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Yelp Talks About Its Efforts In Ad Sales

Yelp released its Q1 earnings report on Wednesday, disappointing investors and sending its share price downward. The company did emphasize its rapid mobile growth. Another big focus of the company’s earnings call was on its salesforce. On its previous earnings call, Yelp had talked about beefing up its sales staff, saying it planned to increase sales headcount by 40% this …

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Yelp To Businesses: Want More Customers? Try Our Ads.

In a push to get more advertisers, Yelp put out a new blog post and video about why businesses should advertise on Yelp. Have you advertised on Yelp? Was the experience positive or negative? Are you considering giving it a try? Let us know in the comments. Let’s go ahead and get to the big elephant in the room right …

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