Time-Lapsed 3D Printer Yoda: When 900 Years Old You Reach, Look as Good You Will Not


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Although George Lucas gave it his best shot at destroying the Star Wars legacy with those three bowel-baked prequels he dumped on the world, some aspects of the canon have managed to remain endearing to fans. Yoda would certainly be counted among that category. Whether it's his inverted vernacular or his fuzzy ears or the party-ready quotability of his prophetic quotes, the diminutive Buddhist Jedi of the Light Side of the Force remains a fan favorite.

Witness, then, a splendid example of Yoda-inspired fanfare as one savvy designer's Makerbot Replicator prints a 3D bust of the Jedi master. Printed at .1 mm layer height with a 10% honeycomb fill and of course the requisite green hue, the video uploader, BusyBotz, demonstrates how incredibly detailed an object can be sculpted with 3D printers. According to BusyBotz, the entire sculpture took a little less than 5 hours to complete.

Watching the video, it's almost as if Yoda simply materialized from the surface of a desk so as to remind you, "Do or do not; there is no try."

This example of 3D printing sorcery wins the whole week.