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Western Union; Emerging Markets and Digital Payments Western Union; Emerging Markets and Digital Payments

Most of us are familiar with Western Union, lord knows they advertise enough. Well they recently launched a new digital payment service called WU Pay. WU Pay allows online consumers to pay two ways. Once you receive an online billing …

Google Makes AdSense Cash More Accessible In Seven Countries
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Leave it to Google to not forget about the little guys.  By introducing the Western Union Quick Cash payment option in seven countries, the search giant is trying to make it easier for people in more rural settings to receive AdSense payments. 

Google Bonds With Western Union In New Countries
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The Summer Games often seem like a geography lesson.  People will ask each other "where’s that?" during the opening ceremony, or maybe say "I forgot about them" following an upset.  So now’s as good a time as any for Google AdSense to introduce a Western Union payment option in some smallish countries.