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Mozilla Introduces New Developments Focusing On Web Security

Make no mistake about it, Mozilla is committed to making the web a safer place for its users. Although browser security remains somewhat dubious–all of the main browsers perform well in various security tests tests, although, questions about NSA backdoors persist–for their part, Mozilla has been very outspoken against government surveillance programs. In an effort to back up such rebellion …

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55% of Adults Go Online Using Cellphones [Pew Study]

Pew Internet Research has been keeping track of how often people are using their cellphones to go online, and as of April 2012, 55% of adults who own cellphones are using them to go online. A majority of adults are now using their mobiles to check email or surf the internet. Pew research also points out that 88% of the …

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Google Discusses Its Safe Browsing Record

No, this isn’t an advertisement for the benefits Google’s Chrome browser provides. Not even vicariously. Instead, the latest post over at the Google Security Blog is discussing the measures Google has taken to keep browsers safe through a number of anti-malware initiatives. While there’s still a ton to watch out in regards to phishing and various other forms of malware, …

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Browse The Web In Spanglish With New Chrome Extension

They always say that immersion is the best way to learn a foreign language, and a new experimental Chrome extension aims to recreate the feeling of language immersion by mixing up the languages you see while browsing the web. It’s (aptly) called Language Immersion for Chrome, and it comes to you via Use All Five and “some friends at Google …

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