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Huey Lewis Goes Patrick Bateman On Weird Al

If you’re a fan of American Psycho, Huey Lewis and/or Weird Al, than this video is for you. Funny or Die put out this pretty great parody of the film’s iconic Huey Lewis scene, cleverly putting Huey in the Patrick …

Weird Al Yankovic Sues Sony for $5 Million Weird Al Yankovic Sues Sony for $5 Million
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Parody singer “Weird Al” Yankovic has sued Sony Music Group, and seeks $5 million in damages in what he alleges to be unfair business dealings, according to CP. The suit was filed by Yankovic’s Ear Booker Enterprises, and alleges that …

MTVmusic.com Censors Weird Al
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MTV, which recently made a super smart and exciting YouTube-combating move by making its music video collection available online, just ruined it. They’ve censored Weird Al.