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Video Sharing Can Help Developers Build A Community

Back in March, YouTube announced that it was developing a live streaming API for game developers. The API, when integrated into games, would allow players to live stream their game straight to YouTube from game consoles. The API has already been incredibly successful in its first run on Call of Duty: Black Ops II and now more developers have come …

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YouTube Gets Better Mobile Video Playback With Dedicated API

YouTube is the core pillars of Google’s strategy of pushing forward into a Web based future. It’s still the most popular video site online and it has the potential to drive features like HTML5 and mobile video to even greater heights. Continuing this theme, the YouTube API team has announced new features that are sure to delight developers. To help …

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YouTube API Discussed In Latest Office Hours

It’s sometimes easy to forget that YouTube is part of the Google family of products. Good thing we have developer hangouts to remind us that the folks at Google are constantly improving the YouTube experience for developers who use the API. The latest YouTube API Hangout featured the YouTube Product Management team talking about the new CORS support in the …

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