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This Robot Worm Looks Like A Chinese Finger Trap

There are multiple robots out there that can perform a variety of functions. Just yesterday, we saw a robot that can perform Jewish mourning rituals. If a robot can perform religious rites, surely it can also move like a worm. Researchers at MIT, Harvard and Seoul National University must have thought the exact same thing. Meet Meshworm, it’s a robot …

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The Evolution Of The Computer Virus

The computer virus, or just malware in general, is unique among computer programs because it evolves just like a real virus. It can change and mutate into stronger viruses that can cripple your computer and make you spend hundreds of dollars on malware software that may not even do anything. All the computer virus carnage had to start somewhere, but …

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Scary New Virus Will Make Your Computer Cry

It’s natural for viruses to mutate in nature and become stronger over time. The scary thing is that it’s now happening to computer viruses. Mutating viruses are nothing new, they are used to infect machines in a way that can’t be stopped by traditional anti-virus software. The problem comes in with a new report from Softwin, the Romania based anti-virus …

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Facebook Publicly Unmasks Koobface Hackers

The New York Times reported yesterday on a powerful “web gang” that have been pocketing millions of dollars from unsuspecting web surfers using a worm dubbed “Koobface” (an anagram of “Facebook”). Apparently, it is known who they are. It is known where they are. It is known how they do what they do. But, no one is touching them. The …

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