$10 Minimum Wage Proposed by Michigan Democrats

    April 12, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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Michigan lawmakers are looking to raise their state’s minimum wage as debate heats up across the country over how the current rate and any changes to it would affect workers.

The proposed bill looks to set the new minimum wage to $10 an hour, a change that would be gradually enacted over the next three years.

The bill comes from Democratic representatives, specifically Reps. John Switalksi of Warren and Rashida Tlaib of Detroit. According to them, raising the minimum wage would would give Michigan workers “a chance at a better life.”

According to the AP, past measures to raise the minimum wage in the state have seen opposition from Republicans, who currently control the legislature.

The state of Michigan’s minimum wage is currently $7.40 an hour for all employers of 2 or more employees. Michigan workers are given overtime for hours exceeding 40 in a single week.

The federal minimum wage sits at $7.25 an hour. 22 states have minimum wage laws the same as the federal wage, and 19 states have minimum wages higher than $7.25. 4 states currently have minimum wages that are less than the federal rate and 5 states currently have no minimum wage laws on the books.

Recently, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren said that the minimum wage would currently sit at $22 minimum if it had kept up with worker productivity. President Obama has proposed raising the federal minimum wage to $9 an hour.

  • Rich

    Raising minimum wage is nice and as a Michigan native I’d love to make more then I am now the question is what is the state going to do to try and prevent Michigan businesses from raising the costs of everything so that the raises don’t help or worse cause the problem to become even worse then before because businesses raised the cost of their products so much to make up for the wage increase that buying anything becomes even harder. You can raise minimum wage to 20 dollars and hour if you want to but if you don’t keep businesses in check too that cup of coffee at your local gas station that is currently 99 cents could be 3 or 4 dollars siting the increase wage costs as the reason. I’m not saying businesses shouldn’t be allowed to raise what they charge for their goods and/or services at all because I do understand that it might have to happen to keep smaller businesses from going under because they have to pay employees too much but do something to limit just how much they can raise.

    • Khmer

      Government can’t mandate how much a business is allowed to charge for their services and goods. If they did then we wouldn’t be a capitalist country. This move won’t give people a better chance of living conditions, it’ll just raise the prices but these politicians know that. They’re only doing this to get themselves re-elected. If the minimum wagers want to earn more they’ll have to seek higher education.

    • jj wild

      Businesses will have three years to adjust to the new min wage. If they’ve made it this long I think they’ll be okay if someone is making a few more dollars an hour. Most places have a starting pay and then you get your pay bumped up through raises and within two years of working there you are making over 10 bucks an hour anyhow. Most good businesses can afford to pay people more they just don’t because they don’t have to.

      • Josh

        um except there are times when the government can tell a business how much it can charge(they do it to prevent price gouging, normally after disasters). It can also stop them from becoming a monopoly which goes against capitalism but isn’t a bad thing is it. the comments on this page are proof of just how little people understand about the government and economy. The reason things are so screwed up is that rather then thinking of the actual reasoning behind why an official does something, you all come on here and automatically throw some liberal slurs around till you feel big and smart. but you just look dumb and no better then those that your criticizing.

  • Joshua

    Ok lets do the math here, lets take 650 a month in rent, then say 250 a month for a RELIABLE transportation, then another 150 on average for Insurance on that reliable transportation, then because gas is crazy high lets say you spend about 350 a month in driving expenses that included a full 40 hr work schedule to and from work 5 days a week. Lets not forget the Utility bills of electric and gas and phone lets say thats around 200 a month. That all add’s up to lets see here 1,600 a month. Ok now lets see what 9.00 an hr times 40 week is 360 a week gross times that by 4 weeks a month you get 1,440. So if my outgoing is 1,600 a month just on the BASIC needs to live and yet the gov. says 9.00 an hr and bringing home only 1,440 (gross not net) is OK there is a serious problem. I don’t understand how Corporations and our gov feel the need to stuff the pockets till they burst but for the hard working men and women who do all the dirty work get left with a penny in there pocket and a pillow in the street. This U.S. gov needs to WAKE UP and wake up quick.

    • Cassie

      Minimum wage is different than a living wage. Minimum wage is not intended to support someone’s life. It is intended to pay unskilled workers. Ideally you would be working a minimum wage job as a supplement to your income. If someone is trying to support themself or a family on minimum wage then they have clearly made some wrong turns in life. If they raised the minimum wage to a level that everyone could support themselves on the economy would go down the drain.

    • reggie

      totally agree with you WAKE UP

  • David

    people making min. still qualify for welfare. A higher education guaruntees nothing salary wise.

