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eBay, Facebook, IAC, Yahoo Side With YouTube In Viacom Fight
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Earlier this month, Viacom’s supporters came out in force, formally taking the corporation’s side in its legal dispute with YouTube.  Now eBay, Facebook, IAC, and Yahoo have acted to sort of balance the situation, stepping forward to ally themselves with YouTube.

Disney, NBC, Warner Bros., Others Line Up Against YouTube
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If moral support determined the outcome of lawsuits, YouTube might be in a whole lot of trouble.  Fourteen organizations – including very important companies like Disney, NBC, and Warner Bros. – have officially declared themselves friends of Viacom by filing a legal brief.

Viacom Cheers Release Of More YouTube Documents
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Today, another nine exhibits from the Viacom-YouTube were released, and while Google will no doubt get around to spinning the documents its own way, Viacom has already had a go.  The entertainment company highlighted four rather incriminating quotes this afternoon.

YouTube, Viacom Fight Gets Fiercer
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Almost exactly three years ago, Viacom sued YouTube for copyright infringement, and since then, neither side has been able to say much in public.  But today, 108 pages’ worth of court documents were released, and YouTube also issued a more comprehensible, 865-word statement.

Report: Emails May Make Viacom’s Case In YouTube Suit
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This morning, YouTube appears to be a touch closer to losing a lawsuit and owing Viacom $1 billion dollars.  A report indicates that some new evidence has surfaced in a 31-month-old case, and the evidence supposedly shows that YouTube employees didn’t quite do their best to keep copyrighted content off the site. 

Online Video Viewing Sees New High in August
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In August, online video reached a record high, with over 25 billion videos watched during the month, according to data from comScore. A pretty good chunk of these were watched via Google sites (hardly surprising, considering the enormous popularity of YouTube). Google sites accounted for over 10 billion videos watched in August.

YouTube Gets Break On Some Claims In Copyright Case

A federal judge has dismissed some claims for damages against Google’s YouTube in a class action copyright suit involving music publishers and Britain’s Premier League.

U.S. District Judge Louis Stanton ruled that damages are not available for any foreign works that are not registered in the United States except those that fall under a live broadcast exemption.

Netflix Now Streaming South Park And Nickelodeon Shows

Netflix has announced it will be offering programming from Viacom’s MTV Networks and Comedy Central via its streaming service.

The first nine seasons of  "South Park" featuring 139 episodes are now available to be instantly streamed from Netflix.

Publishers Collaborate on New Microsoft Advertising Offering
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Today Microsoft announced the creation of the Publisher Leadership Council, a group of Web publishers who will consult on the development of Microsoft PubCenter, its next-generation advertising platform for digital media publishers.

Google Sites Remain Top Video Property
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U.S. Internet users watched 12.7 billion online videos during the month of November, representing an increase of 34 percent over a year ago, according to comScore Video Metrix.

Google sites were again the top U.S. video property with nearly 5.1 billion videos viewed (representing a 40 percent share of all videos viewed), with YouTube accounting for more than 98 percent of all videos viewed at the property. 

YouTube Grabs 100 Million Video Viewers
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U.S. Internet users watched 13.5 billion online videos during October, marking a 45 percent increase compared to a year ago, according to comScore Video Metrix.

In October, Google sites once again dominated, ranking as the top U.S. video property with 5.3 billion videos viewed (representing a 40 percent share of all video viewed) with YouTube accounting for more than 98 percent of all videos viewed at the property.

Advocacy Group Forms To Combat Piracy

An advocacy group created by a number of major media and technology companies plans to promote the Internet as a place for people to get songs, television shows and movies without turning to piracy.

MTV Networks Purchases Social Project
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MTV Networks, a division of Viacom, said today it has purchased Social Project, Inc., its partner in creating the Flux social media platform.

Flux allows users to share content across a network of more than 1,000 entertainment and music Web sites with more than 7.5 million registered users. Previously, MTVN held a minority stake in Social Project.

Viacom CEO: Google’s Infringement A Calculated Risk

No doubt the high priced attorneys working for Viacom will have to prove CEO Philippe’s Dauman’s words in court—or at least sell them well enough to convince those that matter.

The rhetoric reporters recorded last night was far from clouded: Eric Schmidt and Google had no intention of fighting copyright violations on YouTube so long as it helped them get to the top of the online video market.

Viacom Goose, Google Gander
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The Viacom Google saga gets pretty sticky in terms of ironic and embarrassing potentialities. It’s yet unknown how effective the anonymized data being transferred will be at protecting YouTube identities. Further, what looks like a coup for Viacom could be a nice strategic move on Google’s part.

Viacom Changes Mind On Demand For YouTube Data

It is now safe to return to your normal YouTube viewing habits. Viacom will not be getting its hands on your personal data.

According to the YouTube blog

YouTube Hangs On To Viewer Privacy
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The video sharing service managed to keep Viacom from sneaking a peek at the viewing histories of its users.

Did Googlers Upload Viacom Videos To YouTube?
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Viacom wants to know if anyone with Google or YouTube happened to push some of the content company’s work onto the video sharing site.

Viacom Sued Over Music-Related Infringement
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Game maker Konami wants to stop Viacom’s Harmonix from selling the highly popular Rock Band simulation game and instruments due to alleged patent infringements.

Google Does A Little Privacy Razzle Dazzle
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The Center for Democracy & Technology’s analysis of behavioral ad targeting done at the ISP level, which claims such targeting "may run afoul of federal and state wiretap laws," comes at a pretty convenient moment for Google. Both the search ad company and the CDT are testifying in front of the Senate Commerce Committee this morning for a hearing about behavioral targeting and privacy.

Hey Google, What Happened To SpongeBob?
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Humorously enough, Google planned to go the video distribution route a couple of years ago, similar to their plans for Seth McFarlane’s online-only comedy series.