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Google Accused Of ‘Double Standard’ Over Rap Genius Penalty Lift

Google is being accused of employing a double standard for its handling of web spam and enabling one penalized site to recover speedily from a manual action. While the search giant has certainly been accused of double standards by angry webmasters many times over the years, the recent case of Rap Genius is generating a lot of discussion, and a …

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Rap Genius Climbs Out Of Google Penalty Box

As you may have heard, lyrics site Rap Genius was hit with a big Google penalty around Christmas time for unnatural linking practices. The site was telling people they could be a “blog affiliate” and get “MASSIVE traffic” when they posted Rap Genius links to Justin Bieber lyrics on their sites in exchange for tweets to the posts. Obviously, you …

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Google Takes Action On More Link Networks

Google has been cracking down on link networks, penalizing the networks and the sites that take advantage of them to artificially inflate their link profiles, all year. Google’s Matt Cutts hinted on Twitter that the search engine has taken action on yet another one – Anglo Rank: "There are absolutely NO footprints linking the websites together" Oh, Anglo Rank. — …

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Cutts Talks Web Spam Fighting In International Markets

In today’s Webmaster Help video from Google, Matt Cutts discusses the search giant’s efforts in web spam fighting around the world. Many of us are very used to hearing about the efforts surrounding web spam in the United States, but efforts in other countries aren’t discussed quite so frequently. Cutts responds to a question from an anonymous user, who asks: …

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Google Penalizes Mozilla For Web Spam [Updated]

Update: It turns out that Google only penalized a single page from Mozilla. Matt Cutts weighed in on the “penalty” in that same forum thread (hat tip: Search Engine Land). Google has penalized Mozilla.org, the nonprofit site of the organization that provides the Firefox browser. This doesn’t appear to be an accident like what recently happened with Digg. This was …

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