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Google Website Optimizer Problems Fixed Google Website Optimizer Problems Fixed

Some users of Google Website Optimizer have been experiencing some problems with the service. It appears Google has heard the complaints, and fixed the issues accordingly. In a post to Google’s Website Optimizer blog, Google Analytics Sr. Product Manager Enrique …

Content Experiments in Google Analytics Replace Google Website Optimizer Content Experiments in Google Analytics Replace Google Website Optimizer
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Google announced the launch of Content Experiments in Google Analytics, as a way for webmasters to test different versions of pages to see which ones convert the best. It is replacing Google Website Optimizer, as it carries out much of …

Note Your Google Website Optimizer Experiments
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Google has released a new feature for its Website Optimizer tool, called Experiment Notes. The feature is designed to help users include documentation as part of their testing. For any experiments, users can now add their own annotations.

If you are unfamiliar with Website Optimizer, it’s a free tool from Google that webmasters can use to increase conversions by making adjustments to design and text elements to see what works.

Google Announces Winners Of Website Workout Contest

Google’s Website Optimizer works, and the company really, really wants you to know it.  The winners of the Google Website Workout contest – which challenged businesses to use the tool and improve their conversion rates – have been announced in just about every place possible, giving both them and Website Optimizer all sorts of publicity.

Google’s Website Optimizer Gets Some Upgrades
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You asked, they listened.  Google’s Website Optimizer team has unveiled a handful of "highly requested" things that should make the tool better in just about every way.

Google Website Optimizer & Urchin 6 Come Out To Play

It sometimes seems like beta tags hang around Google’s products forever.  That’s no longer the case, though, at least as far as Google Website Optimizer and Urchin 6 are concerned.

Google Optimizes Website Optimizer

A handful of tweaks to Google’s Website Optimizer tool have arrived as the product’s first major update, based on user feedback.

Google Analytics Expands On Website Optimizer

The Website Optimizer that Google made available to all of its AdWords clients shows how well (or poorly) links convert; Google’s Analytics team thinks people can benefit by seeing how users of both Optimizer and Analytics can use them together.

Google Plans To Win AdWords Converts
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The Website Optimizer tool received a formal launch for Google’s AdWords clients today. Marketers using it should see conversion rates improve for their sites.

Google’s Website Optimizer
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Talk about a potentially disruptive technology! Google has released a new product that integrates with AdWords: a landing page testing tool called Website Optimizer to help sites maximize conversion rates. It’s high-powered stuff. More info from Google here. It seems only select advertisers will be invited to participate in the beta.

Optimize Landing Pages with Google Website Optimizer

I’ve long been a fan of tools like Optimost, Verster, and Offermatica which allow marketers to do multivariable testing to find the best possible converting landing pages for their ad campaigns.