    • aaron

      there would be no welfare in a couple of years any way

  • Darrell Mc Neill

    Why stop at ten dollars? Why not go to twenty dollars an hour? Does any liberal think (LOL,what an idea) that the prices will remind even with what they are today? Or, will businesses raise their prices to stay even with inflation? Or, will businesses stop hiring people or even close up? Some great thinking there liberals. No one working, making money or even paying taxes. Liberals must think that the American People are really stupid to raise the wages in this country and lose their jobs.

    • jj wild

      If a business isn’t willing to pay people at least 10 dollars an hour than it’s probably not a very good place to work anyhow.

      • Kathleen

        As a small business owner I would never hire someone with your attitude. Fortunately, there are young people out there who are willing to start at the bottom and learn a trade.

      • lynn

        JJ Wild,never owned or managed a small business have you?

        You sound like a government employee or a silver spoon person.

    • Carl

      The Chamber of commerce main objective is to keep workers pay as low as possible. They are not a workers advocate. What they don’t seem to realize is that every penny these workers get goes directly back into the economy. None of them have a off shore account.
      A favorite saying from the “Gipper” Reagen, was, A rising tide raises all boats.
      And to McNeill, what makes you think only Liberals work for minimum wage? When they see how the GOP is trying to keep them down, they could well be future Democrats.

  • heritagefoundationdode

    the raise covers taxes for the state, only. the employee will see none of it. the raise must exceed $12.79, to escape the increase in taxes, enough for the worker to have money to spend in the community.

  • JD Kinnick

    Ahhh…for the “common good”…unions and moochers are destroying our economy with their failed economic policies

    • Kathleen

      I couldn’t agree more

  • leland noble

    miminum wage is the problem that broke the capalialistic system we have since we have had a mimiun wage the bottom never goes up
    its suppose to be suplied and demand that controls wages
    as long as a busniess has a mimium wage to go by that becomes the top price they are willing to pay
    business does not think they should have to train new employies
    we must changed the tax base for buiness that encorages only full time help with a living waged no tax breaks for part time help or mantaory overtime
    sorry for the spelling

    • KateDawg

      Learn how to spell, would you?

  • Kathleen

    I am a single Mom, own my own small business, and work about 60 hrs a week. I am barely making it. I need to hire someone if I want to expand and make more money. The ten dollar minimum wage could put me on welfare. I have an 18 year old whom I plan to hire for 8 dollars an hour (she lives with her parents rent free). The 10 dollar an hour minimum wage will put some small business owners on welfare…but at least teens who live rent free will have more money to buy clothes.

    • KateDawg

      You have an 18 year old daughter that lives with her parents? Sorry, but you’re just not making any sense.

      • Kathleen

        I never said that I have an 18 year old daughter. Sorry, but your comment makes no sense.

    • Angelina

      I agree that people need a better education. How will they pay for that education? Where will they get the money from to pay? Oh, my bad take a grant, loan and all that they offer for you to go back to school, great, but remember when they graduate they will be in debt up to their ears, trying to pay back between $100,000.00 to $ 200,000.00 I assume for the various degrees. Its a waste of time trying to get that kind of education now because people with all these degrees are not finding jobs in their field and they are doing jobs that are paying a little more that min wages.

  • vkylivi

    Bad Idea. I guess Walmart will rule the world in the end because they can afford to pay that much. So much for the small business person. Bottom line is people need to get an education. Americans want everything handed to them without earning it. Minimum wage jobs are just that a JOB. Adults should have a career. Jobs are for teenagers and they do not need $10 an hour.
    Wondering if I will get a 3 dollar increase? Doubt it.
    We can kiss good customer service good bye because stores will have skeleton shifts and jacked up prices.

    • kj

      Go to hell.

      • mark stevens

        you go to hell

  • surfcitysocal

    I am NOT a Boehner fan, but he was right when he said, “If you remove the lower rungs of the ladder, you make it harder to get ON the ladder.”

  • Stukaman

    This call for an ever-higher minimum wage is nothing but a sop to the unions thugs who determine their base salary demands on it. When someone first enters the job force – which is happening less and less these days, if you haven’t already noticed – they usually don’t know squat, and therefore aren’t worth more than a MIMINUM wage. As workers learn their jobs and become more valuable to the companies for which they work, their salaries should go up. What will happen if the minimum wage bounces to $10? Companies will FIRE certain workers to cut their labor costs. Further, the prices of the goods and/or services they provide will also escalate (that means “go up” in case you graduated from public school). There is no economic reasoning for this. Why not make the minimum wage $100 an hour? $200? The very people that liberal fascists claim they are looking out for will be the first ones to be let go. So much for compassion, eh?

