Microsoft Azure and AWS Leading in IoT Onboarding and Lifecycle Management

A new Competitive Assessment report puts Microsoft Azure and AWS leading the pack in IoT deployment.

Mozilla WebThings Being Spun Out As Separate Open Source Project

Mozilla has announced it is spinning of its WebThings endeavor as a standalone open source project.

Lawmakers May Block FCC’s Ligado 5G Decision

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently voted unanimously to allow Ligado to deploy a low-power 5G network, and lawmakers are not happy.

FCC Prepares to Open 6 GHz Spectrum

The FCC is preparing to vote on making 1,200 megahertz of spectrum available for unlicensed use in the 6GHz band.

In a 5G World, You Can Connect Millions of IoT Devices Per Square Mile, Says AT&T CEO

You can begin now to conceive of robotic manufacturing that is always on and always connected via 5G networks, says Randall Stephenson, CEO of AT&T Inc. “Just to put this into perspective, the Internet of Things, with today’s networks in a square mile you can connect a thousand, two thousand, or possibly three thousand of those. In a 5G world, you can connect millions of those in a square mile.”

Vehicles of the Future – So Intelligent They Could Drive Themselves, Says Ford CEO

This is the year that many of the technological innovations that Ford has been working on will start to come out. Ford CEO Jim Hackett says that the vehicles of the future will be so intelligent that they could drive themselves.

What Are the Security Risks of the Internet of Things?

IBM Resilient CTO and internet security guru Bruce Schneier takes a look at the security risks of the Internet of Things in his latest video. He brings up an interesting and rather disconcerting point, IoT devices tend to do critical things like turn on and off power or drive your car, so preventing hacking is even more critical with IoT than typical computers.

Why Would I Want My Underpants Connected to the Internet?

There was a session at the recent GeekWire Summit on how the IoT explosion will impact retail stores where underpants were discussed. It’s humous but very illustrative of how every item in every store, electronic or not, will be tracked.

3 Cloud Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

Cloud computing has dominated the business world this year, and the trend will only continue into 2018. Thanks to the many benefits cloud computing provides, private cloud solutions, cloud data centers, platforms, and infrastructure as a service has come into…

Government Can Speed Up Implementation of IoT Technology

Government around the world play a key role in whether IoT becomes a mainstream technology sooner rather than later according to Cisco IoT expert Maciej Kranz. Kranz recently posted an excerpt of his book Building the Internet of Things on…

How to Use In-Store Behavioral Data to Increase Sales

We all know that online shopping behavior is tracked in order to increase sales, but what about the behavior of brick and mortar shoppers? The Global Director of Marketing for IBM Watson Internet of Things (IoT), Scott Neuman, points out…

Internet of Things to Drive the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Industrie 4.0 — Companies Endorse New Interoperable IIoT Standard

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will be the primary driver of the fourth Industrial Revolution and Cisco and other companies are at the forefront. It’s commonly referred to as Industrie 4.0. “Industrie 4.0 is not digitization or digitalization of…

Cisco: It’s Increasingly Easy to Imagine a Time When Every Device is Connected to the Internet of Things

Yves Padrines, Paris based VP, Global Service Provider EMEAR at Cisco, says that all devices will soon be connected to the internet of things (IoT). From the Cisco SP360: Service Provider blog: It’s increasingly easy to imagine a time when…

By 2020 There Will Be 30 Billion Connected Things!

By 2020 there will be 30 billion connected things, according to a new infographic by Cloudera. The company believes that the Internet of Things (IoT) could be an extremely disruptive force in society, basically changing everything, according to Vijay Raja,…

Are You Ready for the New Mobile Gold Rush?

“Are you ready for the new mobile gold rush? Of course you’re not,” said Jim O’Leary, Sr. Manager Mobile Solutions Marketing at Cisco. “Though truth be told, the pending growth in mobile video may be more like a video tornado…

Nearly Half of Businesses Plan to Implement IoT in 2016

Nearly half (43%) of organizations spanning 18 business sectors throughout North America, EMEA, Asia/Pacific and Latin America, are already using or plan to use the Internet of Things (IoT) in 2016. This comes from a November poll by technology research…

Microsoft And Others Work on IoT Standards For Companies And Developers

Tech heavyweights including Microsoft, Samsung, Intel, Qualcomm, Cisco, ARRIS, Electrolux, CableLabs, and GE Digital announced the formation of the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) aimed at helping to unify Internet of Things (IoT) standards so businesses and developers can create IoT…

AWS IoT Is Now Generally Available

Amazon announced that the AWS IoT, which launched in beta a few months ago, is now generally available. This is the company’s managed cloud platform that lets connected devices interact with cloud applications and other devices. In a post on…

Infobright Internet Of Things Database Joins ThingWorx Partner Program

Internet of Things database analytics platform provider Infobright announced that it has joined the ThingWorx Ready partner program, which enables hardware and software companies to integrate products to make it easier to create and deploy Internet of Things solutions. Infobright…

Adobe Aims To Improve ‘Internet of Things’ Marketing

Adobe held its digital marketing conference Adobe Summit, and made a slew of marketing-related announcements “The product and partner announcements cover where marketing is going next: bringing digital experiences to the physical world, IoT and wearable devices, mobile marketing innovations…