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Yahoo Drops Analytics-Only Customers

Yahoo announced some changes to Yahoo Web Analytics. Specifically, it is discontinuing services for analytics-only customers and the Yahoo Web Analytics Consultant Network. “In 2008, Yahoo! acquired IndexTools to offer web analytics and deep insights for small-and-medium business customers leveraging the Yahoo! Store platform to effectively sell goods and services online,” writes Yahoo’s Emer Kirrane on the Yahoo Web Analytics …

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Do Not Track Supported By Yahoo Web Analytics

Last week, Yahoo announced that it would be implementing a Do Not Track mechanism across its global network by early summertime. The company has also now made a special point of saying that Yahoo Web Analytics will support this as well. Yahoo VP, Data and Privacy, Shane Wiley writes: Yahoo! is excited to be one of the first large online companies to …

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Yahoo Web Analytics Version 10.3.19 Gives Product A Facelift

Yahoo is giving Yahoo Web Analytics a refresh, and as a start, has launched version 10.3.19. “We want to make the YWA user experience better – we know that our customers love the product functionality but they would like to see some changes in the interface. We’re hoping that this part of the UI refresh helps to improve usability,” says …

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