2,000 Netflix Movies to Disappear Today

    May 3, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Netflix users may find their Instant Watch queues a bit lighter today. Nearly 2,000 movie titles on the popular streaming video service are set to expire today.

Originally, Slate had reported that the movies set to disappear were from MGM and United Artists, and are set to move over to the new Warner Archive Instant streaming service. Warner Bros has since denied this, and a Netflix spokesperson has stated that the movies were part of a contract the company had with Epix.

Regardless of where they are going, Netflix users today will not be able to stream movies such as Adaptation, and Big Daddy.

In other Netflix news, the company is pushing forward with its original programming initiatives. The release date of the next Netflix original series has just been announced.

Orange is the New Black will premiere on July 11, with thirteen one-hour episodes being released all at once. Starring Jason Biggs and Laura Prepon, the comedy series follows a “Brooklynite” sent to women’s prison who must deal with her new eccentric inmates.

  • William


    • Bryan

      Then leave if you are genuinely that upset. Personally I doubt anyone who is willing to, and still does subscribe will really care if you lave.

      And to those complaining about the price increase. Get over it, seriously no need to cry over not being able to get a DvD and stream with the same price. Also it went up a dollar, at least mine did, and if you are that worried about a dollar a month, eat a couple less cheeseburgers.

      One last thing, your caps lock key is on and makes you look like a babbling fool.

      Good Day.

      • Don’t worry about it

        I just needed to respond to this Bryan character… Why don’t you learn how the respect other people’s opinion? (william’s comment) I guess you have nothing to do if your worried about how other people feel, for the service their paying, with their hard earned money… And you must be a “Millionaire” then.. It seems a $1.00 increase for this service or I guess, any other bill that you have, doesn’t bother you. Oh by the way, I just noticed my CAPS LOCK KEY IS ON, GET A LIFE!!!!

  • KelleeZee

    It’s not that big of a deal. Netflix has had warning messages on their site for at least a month that these movies would be disappearing. If you wanted to watch something, should have done it before 5/1!

  • Grant

    Wait a month or 2 and lets see how many people leave Netflix.
    I stopped watching when the prices got increased. I think that they would have a larger consumer base if things like this that effect the company negatively just isn’t good for them, oh well…

  • Len

    We will be leaving … we love the old movies …

  • Rick

    I left Netflix after the price gouge and failed “Qwickster” netflix is a joke. Good for people who can not or don’t want cable. I love my directv now.

  • Peter

    Netflix is becoming a joke. Raising prices and losing 2,000 movies.
    They will be crushed soon because of their poor managment and customer service skills.
    Netflix crushed the former diaster, Blockbuster. Now they become their own diaster.

  • Lila

    What other web sites are similar to Netflix if you leave this one???? They took off my favorite shows which were American Pickers & Storage Wars & Pawn Stars.

    • Gabriel

      I bet Hulu plus might have them. I am defintetly switching to them now. It’s also a great price. -Gabriel

  • Jballs

    Does anybody know where I can find the nearest Blockbuster Video?

  • ???? mike

    Netflix is old out dated trash,, unless u live under a rock and dont go to movies or have a t.v. then netflix is ok for them subscribers. Now they want to charge $12.00 for multi streaming of old trash, dump them now dont waste your money.

  • ???? mike

    yeah blockbuster online…lol

  • ???? mike

    Go find a Redbox…Jballs

  • Aquata

    I was hoping that these titles would be replaced by some more titles to maintain interest but alas, they have not. The movies under “Recently Added” are literally… crap films which one to two stars and no star casts. I can’t fore see myself staying with Netflix for too much longer myself. Feels like I’ve been scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of movies to watch on Netflix.

  • http://metatraderprogramming.com MetaTrader Programmers

    Thats not good. Now a lot of the good movies will go missing.
    The stuff netflix adds under “recently added” is generally rubbish.

  • http://localmarketingmuscle.com/services/sales-reanimator Sales ReAnimator

    If you have kids Netflix is great – they watch the same cartoons all day anyway. For the price it’s great value.

  • Robert Lucus

    $8.00 a month and you get one hell of a good selection I’ll go missing 2000 movies that is a good chunk but I’m a valued customer I believe will be replacedif if you drop your contract you might lose on the good ones coming in