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Yahoo Updates App, Homepage
Yahoo announced some updates to its mobile app and homepage in the U.S. making it easier to get to news and content and follow developing news stories...
Read More Is Now Useful to Those Who Don’t Use Twitter
If you don’t “use” Twitter (and by that I mean tweet, retweet, favorite, and follow people) or had no intention of signing up, visit...
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Report: Yahoo To Launch New Homepage Next Month
As you may know, Yahoo has been toying around with homepage redesigns again. It really hasn’t been all that long since the company launched a ne...
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Yahoo Tests Out Another Homepage Redesign
Yahoo is tinkering around with its homepage again. It wasn’t all that long ago (last year in fact) that Yahoo rolled out a major redesign of its...
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iGoogle Is Now Officially Dead (Redirecting To Regular Homepage)
We’ve known for about a year and a half that iGoogle was going to be shut down, but the day has finally come. If you try to access it, you’...
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iGoogle Will Officially Be Dead In 3 More Days
Google announced in July of last year that it would be shutting down iGoogle, its personalized homepage product. The announcement came in one of the c...
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Foursquare Launches New Homepage
Foursquare is rolling out a new version of to bring some more features to the browser. The new site shows suggestions for what’s ...
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iGoogle Is About To Shut Down. Will You Miss It?
Back in 2005, Google launched iGoogle, a personalized homepage for people who wanted an alternative to the simple Google homepage. It enabled users to...
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Saul Bass Gets The Google Doodle Treatment
Google is running a doodle celebrating the birthday of graphic designer and typographer Saul Bass in parts of the world where the date has changed to ...
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Bing Zings Google With ‘Bing Basic’ [Zing]
The SEO tags aren’t the only April Fools’ joke from Bing this year. You didn’t think they’d get through the day without taking...
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Has Yahoo Improved Its Homepage? Many Think Not.
Yahoo has been testing various redesigns of its homepage for months, but now it has announced the “new Yahoo experience”. Note: We’v...
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Google Homepage Images No More, But Google Really Wants To Be Your Homepage
Google really wants you to set as your homepage. You would think they would not keep taking away Google homepage features that users love, ...
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Bing To Users: We’re More Than Just A Pretty Picture
Been to Bing lately? If so, you may have seen a little tour of Bing’s homepage. A bar appears at the top, which says “Bing is more than ju...
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Google To Protest SOPA, PIPA With Homepage Link
Wednesday, January 18th is scheduled to be a internet-wide day of protest, as sites big and small are going dark for the day to express their disappro...
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iGoogle Redesigned, More Updates on the Way
Google has redesigned iGoogle, its custom homepage product, so that it is more in line with other recent Google redesigns. That includes the navigatio...
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How Relevant Are Homepages to the Web’s Future?
Update: Yahoo tells WebProNews the video (embedded below) " highlights the philosophy & ...
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