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Google, Salesforce Deal Doomed? Zoho Says So

Old line business models and the new Internet can’t cohabitate, claims the guy who had a chance to sell Zoho to Salesforce’s Marc Benioff.

Some of the Most Innovative Products of the Year

PC World has a list of the 25 most innovative products of 2007. While most of them are actual gadgets—the iPhone, the Kindle, and various other pieces of hardware—many of them are web apps. Among the most interesting picks:

1. Google Gears—heralded as a step toward the browser as a desktop

9. Facebook API—duh.

17. Zoho Notebook—compiles all kinds of information and enables you to share it

Zoho Offering Could Challenge Google Apps

It’s only in private beta at the moment, but some day, Zoho Apps may try to stand up to Google itself.  Google Apps, anyway, and like that bundle, Zoho Apps will offer a number of “productivity applications and services.”

Zoho Releases App For Facebook
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While some people have rather low opinions of this development, others welcomed it, but in either case, it’s here: Zoho has launched an application for Facebook.

Online Wordprocessor Survival?

I still think that small companies are swimming upstream here. If I was a normal user, not a geek, why would I use anything that didn’t come from Yahoo, Google, or Microsoft?

Google Writely

Thanks to Phillip Lenssen, I have a Writely account to play with. Seems pretty cool actually.

Exaggerated Reports of Office’s Death

From all quarters you can hear the pronouncements of the death of Microsoft Office.