Go Enable Gmail’s ‘Undo Send’ Feature Right Now

In what could be a lifesaver for many, Google has finally graduated a particularly helpful Gmail feature from Labs to primetime. Gmail on the web now has a formal “undo send” feature. So, you accidentally sent a racy email meant…

Gmail Gets New Preview Pane Feature

Google may have announced the impending shut-down of Google Labs, but Gmail Labs is still putting out new optional features for Gmail users. Google has released the “Preview Pane” as a Gmail Labs feature. This allows users to preview messages…

Gmail Labs Get Search Feature

The point of a laboratory is to facilitate testing.  The average chemist might not get too far if he was just presented with a jumble of beakers, however, and similarly, Gmail Labs has been getting pretty messy.  A new feature promises to fix that issue.

Google Improves Video Chat Quality with New Gmail Feature

Google introduced a new feature in Gmail Labs today for video chat enhancement. If you turn the feature on, your video chat experience will come with higher resolution. 

Chances are, the feature will be automatic in the future. Google says by using it, you’ll be getting a preview before its turned on for everyone. 

Six More Features Graduate From Gmail Labs

It looks like the people in charge of Gmail Labs have decided to do a little spring (or more accurately, late winter) cleaning.  They’ve removed a full 11 experimental features from Labs, with six of the bunch becoming regular Gmail features and the other five failing to make the cut.

Gmail Search Becomes More Like Google Search

Last year, Google released a Gmail Labs feature that added a search box for regular Google Search within Gmail. The lab is simply called Google search. However, it didn’t provide all of the features that the real Google search does. They have now taken steps to improve the feature’s capabilities in the following areas: