Machinima Closes $35 Million Financing Round Lead by Google

Machinima Closes $35 Million Financing Round Lead by Google

By Sean Patterson May 22, 2012

Earlier this month we reported that Machinima, a popular video game news and pop culture YouTube channel, would raise 30$ million during a fundraising round led by Google. Those facts have now mostly been confirmed. Machinima actually managed to raise …

VICE Launches a New YouTube Channel VICE Launches a New YouTube Channel

VICE, the art and culture magazine with a popular online presence, announced today that it is launching a new YouTube channel. The Vice YouTube channel will feature short, absurd comedic content hosted by Ryan Duffy, a contributing host for VICE’s …

Center For Investigative Reporting Launches New YouTube Channel Center For Investigative Reporting Launches New YouTube Channel

The Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR), a nonprofit investigative reporting organization, announced this week that it will launch a new channel on YouTube. The channel, which is expected to be launched in July, will be a hub of investigative journalism …

New YouTube Homepage Promotes Channels, Sharing New YouTube Homepage Promotes Channels, Sharing

YouTube is currently testing a brand new homepage design that, among other things, puts a lot of emphasis on channels. Considering YouTube’s recent announcements regarding a push for quality content through new channels, it should come as no surprise that …

Google Launches YouTube Channel To Showcase Apps Marketplace Additions

Google has launched a YouTube channel for its recently released Google Apps Marketplace. The Apps marketplace is a place where developers can create apps that integrate with Google Apps and sell them to users. According to Google, they can reach over 2 million businesses and 25 million users.

The YouTube channel should be a good place to checkout some of the apps that are available in the marketplace, and see what they can do.

YouTube Sets Date For Changing Channels

Update: YouTube says:

Over the past few months we’ve been hard at work redesigning our brand channel layout and many partners and advertisers have already opted into, and taken advantage of, this new design. Today we’re beginning the process of converting all remaining partner and advertiser channels still using the older platform to the new one.

More Things to Look For From New YouTube Channels
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The full launch of YouTube’s new channels is getting to be long overdue, but the date is still unknown at this point. As YouTube keeps saying however, they’re getting closer.

Meanwhile, the channels have been available to those who have tried hard enough to gain access to them, and YouTube continues to make improvements to them. One such improvement just made, is the ability to reorder your uploads, favorites, and lists of playlists.

YouTube Rolls Out New Channels Design

Update: YouTube has made an official blog post saying they’re ready to start rolling out the new channels design. Here’s a new video about the redesign.

Have You Seen Bing’s Commercials Yet?

Microsoft has set up a YouTube channel for its new search engine Bing. There are a variety of Bing-related videos here, including a few commercials. Here are two of them:

YouTube Channel Redesign Gets Some Updates

A couple weeks ago, it was uncovered that YouTube was testing a "secret" beta of a new channel layout. Since then, the YouTube team has been hard at work adding new features and making updates to the new channel design.