Craig Venter Talked About Reprogramming DNA At Google’s Zeitgeist Conference

Craig Venter Talked About Reprogramming DNA At Google’s Zeitgeist Conference

By Chris Crum September 19, 2014

Scientist Craig Venter, known for being one of the first to sequence the human genome, spoke at Google’s Zeitgeist conference in Arizona this week. The topic: reprogamming DNA to create “a more information-driven species”. Yeah, it’s some pretty mind-bending stuff. …

Larry Page Talks Social Signals In Search Larry Page Talks Social Signals In Search

Google CEO Larry Page spoke this week at Zeitgeist Americas 2012. You can watch the whole video here. Towards the end of the nearly 40-minute talk, an audience member from the Google Science Fair asked him about social signals in …

Watch Google CEO Larry Page Speak At Zeitgeist Americas 2012 [Video] Watch Google CEO Larry Page Speak At Zeitgeist Americas 2012 [Video]

Google CEO Larry Page made his first public speaking appearance since dealing with some vocal cord issues that kept him from some company events this year. He spoke at Zeitgeist Americas on Tuesday, and talked about a number of things …

We’re Not As Happy As We Used To Be, According To Our Tweets We’re Not As Happy As We Used To Be, According To Our Tweets

According to our collective tweets, we are all unhappier than we used to be. If you follow the types of people that I follow, your response might be “Duh.” Cynicism, anger, and even depression are the lifeblood of Twitter, right? …

Beyond Google Zeitgeist: A Lot Of Local Searching Beyond Google Zeitgeist: A Lot Of Local Searching

Google released its annual Zeitgeist this week. We covered this here, but here’s a video reminder: Today, Google Director of Product Management Johanna Wright took to the official blog to point out how popular local searches have been. “Looking at …

Google Releases End-Of-Year Zeitgeist
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Around the end of November and start of December, Bing and Yahoo released lists summing up the top searches of 2010.  Now, a little closer to the end of the year, Google’s followed suit, and there’s plenty of data for people who are interested in that sort of thing.

Google Year-End Zeitgeist Published

Although 2009’s still one month short of being over, Google followed Bing and Yahoo this morning by identifying the year’s major search trends.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, "Michael Jackson" was one of the most common terms, and interest in the 2008 Olympics waned.

Google’s Global Zeitgeist – 2008 Edition

Last week Google revealed the fastest growing search terms for the United States, which we looked at here. Now Google has released their year-end Zeitgeist, looking at a number of categories in (for the first time) over 30 different countries.

Google Reveals Fastest Growing Search Terms
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Yesterday, we looked at the top question searches on Ask for 2008, Dictionary.com’s Top Gainers of 2008, Ask’s Top Celebrity Baby Mamas of 2008, and Ask’s Top Deals & Steals Searches. We looked at the top mobile searches and the top viral videos.

Google’s End of the Year Zeitgeist

If you’re wondering what was popular in 2007, check out Google’s Zeitgeist for the year, where they list the fastest rising searches of the past 12 months.

Google Releases Year-End Zeitgeist

Hang your head, America – Google’s 2007 Year-End Zeitgeist has arrived, and we’re a nation obsessed with small plush toys and undressed and/or smashed celebrities.

Niche & Trend Tool List

There has been some useful posts of late that discuss the pracitical methods to get started at developing a new site or blog specifically for affiliate marketing. In particular Aaron Wall discusses practical tips for starting a new site and Dosh Dosh looks at choosing the right blog niche.

Google’s Love Affair with Wikipedia

Much has been said about Google algorithmic favoritism for Wikipedia. I was working on a project this weekend about celebrities, and wikipedia’s dominance in the SERP’s was nothing less than astounding.

Anna Nicole BabyDaddy Drama A Good SEO Lesson
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The Anna Nicole Smith drama is about to go into its third act as a Bahamian court reveals DNA test result showing that Larry Birkhead is the father of Dannielynn. There’s a reason I told you that on this e-business site: when it comes to traffic, timing is essential.

It’s not a cheap trick if you have legitimate reasons for covering something, right? Regardless of the sketchy ethics, part of search marketing and optimization involves following the trends and being able to predict future trends, as related to your subject matter.

NCAA Hoops, Celebrity Deaths Top Google Searches

The top Google searches from the past week carry a sobering dichotomy of elation and sorrow as information seekers sought to join in the celebration of March Madness as well as take part in mourning the suicides of actor/comedian Richard Jeni and former Boston frontman Brad Delp.

American Idol Hopeful Tops Google Searches

The competition on American Idol is just starting to warm up, but the real heat may not coming from the performances. As evidenced in last week’s Zeitgeist, Google searchers have American Idol contestant Antonella Barba on the brain, and I daresay it isn’t because of her singing voice.

Britney Spears Back On Top of the Charts (Sort Of)

Oops, she’s done it again. In the wake of the now infamous head-shaving incident, Britney Spears has, for better or worse, once more become the main topic of conversation throughout the entertainment industry.

The emergence of Bald Britney was one of those moments in history that you knew was going to have a much deeper impact than merely becoming the top story on the evening news.