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Ads On Free Apps Are Killing Your Smartphone Battery

Everybody knows that playing games on your smartphone is a death sentence to your phone’s battery. When I first succumbed to my light addiction to Words With Friends, I actually had to start taking my battery charger to work with me because my iPhone wasn’t making it through a whole eight-hour shift (although actually working at work would probably have …

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Skype Releases Beta for Windows Mobile

Telephony king Skype just announced its new Skype for Windows Phone Beta app. This now makes Skype available on almost all of the leading mobile smartphone operating systems. The gold version of the app will be available in April. You can now download the beta version directly from your Windows Phone or at the Marketplace from your computer to test …

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Android Overtakes Windows Mobile On Worldwide Basis

According to a new report from AdMob, Google’s Android operating system had a very good June.  Windows Mobile had a less excellent month, however, as it apparently fell behind Android in terms of worldwide usage for the first time ever.

The most recent AdMob Mobile Metrics Report states, "Requests from the Android Operating System increased 25% month over month.  Android has 5% worldwide OS share and pulled slightly ahead of Windows Mobile for the first time."

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Flash 10 Coming for Most Smartphones… Except the iPhone & Blackberry

Near the end Adobe’s latest financial results presentation they discussed some upcoming Flash Platform advances. Adobe said they planned on releasing Flash 10 for smartphones at their MAX conference in October.

Adobe’s Max conference runs from October 4th through October 7th, so we can expect the release sometime between those dates.

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MySpace, Microsoft Announce Two New Deals

People who are interested in the connections between Greek gods may get a kick out of this story.  MySpace and Microsoft have shaken hands over two different matters, establishing a powerful alliance but also creating a somewhat twisted corporate family tree. 

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Microsoft Shares Mobile App Store Plans

Developers who specialize in mobile phone applications got a little heads up today from Microsoft.  The corporation released some potentially appetite-whetting details about the upcoming Windows Marketplace for Mobile. 

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Live Search Drops Goodies Into Windows Mobile

Feedback from users of Microsoft’s Live Search for Windows Mobile drove the introduction of several new features for the service.

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Yahoo’s Super Duper Widget-tastic Mobile Deal

You can’t BS a BSer they say, which is why I’m here, to translate Yahoo’s double press release about their new partnership with High Tech Computer (HTC) to distribute Yahoo Go for Mobile 2.0 to a number of Microsoft Windows Mobile powered devices.

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Why Windows Mobile 5.0 Is Slower

Ed Hardy has an interesting article explaining the technical reasons why Windows Mobile 5.0 runs slower (or at least writes to memory slower) than previous versions on the very same hardware.

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