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Windows Phone Marketplace Gets Improvements

The Windows Phone Marketplace has proven to be a great place for developers to make bank. Back in April, we reported that indie game developer, FourBros Studios, was pulling in about $1,000 a day from their Windows Phone 7 game. The potential is there for even more success as long as Microsoft keeps up with curation. As part of that …

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Mobile Photosynth Released for Windows Phone

Microsoft Photosynth made a big impression when it was released four years ago. The photo-stitching software allows users to create 360-degree panoramas and “synths” by putting together many photos of a location. It turns out that Microsoft has been quietly working on the technology ever since its release, and today the company is announcing the Photosynth app for Windows Phone. …

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LinkedIn Launches an App For Windows Phone

LinkedIn, the effective social network for professional networking has officially launched a version of its mobile app for Windows Phone. The app provides much of the same functionality that the Android and iPhone apps provide, allowing users to access their stream, find and connect with other professionals, search for jobs, and read industry news. The app can be downloaded for …

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Windows Phone Marketplace Losing Zune Software Support

All the major smartphone operators – Apple, Google and Microsoft – allow users to download apps from the Web or the smartphone itself. Microsoft strangely enough had a third option that allowed users to download Windows Phone 7 apps from the Zune HD store. Probably due to the fact that nobody knows what a Zune is anymore, Microsoft is removing …

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Skype for Windows Phone Officially Released

A finalized version of the Skype app for Windows Phones has finally been released. A beta version of the app has been available since February, but this official release brings with it a few features that optimize the app for use on smartphones. Derek Snyder, Head of Mobile Marketing for Skype, writes on Skype’s The Big Blog: Since releasing the …

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Netflix For Windows Phone Gets Update

Netflix has rolled out a new update to their Windows Phone app. The app includes several fixes and improvements and support for the app in almost fifty new countries. The biggest feature of the new version of Netflix for Windows Phone is its expanded availability. Netflix has been available on Windows Phone devices in the US and Canada since late …

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