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Honda Fit Named Yahoo! Value Car of the Year

The automotive industry is now evolving at fast rate and car manufacturers are now racing to implement new technology into their latest models. New companies such as Tesla are gaining accolades for their designs while many established car companies are …

Yahoo Autos Updated
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It’s your call, folks.  Is Yahoo trying to single-handedly save GM, Ford, and Chrysler, or does it just suffer from ridiculously bad timing?  Either way, something interesting’s occurred, as the company has seen fit to freshen Yahoo Autos.

Yahoo Autos Study Uncovers Interest In AFVs
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Record increases in gasoline prices seem to have had an effect; according to a new Yahoo Autos study, 69 percent of American consumers are interested in purchasing an alternative fuel vehicle (AFV).

Yahoo Autos Condemned For Cloaking

The automotive world can get pretty shady, but it still came as a surprise when Yahoo was recently caught “serving keyword stuffed pages to the SE crawlers and regular pages to the average users.”  This is known as “cloaking,” and it took place on the Yahoo Autos site.