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Yahoo Expands Local Listing Partnership with Dex One
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Yahoo announced today that it has expanded its partnership with Dex One to allow listings on Yahoo Local. "This broadens the reach of Dex One’s local advertiser network, providing their clients with greater exposure in local communities and more consumers with detailed information on local businesses," a spokesperson for Yahoo tells WebProNews.

Yahoo Upgrades Local Search Performance
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The next time you want to look up or research a local business, Yahoo intends to be there for you.  Yahoo Shortcuts now display a lot more information right on the regular results pages, which should make the search process less click-intensive and time-consuming.

Local is As Local Does
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It looks like search engines have officially trumped the Yellow Pages when it comes to customers looking for local businesses. Data from comScore and TMP Directional Marketing shows that this year more people are turning to search engines after last year’s showed that Yellow Pages were on top.

What the Data Shows

Yahoo Yelps at new search content from Local and LinkedIn

They aren’t monkeying around at Yahoo Search, but they are SearchMonkeying with more universal content in the search results.

Yahoo Drags Out Map Routes

If you don’t like the route Yahoo Maps suggests for a trip, a new feature allows you to drag and drop the route to take you a different way.

Yahoo Local Swamped With Mapspam?

As time goes by, we’re more and more likely to turn to online resources instead of paper phonebooks.  The reliability of those resources has come into question, however, after the discovery of some florist-related mapspam on Yahoo Local.

AOL Local Search In Beta 2

AOL Local Search Beta 2 helps users find a local business or location by following three steps.

Yahoo Local Search Added To GPS Device

A new GPS manufacturer is the first to add an in-car local search engine to its features, and the umpteenth millionth company to issue a rotten press release. But let’s stick to the good news. Dash Navigation’s soon-to-be-released GPS device will feature Yahoo! Local search.

Consumers Submit To Yahoo Local

Yahoo turns to its continued growth in social media to help fill its business listings in Yahoo Local with more relevant and timely information about local companies.

Yahoo Offering Local Featured Listings

For a $29.95 flat monthly rate, businesses can set up a top-of-page listing in Yahoo Local, but limited availability means an interested business may want to act quickly.