10 Google+ Page Tips For Your Business

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10 Google+ Page Tips For Your Business
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Google launched Google+ Pages this week, and like Google+ itself, businesses are looking for ways to best utilize them to help their brands.

What is the best business benefit of Google+ Pages? Share your thoughts here.

Google’s Christian Oestlien presented at ad:tech New York this week talking about some marketing issues Google is hoping to solve with Google+. These are:

1. Fragmented marketing
2. Recommendations that lack staying power
3. Comments, not conversations
4. Impersonal messages
5. Limited insights

The company considers Pages to be a place that Google has never had before, where you can connect with all of our customers and directly communicate with them. They are designed to foster customer recommendations that have staying power, since all of your +1’s can be tied together, across your site, your Page, your search results, and your search ads.

Circles, he said, provide brands with a way to deliver the right messages to thre right people, as opposed to the same message to everybody. In terms of insights, he referred to the recently launched Ripples feature, which lets you track the social life of a post.

Now on to the tips. Here’s a bonus tip: You can search #pagetips on Google+ and get even more tips from people.

Google has its own “Google+ Your Business” page, which I’d recommend adding to your circles. Google’s Kristoffer Sorensen shares the following tips in a post on that:

1. Engage, engage, engage

Google+ is about engaging with friends, family, colleagues, people who share your interests, and now customers, clients, and companies,” he says. “This is a great opportunity for you to share with your clients news, product launches, campaigns, and promotions. It’s also an awesome way for you to talk to your fans, learn about them and get feedback from them. In short, it’s a great opportunity for you to engage.”

He says to be responsive, don’t be afraid of negative comments, and post relevant, interesting content, but don’t spam your followers.

2. Hangouts are awesome!

“As a brand and a business you should be thinking about how hangouts can add value to the way you communicate with your followers. You should also be thinking about who should be hosting them on your end – it’s a great opportunity for you to show the human face of your brand/company. Host them from your page by clicking the “Start a hangout” button on the right side of your home page.”

He suggests using Hangouts for product demos, customer service office hours, discussions with people in the company, sharing financial results, Q&A for product/service feedback, or tutorials/classes.

3. Manage your Circles

“Managed right, circles can be a great tool for ensuring that you get the right message to the right follower,” says Sorensen. “For example, a clothes brand might want to send one message to their fans interested in soccer and another to their fans interesting in running. It allows you as a brand to tailor your message and increase relevance in your messaging.”

He notes that Google is working on ways for users to manage Circles better, but in the meantime, he sugggests creating a post that you reshare regularly. “Have it say something like ‘we want to make sure we get the right messages to our fans, so +1 the comments below to let us know what circles you want to be part of,” he says. “Comment on your own post with a comment for each potential circle (for instance, football, soccer, running, tennis, dodgeball, and barrel rolling). People can then indicate what circle they want to be in by +1’ing that comment – you can follow up and add people to circles based on their choice”

The regular Google+ Page offers “5 cool tips you should know about Google+ Pages”. These include:

4.You can +1 a Page to show support or add them to your Circles.

5. No Google+ Page can follow you until you follow them.

6. Google+ Pages can’t even mention you unless you’re connected. “No +mention spam.”

7. Google+ Pages automatically unfollow you if you unfollow them.

8. You can find Google+ pages in Google Search

You can actually do this by just typing “+” and the Page’s name, so this should be a good way for users to easily find brand page. This is what Google calls Direct Connect:

9. Pay attention and responded accordingly.

Thomas Morffew of Ren Media says, “This is how you do Google Plus,” and shares the following screen cap:

10. Connect your Google+ Page to your AdWords campaigns.

Learn more about how to do this here.

Have more tips for effective use of Google+? Share them in the comments.

10 Google+ Page Tips For Your Business
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  • http://nuancedmedia.com Ryan Flannagan

    If anyone else is having a problem re-login into their google + business page. I wrote an article on how to login. Here you go :)

    Re-login to Google+ Pages: http://nuancedmedia.com/login-to-google-business-pages-how-to/

    I spent like 3 hours this morning not being able to figure out how to re login

    • http://tinyurl.com/portlandwindowcleaning Michael

      OH now Im starting to see. Thanks for the Google +1 tool.

  • http://stockfresh.com Peter / Stockfresh

    Wow… Looks like there are plenty of new things to get used to in online marketing these days…

  • Sandra

    Google sent me an email and said my page was in violation because I was using my business name and that businesses were not allowed to use google+ yet. I changed it to a regular name but is there a way to get around this? No one knows me by my name, only my business.

  • Markus

    Yes, check out this Google plus tool http://www.plusonemonkey.com “Check multiple websites for Google +1’s”

  • http://www.addphone.net magnus

    Yes, check out this Google plus tool http://www.addphone.net “Check multiple websites for Google +1′s”

  • Roy

    The best tip is not to use Google plus.

    • http://www.taliawebdesign.co.uk Korhan

      Totally agree. The weight of javascript comes with it enormous.

  • http://www.dotcommembership.com Adrian Lee

    The addition of pages to Google+ is a plus (no pun intended), and the way they do it is to make sure it is connected to a person’s account. I guess, this reduces spam pages a bit. But I think they have a long way to go before they can draw more users in. Unlike FB which many considers cool, Google+ seems to be more for business owners.

    Consider the user interface, the colors and the roll-out. FB is years ahead in development time, and is pretty intuitive to use. The colors (and the emptiness) of the interface can just about send you to sleep. And the way they launched is just so slow. If you are going to launch something, do it in a manner that reflects your marketshare.

  • http://www.TonyasDynamicDesigns.com Tonya

    ***AWESOME Article Chris!***

    Thank you so much Chris for sharing this with us about GOOGLE+ PAGE!
    I am going to have to tell all of my website design clients about it.

    Keep up the great work!


  • http://www.twistedpair.co Russ

    Great intro to g+ I’d like to see how this works out as alot of people have already dismissed g+. I also have concerns over privacy it just a bit too much info to give to one company.

  • http://www.lipu-china.com jaw crusher and ball mill

    Thank you so much Chris for sharing this with us about GOOGLE+ PAGE!
    I am going to have to tell all of my website design clients about it.
    many thanks ,i know.

  • http://www.africannursesforum.com Efoghor Joseph Ezie

    Thanks Chris for this highly useful information. It will sure help boost our business prospects if well implemented.

  • http://www.itechmag.com Rockin

    Thanks Chris for such insightful information. But even though Google+ is going at a faster pace, still the influence of giants like Facebook and twitter dominates the social search. Hope to see Google+ growing at that level…

  • http://ojinc.com/ CA Insulation Contractors

    We just set up our Google+ account for our business. We were trying to think of ways to utilize the hangouts and you gave us some great ideas.

    Is it true that the hangouts are limited to 10 people?

    Thanks so much for the great information!

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