  • richard bonnett

    I couple of days ago i found a check stub from my father, it was dated 1981. He was making 13.00 dollars an hour.This was a construction job that was non union, and people are complaining about paying someone 10.00 an hour in 2013. You are the problem you greedy bastards. You cant always be the superpower just look at egypt, spain, romans, what are they now, and once ruled the world!

  • just me

    I work for the state and make $10 an hour. After reading Joshua’s statement, I pondered. Despite making bad choices in your life, you still need to live. Minimum wage is how some people have to live…..why make it so hard? However, really why stop at $10? The companies will do one of two things (if not both) let people go OR raise prices. So raising the wage would be futile. What’s the saying? The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I think maybe look at WHY food costs have went up 30-50% and get that under control. Lets face it, Food and gas are most peoples biggest bills. And housing is “starting” to become manageable again, of course we had to let the bubble burst and ALOT of folks paid big….

  • Look Around

    The feds are doing this thing called QE where they print money and buy there own debt to put money out into the market. The effect will be inflation. Your money isn’t worth as much as it used to be, that’s why commodities (gas,food, ect…) are on the rise. Inflation is at 4% a year “officially” (really like 6%) So that $10 in three years is going to still be the same as you are getting now. The government is very over regulated right now and most people will see their hours cut back from 40 to 32 because of Obama care. On top of the 1% fee (AKA Tax) you will pay for not having insurance which is a burden on the middle lower class which half of America falls under now.

    If you care to open your history books and glance at Rome they suffered the same issues we are currently going through and we all know how that ended.

    Obama has propped the markets up so everything looks nice now, but the effects are coming. The great Obama recession will be huge, gold will be worth 5k an ounce. I cant even fathom how much milk and eggs will cost.

    I’m glad I make six figures tax free up to 95k, cause I’m investing it wisely. I wish everybody else luck, Commodities and precious metals are key to coming out on top over the next 3 – 10 years.

    • http://Yahoo Michael

      @Look Around…even if your predictions on our economy proved to be true (which I highly doubt), the minimum wage increase will automatically bolster the buying power of those affected, which is the desired outcome. We’re only talking about Michigan’s minimum wage laws here and not the entire country.

      As for your history reference regarding Rome…there were roughly 10 separate and distinct events happening in succession over a two hundred year period that caused the demise of Rome, not just one or two.

      And as for your 95k in tax free income…you’re the reason the tax loopholes need to be changed in this country.

      Thank you for your doom and gloom rant but I for one am not buying it.

  • Robotchic256

    I guess not too many remember what happened the last time minimum wage was raised, and it wasn’t that far in the past. Every business started cutting hours and the number of employees in order to absorb the increase of the payroll. I take it no one has noticed how much the price of everything has gone up, not just gas prices. This increase is not going to put more money in anyone’s pocket, especially those currently making minimum wage. This will put you in a higher tax bracket, you will be paying more taxes to the state government, the price of all essential commodities will rise along with the wage. The businesses will pass their increase of payroll onto all the customers, so everyone will be paying more for things they need. When minimum wage was increased a few years ago that’s exactly what happened, prices rose, businesses cut the number of employees it hired, and they worked with skeleton crews in order to keep their heads above water. If by chance the business weren’t able to absorb the payroll increase, they closed their doors, which happened to way too many businesses. Look around your cities/towns and take notice of all the vacant buildings….gas stations closed, fast food places closed…and some are still closing many of their “chains” today. What do you think will happen to all of the families who won’t fall into this increase because they are already making $10+ an hour??? I guess the lawmakers of Michigan want this state to completely fail. What business, large or small, would want to come to Michigan when they are going to be forced to pay their starting employees $10 per hour?? I see something wrong with the Michigan Government’s thinking here, they pushed to have this state become a “Right to Work” state, in order to draw new businesses to the state, and are now proposing an increase to what these businesses would have to pay their starting employees??? How is that going to draw new businesses into this state…I guess that is way the State of Michigan is in such dire staits, they obviously don’t know how to run a successful business, and running a State is like running business and they are failing miserably. The increase in inflation will drive more and more people out of Michigan. It may sound good at first…woo hoo…starting pay $10 an hour, but when you go buy groceries and realize you now have to pay $5 for a gallon of milk, $4 for a loaf of bread, where are you ahead?? Where is ANYONE ahead with this deal????
    One more thing, getting an education does not promise you a job in your field of study at an inflated wage, especially in Michigan, where jobs are so scarce already.
    My source of information comes from experience, from living in Michigan for the past 50+ years, and from seeing first hand how bad choices by the state lawmakers have destroyed the quality of life available in this state.
    I know my comments sound grim, and that’s because life is grim in this state, the majority of it’s citizens are “just” getting by, this increase will put many over the top and they will sink, ending their chance at a successful business and also ending the incomes of those employed by those companies that close.
    From what I’ve seen in past elections, if the lawmakers of Michigan want this to happen they will implement it. Our last election, in November 2012, 5 out of 6 proposals were voted down by the people of this state, and since then everyone of those proposals have been implemented by the lawmakers in “lame duck” sessions, defying what the citizens voted against. So I’m sure this minimum wage increase will happen, whether or not the citizens of this state approve or not. When this govenment no longer has citizens to “Govern”, it will be interesting to see what happens then.
    Please tread lightly, this is a “comment” section and that’s all I’m doing is commenting.

