Will Policy Changes Make Wikipedia More Trustworthy?

Will Policy Changes Make Wikipedia More Trustworthy?

By Chris Crum June 16, 2014

The Wikimedia Foundation announced changes to its terms of service to address the problem of black hat paid editing of content such as Wikipedia articles. With half a billion people using Wikipedia every month, and the major search engines drawing …

Asteroid Named “Wikipedia” Officially Documented Asteroid Named “Wikipedia” Officially Documented

Considering just how many asteroids there are in the asteroid belt, it can be difficult to come up with acceptable names for all of them. So, they are given obscure provisional names until a naming organization can bestow names on …

Wikipedia Moves To Ashburn, Virginia Wikipedia Moves To Ashburn, Virginia

The Wikimedia Foundation announced today that it is transitioning its main technical operations from a data center in Tampa to one in Ashburn, Virginia, in move it says will improve the technical performance and reliability for all its sites, including …

Wikimedia Commons Hit 15M Media File Milestone Wikimedia Commons Hit 15M Media File Milestone

The WIkimedia Foundation announced that on December 4, Wikimedia Commons, the organization’s free media repository, hit a 15 million media file milestone. There are now over 15 million pictures, videos and audio files, and the 15 millionth one shows Tropical …

Wikimedia & Orange To Provide Free Wikipedia Access In Africa, Middle East Wikimedia & Orange To Provide Free Wikipedia Access In Africa, Middle East

Jimmy Wales isn’t messing around when it comes to stressing the point that, yes, everybody should have free and available access to information. In a press release this afternoon, the Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit organization that operates Wikipedia, announced that …

Wikimedia Foundation Breaks Record With Fundraising Campaign Wikimedia Foundation Breaks Record With Fundraising Campaign
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The Wikimedia Foundation, which runs Wikipedia, has wrapped up its annual fund raising campaign, breaking a record with $20 million raised from over a million donors in “nearly every country in the world”. It appears those big banners at the …

Wikimedia Expands On Wikipedia’s Thoughts Concerning SOPA Wikimedia Expands On Wikipedia’s Thoughts Concerning SOPA

While the position of Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales concerning SOPA is now well known, his “Put SOPA on Blast” essay essentially spoke for himself, although, one would be inclined to believe Wales shares the thoughts of his co-workers. Now, however, …

Wikimedia Reels In $500,000 Grant
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It looks like everyone’s favorite source for info about sci-fi characters, historical trivia, and other random stuff will be safe for a while longer.  The Wikimedia Foundation, which is the organization behind Wikipedia, has received a $500,000 grant.

Wikipedia to Go Creative Commons

It appears that all Wikimedia content will become available for free under the Creative Commons License soon. This has been approved by a 75% majority of community voters, though the decision has not yet been approved by the Wikimedia Foundation’s board of trustees. The licensing update/result page says:

Wikipedia Founder Slams Wikipedia Art
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Some controversy stirred up earlier this week after the Electronic Frontier Foundation stepped in on behalf of the creators of Wikipediaart.org, a site dedicated to a Wikipedia-related art project. The EFF was responding to demands by a lawyer for the Wikimedia Foundation, the parent company of Wikipedia, that the artists turn over control of the domain.

Wikipedia Art Pushes The Elastic Boundaries Of Fair Use
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UDPATE, 5/1/09: Wales got back with us with his comments about the matter. They are as follows:

Wikimedia Enters Partnership With Orange
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The Wikimedia Foundation, the organization behind Wikipedia, is partnering with European mobile provider Orange. The partnership will see Orange devices carrying co-branded content for customers in France, the UK, Spain, and Poland.

Wikipedia Founder Has the Answers
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Have you heard of Wikianswers? No, not Wiki Answers, Wikianswers. Yes it’s a little confusing, but I’m not just babbling incoherently. Wikianswers is a recently (re)launched site from Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales.

Wikimedia Attracts Over 14,000 Donors
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By all accounts, Radiohead’s name-your-own-price album was downloaded millions of times.  No one’s sure how much people paid, however.  And although the Wikimedia Foundation has apparently received over 14,000 donations, the dollar value of those gifts remains unknown.

Wikimedia Will Move To San Francisco

At this point, Mountain View, California more or less is Google.  Everyone knows Microsoft’s based in Redmond, and Yahoo’s associated with Sunnyvale.  Now, shaking things up, Wikimedia will move from St. Petersburg, Florida to San Francisco.

Wikipedia / Wikimedia Traffic

Leuksman.com published some revealing statistics on Wikimedia traffic.

Google to Host Some Wikimedia Projects?

According to Wikimedia, Google has made a proposal to host some of the content of the Wikimedia projects.