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Google Tweaks Guidance On Link Schemes

Google has made a subtle, but noteworthy change to its help center article on link schemes, which is part of its quality guidelines dissuading webmasters from engaging in spammy SEO tactics. Google put out a video last summer about adding rel=”nofollow” to links that are included in widgets: In that, Matt Cutts, Google’s head of webspam, said, “I would not …

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Google Penguin Update: This Person Has A “Huge Recovery” Story

Google has been pushing major updates left and right in recent weeks, and plenty of webmasters are feeling the effects for better or for worse. In late September, Google announced the EMD update targeting low-quality sites with exact match domains. Later, we found out Google had also rolled out a new Panda update around the same time. Business owners who …

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Google Will Not Hesitate To Take Manual Action On Rich Snippet Abuse

As previously reported, Google has updated its Webmaster Guidelines. Part of the update is some new stuff about rich snippets. Google is highlighting these changes specifically in a post on the Webmaster Central blog today. “Once you’ve correctly added structured data markup to you site, rich snippets are generated algorithmically based on that markup,” Google says in the post. “If …

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Google Webmaster Guidelines Get An Update

Remember when an update to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines was spotted prematurely, before Google pulled it back down? Well, Google has officially updated them now. “Both our basic quality guidelines and many of our more specific articles (like those on links schemes or hidden text) have been reorganized and expanded to provide you with more information about how to create quality …

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Google May Soon Update Its Webmaster Guidelines

It looks like Google may soon be changing its Webmaster Guidelines. Patrick Sexton from FeedTheBot claims to have spotted an updated version of the guidelines, and posted about them. However, he says, two Google employees told him that they were put up by mistake and “were not meant to go public yet.” Sexton removed his post, but in the comments …

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Aaron Wall Interview: Google Paid Link Story Wrap-Up

The topic of paid links is in the headlines once again, and ironically, Google is the accused. As WebProNews previously reported, Google was recently caught up in a controversy after it violated its own Webmaster Guidelines as part of a marketing campaign for Google Chrome.

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