Microsoft And 24/7 Media Announce Big Ad Partnership

Microsoft And 24/7 Media Announce Big Ad Partnership

By Chris Crum May 23, 2012

Microsoft and 24/7 Media announced a new partnership, which will see the Microsoft Advertising Exchange become the exclusive third-party ad exchange offered by Real Media Group to Open AdStream publishers. “The incredible promise of digital advertising has been somewhat hindered …

Yahoo, WPP Partner

Perhaps this deal has been scheduled for months, but it seems that a little pressure has once again worked (semi-) wonders.  As letters to and from Carl Icahn sail around, Yahoo announced a partnership with ad giant WPP this morning.

Spot Runner Snaps Up GlobeShooter
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All eyes were on WPP – it was supposed to acquire the advertising agency known as Spot Runner, and that may still happen.  But in a move that came as something of a surprise, Spot Runner made an acquisition of its own and formed the Spot Runner Production Network.

A Modest Proposal – WPP And Google

Don’t look now, but WPP honcho Martin Sorrell has been tipped to be looking for another acquisition to complement the ad giant’s 24/7 Real Media buy from 2007.

Yahoo Unenthused About Google, DoubleClick

Color us with the ‘unsurprised’ crayon, neither Yahoo nor global advertising power WPP want to see Google walk away with the queen of the ad network homecoming ball.

Ad Magnate May Faceoff With Google TV

Martin Sorrell’s WPP already owns a small stake in Spot Runner, but could move to take it over to complement an earlier online advertising company purchase.

WPP Connected To MySpace China

Reports indicate that WPP has invested in China Broadband Capital Partners.  Now, in the event that you’re not up-to-date on all the social networking news related to faraway countries, a further note: China Broadband has a large investment in MySpace China.

Microsoft to Acquire aQuantive

Microsoft has finally found its online advertising partner, with news that it will acquire aQuantive. After missing out on DoubleClick to Google, watching Yahoo pick up Right Media and WPP buying 24/7 Real Media, Microsoft decided to go “all in” with a $6 billion cash deal, paying $66.50 a share!

24/7 Real Media Goes To WPP

Martin Sorrell’s marketing powerhouse WPP Group has snared the next best ad serving prize after DoubleClick, by paying about $649 million for 24/7 Real Media.

24/7 Real Media Sold To WPP Group

Google got DoubleClick.  Yahoo spent $680 million on Right Media.  And Microsoft failed – that’s right, failed – to acquire 24/7 Real Media (as well as DoubleClick), an online marketing company.  WPP Group, a London-based communications services entity, snatched it up instead.

WPP Buys 24/7 Real Media

It looks like Microsoft has lost out again, in its quest to buy an internet advertising firm. This time, UK advertising company WPP Group has snuck in and picked-up 24/7 Real Media – a company MSFT had reportedly been in talks with – for $649 million or $11.75 a share – 45% premium on TFSM’s share price two months ago.