PacSun Shirts Spark Debate: Are They Inappropriate?

PacSun Shirts Spark Debate: Are They Inappropriate?

By Lacy Langley February 19, 2014

The mother who bought the entire stock of “indecent” shirts from a PacSun in a Utah mall has caused quite a stir. The media frenzy that she wanted in order to bring attention to her cause hasn’t disappointed. Judy Cox …

Flickr and Delicious Usability Review

Balakumar does a visual usability review (in the style of the recent Windows Live Mail review). He starts off his post with:

Value Systems

On the web there is a meshing of a virtually unlimited number of value systems.

Be Careful When Writing Online

Because it could cost you your job and it’s definitely true.

Visual Studio 2005 – Publishing Web Site

What’s the purpose of site precompilation? As it turns out, improved performance is often brought as an evidence of the benefits of precompilation.

Squash Bugs In Visual Studio

When something odd happens in a program that the developer certainly did not include in the code, a bug may have nestled in, and needs to be tracked down and fixed.

Things To Do When Your UI Is Dead

The web user interface for an application can make or break a website, so following some suggestions on developing an effective UI will benefit the site publisher.

WYSIWYG and Wikis

Notes from a technical session at Wikimania on WYSIWYG.

Ruby Product Gives Nod To Microsoft

New software called “Ruby In Steel” is set to come out later this year; according to its makers, it will “provide an easy, accessible Ruby coding environment for [Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2005] users.” One version, a “personal edition,” will be free. A “developer edition incorporating more advanced features” will sell for an unknown amount.

Google’s AJAX Search API Says ‘Hello, World’

Google has released a downloadable beta version of its AJAX Search API, a javascript library that allows webmasters to embed inline Google searches (Web, local, video, and blog) in web pages, blogs, and other applications alongside existing content.

Visual Studio Has Database Developer Client

Microsoft has added support for database professionals in the latest version of Team Edition for Visual Studio.

Doing The Walkthrough With ASP

Online options exist for learning how to work with ASP.Net and Microsoft’s Visual Studio, with free and fee choices available.

Swaying A Coder Away From Python

One programmer blogged about the powerful attraction he is feeling to C# programming, and departing from six years of tinkering with Python.

Microsoft Touting Visual Studio Express

The now-free version of the developer platform Visual Studio 2005 Express gives hobbyists and home developers the tools to hone their application development skills.

But is it Programming?

Apple has put out a tutorial introducing programming with Core Data, Xcode and Interface Builder. Even if you’ve never written a line of code in your life – and maybe even especialy if you have not – go take a look at Building a Sample Core Data Application.

Pixsys Visual Search Almost Impressive

Now here’s a search engine destined for controversy. Pixsy.com, a “visual search engine” that scours the web for images and videos on RSS feeds and makes them searchable, launched yesterday – for the second time, and it may not be ready still.

Sparklines: Merging visual data with text

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. Problem is, a picture can also take up a lot of space, particularly on a web page. Leave it to Edward Tufte to come up with a solution.