  • bho

    Michigan’s economy is the poster child for unions and moochers. Why not ask for $20 an hour and a “no show” job?

  • jr

    Just because someone can not afford to pay their bills does not mean they deserve a raise. Minimum wage is not supposed to be a career just a starter. I had kids and a home after I got a real paying job. This is another terrible idea. Gas stations, landscaping, fast food, etc with increased wages means increased pricing. Demo or Repub. still a terrible idea we need accountants (I’m not but have had some classes) making financial decisions.

  • Sarah Jennings

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    • Sarah Jennings

      Here’s another good one. It has over 125 customer service jobs that people can do from home. CustomerServicePositions.com

  • Pat Beesmer

    $10 dollar minimum wage hike by the group called the “DUMB”-o-crats. this is one of the most foolish ideas I’ve ever heard. It makes ignorant people feel as though the “DUMB”-o-crats are here to help them earn more money to live with with. Let’s break this down. Pretend YOU have a business. YOU are the employer. YOU produce and sell widgets.YOU the employer have to pay for YOUR’ location/ building, electric, insurance, fuel, and labor. To FUND these COSTS YOU have to make a profit from YOUR widgets. Cost of product is X-amount of dollars. Profit is X-Amount of dollars Minus costs (building expenses, licenses, and yes LABOR). Therefore minimum wage increase will be great right? Wrong!!!! EVERTBODY’s costs go up which means everybody’s and every things costs will go up. THIS is CALLED INFLATION which results in the deflation of the dollar bill. think about it!!!!!

  • jscottu

    Among economists the idea of a “minimum wage” was settled a long time ago. They are overwhelmingly against any minimum wage. If you want to help the poor and the low skilled you can’t do it by making it illegal and uneconomical to hire them. You know why Mexicans here make MORE than minimum wage cutting your grass? Because they are worth it in the marketplace.

    • CafeDecals

      With the way the economy has dropped, quite a few that have lost their high paying jobs are now working at fast food restaurants and low paying jobs. In most rural settings up north the average store managers start out at 8.50 to 9.00 an hour and that is even with lots of experience. I have received hundreds of applications lately from people wanting Any job they can get. Fast food restaurants, like Mcdonalds, make millions every year. They should pass some down and quit being so greedy. They should care about their employees.

  • dwayne belton

    wait 2-3 more years for a wage that’s 30 years behind progress?

  • Margaret Toigo

    If all the minimum wage workers didn’t show up for work for just a few days, civilization as we know it would collapse because minimum wage workers do all the jobs no one notices until they don’t get done.

    Remember, someone’s gotta flip the burgers, sweep the floors, clean the toilets, mow the grass, dig the ditches, etc.

    • CafeDecals

      The minimum wage workers cannot afford rent or food. Raise the wages and then most of the workers won’t be on public assistance anymore. Now with the new health care laws about to be enacted, most large businesses around me are limiting the hours that employees work to 28 or less so companies won’t have to pay in for health care. Since the companies are doing this, now they can afford to pay the higher wages.

  • Hobert Hiltebeitel

    When money’s tight, work-at-home opportunities can sound like just the thing to make ends meet. Some even promise a refund if you don’t succeed. But the reality is many of these jobs are scams. The con artists peddling them may get you to pay for starter kits or certifications that are useless, and may even charge your credit card without permission..

  • aaron

    also this will lower crime the everyday worker would be able to buy things a support themselves instead of stealing

  • Steve

    Lets raise the min. wage to $10.00 for all McDonald’s workers. I like the idea. This is what will happen $1.00 menu becomes $4.00 menu and your 16 in high school looking for a job for gas money will not get hired. So then everyone is mad a McDonald’s for raising there prices. Business are in business to make money. Min. wage jobs are not meant to support family’s.