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Tag: Do Not Track

Will This Make Facebook Ads More Effective?
The effectiveness of Facebook ads has been questioned time and time again. A few months ago, the topic picked up a great deal of momentum after a cont...
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W3C Appoints Two New Co-Chairs To Do Not Track Working Group
The Do Not Track negotiations that have been taking place between advertisers and privacy advocates took a heavy blow yesterday when the Digital Adver...
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DAA Pulls Out Of Do Not Track Negotiations
The Do Not Track negotiations that have been taking place over the last year between advertisers and consumer advocates haven’t exactly gone ove...
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Pinterest Now Tracks You Automatically, Lets You Opt Out
In an effort to make you “feel like Pinterest is really yours,” the social network is beginning to implement a new personalization feature...
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Advertisers’ Proposal Gets Rejected In Latest Do Not Track Negotiations
Earlier this year, the Do Not Track debate ran into a snag as the advertising groups and privacy proponents couldn’t even agree to disagree on a...
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Firefox 21 Out Now On Desktop And Mobile
Firefox 20 was a pretty big release for the Web browser. It added a new download messenger and per-window private browsing, both of which are pretty s...
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Mozilla’s Cookie Policy Writer Slams Advertisers, Says They Refuse To Negotiate
It was revealed in March that Mozilla would start to disable third-party cookies by default in its Firefox browser. The non-profit says it’s onl...
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Microsoft Advertises Do Not Track In Internet Explorer
Microsoft has been one of the strongest proponents of Do Not Track since it announced that Internet Explorer 10 would turn it on by default. Advertise...
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Do Not Track Legislation Introduced In The Senate
Do Not Track was one of the biggest jokes of 2012. Sure, it was a honorable endeavor, but nobody could come to a consensus as to what Do Not Track mea...
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Do Not Track Negotiations In Danger Of Breaking Down
Do you remember Do Not Track? There was a big push earlier this year to standardize a method that would allow Internet users to opt out of ad tracking...
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Verizon Might Cancel Its Entire Windows Phone 8 Line [Rumor]
AT&T is poised to be the number one carrier for Windows Phone 8 this holiday season. Many Verizon customers, who also happen to be Windows Phone ...
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Online Advertisers Create Anti-“Do Not Track” Advocacy Group
Online advertisers really hate Microsoft and their stance on “Do Not Track.” The conflict between the two came to a head last week when th...
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In A Surprise Move, Congress Claims To Care About Your Privacy
Congress has proven time and time again that they don’t care whatsoever about your privacy. These are the same guys that tried to shove CIPSA an...
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Online Advertisers Are Just Going To Ignore Microsoft’s ‘Do Not Track’ Signal
Microsoft became one of the good guys earlier this year when they said that Internet Explorer 10 would have the “Do Not Track” option set ...
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Democratic Party Platform Touches on Internet Freedom
On the eve of the kickoff of their 2012 National Convention, the Democrats released their official party platform. And just like the Republicans did i...
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Microsoft Cares About Your Privacy In Windows 8
Slowly but surely, Microsoft is becoming one of the good guys in the consumer space. Internet Explorer 10 will be the first browser to have Do Not Tra...
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Does Anyone Actually Agree on What Do Not Track Means?
If you’ve been following issues regarding online privacy for the past year or so, you most likely have read or heard people talking about Do Not...
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Mozilla Testifies at U.S. Senate Committee Hearing on Do Not Track
Last Thursday, Mozilla testified at a United States Senate Commerce Committee hearing on do not track . The purpose of the hearing was to determine if...
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Internet Explorer 10 First Browser With ‘Do Not Track’ by Default
When Microsoft’s Windows 8 arrives to a computer near you it will have Internet Explorer 10 in tow, and with that browser will come a “Do ...
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European Union Caught With Its Hand In The Cookie Jar
Don’t you just hate cookies? Not the delicious sweets, but the kind that follow you around on the Web tracking your behavior. It seems that the ...
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