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Tinder Is Verifying People Now

It might sound like a strange thing for famous people to do, but there are plenty of celebrities on Tinder (at least by rumor). Celebs – they’re just like us – swiping right with impunity. Now, Tinder wants you to know if it’s your lucky day and you actually matched with a famous person. Tinder is beginning to verify people. …

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Instagram Will Finally Verify Users as It Tops 300 Million

Instagram has just announced a significant milestone – 300 million users. The company says that its user base now shares over 70 million photos and videos every day and CEO Kevin Systrom says that 70 percent is international. Alongside this milestone announcement, Instagram is also unveiling a few changes to the app. First off, the company is finally making the …

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Dating Site Zoosk Is Basically Rolling Out Verified Profiles

Apart from he was a stalker or I got catfished, the most common complaint from online daters has to be, they didn’t look anything like their picture!. Call it superficial, but people don’t want to be fooled when it comes to anything – especially a potential partner’s looks. Now, one online dating site is attempting to make it harder for …

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Airbnb’s New Verification Program Requires Offline ID, Rolling Out to 25% of Users Today

“Trust is the key to our community,” says Airbnb’s Vivek Wagle. “There is no place for anonymity in a trusted community.” And with that, Airbnb announces a move that is likely to ruffle the feathers of some users, while engendering a more serious trust in the service in others. Today, the online service that connects travelers with location renters all …

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These Phony Twitter Accounts Can’t Verify You (Hint: They’re Not Even Verified Themselves)

I know that it would be really cool to be verified on Twitter. It would mean that you were important – important enough to need a verified account because of all the jokers out there that want to create fake accounts because they want to be you. You’re that cool. At least it would be cool to have the illusion …

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Fake Verified Accounts Aided by Twitter’s New Header Photo

It’s nothing new for Twitter users to fake verification status, but Twitter’s recent profile redesign is making it easier and more convincing. Reddit user replicated spotted the trick, which uses Twitter’s new header photo layout to mimic the look of official verified accounts. And here’s a real verified profile: You can easily distinguish a real verified account from a fake …

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