This Robot Worm Looks Like A Chinese Finger Trap

This Robot Worm Looks Like A Chinese Finger Trap

By Zach Walton August 10, 2012

There are multiple robots out there that can perform a variety of functions. Just yesterday, we saw a robot that can perform Jewish mourning rituals. If a robot can perform religious rites, surely it can also move like a worm. …

Storm Worm Spreads In YouTube Spam

One of the most prolific worms in recent memory has been seen in connection with spam that purports to be from a friend who wants you to see a YouTube video.

MySpace Phishes For The Worm

MySpace hooks the phising sites by removing the worm from user profiles.

Flash Worm Leads to No MySpace Widget Love

TechCrunch is reporting that third-party MySpace widgets such as those by the ever popular YouTube are no longer allowed to have link throughs.

Ho Ho No! Santa Worm On IM

Users of instant messaging systems MSN, AIM, ICQ, and Yahoo could get smacked with a worm that entices people to click on a link to Santa Claus.

Sober Worm Algorithms Finnished

The scheme used by the virus writer behind the Sober worms to determine where it will connect on the Internet has been cracked by the Finnish security firm.

Worm Sobers Up FBI, CIA

The ever-popular Sober worm is making the rounds again in a new and exciting format. The ugly little worm is circulating through email and it looks all nice and official because someone is receiving email from either the FBI or the CIA. Many may ask what they’ve done wrong to warrant attention from the FBI or CIA. Nothing much really you just happen to have an email account.

AIM Worm Installs Rootkit

FaceTime Security Labs reported that a variant of the Sdbot worm has been making the rounds on AIM via chats and instant messaging.

The Web 2.0 MySpace Friend-Generating Worm

Philipp writes about the worm that caused Samy to be a hero, and helped him gather a million friends.

Worm Spoofs Google, Yahoo, and MSN Search

Another worm that modifies the hosts file redirects queries sent to Google, MSN, or Yahoo to spoofed versions of those pages.

Worm Spoofs Google, Changes Sponsored Links

PandaLabs has discovered a worm that imitates Google’s homepage, retrieves search results the same way, but changes the sponsored links to the sites of the worm author’s choosing. Can you say, “evil genius,” boys and girls? I knew you could.

Worm Pretends To Be iTunes

A worm targeting Windows operating systems hides in a file named itunes.exe, and will try distributing itself over AIM.

Sasser Worm Creator Arrested
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His motive was to gain fame as a programmer. Fame is what the German teen got, as well as arrested for creating one of the most effective computer worms in history.

Sasser Worm Scribe Confesses

A 19 year-old German, Sven Jaschan, has confessed to writing the Sasser worm that affected millions of computers last year.

Mytob Worm Threat May Be Serious

Security researchers urge users and administrators to update antivirus signature files and verify their systems have been patched.

German Attacks On Sober Worm May Have Succeeded

The mass-mailing worm spewing thousands of hate mail messages has been stopped, according to German security researchers.

AIM Users Threatened By New Worm

Be on the lookout for Hey Check Out This instant messages appearing in your AIM client today.