Longtime WebmasterWorld Admin ‘Tedster’ (Warren “Ted” Ulle) Passes Away

Longtime WebmasterWorld Admin ‘Tedster’ (Warren “Ted” Ulle) Passes Away

By Chris Crum July 1, 2013

Warren “Ted” Ulle, a longtime forum admin at WebmasterWorld has passed away, leaving the SEO community in mourning. WebmasterWorld founder Brett Tabke wrote in the forum last night: I am deeply saddened to tell you that long time administrator and …

Brett Tabke Talks About PubCon

Mike McDonald of WebProNews chats with Brett Tabke, CEO of Webmasterworld, about all things PubCon.

Pubcon: Brett Tabke’s 26 Steps To 15k a Day
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There’s no need to introduce Brett Tabke’s ’26 Steps To 15k a Day’. The page, that was posted almost seven years ago, has had nearly 29 million page views and 15 million unique visitors. It has also been used as a training manual by numerous Fortune 100 companies.

Getting More Out Of Marketing Conferences

Now, more than ever, marketing companies and consultants need to get competitive for client dollars and what better way than advancing your knowledge and your network?

adExcellence Accreditation from Microsoft Announced in UK
The moderator at WebmasterWorld, Receptional has said in a WebmasterWorld thread that he got an invitation from Microsoft, asking him for participate in the adExcellence accreditation program in the United Kingdom.

A PubCon Recap

Last week I spoke on two (yes, two) panels (at the same time) at the Pubcon conference held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. I would to thank Brett Tabke and Webmasterworld for putting on yet another great conference.

Pics from PubCon
The last day of WebmasterWorld’s Pubcon is literally a gathering in a pub. This is the genesis of how Pubcon was started, an informal gathering of members from WebmasterWorld.

A Holiday Treat from Google & Yahoo

Both Google and Yahoo! have decided to provide website owners with a "holiday season treat" by updating their respective search results (SERPs) – simultaneously!

Both the major search engines have been executing some algorithm changes causing the usual ranking turmoil for webmasters and site owners over the last week.

Microsoft Regionalizing Searches?
Microsoft seems to be regionalizing searches observes Woz on a thread on Webmasterworld.

Google To Limit Subdomains In SERPs
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Subdomains may no longer result in several individual listings on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). Word from Matt Cutts at PubCon Las Vegas says that soon subdomains will be treated like folders, limiting results to 2 URLs per domain.

Blocking Adwords Qualified Professional Pages
In a thread titled, "Qualified professionals blocked on Google" at WebmasterWorld, a new face of Google came into limelight.

Microsoft Live Search Plans Leaked by Employee
Just ahead of the big event scheduled to take place next week in Silicon Valley, Microsoft landed up in a big problem.

Google Looks For URL Suggestions In Search Result!
In a recent thread at WebmasterWorld, some members have reported that Google is asking searchers to suggest some URLs for specific searches. "Help improve search for everyone" is how Google is asking for suggestions. Google asks the users to

Click a link to submit a link. The link open a form where you need to login.

Google Testing Search Result Categories

Google appears to be testing categories in its search results, according to reports in a webmaster forum, dividing results under headings like "comparison shopping" and "reviews."

Google Disables Supplemental Results Command
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Evidence is mounting that Google is disabling or has disabled the query command that allows webmasters to show pages included in the supplemental results.

Google To Ban Ephedra Ads

Google’s crackin’ down – some AdWords users have received an email stating that the company will soon forbid any advertisements related to the drug ephedra.

PPC Traffic; International YouTube; Safer Results

SERoundtable looks at a WebmasterWorld thread to find out What Type of Traffic Can You Expect from Yahoo Ads Compared to Google Ads.