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White House Threatens To Veto CISPA, Recommends Fixes To Bill’s Language

Last week, the White House said that CISPA still had some problems that weren’t addressed by the amendments added during its markup period. Unfortunately, the administration didn’t issue a veto threat at that time, but now it has. In a statement released by the White House today, the Obama administration laid out its beef with CISPA. The first issue it …

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CISPA Sponsor Doesn’t Think Obama Will Veto CISPA

We haven’t heard much from the CISPA/SOPA front, but every now and then, an eager-to-please-the-entertainment-industry representative pops up to remind us that legislation like the widely rejected SOPA and CISPA is still on the minds of some folks in Washington. One such representative, Mike Rogers (R-Michigan), is going as far to say that he doubts President Obama would veto CISPA, …

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White House Openly Opposes CISPA, Threatens To Veto

Last week, we reported on a White House representative publicly denouncing CISPA. It seemed odd then that CISPA was never officially called out in the denouncement. Well, the White House has finally come out with an official letter detailing their beef with the legislation. The two-page letter begins by saying that the “Administration is committed to increasing public-private sharing of …

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