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Panda Victim Xomba “Dances on the Bones of Content Farms”

Earlier this year, we had a conversation with John Citrone, editor of the online writing community, which fell victim to Google’s Panda update. He gave us a preview of a redesign of the site, which had been in the works for some time prior to the update, as he told us the company saw the update coming and started …

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Google Panda Update Victim Xomba Loses AdSense Ads Too

New York-based took an 88.06% hit in search visibility according to Search Metrics numbers for the Google Panda update in the UK. With Panda now global, we assume there are similarities to the UK data in other countries. If that wasn’t bad enough, Xomba is dealing with a whole other crisis. CEO Nick Veneris emailed us to tell us …

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Decreasing Google Dependence: A Growing Trend

John Citrone, editor at the online writing community, says Xomba saw Google’s Panda update coming, and started preparing last summer, when it started to draw up a plan to prepare for an “algorithmic shift” from Google. “Around the first of the year, we began creating a new site design with new community networking features for people who want to …

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