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RealNetworks Plays The Role Of Internet Bully

While researching this topic, something occurred to me: who uses RealPlayer anymore to begin with? And so, after a quick jaunt over to RealNetworks Twitter page, I noticed they only have about 3700 followers. By comparison, Winamp, a RealPlayer competitor from those Internet days of yore, has over 7000. Apparently, Winamp is still whipping the llama’s ass, if the llama …

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Is Google + a Good Ole Boys Club?

While we at WebProNews patiently await our Google + invitations, a little factoid popped up that may cause some of the single men out there to rethink their social media priorities. To quote Reddit, Google + is, apparently, the Internet’s biggest sausage fest. If you aren’t aware of the the phrase’s meaning, allow Urban Dictionary to assist. If you’re unsure …

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