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Google Panda Update Leads To Death Of Yahoo Product

As you probably know, Google’s Panda update originally targeted content farm sites. Demand Media’s eHow was the poster child, but back in the early Panda days, Yahoo also had such a content network called Associated Content. After Panda, it deleted 75,000 articles, following in the footsteps of Demand Media’s recovery strategy. It also changed Associated Content to Yahoo Voices as …

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Yahoo Password Breach Is Worse Than Originally Thought

We brought you news this morning that Yahoo Voices was hacked and over 450,000 usernames and passwords were leaked onto the Internet. The initial report stated that most of passwords came from Yahoo or Gmail email addresses. After analyzing the dump, a security company have found it to be worse than initially thought. Security company Rapid7 provided a break down …

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Yahoo Voices Is Latest To Be Hacked With 450,000 Accounts Stolen

If you use Yahoo Voices to create content for the Web, you really should change your password now. After things were looking up for Yahoo, it’s a pretty big downer to know that one of your service has just been hit with a devastating attack. Trusted Security broke the news that Yahoo Voice had been compromised with over 450,000 usernames …

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