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Will Yelp’s Lawsuits Curb Phony Reviews?

As phonebooks become a thing of the past, local and small businesses now rely more than ever on the internet to get the word out about their services. However, the social nature of today’s web makes it hard work for business owners to control how their business is perceived. A bad review can stick around forever, and the anonymous nature …

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Yelp Rolls Out Check-in Comments

According to the Yelp company blog, they will now be rolling out with the ability for users to leave Check-In Comments when their friends visit an establishment. This will allow users to leave instant reviews or tips when one of their friends goes to a resaurant, or simply “like” the restaurant they’re going to. Or doctor, or retailer, or hotel …

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Online Reviews Earn Raised Eyebrows

On, the 1999 Daewoo Leganza received a “Consumer Rating” of 8.4 (out of a possible 10 points).  The 2002 Aston Martin DB7 only got an 8.2.  So please, please, please be careful when reading user reviews.

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