Android XML File Can Crash Devices

Android XML File Can Crash Devices

By Chris Crum January 28, 2015

Apparently all Android apps have a file called the AndroidManifest.xml, and this contains information the system has to have before it can run any of the app’s code. So it’s a pretty important file. Unfortunately, if that file is malformed, …

Altova Unveils RaptorXML Altova Unveils RaptorXML

At the XBRL26 Conference in Dublin, Altova unveiled RaptorXML, which it describes as “a ground-breaking new XML and XBRL validation and processing server”. It’s cross-platform compatible, and takes advantage of multi-core and multi-CPU computers and servers for fast XML and …

Microsoft Office And Its XML-Based Formats Microsoft Office And Its XML-Based Formats

This week, Microsoft launched Office 15 and Office 365 for Windows 8. As Zach Walton writes: The traditional Office 15 will come in multiple flavors depending on the user’s needs. The three versions available include Office Home & Student 2013, …

Google Docs to Drop .doc and Other Antiquated Microsoft Office Formats Google Docs to Drop .doc and Other Antiquated Microsoft Office Formats
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This week, Google announced through a very short update to its official Google Apps update feed that Google Docs will be dropping export support for older Microsoft Office formats. As of October 1st, Google plans to eliminate the ability for …

Microsoft Granted Motion to stay Word Injunction

Update: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has reportedly granted Microsoft’s motion to stay an injunction that would prohibit the software giant from selling Word. The injunction had an effective date of Oct. 10, but the motion to stay blocks the injunction until the appeal process is complete, according to The Microsoft Blog.

Senate Rules Committee OKs Vote Publishing Via XML

The Senate Rules Committee decided today to make US Senator roll-call votes available in XML format. The change is part of a growing effort to make government more transparent.

After much petition and long after the House of Representatives had done so, a feed showing all votes from individual Senators is now available. Previously, only how the Senate voted as a group was easily accessible, and only through unanimous agreement could one easily decipher how his or her representative voted.

Firefox Vulnerability Leaves Computers Open To Attack

There has been a lot of talk recently about browsers and the maneuvering that is occurring in that spacefirefox-logo due to new releases and expiring agreements and more.

Google Introduces New Open Source Sitemap Generator

Google has introduced a new Sitemap Generator for webmasters to help them create better sitemap files. Google had previously introduced one back in 2005, and watched many other people make their own, but this one is different they say.

On-Demand XML Sitemaps for Custom Search

Google has come up with another nice webmaster tool.

SEO Step 3 of Ten: Site Structure
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Welcome to part three in this ten part SEO series. The ten parts of the SEO process we will be covering are:

7 Blog Promotion Techniques

A reader asked me a question that I found quite intriguing, “How do I get people to find my blog posts?

Microsoft Addressing 3,500 Open XML Issues

Microsoft’s battle to get Open XML approved as an international standard continues, with them working their asses off to clear three thousand, five hundred twenty two comments from international voting members. The members of Ecma have addressed their concerns, and if Microsoft wants their votes, they have to address those concerns.

Looking at Google Android, Developer Kit & Competition
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Google created a video showcasing Android, the Google-initiated, Linux-based open source mobile operating system being backed by the recently announced – and again Google-initiated – Open Handset Alliance.

Truveo Shows Video Search Upgrades

XML Code Comments: What, Why and How
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During the years I’ve seen a lot of different ways of commenting code – some good and some bad.

Parsing XML As Query Object In Coldfusion
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I work in the financial industry as a developer and not that the financial industry has any greater implementation of XML than any other, but web applications that utilize back office processing for loan applications, or new account opening processes, or retail internet banking applications all to some extent make calls to a host. Many times it’s a DB2 database, and many times some other process that returns account information or validation information in xml format.

ColdFusion / XML Query Style
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At one point or another, whether it’s an enterprise level website, or one of your own, you’re going to have the burning desire to see how you can take advantage of what XML can do for your applications.